32 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle - 6/Pack

Item #: 8083263C CL

This 32 oz. clear, plastic squeeze bottle is ideal for self-serve and high-volume areas. With an easy-to-use squeeze design, this squeeze bottle is great for customers to serve themselves condiments, sauces, or toppings at your restaurant, deli, or concession stand. The wide mouth opening on the bottle is great for easy filling and cleaning, and the opening on the lid lets you control the amount of condiments used per squeeze.

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32 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle - 6/Pack

4.8 stars from 85 reviews


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bottles easy squeeze Great sauces bottle hold clean size price
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    These squeeze bottles are a must for commercial kitchens. I personally like to use them for cooking oils and vinaigrettes. Affordable and versatile, if you don't currently use these you should start!

    from Sunbird Kitchen Posted on

    These are amazing squeeze bottles. The size is ideal for leaving in a common place for everyone to use. The seal is strong and they are very easy to clean.

    Posted on

    Horrible China made product. Customer service is even worse with a restock fee of 20% . Shop elsewhere buy American I found the same bottle made in the US for the same price.

    from Mr Funs Posted on

    Thank you for the review Roy. We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. For an alternative that might better meet your needs, try this Tablecraft 32C 32 oz. Clear Squeeze Bottle - 12/Pack instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Love these!!!!!! We use these for Catering events and BBQ events. They're perfect size for lots of sauce so you don't have to constantly fill them up. They hold up very well to a ton of abuse. My stickers adhere to them pretty well too.

    from 1:16 BBQ Posted on

    Excellent products , we bought a bunch of these bottles and we love them , easy to use and clean and the grip is good i highly recommend them .

    from Allina's Pizza Posted on

    Great Product .

    thinner than expected, does not handle heat well so do not store any near heat (aka ovens or stovetops or bunson burners). they hold product well and the clear-ish container makes it easy to see what is in each container.

    from Mulberry Street Pizza Posted on

    Have been using these bottles for about 3 years and so happy with them! Great quality. Easy to clean because they have a wide mouth.

    from boeuf & bun corp. Posted on

    These are fantastic. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill with thicker sauces and the tips can easily be cut to adjust flow. I use dozens of them per day and have only had them break down on me by cracking after a few years of service. I can't complain about that.

    from AG Posted on

    We loved these large squeeze bottles! We used these recently for our homemade fresh fruit snow-cone purees. The nozzles stayed clog free during our three day event. They are easy to clean and handle with one hand.

    from Friedrich's Market, LLC Posted on

    These are ok, but given how big they are I would like them to be a heavier construction. If you put a heavy sauce (or fill it with a light sauce) the top may come off without warning and cause a heck of a mess during service or prep.

    from Concepts in Catering LLC Posted on

    this is a really big bottle. for those with smaller hands it might not be the best option, but it works well for my purposes. it's thick plastic and holds a lot of sauce/liquid so it works well when you don't want to refill your bottle over and over

    Posted on

    great for crema and thick sauces

    Man these are a life saver. Great for ketchup, mustard, and barbecue sauce, this squeeze bottle is the perfect choice for self-serve applications. Love them.

    from TOMMY'S Posted on

    Love these containers.

    These are a must have in any professional kitchen. They clean easily, the top fits tightly, and they make plating a breeze. Can't imagine our kitchen without these.

    from The KBH Posted on

    Best bottles I've bought so far. We use them for dressings and hot sauces. It thick enough to hold hot sauced without melting the bottle or burning your hand. Nice addition to my kitchen.

    from Orlando Dinner Entertainment, Inc Posted on

    Very good price for a nice squirt bottle. however, be warned that not all lids are the same among the different brands of squirt bottles so if your going to use on brand stick with it!

    from mm clubhouse Posted on

    I am very pleased with these Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottles. They were purchased for our daughter's BBQ Wedding Reception to hold various sauces. We also used them at her Bridal Shower to hold mayo and mustard for sandwiches. They are a nice big size and hold plenty for a large crowd of people.

    Posted on

    Great for mayo and mustard.

    Best price around for a standard wide mouth squeeze bottle. I have hundreds of these and the price point keeps me from going crazy over lost lids or broken bottles

    Posted on

    Bought these for dispensing our ice cream and chocolate mixes, The large 32oz container allows us to do a half batch in each one for quick measuring and mixing on our rolled ice machine. They are also used in our bakery for dispensing chocolate sauces and some thinner batters.

    from ROOMA4Baking Posted on

    Good quality and very durable. Easy to clean and does not stain with most sauces. Very good for pouring ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, etc. We keep a few around the restaurant for customers to use without having to worry about spilling or spoilage.

    from All Harvest Trading LLC Posted on

    Storing hot sauce

    I love these bigger squeeze bottles for larger quantities of condiments and syrups. We used these or the multiple toppings at an ice cream sundae bar and they worked out great. We kept some toppings warm in a water bath, in a crockpot and the bottles held up great. Great for salad dressings made from scratch, as well.

    Posted on

    High quality and large enough to hold just about whatever you want to put in them. We have some for toppings and some for condiments.

    from Nacho Momma's Donuts and Bakery Posted on

    Bought like 6 of these

    Load up on these every time I place an order. They are large and hold a lot of product. They hold up great over time.

    from Verdon Restaurants, LLC. Posted on

    I have reordered these thirty two ounce squeeze bottles a few times already. They are a nice size and hold up well to the daily abuse in our kitchen

    from Breton Bay Recreation, Inc Posted on

    I use these for smothering salads and sandwiches for dressing and this does just that. I have a heavy hand so sometimes when I squeeze it may pop open but overall good value

    from Tasty Grill Posted on

    Self service condiments are easier to manage thanks to the large amount of space you get with each of these large squeeze bottles. The 32 ounce capacity allows me to focus on more important details of my taco tent instead of constantly refilling smaller squeeze bottles.

    from Smofried.com Posted on

    These wide mouth squeeze bottles are an excellent resource if you make your own sauce. They hold a good deal of sauce and the spout makes for easy pouring.

    These are good quality for the price, which is great. The only bummer was that they did not match the opening size of our existing squeeze bottles so the containers and lids are not interchangeable. There should be a law : )

    from Barbecue Blast Inc. Posted on

    Love these large 32 oz. Clean Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottles. They're a great price and the larger size is so imperative for busy services and product we go through more quickly.

    Posted on

    Every once in a while it is necessary to replace your squeeze bottles- the lids stop screwing on properly and they begin to take on the smell of whatever mixture you have had inside of them. These are inexpensive.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    These are really large bottles, they are good for storing large amounts of sauces and dressings. They are really handy to have in the kitchen..

    Posted on

    Great quality and great price. We bought this for a candle project and it is exactly what we need. Will be buying more. The shipping is fast.

    from Carine Posted on

    I don't know what we would do without these! We use them all day, everyday for all the different sauces we have. Easy to clean and a great price!

    from Muncheez Pizzeria Posted on

    32 oz container. These are good for pretty much any liquid. Get it from here. The price is good. Light weight too. We use it all the time.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    These are big bottles that hold a lot of product. They are easy to clean and work great for liquid ice cream toppings like chocolate and butterscotch sauce.

    from Spring Street Treats Posted on

    I'm very impressed with the price I got on these here six pack widemouth 32 ounce squeeze bottles we use them for all sorts of stuff we use them for water on the grill we use them for snowcone syrup to make snowcones I'll kinds of stuff they were great fantastic product

    from N/A Posted on

    I can't buy this size bottle locally so I buy from webstaurant, these are a great buy, we use for dressings and other sauces, they hold up nice.

    Posted on

    I got 2 packs of these and love them. We use them for our salad dressings and wing sauces and the quart size holds plenty without having to refill or get another bottle as often. We do have to snip the nozzle depending on what kind of sauce we have in a bottle so the larger chunks won't clog it, but that is easy enough to do. Top holds on tight without any slippage like some other bottles we have used.

    from Big Family Pizza, Inc Posted on

    Great price, perfect size and good quality squeeze bottles. I'm going to load up on these every time I order from now on. I would absolutely recommend this product.

    from Verdon Restaurants, LLC. Posted on

    We have a pizza store and we use these bottles in the prep area for salad dressings. The bottles hold a good amount of dressing and work well. Plus there dishwasher safe!

    Posted on

    Love these squeeze bottles. We use them for everything: sauces, clarified butter, you name it. These 32 oz ones are big enough to get my hand into and clean, which helps. Can't do that with the smaller ones.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Perfect sized squeeze bottles. Not too big and not too small. We use them for a couple of different sauces that we use on our pizzas.

    from Shaver Lake Pizza Posted on

    For our restaurant, the 32 ounce size is great for holding sauces we use a lot of, such as vinaigrette's or aioli. Easy to use!

    Posted on

    I bought these squeeze botlles to use for various types of sauces. I like that they are clear, making it easy to see what sauce is in the container and how much is left.

    from Savoury Spoon Posted on

    . Good size. Easy to clean. Easy to store away. Wide opening easy for refilling. Tops screw on perfectly. See through makes it easy to see product level Great value. Clear makes it easy to recognize what's inside. What more can be said? It does it's job well.

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    Wide opening easy for fill and tops fits on perfectly. It's clearance make it See through so it's easy to see the product and its level

    from Delicious delights Posted on

    These are adequate squeeze bottles. They are lightweight and made of thin plastic. I like the wide mouth. I use them for everything from dressings to dry condiments as a shaker (i add holes to the top).

    from Giant Pizza Posted on

    The 32ox squeeze bottle is used at our grill. We just cut the top to allow more flow of olive oil. Nice thick bottle and its holding up well.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Very reliable squeeze bottle. Good size. Easy to clean. Easy to store away. Wide opening easy for refilling. Tops screw on perfectly. See through makes it easy to see product level.

    Posted on

    These wide mouth squeeze bottles are a great value. Clear makes it easy to recognize what's inside. What more can be said? It does it's job well.

    from MPGK CO INC Posted on

    Excellent for caramel sauce and even honey. We use these constantly for caramel macchiatos and hot chocolate. Order extra cause they come in handy and store well

    Posted on

    Great product. We use this on all of our sauces. Helps with portion control as well. You can easily cut the top for a wider opening if you would like.

    Posted on

    ya so these thing do the job for any item. and with the nozzle easily cut-able i am able to use it for any sauce from chunky to cream all coming out very well. and even when it clogs the lid dose not blow out when put under some pressure

    from eriks deli market place Posted on

    We use these wide mouth squeeze bottles for salad dressings and burger sauces on our line. The wide mouth makes it easier to clean which is very important with sauces.

    from Shawn O'Donnell's American Grill and Irish Pub Posted on

    The wide mouth on these bottles make it super easy to fill up without a funnel. It is nice that they have other lids that fit on these bottles perfect so its easy to change from one to the next depending on the application.

    from Teddys Burgers Posted on

    Excellent quality and price. Great for BBQ sauce, and with the larger size, you don't have to fill as often. I definitely recommend to everyone.

    from Smoky Bones BBQ Posted on

    what a great squeeze bottle! We use these for all kinds of glazes and toppings in our bakery business. Easy to squeeze and can cut nozzle down for thicker toppings.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    The size of this bottle is great for a sub shop using a lot of dressing. Only problem was tall bottle for a smaller unit to keep. We did upgrade unit and fits nicely. Love the wide mouth for easier cleaning.

    Posted on

    Nice squeeze bottles at a great price. These are a must have in any commercial kitchen for sauces and dressings. Plus they last a long time.

    from Joe_S Posted on

    Great size for this bottle. The plastic seems study and the top is great when squeezing contents out. Will buy again, great price and great buy.

    from Wood Security Services Posted on

    Product is great and very durable. I like very much. I will be returning for future items. Very good item and company. Cant go wrong

    from Genos giant slice Posted on

    These are the best quality squeeze bottles we have found and far less expensive than others we looked at. The wide mouth makes them much easier to fill and clean.

    from Becca's Gourmet Goodies Posted on

    These big 32 oz bottles ended up being the perfect size for us. They hold so much liquid and even if you use piping hot water in them (140 degrees), the bottles do not melt or deform or anything. For the price they can't be beat!

    from Warrior Burgers Posted on

    I like these bottles and it is a good price, but the quality is not the best, but I will continue to buy them regardless.

    from Oriental Pearl LLC Posted on

    My restaurant staff keeps asking for more of these. They are great for a variety of uses. They will wear out with heavy or repeated use, but at the great Webstaurant price, I am always happy to order more.

    Posted on

    Great use for dressings and other liquids. Stores a lot more than your normal size if your doing more production. I plan to buy more in the future.

    Posted on

    The lids of these bottles tend to fall off when squeezing product out, ruining the dish. Our kitchen staff tells me never to buy this brand again.

    from Selah Restaurant Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you have had problems with these bottles. We have addressed this issue with the manufacturer, and it is now resolved. Feel free to contact our Customer Solutions Team if you are ever unhappy with a purchase.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    The 32 oz wide mouth squeeze bottle is the only way to go when you need a lot of product in a bottle. With the wide mouth, very easy to fill.

    Posted on

    These bottles are great to have on hand to use for various sauces from BBQ to Cream based sauces. We have the larger (32 OZ) and the smaller (16 OZ) sizes. They are durable and easy clean, feel like you can't have enough.

    Posted on

    We use these bottles for condiments and shaved ice syrups. They are great quality and do not leak! I can't seem to get enough so I am ordering more!

    Posted on

    great item and great price. they are very easy to clean and very easy to use. good price and quick ship. will always order again

    from ERA Posted on

    We use these for BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing and pureed fruit for making different flavored lemon shakeups. You can easily trim the tip down if you need a bigger opening for thicker material.

    from Bailey Enterprises Posted on

    Great product at a very reasonable price!! It is great for our sauces that we use on our steaks, hamburgers and fish. Will order again when the need arises.

    from Capitol Oyster Bar Posted on

    These bottles are so handy for different items in the kitchen (and elsehere, i.e., the garage. My Husband uses them for some pool chemicals and lawnmower liquids. No. Not gas.) They are great for mayonnaise, mustards, ketchups, oils, etc. One Son manages to sling mayo from the jar to his food and the squeeze bottle has proved invaluable. Only goes where he needs it with no clean-up! My favorite use is with oils. No-drip when you just want a squirt. We ordered six to start and will probably order more for stocking stuffers for the kids. Thank you! Price is right too. Very inexpensive for such a useful item.

    from dee Posted on

    The wide mouth squeeze bottle is exactly as described and fits into our set up. The hold a full quart which is very useful. The construction is sturdy enough for our purposes. There is no issue with leaking out of the sides.

    Posted on

    Love the wide mouth bottle, much easier to fill with ketchup, salad dressing etc. The price on this item was better than what I have paid in the past

    from Summit Christian Academy Posted on

    Perfect for our sauces! The wide mouth allows for easier and less messy filling. Tips are a bit small, so we just cut them a bit.

    from Saco Island Deli Posted on

    Buy more of these than you think you'll need. Why? Because you'll find endless uses for them. Dressings, oil, vinegar, water (!), and pretty much anything else go with ease into this wide mouthed containers. At home, I keep my olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, cider vinegar, wine vinegar, and rice vinegar in these containers, and find it very easy to hit my food with a burst of flavour within a few seconds. At work, we use these bottles for all of our sauces (including very thick, creamy mayo), as well as canola oil, olive oil, and water (for deglazing pans when necessary). They're extremely handy, and you'll wish you had some spares for other tasks.

    from Sacred Chow Posted on

    we bought the squeeze bottles for salt and pepper and also our salad dressing. it can keep our working area neat and organized. no mess!

    from 0138190869 Posted on

    The 32 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle 6 / Pack is very sturdy and stain resistant. We use them for various things in the kitchen and on the floor.

    from cruisincafe Posted on

    These bottles hold a lot of whatever you'd like to use them for. They stain easily, but I don't think I will ever meet a bottle that will not stain from our homemade bbq sauce. Great price!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    We use several of these for dispensing different types of oil into fry pans. The lids stay on even with using firm pressure to squeeze the oil out.

    Posted on

    Great squeeze bottles for hot or cold sauces!!! Great value pack/ price!! Wide mouth top makes filling the bottles a breeze, you just have to turn them over and pour your dressing, etc. right in them! Great for oil!

    Posted on

    We use these large bottles for everything from dressings, olive oils, garlic sauces, bbq sauce, wing sauces and more. They clean up well and last a long time.

    from Michael Angelo's Pizza, Inc. Posted on

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