Torani 750 mL Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup

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Bring all new flavors to your specialty drink menu with this Torani hazelnut flavoring syrup! This tempting flavor will complement your beverages without overpowering them or being too sweet, while the user-friendly bottle will be convenient for your busy baristas to use. It is specially formulated to resist curdling in milk and to hold up well under heat, making it the perfect choice for espresso-based drinks, brewed coffee or tea, and more. Use it for frappes, iced coffees, smoothies, and even baking!

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Torani 750 mL Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup

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    We use this Torani Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup very often at my cafe and it adds the perfect touch to our coffee! I would definitely recommend this product. WebstaurantStore always has fast shipping and is consistently reliable!
    Hazelnut syrup is a crowd pleaser at all coffee shop, ours as well. We use all Torani syrups and our customers really enjoy our Hazenut syrup! It’s a good buy.
    My customers love this flavor. Since it is sweet you don’t need to add any sugar. Love that it comes with an extra seal around the cap so it doesn’t spill during shipping.
    This is the most popular syrup for lattes at my shop, hands-down. It has been a go-to for years and I'm happy that I have found the most affordable source for purchasing it here at the WebstaurantStore.
    Goes great with coffee. it's pretty strong so you usually only need 1 or 2 pumps depending on the size of the drink. It has a very nice and accurate flavor and I will be buying it again.
    Customers love this flavor. Goes great in hot coffee. Will definitely be reordering to add to my collection of torani flavors. A must have for your coffee flavor selection!
    Hazelnut is great for hot coffees during a cold winter. The flavor is strong and you don’t need to use a lot of it which means it last longer!
    Another staple, and another very powerful flavor. We use about one pump per drink and it’s just enough. Mixed with steamed almond milk it makes a bomb latte!
    Great addition for our cold coffees and milk teas. Customers really like the Hazelnut flavoring. Torani makes a nice tasting syrup not too fake tasting.
    Been using this brand flavoring for years and always gets a thumbs up from my coffee drinkers. Will likely continue using it for years to come.
    No matter what you might think I would say 1 out of 10 want Hazelnut Lattees. The smell is pronounced, the flavor is pronounced and the result is a very flavored coffee.
    This is one of our top selling flavors at our coffee shop. We have to keep a few bottles for back up because we go through It so fast. Love the flavor in coffee.
    As with almost all Torani's, this product is quality. Taste is spot on and works well in all our recipes. I find this syrup comes out better with a pour spout versus a pump.
    The Torani Hazelnut syrup is amazing in a latte! It offers a bold flavor by itself but it also pairs well with many other flavors to create something unique!
    The Torani Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup is one of our most frequently used syrups. It tastes really good and our customers really like it. It is very reasonably priced too.
    Torani syrups are nice to add to your coffees without having to brew multiple flavored coffees. The syrup has great flavor and is a hit with my customer base.
    A good staple, and is one of the first I recommend because it's a flavor that most everybody is familiar with. One of our regulars pairs it with Chocolate sauce to make a Ferrero Rocher-type mocha!
    All of the Torani syrups are great. Lots of flavor without being too sweet. Also there is no harsh bite or after taste. Well priced too.
    We use the Hazelnut flavoring syrup in our hot and iced beverages. The flavor is sweet and delicious. We will be buying more of this syrup in the future
    we use this for hazelnut latte. perfect flavoring and every customer love our hazelnut latte. if you want to make a french vanilla latte, you can mix with vanilla and this hazelnut syrup.
    Great syrup! Torani syrups are always good. This was part of my coffee/hot chocolate bar at my wedding, and now it's part of my now-extensive at-home coffee bar!
    I love the smell of hazelnut coffee. It is so warm and relaxing. The Torani brand is really great and the flavor of the hazelnut syrup is top notch. I love adding it to my coffees and espresso.
    Great addition to our food & coffee options. Flavor is perfect for drinks and customers love it. Will buy many more. Very happy with purchase.
    Absolutely delicious in coffee. Hazelnut is always the first to go in my office. Though it has a lot of sugar, they found a good balance that you can still really taste the hazelnut over sugar.
    As always, Torani makes a good quality syrup that doesn't taste weird or artificial. However, the hazelnut flavor isn't as strong as I would like. If you're adding this to a coffee drink, you can smell a bit of hazelnut (but not as much as if it were hazelnut coffee) but I can't really taste the hazelnut. Sometimes I add hazelnut flavoring to my coffee too.
    The Torani line is not our preferred product, but it is a good price. The hazelnut is one of the better flavors, and does make some good drinks.
    Tastes really good and easily flavors Lattes, and coffee, as well as Icings. A real Hazelnut flavor at a great price! I will definitely be buying more!
    We love this Torani product! The Hazelnut flavor is sweet and delicious! We use this flavor in many of our drinks and they are always a fan favorite. Hazelnut is a great flavor to mix with others or simply wonderful by itself.
    The Hazelnut Syrup is so good we offer it in our coffee alone as a drink. It's a top seller and we love having it in the shop.
    we use the brand torani for more than 2 years, and we still use them. we bought here cause webstaurant provide a better price than we got before. we recommend this here.
    This Torani syrup is amazing. It adds the perfect touch of sweetness and hazelnut flavor to your coffee, and the bottles add the perfect touch of style to my coffee bar.
    Classic hazelnut flavor. This is one of our top selling flavors. Can be used alone or mixed with other flavors. We use it in hot and cold flavored coffees.
    One of our most used flavors to make espresso drinks. We also use this as a main flavor to mix with other flavors to create specialty drinks. The thing that is so good about this product is that there is not the aftertaste with it that you find with other products.
    Our business uses this Torani Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup for our flavored coffees, lattes and espressos. Our customers really love the taste! It does not taste artificial like others we have tried.
    The Torani Hazelnut has a great flavor and mixes well in all of our drinks no matter hot or cold. We use this in our lattes, cappuccinos, and iced drinks as well.
    The torani hazelnut flavored syrup goes great in coffee. I'm very picky about hazelnut flavored products because they usually taste weird, but torani is true to their flavors. Great product.
    Hazelnut adds a nice flavor to something as simple as a plain black cup of coffee. Use the available pump and you'll be set up to easily add them to coffee as requested.
    Somewhat more of a flavoring than the french vanilla though one gets more of a sugar rush than anything else, I guess flavored creamers may indeed be the way to go...
    On of my favorite flavors. The bottles work great with their Tablecraft syrup pumps for an easy way to get the same amount of syrup in each drink and to keep messes to a minimum. A great addition to our home coffee station. :)
    This is sooo good and my daughter's favorite, the taste is perfect, not weak at all but not to strong and extra sweet, want to try it in other things other than coffee,
    My customers love this hazelnut flavoring. I tested it versus Monin and it won hands-down with my regulars. Very pleased with the well-balanced flavor and sweetness
    we use this delicious hazelnut syrup in our coffees and in our baked goods. taste great and doesnt take much for a great flavor in our buttercream
    We just discovered the Torani products and couldn't be happier. So much of a richer taste than some we used previously. Adding a pump made every drink that left the station consistent which our customers love and we love for cost purposes.
    I use this Torani syrup to make Hazelnut lattes - no need for any extra sugar it is perfect the way it is. No funky after tastes or anything. VERY GOOD
    I had never tried hazelnut, so I ordered this. It was wasn't bad at all, just not one I will try again, the product was reall good
    It tastes alot like a cofffee house flavor, so good too. and i use it in place of sugar and its just as sweet as i need it to be.
    The bottle came wrapped in plastic so if it was to leak, it wouldn't get all over the rest of my order. I bought multiple bottles and they were packaged nicely in a case together. The price can't be beat!
    This is a good strong hazelnut flavor but doesn't have the bitter bite that some hazelnut flavorants have. I really prefer this over others specifically because of that. It doesn't over power the drinks we make either,
    This is the high quality level of product you expect from Torani. Its a very nice hazelnut flavor and goes great in coffee and, according to some of our staff, in chai tea.
    I use this in my coffee shop for all my hot and cold coffee or cocoa beverages. The Torani Hazelnut is always a hit! Perfect addition to most drinks.
    Nice rich creamy hazelnut coffee flavoring. We only use Torani at our coffee counter. Costumers love the taste and that we offer it for their morning coffee.
    We like several different brands and this one seems to have its own advantages. Great smooth hazelnut flavor. We use this daily and we love it.
    Takes a little getting used to, but overall a good flavor. It's not totally true to the taste of hazelnut, but for coffee drinks it works quite well. Add some chocolate and you've got a winning combination.
    Great tasting flavor for my hot coffees, iced coffees and frozen coffees, works great with the syrup pump, I use all the Torani Brand Syrups
    We just recently opened a bookstore with a coffee shop. We love the Torani syrups with their natural flavors. We use this in our Mr. Hyde cappuccino - Dark Chocolate Sauce, Hazelnut Syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Check out my White Chocolate Sauce review for the Dr. Jekyll.
    The Torani Hazelnut Syrup is delicious! It has a wonderful rich flavor when added to our coffee products. It is a customer favorite and requested by many!
    We love this amazing flavor to add to coffee! This is a wonderful company that I am so glad I found! Super fast shipping! Will be ordering more!
    Chocolate and Hazelnut, Coffee and Hazelnut, Hazelnut & Cheesecake the options really endless and this flavor is AMAZING!!. Especially if we use it in our malted milkshakes. One of my personal favorites.
    Torani Hazelnut tastes more like sugar than hazelnut. I decided to make my own hazelnut syrup because it's not just Torani that has a bad taste.
    We appreciate your review, Hana! If you are looking for a different product that will better suit your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I just bought this and loved it from the start. It takes less of it because its such a high quality syrup. Smells great too.
    Torani are the only syrups we will use in our coffee shop. The value from Webstaurant is unbeatable, and Torani's flavor's knock other brands out of the park. This hazelnut is a classic and one that every coffee shop should carry.
    great to have this for flavoring my coffee this Torani 750 mL Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup awesome flavor real hazelnut great aroma best buy best brand
    Great classic flavor for lattes and coffees and teas as well. Easy to add to other flavors for that unique drink for each unique customer!
    Good product. Customers like it but not many of my customers ask for hazelnut though but it's good to have no matter what. Will order again eventually!
    We love almost all the Torani syrups! They pour well, taste good, blend into drinks well, and are DELICIOUS! Put them in tea, coffee, Italian sodas - whatever you like, it doesn't matter, they are great. We wouldn't use any other kind! Hazelnut is awesome, we love it in vanilla hazelnut lattes!
    Our school-run coffee shop loves Torani Syrup. Webstaurant stores allows us to buy in bulk or even just a few items at a time. I definitely recommend buying the pumps. It makes everything so much easier. Especially consistency. I love the flavor of the Hazelnut. It's warm and inviting. Definitely recommend Torani
    This product is very versatile and also very delicious. I use it to flavor my chocolate fountain syrup and the taste is great! I would recommend this product
    This is very popular with all of our customers. It also goes nicely with chocolate syrup in coffee. It is usually one of our first flavors to go.
    Torani has always been my go to brand for flavoring coffees and other beverages. So glad webstaurante carries them and in so many flavors. Hazelnut is definitely a crowd favorite.
    Torani Hazelnut is a great addition to coffee drinks. It has a true hazelnut flavor. Great as an addition to other flavors or simply on it's own.
    Torani make some of the best syrups, I used this flavor and a few others from this website to set up a coffee bar for the holidays, and my company went nuts they said it was better then a coffee house. The price can not be beat, I wouldn't buy these syrups from anywhere else
    Torani Hazelnut has this sweet, slightly nutty finish that isn't overwhelmingly artificial. It's always a big hit with our customers, who especially love with mixed with chocolate. Nutella anyone?
    very classic flavor. always a hit to our customers. They love the balance flavor of it to their drinks and it is very affordable too!
    We added this to our iced lattes and it helped make the beverage a little sweeter with a hint of hazelnut. Just two pumps is enough for a 16oz drink.
    I have ordered numerous bottles of this flavor. It is a customer favorite. It riches a nutty flavor your coffee or coffee drink which your customers will fall in love with.
    This classic flavor is a much have for any barista. the nutty flavor is smooth and appealing for lattes and other coffee drinks all year round. Very pleased with the value and quality of this syrup.
    Mixing hazelnut and banana syrup is awesome! You will have a spectacular latte addition to the menu. The cost is also nit that bad either.
    we operate a coffee/bagel/ ice cream shop we carry most of the torani syrups.we recently had a request for the hazel nut so we trid it and it is loved by our customers
    Torani Hazelnut is a great addition to coffee drinks. It has a true hazelnut flavor. I like to mix it with Torani Vanilla Bean in cappuccino.
    Hazelnut syrup is always a hit and Torani's version is very good. Mixed into a mocha or with vanilla to create a French vanilla or even's delicious in all variations!
    This syrup, along with all other Torani products I have tried, is excellent. I am a big fan of making at home coffee srinks, and Torani syrups make it so much easier. This particular one (hazelnut) has a great taste and is highly recommend from my experience with it.
    This is one of the few Torani flavors that doesn't hit it out of the park for me. This hazelnut is just kind of sweet. We only went with another brand of syrup on a few flavors and this is one of them. Not bad but not real true hazelnut flavor.
    We really enjoyed this syrup in our coffees at home, but also found it to be delicious in other types of teas, smoothies, and ice cream. The dispensers sold on this site are a great addition!
    I love the smell and taste of Hazelnut. Its such a great flavor. Our customers love to mix and match with this one and I always get excited to mix some coffee with it.
    I was skeptical when I bought this item but it has literally disappeared from the bottle in a very short time! I hear comments coming from my kitchen such as: "It feels so good to drink a cup of coffee and know that you're not putting anything harmful in your body. Plus it tastes so good!
    Love the flavor. Torani is a great brand and my customers love it. Great taste and a great price. Its even better that its cheaper in a quantity of 12

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