8 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle - 6/Pack

Item #: 808PSB08C

This 8 oz. clear plastic squeeze bottle provides excellent product recognition, making it ideal for use at prep and plating areas, garnish stations, or self-serve condiment centers. These bottles allow you to label your condiments or oils with marker to help customers avoid confusion. The 8 oz. clear squeeze bottle features a removable lid for easy refilling.

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8 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle - 6/Pack

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bottles squeeze size great sauces perfect bottle easy sauce price
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    We use these 8 oz squeeze bottles for holding liquids such as lemon juice or canola oil. They are dishwasher safe and are relatively tolerant to high heat.

    from Freedman's Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are nice and small and perfect for picnics or bbqs alike. They are inexpensive enough that you can even discard of them after and order a new set!

    Posted on

    Bottle in use.

    these are great for table servings, easy to squeeze. Cleaning them however was difficult. They are in expensive and i will definitely get them again.

    Posted on

    I love these squeeze bottles. They are great for oil, vinegar, or whatever other condiments you'd like to put in them. The plastic is thick but not so much that it's hard to squeeze.

    Posted on


    I use these bottles to store various oils for quick access and usage during cooking. Also, we like to make our sauces to put in these bottles for our bbq parties.

    Posted on

    These bottles are excellent for toppings from sprinkles to butterscotch to Nutella to nerds... and more. They are very study and really easy to clean. We use them every day in our frozen yogurt shop.

    from Swirlee's Frozen Yogurt Posted on

    Works great. I wish it were clear instead of a little cloudy because it would look more attractive in the few times the customer sees it. It's a little less sturdy in terms of quality than I thought it would be.

    from Farm 2 Cup Posted on

    the holes in the tip of these squeeze bottles is a little larger than some of the other brands sold here on webstaurantstore, but all in all theyre a solid squeezie to have more moderate amounts of sauces and things

    Posted on

    These 8oz squeeze bottles are handy to have around for so many different uses. I use them for different oils, melted chocolate for decorating, condiments, etc. These uses are endless and their so affordable.

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are great! Especially for decorating the coffee drinks at the shop as week as using them for mayo, mustard, and ketchup. These are def worth it!!!!

    from Java Corner Posted on

    Nice sturdy yet flexible squeeze bottles. They last a long time and you can fulfill it with any sauce you want. The perfect size for medium sauce or drizzle applications. I will buy them again in the future. Great price also.

    Posted on

    This size squeeze bottle has been perfect for some of the custom sauces I make. It's large enough to hold a good amount of sauce, but still small enough to use for decorative plating. They've been great for me.

    Posted on

    This item definitely exceeded my expectations. The price is very reasonable and the quality is excellent. I would highly recommend this product. 5 star product! I purchased for home use. They are perfect for popcorn butter topping!

    Posted on

    These are a perfect size so children can learn ha how to serve themselves. Excellent in a daycare setting! Great price point so you can have plenty on hand to fifo

    from CV Preschool Posted on

    I store these with various types of chocolate and candy melts in the fridge, labeled and ready to use at all times. These are microwavable as well.

    from Crave Sweets Posted on

    These are perfect for some of my homemade salad dresssings and bbq sauces. They're easy to clean with warm water, and the price is good for the amount.

    Posted on

    Most utensils I buy on here I buy one in each size to test out and always return for a couple more in each size, these are perfect for my needs. I only wishes these had covers for the tips.

    Posted on

    Great bottles - nice size and can be used for a variety of things. I just wish they had a small top to cover the opening. But, otherwise they are fine.

    from Sweet Creations Posted on

    Reliable and handy, just as expected. I just wish that tips for the bottles were included. When storing the bottle in the fridge, the open tips allow the contents to absorb odors in the fridge.

    Posted on

    Didn't expect these to last long since we are using it in our handmade soapmaking process - lye is harsh on plastic tool usually but... after 2 years of use, they are still going! Sturdy enough for hold hot liquid without becoming all soft and squeeze easily for a perfect control of the drizzling. Will replace them eventually but still not an emergency at this point. Good investment. No regrets.

    from Buzzsoaps Posted on

    We use this small bottles for our less frequent or small amount ingredients or products. It¨s easy to use and easy to adjust to any kind of content.

    from Tom Posted on

    Nice sturdy yet flexible squeeze bottles. The perfect size for medium sauce or drizzle applications. They will stain a bit but they clean up nice.

    Posted on

    Just got these in the mail yesterday and started to fill up some bottles. They're extremely handy when you're cooking Asian stir-fry and need like 5 different ones in a whim. Instead of opening up individual jars one at a time, I just transferred the contents of my soy sauce, sriracha, and oil into these containers and they work like a charm when cooking! Easy to use. One recommendation though is that I wish these came with tiny caps like the smaller 4 oz and 2 oz bottles on this site.

    Posted on

    I use these at the restaurant where I bartend. They are great skinny bottles for sauces. I also use them for sauces such as caramel and chocolate when dressing up a dessert!

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are a perfect size for holding all kinds of sauces. We especially thought they worked well with salsas, but I can't wait to get more to drizzle chocolate and other sauces over lattes.

    Posted on

    8 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle

    These are good quality squeeze bottles, that hold the perfect amount of a salad dressing or sauce. The rubber is very flexible, so they are good with thick dressings or sauces. The tips may be a little small, but can be cut to increase the flow of sauce. Good buy.

    Posted on

    These are ok. Kinda thin material, not as thick as the larger size squeeze bottles.They feel like warm liquid would melt them instantly, but it doesn't, just makes them soft

    from Mangia Qui Italian Bistro Posted on

    These are fantastic bottles with a disposable price. I've yet to wear one out but when I do, the price is so good that I won't cry about having to toss it and grab a new one. My favorite thing to store in these is my sisamioils. It's so easy to get exactly the amount that I need.

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    We must use 20 separate ingredients and sauces on the cook line and at expo. Squeeze bottles are a must for ease of service and you can trim the tip for the size "squiggle" you need

    from It Takes Two LLC T/A Dino's Grotto Posted on

    These squeeze bottles made serving condiments much less tacky then the actual oversized original condiment packaging (bulk). They ensured the condiment portion of the table remained "mess" free, were easy to fill, clean and will be used both in front and back of the "house" for my cooking and serving needs.

    Posted on

    I use these 8 oz Clear Squeeze Bottles every day. Not only are they handy in the kitchen, but our patrons can use them at their tables, or from a condiment table. They are easy to fill, and it is easy to see what is contained within them, they are a must have item in my restaurant.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    I like the size of these, as they hold just enough for most tasks. I use them for sauces and i find that the stream that comes out is a nice amount. The only thing i wish is that they came with caps for the tip, but other than that they suit my needs.

    Posted on

    Great size bottle at an awesome price. I make a lot of cake pops, and use these to drizzle a second color on top. The holes in the caps are slightly larger than I was expecting, but still work well for what I intended.

    Posted on

    As a test I squeezed water out of the 8 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle - 6 / Pack. I saw by the way I squeeze the bottle determines how much liquid will actually come out. Good to know I still have some control. Glad with the purchase.

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    I bought these to put condiments in. I bought the wrong size thinking they were bigger. Nevertheless we used them still and are satisfied with them!

    from Cone ZONE Posted on

    This squeeze bottle pack including 6 squeeze. the bottle are a good quality materiale and the only negative think is that there is not in cluding the meter in the bottle

    from Sir Clean Corp - Cleaning and Moving Company Miami Posted on

    This tiny bottle has a medium-sized opening. It works great with thicker liquid such as condensed milk. I am very satisfied with the product. I will be purchasing more if needed.

    Posted on

    like these bottles an would recommend them, i like that you can cut the tip down to the right width for accommodate the sauce you are trying to serve.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    We bought these to use in our food truck. We put vinegar, olive oil and chicken stock in it to make it easier for our chef to access.

    from Louami's Posted on

    We use these bottles everyday in our cupcake shop. We transfer our extracts from the large bottles they come in - into these bottles - so it makes it easier to measure small amounts. We also use it for cupcake toppings - like caramel - to decorate the tops of our cupcakes.

    from Queen City Cupcakes Posted on

    These squeeze bottles were good quality. We used these in an unusual way and were very pleased with the result. We used them to make sand art at our school carnival. Each bottle had a different color sand. This controlled the mess better than the traditional method of using spoons and funnels. They were a great size, holding about a lb. of sand each. The kids had fun!

    Posted on

    These bottles are great for catering. They are large enough for several servings of sauce but small enough that we are able to offer 2 bottles for variety with each order. They are also inexpensive enough to give away, but high quality so they can be reused by the customer.

    from Big Mike's BBQ Posted on

    A great size for catering

    You can use these to store homemade salad dressing and other sauces. Just cover the spout with a layer of plastic wrap. Also if you have something thick/chunky in them you can cut the tip off the bottle a little bit.

    Posted on

    Standard squeeze bottles but they definitely retain anything you leave in thems color. Our hot sauce stained them in a day and they now have a faint hue.

    from backwater Posted on

    Microwavable! Good quality for the price. Of course like many other plastic products, if darker or oiler liquids are stored, the squeeze bottles tend to hold the color.

    from DelishNOLA Catering LLC Posted on

    These work great for our baristas who use them to store our simple syrup and chocolate syrup. Easy and clean to use. Just squeeze into the drink and mix.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are obviously very simple but definitely come in handy when I don't want to carry bulky ketchup and mustard bottles. They are also listed at a great price. If you are just starting up a food service business, I would recommend this product, or those like it depending on your situation.

    from Bevan's Convenient Catering Posted on

    Good, simple squeeze bottles. Nothing fancy about them, they are a good size for smaller amounts of dressings, garnishes, etc. FIFO are easier to clean though.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    I store my caramel and ganache in these bottles, in the fridge. They are study , they dont melt in the microwave which is awesome

    Posted on

    These are very small bottles, so if you are looking for something more standard size, make sure you try the 24oz bottles instead. These are perfect for desserts or any dish you need those extra special little touches on.

    from Heritage Communites Posted on

    These are the perfect bottles for homemade salad dressings. I also use one for olive oil and one for balsamic oil. Makes those two essentials so easy to access. I even keep white vinegar in one for cleaning.

    Posted on

    Nice small squeeze bottle for customers. But these bottles are perfect size for us because we give out free bottles of sauces for large orders.


    perfect for storing my homemade vinaigrettes and when I decide to get fancy with my plating as for sauces. have held well in dishwasher. perfect for me practicing at home

    Posted on

    These bottles are good quality and do the job just right. Make sure to tighten the cap though because they tend to get loose. Recommend

    from Green Apron Kitchen Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are so handy to have during the holidays. I make holiday truffles every year and I decorate the tops with chocolate drizzle - thats why these are so perfect. The drizzle is even and makes very little mess or waste, and when the chocolate hardens up, I just pop the bottle in the microwave to get the consistency back.

    Posted on

    This is exactly what I was looking for! The size is just right and I love that it's clear. Super cheap, but the quality is great.

    Posted on

    can't beat the price , I wish the nozzle was longer and narrower that way you can cut it whatever way you wish for whatever thickness

    Posted on

    I used the squeeze bottle for drizzling sauces onto plates. Its spout is very accurate so the sauce gets exactly to where it is supposed to go. This is a very good bottle. I have also suggested its use at the non-profit that I work for to use the bottles as a vessel to distribute Diatamaceous Earth to our clients.

    from Catering2You Posted on

    These Squeezes work OKAY. I was actually looking for a bottle that had a bigger mouth opening and tip. We use them and they work; it would just be easier if bigger on the top.

    from Desert Daves Bar & Grill Inc Posted on

    good sized bottles for oils, sauces, or purees. do because how hard you squeeze because more fluid products like oil tends to leak from the cap.

    Posted on

    A great sized bottle for working with melted chocolate. Easy to use and very easy to fill. The mouth on this bottle is nice and wide.

    Posted on

    Best part of these squeeze bottles is you can use them for much more than dressings- Im using them to fill chocolate molds and I have much control over the amount and would love to see these in the next size up so I don't have to stop to refill

    Posted on

    A great sized bottle for working with melted chocolate. Easy to use and very easy to fill. The mouth on this bottle is nice and wide.

    from Poisson Home Repair Posted on

    I used these to fill homemade sauces for the restaurant and they're great! Just big enough to keep fresh and the best price you will find.

    from Jacks Sports Bar & Grill Posted on

    Great price. Just as nice as the ones at the high priced kitchen or restaurant supply stores. Love them for sauces and chocolate sauce. Price is so good if one gets ruined no worries, just toss it!

    from Po's Pastries Posted on

    We use these bottles everyday to hold and apply various sauces from Barbeque sauce to our special Worcestershire sauce. They are great because they clean up easily and won't stain.

    from Lotsa Pasta Posted on

    Using these squeeze bottle has a lot of benefits, first and foremost, it keeps the work station clean and second, it's paid at such a low price that it's well worth to pay

    Posted on

    The use of these has decreased the oil usage for the grill. My food products are tasting better and I am saving money. Win! Win!

    Posted on

    These bottles are little in size, but large in uses! We use them for homemade dessert sauces and bbq sauces. They are a sturdy plastic, and will hold up to many uses!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    The 8 oz is a great size when you need to decorate small amounts of baked goods. I've used them with chocolate & caramel. Cleans easily in the dishwasher

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    These are awesome. I actually use them to store powdered Mica's in. They are soft yet durable.The caps fit tight. I only wish they had a closure cap for the top

    from Primitive Gardens Posted on

    Thanks for the review! You could try the Tablecraft 1104 Chef Squeeze 4 oz. squeeze bottle, (item # 8081104) which comes with a red closure cap for safe storage.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great bottle for multipurpose use. Clean so it is easy to identify a sauce or dressing, and it is easy to clean, this bottle is great. Only complaint is the cap hole is a bit too large to do fine streaking on a plate with the sauce.

    Posted on

    This squeeze bottle is great for putting melted chocolates in for a drizzle of epic proportions. It makes a great chocolate bottle(drizzle). I recommend this

    from Tristan's Posted on

    I ORDERED THESE FOR MY HALF&HALF CREAMER. Since creamer cannot be left out very long before it spoils, I use these to squirt the creamer in my cup instead of having to open the carton and pour into my cup each time I have a cup.I can also keep some creamer in my home office frig. They are much better quality than what I had. The lids screw on securely whereas the ones I had made a mess each time I used them. And I got a pk. of six for what I paid for 2 of the inferior ones! Thanks Webstaurantstore! (Notice I'm using mugs from WSS also; they keep my coffee hot twice as long as other cups.

    Posted on

    These little bottles are awesome - I keep various types of oil in them, and then it's really easy to drizzle them into a skillet on the stove, and when I buy the big containers of oil at costco, I don't have the lift up the heavy containers each time I want to use the oil.

    Posted on

    Great squeeze bottles! Good for condiments and so much more! Great price! Good for sauces, oil, salad dressings and even some purees! Easy to clean!!!

    Posted on

    These bottles work perfectly for flood icing for my cookies and will, of course, be perfect for any syrups or glazes you can fill them with. The only drawback is that they do not come with caps for the spouts, so you cannot store any of your syrups in these bottles.

    Posted on

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