12" x 18" Black Bar Mat

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Increase sanitation and safety at your bar with this 12" x 18" rugged black bar mat! Made of plastic for its durability and lighter weight than traditional rubber bar mats, this mat provides optimal drainage and friction. Whether you're placing martini glasses fresh out of the dishwasher on the mat to drain and air dry, or setting mixed drinks on it for waitresses to pick up to deliver to tables, this mat makes beverage service much more convenient and tidy.

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12" x 18" Black Bar Mat

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bar mat CLEAN easy great LOVE mats perfect more drinks
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    i love these black mat, i use these black mat to store wet cups and it won't leak to the ground. i also use this at the bar.

    from 2 Posted on

    The black Mat to store my glass cups

    Great bar mat. Seems to be of high quality. You can buy four of them and push them all together to keep a service well area dry.

    from Houston Event Bartenders Posted on

    Black bar mat in use

    These bar mats are the perfect size to go under our espresso machine and grinder. Makes everything quieter and cuts down on coffee grinds all over the stainless counter. Simple rinse and dry.

    from Jamochajava Posted on

    We have a dozen or so of these and have never had to replace a single one, but would re-order this mat if we did. Sturdy, well-built, and exceeded our expectations. And as always, a great price from webstaurantstore.com!

    from Quisqueya Shipping Posted on

    I was not sure about this mat when I placed the order, but I absolute loved it when it arrived. It looks great and it's heavy. The quality was good.

    from Noi's thai kitchen Posted on

    12x18 Bar mat

    A steal at this price and an item that holds up to even the most consistent use. Washes well without the loss of any of the plastic. Will be buying more.

    Posted on

    Absolutely love these! well weighted and easy to clean. Doesnt fade or break and does the job its supposed to do well. Ive bought a few and will buy a few more.

    Posted on

    These are durable and great. Sure, you can get free ones from your liquor rep but we prefer not to have branded stuff in our bar and these work perfect.

    from Queen Bee Restos LLC Posted on

    This is a good size heavy duty rubber bar mat. The nubs are solid and hold up well, allowing any spilled liquid to collect below for easy cleaning

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    We have been looking for something to put under our coffee maker and this is perfect. It captures the leaks and we can easily clean the mess up without having a dirty coffee mat to deal with.

    Posted on

    This works great in a coffee shop to keep all the tools (measurers, etc) clean and dry between drinks. Very pleased with this mat and plan to snag a couple more for my workstation. It makes cleanup so much easier (just clean in dishwasher)

    from Signal Beverage Co Posted on

    Fantastic solution to drink preparation - I wish these came in larger sizes to cover space for two mixologists, but for now we use one at each station. These help keep drinks presentable and capture spills that would otherwise slow down service.

    Posted on

    Good bar mat with cheap price. Easy to clean and maintenance. Look professional. Good size that can be fit to many bars. Recommended this product if you have a bar.

    from Thai Express 2010 LLC Posted on

    I love these black mats. They work so well at keeping our counters clean under our tea urns. Instead of tea splashing onto the counter after dripping on metal drip trays, these reduce the splashing and contain any drips or spills.

    from Chick-fil-A Posted on

    This bar mat is a must for the at-home or professional bartender. It's the perfect size for setting up your station on a bar or table. It prevents spillage onto your bar, table, or floor. It's easy to clean and dries fast.

    Posted on

    I love this bar mat. It's pretty rugged and affordable. It allows you to pour drinks without making a mess all over the counter. Highly recommended

    Posted on

    My black bar mats are wonderful. I love that the help keep my glass jars and condiment containers from breaking if they are put down too hard. They also make spills neater, and clean up a breeze since you just have to typically spray them off and air dry over night. Now that is my kind of clean up!

    from Healthy Life Nutrition Posted on

    Standard sturdy bar mat, works great, easy to clean. We store our tasting glasses on it standing up, keeps the little glasses from slipping and breaking. Definitely happy with the purchase!

    from Boardroom Spirits Posted on

    Highly recommend these bar mats - they collect the excess water from glasses or mugs and you can easily drain them. We run them through the dishwasher to keep them clean. They are definitely high quality and necessary in any restaurant!

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    Very well made and a great price. Keeps out countertop clean and it's a good spot to keep at of the cocktail making supplies. Easy to clean.

    Posted on

    Perfect pour mat so that spills don't sit on wood and damage it. I recommend you buy two and put them next to each other making the pour space bigger.

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    This black bar mat is great quality. We use it for our steaming pitchers and other espresso accessories. It's a great find for any bar or cafe.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Our customers order this item for their bars and restaurants. Great quality, highly recommended, must have several as these are very useful and do not hold odors and are easy to clean and sanitize.

    from AMERMEX FROZEN PRD Posted on

    Well made and easily washable. I can see us using these mats for years to come - perfect for our kegerator and counter tops at the shop.

    from Brewed & Bottled Craft Beer Shop Posted on

    Perfect for a high volume service bar area. We made a lot of drinks and this will keep the bar looking more presentable than if you were to use the more narrow ones

    Posted on

    I've been looking for something like this for years. We use it to hold condensation from our water picture. Perfect size to fit three pictures

    from Culinary Creations Posted on


    Posted on

    A typical bar mat, but excellent for the price. Keeps glasses steady for pouring, plenty of space for spills and cleans up well. Hasn't lost any color with washing.

    from Savory Plates Posted on

    These are totally necessary for bars. These bar mats, however, after 2 1/2 years, still give off a terrible rubber scent that gets stuck in the glasses as they dry on them. I've had to figure out a different method to washing the dishes.

    from Plan 9 Alehouse Posted on

    The 12" x 18" Black Bar Mat is a great addition to our bar. We use it to serve drinks to customers on so as they don't spill on the bar. This product helps keep our bar spotless

    Posted on

    These are our standard mat we use around the bar. Perfect size to fit a bunch of shakers and tools, goes well with our skinnier mats too.

    Posted on

    These are the Cheapest Bar mats I could find and they are very clean looking. Sure you can get barmats for free from most distributors or distillers for free but it does not look nice when you have 10 different advertisments in your bar. Clean, Professional looking, sturdy, and most importantly CHEAP!

    from Fiesta Grill and cantina Posted on

    i absoulty look this product and would totally recommend this product to anybody that has a bar or anybody that sever drinks. i'll buy again.

    Posted on

    This thing is a LIFESAVER. I love this mat. Helps protect my coffee area from having a ton of spills on it plus minor drippings. Easy to clean.

    from Dinner's Almost Ready Posted on

    This bar mat is made of a thick heavy rubber which serves not only to hold any liquors that spill but also is anchor it in place while your working.

    Posted on

    I use these bar mats for drying frothing pitchers in my coffee shop. They'll collect and hold the excess water while keeping your counters clean. The rubber finish also makes them slip resistant on most surfaces. An excellent way to keep a busy rinse area clean and dry and the health inspector happy.

    from By the Teaspoon, LLC Posted on

    Perfect size. The black bar mat is used for our water dispenser in our store. Easy to help keep the counter free of water. Easy to clean.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    This bar mat is perfect for our service station. Prevents glasses, cups and shakers from slipping around on our bar. We use two right next to each other for more space. Very simple design and look great on our bar.

    Posted on

    This bar mat has made our bar much more attractive, and contains spills in an easy to clean trough. The bartenders love it, and so do our guests.

    from Chowning's Tavern Posted on

    I absolutely love these bar mats! I purchased several for my restaurant and do not know what I would do without them! I will probably buy more soon!!

    from Jennifer M Stango Posted on

    We love these bar mats. The large size is great for general use and storage on our bar, but also great for extras used in our office kitchen.

    Posted on

    Stonecutter Spirits loves great bartending tools for great cocktails!

    Very good, non-slip, large size mat. We ended up using these at home on our kitchen counter for a resting place for the dishes we hand wash. They hold quite a bit of water without overflow, avoid having a dish rack to take up space, and they're easy to sanitize. I will caution that I had one warp slightly from accidentally putting it into a home dishwasher that was set with a dry cycle, but it leveled back out (I was impressed as I thought it completely ruined).

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    I seriously love this thing and questioned what I was doing with my life before I owned one of these. My only regret is not buying more.

    Posted on

    We recently ordered four of these. We do have one regret: not having ordered more! Quality product from Webstaurantstore. They look sharp, are extremely well made, and have excellent depth for taking spills. These will hold up very well in our busy bar area. We're about to order several more.

    Posted on

    Love this bar mat. It is nice and heavy and made well. It hold lots of spill over and is easy to carry and clean.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    I love this bar mat! It has been a lifesaver on our nice bar. It does not move around and catches all those drips from the drinks!

    Posted on

    A perfect fit! This is exactly what I was looking for for our bar! Not only that but you can toss it in the dishwasher at the end of the night to sanitize it!

    from AWG Private Chefs Posted on

    Very durable and easy to clean and you can not beat the price. Shipping was reduced by combining items and we will be life long Webstaurant customers.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    This mat is a must have for pouring drinks in our restaurant.. Dishwasher safe, or a quick wash in the sink, this product is easy to clean.

    Posted on

    I have 2 of these now, and have had them for awhile. They look brand new. One sits under my coffee machine the other under my dish rack. I have put them on the top rack of my dishwasher (they did fine) however lately (I think I prefer) I fill a sink will a mild bleach solution and just soak them for a little while then let them dry between a couple towels. They are so handy when it comes to keeping my counters clean.

    Posted on

    I used this bar mat for a party, and the bar mat was excellent. You get a quality bar mat for a low low price.

    Posted on

    Great mat to keep on top of my kegerator. It collects all excess liquid and does not let any escape onto the equipment. It is very easy to clean and to get any sticky stuff off. I would recommend it to anyone who has a bar, whether commercial or residential.

    Posted on

    bought two Black Bar Mats for home use. one to keel glasses on my keg fridge to hold glasses and serve as a drip mat. the other to mix drinks on to keep the bar area neat.

    Posted on

    Great mat. Easy to clean, and so convenient for all my martini glasses. Since the bar sink is so small, it's impossible to use any draining rack for glasses. This way I can keep my glasses right at the bar instead of placing them in the kitchen rack first!

    Posted on

    Bar mat on my bar counter!

    Recently, I bought two black bar mats and will order more for my Tea and Wine Bar. Very good quality and price. We would like to keep the bar area clean. I recommend this bar mat for any restaurant.

    from SLB Management LLC Posted on

    Great little bar mats! It keeps any bottle or glass stable. Plus they're very easy to clean and makes your bar look organized and professional!

    from Global Spice Bistro Posted on

    High quality, amazing price, and quite simply effective. We use this with our espresso machine, actually, as it provides a good tamping surface and keeps the area cleaner.

    Posted on

    I bought two Black Bar Mats for home use. One is for dried glass and cups and the other is for wet glasses and dishes to be dried when I am not using dishwasher. Drying dishes on this mat can save the money and time! I love this idea!

    Posted on

    A bar mat for beer glasses

    I love these mats. I have one at every sink. They work perfect for mixing drinks, draining rinsed items and keeping the work area tidy. A quick rinse in the evening and they are good to go the next day.

    Posted on

    This item does what we needed it to but it took weeks to get the rubber smell out. We couldn't place cups on mat or it would make them smell terrible. However, this is probably normal and after a while, the smell did go away (just be careful not to put them in the fridge!)

    from EVOKE Posted on

    We grabbed a couple of these to put on the floor under our CO2 tanks. The CO2tanks rust the floor and these are a barrier. Easy to clean.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    This bar mat is great for any restaurant and they are extremely durable! We used these in class at my culinary school! They are easy to clean and will last a lifetime! Great buy!

    Posted on

    Whether you need it for home or professional use, you NEED bar mat. This will help save your counter or bar from thousands of spills. Easily rinsed, this makes cleanup a snap. A must-have.

    from Professor Cocktail Posted on

    a lot of accidents that happens usually is people accidentally dropping their drinks to the floor. by provided mats, it helps reduce accidents by a big percentage

    Posted on

    Great bar mat for any mobile bar while at weddings, party's or corporate events. Worth having even for the house works great. You will not be disappointed.

    Posted on

    Your price on this is amazing. I found it locally and they wanted a lot more than your price.

    Posted on

    I was a little afraid to use this mat to cut citrus/garnishes on as I assumed with a sharp knife you would eventually shred it to pieces. Delightfully it doesn't seem to have any marks on it after over a year of heavy use. Granted you don't want to hack away at it, but if you use a usual amount of pressure to slice a lime or cut lemon twists it is totally fine. It can be rolled up easily for transport and the shiny finish makes it easy to clean with just a rinse in between drinks, a plus when you are making many many cocktails.

    Posted on

    This mat helps a lot on keeping the tabletop clean and dry.It's deep enough to keep the spillage to the other area and its surface is soft to keep the glassware sturdy.It's economical and helps to preserve the life of any kinds of tabletop and good to use at the kitchen area too.

    from Bangkok Place Thai Restaurant Posted on

    Before we purchased this product, we had to continually wipe down the bar area. This mat catches all the water from glasses and pitchers. With this mat, our bar looks extremely polished.

    from Simplee Sushi Posted on

    We entertain a lot and this is the perfect solution for the sweaty wine and champagne bucket on the bar. The perfect size for my home bar. Also a very good value for the price. I ordered two.

    from Productiontown Posted on

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