6-Board Black Cutting Board Rack

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A useful addition to any kitchen, this 6-board black cutting board rack is a great way to store your cutting boards! With slots to hold six cutting boards and six brush hanger hooks, this rack can help you streamline your baking or cooking process and keep your kitchen tidy. You can also use the hooks to hang other useful kitchen tools like measuring cups, vegetable peelers, oven mitts, or other items you use frequently. Made of sturdy, heavy duty wire, this rack's compact design helps you optimize your counter space and keep things organized without breaking the bank.

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6-Board Black Cutting Board Rack

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    Great cutting board holder with 3 hooks on each side to hang other things. We are actually using this as a holder for server trays and it works great for that also!
    Excellent organizational tool for our kitchen. We zip-tied it to our dish rack to keep the freshly washed cutting boards from leaning against one another. Great for lids and sheet pans as well! We do not use the hooks.
    This cutting board efficiently holds our cutting boards of various sizes in a convenient space-saving way, making it a perfect fit in our busy kitchen. It arrived as pictured and functions as described.
    This rack is great for storing and organizing all of our color coded cutting boards. The space-saving design is a must-have for our small kitchen. A great product!
    These are perfect for cutting boards and helping to organize the kitchen. Make sure to measure the height of the shelf you plan on putting it on as it is raised about 2 inches so we had to adjust some shelving.
    I was looking for simple way to keep my cutting boards organized and am so happy that I found this. This fits great in my cabinet and holds a few extra small boards off the side.
    I bought a lot of cutting boards from webstaurant store and board rack was recommended to me at the bottom of the page. I’m so happy to buy it.
    This 6 board cutting board rack is a great product. It keeps prep areas neat and tidy and does not rust. The price from webstaurant is fantastic.
    These are great for cutting boards to dry. You can fit many sizes. The 1” cutting board fits in a slot with plenty of more room (maybe 2-1” cutting boards per slot.
    The rack is very sturdy for something so thin. It keeps 6 cutting boards nice and organized plus the hooks on either side are a nice bonus.
    This is a great and cheap alternative to the drying racks designed for the wire racks. These hold full size sheet pans and cutting boards. The hooks are nice as well.
    Great quality rack makes storing cutting boards and pizza paddles very easy. Capacity of this rack is great it can hold up to 6 items. Also comes with hooks fastened for hanging small utensils or oven mitts.
    What a handy item. I can wash and drip dry my boards which saves time and space, and boards are ready to grab in a second. Buy it!
    When you need a sturdy cutting board holder. this is the one for you. It is of great quality. and easy to handle and easy to clean.
    This product is a must! It helps keep all of your cutting boards organized and easy to find and put away. There is just enough space to slide a cutting board in each slot. It does help to have the cutting boards with grips in the corners so that the cutting boards don't fall through the other side when being put away. This is a durable, quality product for a great price.
    Oh this is a must have for any restaurant! Keeps your kitchenware organized! No mess no more! Will again! Best part is no assembly required.
    This is a good rack for the 18x24 inch plastic cutting boards. It holds six, so you can fit in all six colors (cross contamination safety) . I'd say that it works well with the 18 x 24 boards, but not larger. It will certainly work even better (be more rigid) with the smaller boards.
    This thing straight-up saved our kitchen organization. What used to be a dangerous, constantly-crashing pile of cutting boards is now a neatly-stacked and easy to put away section of the kitchen. I want ten!
    This simple organizational tool makes a huge difference in a kitchen. We started out having our cutting boards in a drawer, and this quickly proved much more accessible and space efficient!
    We use this cutting board rack literally 24/7. It's a great product and has kept up with all the abuse thrown at it for a really long time.
    We use this cutting board rack to store our cutting boards after washing them. It really helps them dry well which prevents them from smelling like mold.
    I was skeptical about this board rack, based on price. It was really inexpensive, but after weeks of use, it's perfect, it sits in place, and holds 6 boards with ease... love it.
    This is a hand rack to have for a confined space. It fits 6 cutting boards comfortable, keeping them organized and vertical (if you want to dry your cutting boards right in/on this rack).
    Essential organizing tool for allowing your cutting boards to air dry and be neatly stored away. Durable, rust resistant and super easy to clean too!
    I use this to store all my cutting boards on the counter of my commercial work space. It allows me to quickly and easily grab one. It is a nice organizational tool.
    While these racks are not very heavy duty, they get the job done and for a good price. They hold smaller cutting boards for drying or storage.
    Facilitates storage of cutting boards. Sturdy and durable. great kitchen utensil to hold cutting boards used for food preparation for foodservice and hospitality industry experts.
    I was skeptical given the price as I've found many pricier ones but this rack really does the job supporting our cutting boards and I would recommend.
    Cutting Board Rack For 6 Boards it's pretty good, I put it together and was bummed out since my small cutting boards didn't fit on there, but then when I put the top racks on, noticed I could hang my small ones from the sides!! Very happy with this item!
    The cutting board holders are great and really needed. Not sure how you could do without it. Helps keep them clean and dry as well.
    I cannot beleive i didnt own one earlier! Thia cutting board holder holds up well for the incredibly affordable price. It comes with detachable hooks on each side.
    This cutting board holder/dryer rack has been a great addition to my kitchen. No more having cutting boards fill up my dish drying rack. I love having all my cutting boards organized as well!
    Perfect for organizing your cutting boards. An absolute must have in your kitchen. Don't stack all your boards on top of one another. This thing is cheap and works perfectly.
    So grateful that I bought this holder. It works well for storing our cutting boards so they are not constantly falling over and also aids in the drying of the cutting boards, my boards no longer have that gross musty smell.
    This cutting board rack is exactly what we needed to keep all of our cutting boards organized and up and out of the way. It is super easy to use and the hooks on the end are nice as well
    I absolutely love this 6 board cutting board rack. it makes it so easy and sanitary to store my cutting boards at my bait shop. I didn't expect it to be as sturdy as it is but it actually is very sturdy. As my fish cleaning operation expands I will definitely order more
    Cutting board racks are a must have when you have a full set of color coded cutting boards. You can hold one small one on the top as well
    This rack has stood up to years of abuse in our kitchen, being dropped, banged, and dirtied and has come out unscathed. It can hold 6 heavy boards without issue.
    These are so helpful for keeping cutting boards dry and sanitary. They help the boards stay upright and organized. The hooks are nice for storing hanging items.
    I use this rack for lots of big heavy rubber cutting boards and it has held up well even though it's pretty small and light. the slots are just big enough for even very thick boards and it doesn't seem to attract dirt/grease or anything.
    This cutting board rack is very sturdy and makes life so much easier when trying to store our cutting boards. We are going to reorder for our other locations.
    Seems decent, but employees didn't like. Seemed a bit too flimsy for everyday abuse of commercial kitchen. Can take up valuable space if in tight quarters.
    I amso happy this addition in my kitchen. This rack holds good even the big and wide cutting boards. I like the hooks on the sides too. Thumbs up!
    This item comes exactly as advertised and is sturdy enough to hold even the extra heavy cutting boards. The hooks on the sides are quite convenient although a little loose so if bumped they seem to fall off easily.
    Nice little rack. Surprisingly, fits into a tight spot under the prep table and keeps everything nice and tidy. Haven't use the little hooks on the side, but I imagine I'll find some use for them .
    What a different it made having my cutting boards organized in this nice sturdy rack! It holds 6 boards - only wish there was more support on the bottom for smaller boards.
    Very easy to use. It is also a decent size. It helps stay organized in the kitchen. I love it because im a little O. C. D.
    This rack is great for drying and storing the cutting boards. I have the 18 x 24 cutting boards and was worried that they would be too big, but they fit just fine.
    Should have ordered this along time ago. it would have saved some headaches. A must have and it does aid in the drying and more importantly the organizing.
    This has helped our kitchen keep organized and it doesn't take much space at all. The slots are nice and wide so the cutting boards slide in and out easily and quickly when you need them.
    This is an all-time fave, our customers love this rack, as they get quality for a great price, allowing them to acquire several at a time, solving their foodservice needs and kitchen organization. Grealty recommended.
    Saving my cutting boards, We were having issues with not drying by the dishwashers and growing some mold. But this has cured it completely. 100% must have.
    this is a good cutting board rack- it can hold up to 6 cutting boards and is really well made. I think it's a very good buy for the money.
    Made of good quality and light material, this rack works really well with 1/2"cutting boards. It came slightly bent, but that was quickly solved by bending it back to the right alignment.
    A great cutting board holder. They hold my eco labs cutting boards perfect. I was concerned if they wore going to fit or not, but it does.
    Item came bent, but with some work I was able to get it back to normal shape. Once fixed, it has worked perfectly, the boards can slide easily in and out and it keeps them separate. Does its job
    This rack is so handy. We have it setting on a shelf and the cutting boards stay put nicely. We have been very happy with it.
    I use this for cutting board storage and wire rack storage. It's a little flimsy but a good value for the price. Larger boards can tip it over if you are not careful.
    Pretty good. Could be a little more stable but easier to clean than most. We don't put anything too big in these. Happy with the purchase.
    We need this cutting board rack, it's required to dry cutting board well in the kitchen. Works well for us , saving space , easy to use
    I purchased this to use instead of buying more boards with the hanging hook because we don't have a lot of room for hanging boards. The rack is pretty solid, it came with parts that look like it may be wall mountable but we are using it on a bottom shelf which is working great. The boards when leaning to the same side only barely touch each other on the top. I was looking for a sanitary option for keeping the boards separate while easily accessible and viewable. This is a great product for just that. I am using the rack with 18x24 cutting boards, it works okay with this size but it would probably be a little easier if the rack itself was also a bit wider profile. When you are sliding the boards out, they want to fall down out of the rack so you have to get a good grip on the board with two hands when removing, but its only a minor inconvenience!
    I honestly do not know how we have lived without this rack! Our cutting boards are everywhere, and this stores them properly AND looks good while doing just that! It is large and WELL made, and fits on our counter perfectly. I bought scrub brushes and they hang on the hooks without getting in the way, plus you can hang other items as well- ie: short utensils. TWO things I might suggest is- 1. to use something underneath to prevent moving around- our rack is on top of granite so I put a cork board underneath which prevents slipping and possible scratching and 2. one of my cutting boards is too wide to fit into the slot, so I would make sure your boards will fit. I purchased a new boards from Webstaurant and they fit nice and snug. LOVE this item.
    This is a good rack that keeps all sides of cutting boards stored without touching any surface except for the rack itself. It holds six or few boards nicely.
    Absolutely necessary for your cutting boards. This rack is a great alternative instead of stacking cutting boards. Also allows for your cutting boards to dry easier which can eliminate bacteria growth. Rack is very durable and strong. Highly recommend.
    Nicely built cutting board rack. Stood up to daily abuse on our food truck. Never bent or broke. Holds 6 cutting boards, and the hooks are great for cutting gloves or other utensils.
    Decent rack, but not perefectly square and level. I had to bend it to make it sit on the counter right. Otherwise, works great. Good price.
    I have one at work and now I have one at home. I love this cutting board rack for storing and drying boards. It has plenty of room for all my color-coded cutting boards and hangers for the associated cleaning brushes for each one.
    The rack is surprisingly sturdy for the price. I have had it for about a month now and its been fantastic to keep in a restaurant to organize.
    I LOVE this rack all my boards fit in this on top of my fridge. Easy to manage. I am thinking of getting one for my smaller pizza pans. Durable, well made and highly recommended. Oh and the little hooks on the side are great for hanging my apron on. Although I am sure that's not what they are for.
    This cutting board rack is an ideal way to store your cutting boards. I love the fact that I can save space and keep them in one location. I love this.
    The Cutting Board Rack for 6 Boards works as described. It is heavy enough to hold the boards without tipping over whenever you take a board out. The price is great.
    Great for keeping any brand of cutting board clean and dry. I didn't find the hooks on the side useful but they are easily removed.
    These were surprisingly sturdy. I initially was going to use them to store artworks in the studio (while drying.) They would work for that with thinner art pieces, but did not function for canvases. However, they are excellent for their designed purpose and are now holding my heavier cutting boards and pans. The hooks on the side are a nice touch too.
    If organisation in the kitchen is your priority, this product is a must have. And it gives the cutting boards enough space apart so they can dry easily without touching each other avoiding cross-contamination. And the price can't be beat.
    This has saved us the hassle of having our cuttboards fall off the shelf everytime we wash or grab one. I only wish there were more slots available.
    this cutting board rack is well made and very sturdy. enough space on the bottom to let the boards air dry and has hooks to hook on different things.
    This is a great cutting board rack to store all your cutting boards. It is small so it doesn't take too much counter space and it keeps all your boards neat and organized
    I'm not sure why I never ordered one of these before but glad I finally did. It keeps your cutting boards nice and tidy and it's pretty sturdy too!
    This is a great item for properly drying cutting boards after fully sanitizing them. It works well for storage under a table with a shelf.
    Well-built and designed to remain stable while storing cutting boards. Because the boards are upright they can air-dry and you can quickly select the board you need.
    the rack is really nice and staple when you set up your cutting borad to air dry. its perfectly fit in underneath kitchen bench. it won't take a lot space out as well. strongly recommend this rack.
    Very strong sturdy rack. Holds six solid cutting boards without and problem as well as holding all our brushes for oysters. It is also a convenient size so we can wash it easy.
    The Cutting Board Rack For 6 Boards is great. It holds 6 boards helps keep them dry .Great for storing them all together . It is a must have The price is right.
    Rack is of much higher quality than I was expecting. I have 4 plastic boards and 2 heavy wood boards in this rack and it is solid. No tipping over and no more leaning my boards against the wall!
    Works as expected. Very pleased with stability of the rack even when siting on a wire shelf. The 6 little extra hooks are really handy making tools used with the boards highly accessible.
    I was very suprised to see how well these held up!! They dont fall over and i love the hooks on the end to keep things off the counter and out of the way!! Great buy!!
    I love this product so much I'm thinking about ordering them for my retail shelving. I didn't expect it to hold as much weight as it does and it doesn't tip over at all!!!
    I love this rack, and I found the best price from ypu folks. Other companies were charging double! I not only use this for cutting boards but for large hotel pan lids as well.
    this is a must have have to keep your boards dry and that is a must to keep mildew from grabbing your boards, also warping can be an issue. great product
    i love these for a few differnet reasons. They are good to keep for cutting boards underneight the table and also great for drying the cutting boards.
    Great rack, I have several of these in our catering vans and trailers, quite durable and make it so easy to seperate your boards to prevent contamination and un-needed clutter
    bought this to keep all of my cutting boards organized and sanitary. out of the way everything in my kitchen and love that doesnt take to much space.
    This item provides an excellent way to keep the cutting boards organized as well as sanitary. It is a must have for our residential kitchen
    This cutting board rack is perfect for storing multiple cutting boards. Great at air drying the cutting boards. The material is great for preventing rust and provides a long useful life from the rack. Great storage product!!
    This is a handy rack. Makes organization of cutting boards so much easier. Keeps from having to stack them on each other. With this rack,it keeps the boards neat and easy to get to.
    This stand is compact and fits most anywhere. It is very convenient and it is rubber coated so it will never rust and cleans very easily.

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