9 1/2" Offset Baking / Icing Spatula with Wooden Handle

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Perfect your baked goods with this 9 1/2" offset baker's spatula! From icing cakes and cookies to spreading pie toppings and more, this tool is perfect for those hard to reach places on any confectionary treat. Its durable wooden handle provides a comfortable grip, and is sure to be long lasting. This baker's spatula is a vital addition to any kitchen!

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9 1/2" Offset Baking / Icing Spatula with Wooden Handle

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spatula great offset cakes handle cake nice icing wooden frosting
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    Great tool. We use these all day, every day, for spreading our fruit purees on our sheet trays with pan extenders. The offset is a must to avoid constantly hitting the pan extenders. They do a great job getting into the corners. Extremely durable, we've had the same ones for about 3 years and they are showing no signs of wear.
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    These offset spatulas make everything so much easier. They really allow me to get into areas i normally can not on a cake. They are very durable and i like the fact that they have some weight on them.
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    I did not think I would love an offset so much! Home use only, but it's held up very well in that context. Extremely sturdy, yet flexible and sensitive enough to get details. Sometimes when I am lazy I throw it in the dishwasher and while I'm probably decreasing its life span by doing so, so far so good. The handle is comfortable to hold. Way better than previous offsets I've used. Great value.
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    this icing/frosting knife is nice thickness and works fine for us.and its much cheaper then our big box store version.im going to order some more
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    This is a good standard offset spatula. The blade is not as sturdy as the name brand one but unless you are are using it on frozen entities it will not matter. Great buy for the price.
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    A baker's best friend! Great quality! Great price! It works like just as needed! Great product! I look forward to using it quite a bit from now into the future!
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    this large offset spat can't be beat, especially considering the price. for such a high quality tool it's really a steal. i used it to make a semi-naked cake and it worked great.
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    This is a good spatula to have on hand Incase you need it. Which for me really isn’t that often. I get along much better with the small spatulas!
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    Excellent quality icing spatula. I create all my buttercream cakes using this perfect sized 9.5” spatula that gives me the smooth edges I love. Di
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    Fantastic quality for the price. Nice thick metal, but still springy, as it should be. Handle is perfect, very solidly constructed. A good offset is a staple of any bakery. This is a large offset, so be aware of that when ordering, but it's perfect for large cakes, sheet cakes, and spreading product in sheet-pans (brownies, etc).
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    Most pastry chefs like myself will tell you that the tool of choice for frosting a cake is an offset spatula. This one is as nice as they come. A nice wooden handle that makes it a comfortable hold while working.
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    Nice, large offset spatula. Blade is nice and evenly straight - it is sturdy and has a nice wooden handle. No complaints - we recommend this product!
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    This 9 1/2" offset baking/icing spatula is a great product for the price. It has been easy to use and we were not certain of that as we were use to using a much shorter offset spatula.
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    One of our orefered spatulas. The offset design makes it idea for maximizing frosting efficiency and cake quality. A nice comfortable handle and a nice finish.
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    Nice durable offset spatula, perfect for filling or topping cakes with a nice buttercream. The blade is flexible enough to give a smooth finish without being too flexible with stiffer frostings. Highly recommended.
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    A great larger size wooden handle baker's spatula that is great for covering large surfaces. The spatula works great on icing sheet cakes and large cookie cakes. A great tool to have.
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    The 9 1/2 Offset Baker's spatula is The perfect tool for frosting your cake or other treats. The wooden handle creates a slip resistance and stabilizes the hand.
    I had been using a much shorter spatula to frost ice cream cakes but I needed another one so bought this and another which is same size but not offset. I thought it might be too long but it is actually easier to frost the 9” cakes. I like this better then the one that is not offset.
    This is a good quality spatula but with some flaws. The rivets in the handle came loose after a few months and that prevented the spatula from staying straight while trying to ice a cake. Also, it is not dishwasher safe because of the handle and the handle started splintering after about three weeks of use. This is great for use at home or for occasional use but, I wouldn't recommend it for restaurant use. It did work great for about a month of use.
    It was good while it lasted, but unlike my other wooden handled spatulas, this one came apart at the seam of the handle after a few months.
    This is a really good quality baking and icing spatula. It does the job as you would expect and can handle most baking jobs. A great addition to any kitchen.
    I LOVE this offset spatula. It is the perfect size for icing multi layer cakes in one smooth turn. It is also very economical, just like most things that WEBstaurant has to offer.
    This offset spatula is a must have in every bakers kitchen. It is a staple and used in every order I complete. Excellent for designing!
    As a beginner cake decorator, I wa surprised how easy spatula it is to use, price is great too for those who want to teach classes and provide tools.
    This spatula is okay, but nothing amazing. The blade is large and flat, which is good for quickly and easily spreading frosting, but the handle is not the most comfortable and doesn't appear to be well make (the metal is not completely flush with the wood).
    This is a nice, long offset spatula. It makes it quick and easy to ice cakes. It does not bend so there is a great deal of control.
    The 9 1/2" offset baker's spatula with wooden handle is great for frosting large cakes. The handle is nicely made and the spatula itself is firm and sturdy. I wouldn't recommend putting this product in the dishwasher.
    You always get what you pay for, and this is no exception. The wooden handle is loose and wiggles in your hand. The metal part seems fine though.
    I love this thing. It's my only offset spatula and though it isn't very wide, it does the job - picking up cookies, smoothing off tops to cakes, picking up casserole squares/dessert bars/corn bread, etc. The metal part is flexible so it's good with that, it's not heavy, and the handle is sturdy. My only concern is that because the handle is wood, it might mold eventually, but so far, so good! I'll tackle that if that ever becomes an issue. In the meantime, I'm very happy with this purchase!
    This a great offset spatula. Is really good for spreading frosting the layers of a cake. It us made of strong material and a great quality
    I love this spatula. It is long so it is good for icing big cakes. So this spatula is perfect for me and I want to get spare for different cakes I will be working on
    This offset spatula is just perfect. It is so easy to smooth out the cakes with it. It's made out of very sturdy material and it should last me for a while.
    I love this spatula. In my bakery we make a lot of cakes that need crumb coatings and this is my favorite spatula to get the job done quick with.
    This is a good product for a great price. It is slim and versatile and works well for many operations. The handle is riveted, and has held well.
    I use the nine and a half inch offset baker’s spatula with wooden handle on a regular basis, especially with dense icings like cold buttercreams. This tool has been invaluable for decorating any cake or even spreading large amounts of icing for an even finish. Works well, great solid construction, not too heavy and easy to order.
    We use the offset spatula for icing our frozen custard cakes and pies. The offset works well and the spatula has been very durable thus far.
    Making cakes and using frosting / icing? Yu need this in your life. Its great for the pastry deptarment , and its durable and can go through the dish machine to stay clean.
    This spatula is a little larger than what you would normally find, but it does the job. It is a great price and I will be ordering more.
    wooden handle is what you are looking for really , dont try any other , this is perfect quality and pricing comparing to other stores
    This is a good quality angled spatula perfect for cake icing and decorating. We purchased it and a few others recently, and this is the one we prefer to use.
    I bought this spatula as the one I was using to frost cakes was keeping me back. I love the length of the spatula, making frosting cakes much easier for me.
    I use this to smooth down marshmallow fluff and it works wonderfully! The length of the spatula is ideal for when you're using the Baker's Mark full size sheet pan.
    I I have always had problems icing a cake my mother was really good at it but buying this cake spatula helped me immediately with the wrist movement when icing a cake and how to apply it better without me trying I really like using it. It's a nice size for small and medium size cakes. I am a beginner in baking and I'm on my way to professionalism when using it. thanks for the great products with stra Thanks for great products websturant !
    Great offset bakers spatula. It is a great spatula for any large cake or desert! We like a great and rusting looking wooden handle! Good quality!
    We use these spatulas for a variety of tasks. They're great with work on cakes because they have just a tiny bit of give that allows our pastry team to make some cool designs
    We use these for chocolate work and delicate pastry projects. Very durable and performs very well for our use. We like the fact that these are offset, making much easier to pick up fragile pastry wi breaking.
    Meh...the handle is loose, the blade has a bit of a bow to it so it doesn't lay completely flat, and it doesn't feel very nice to use. Lower quality than what I expected from the usual on here. Not impressed
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help with any issues you have.
    Nice length and width of this spatula. Makes icing larger cake easier with its wide blade and offset design. A bit skeptical about the wooden handle but it seems ok so far. Unbeatable prices for all spatulas.
    This is a good light weight spatula. It's great at covering my bigger cakes and helps me frost my smaller cakes faster by covering a bigger surface area.
    I use this all of the time in my bakery. I use it for frosting cakes, frosting pies with whipped cream or meringue, cupcakes, etc!
    A good offset spatula. This has just enough flex to still keep control of the frosting and is long enough for most of our work load.
    This is not a sturdy as I would have liked for a spatula. I bought this to help fill cakes, and it gets the job done, but it is a bit wobbly when I am trying to lift things with it.
    Perfect offset bakers spatula...It has just the right angle to frost cakes and cupcakes. Great price and worth every dime. Nice wooden handle and easy to clean
    I was surprised (in a good way) at how large this actually is. The handle is very sturdy, and I will certainly be able to frost cakes in a flash with this.
    We use the 9 1/2" Bakers Spatula to not only frost cakes but we also use it as a server for bigger cakes and desserts and it works great. The wooden handle is sturdy and very well made, well worth the money.
    I really like using this offset spatula, the wooden handle is comfortable and it has many different uses, definitely a great buy. Hope you enjoy your.
    This spatula is large, and heavy for its size. It has a great flexible blade and is superb at spreading frostings or frosting-like substances such as art mediums.
    Great value and amazing quality, this spatuala is comparable to many of the name brand ones found in the department stores. Im very satisfied with this purchase.
    This spatula is very study and strong. The wooden handle feels great. Though, the spatula is larger than what I imagined, but nonetheless will do the job when I want to frost the standard 9" cake. I would recommend this product for anyone who needs a spatula for cake decorating needs.
    This spatula us a good value! It works well for evenly spreading icing on a cake--I would wash this one by hand if you don't want the handle to get discolored.
    We are really not into the cake decorating. A customer insisted that we make her cake. We quickly realized we needed the right tools. This spatula has made smoothing out the side much quicker and better. Run it under hot water and that helps too!!
    Wonderful baker's spatula with a great strong but flexible blade. It's great for initial icing of cakes, but I would use a smaller bakers spat for smoothing things out.
    You have to have these for plating desserts and taking cakes and pies out of larger pans. Well made and the angled handle is comfortable,
    This is a great product for larger cakes. Way too big for smaller cakes...I would recommend the smaller Ateco brand spatula that here sell here as well.
    This offset spatula is good for half and full sheet icing use because of its average size. The wooden handle is comfortable to hold and cleans well.
    This offset spatula is the perfect blade length for smoothing out frosting on your typical 8 or 9 inch cake! It's sturdy yet flexible, which is great for more dense frosting types like cream cheese.
    I have a bunch of these in my bakery kitchen! You can never have too many in my opinion. The spatula blade is sturdy, and the handles have held up well despite my staff leaving them soaking in the sink.
    I use this very often when releasing cakes from a loaf pan or square pan, as well as for drop cookies. I don't do icing frequently but if you do, it is a good product for icing cakes. I would get a smaller one if I wanted to ice cupcakes.
    These are great for smoothing out a cake that already has a piped edge or flowers on it. I use to fix mistakes on a sheet cake as well. Easy to handle!
    This is my go-to spatula for icing our cakes. It's works especially well when the blade is submerged in hot water so I can get the frosting super-smooth, as the metal holds the heat well.
    This 9 1/2" Offset Baker's Spatula with Wooden Handle has held up well over time despite regular use. We can recommend this product and would buy again.
    Very good quality and looks very nice. I like the length which is perfect for most of the cakes we bake at home. The price is amazing.
    A must have when baking and cake decorating. Use this to lift cakes or when spreading icing on cake. Smooths out cake beautifully. The price here is great!
    This is a great offset spatula for frosting layers in large cakes and has many other uses in the kitchen. It feels of great quality and i am very pleased.
    Now this is my size spatula and I must say that I love the wooden handle. Very cute and very good for a person dealing with cakes. Will order again.
    This is a huge and well-built offset baker's spatula for an awesome price. It is also flexible, which makes it super handy for a multitude of tasks.
    It's very sturdy and holds up well. I use it to aid in lifting cakes off the counter. It does not feel cheap or flimsy considering the price paid! Great value.
    well made spatula that is very sturdy and large enough to handle those larger cakes and frosting jobs. very pleased with the feel quality and design.
    NICE AND HANDY worth for the price this was awesome 9 1/2" Offset Baker's Spatula with Wooden Handle nice smoothing the cake applying all king of icing BUY MORE SAVE MORE
    Great for larger projects, but in my opinion, I found the shorter spatulas a bit easier to work with. It all depends on what you need it for. Good quality.
    This is a well made offset spatula. It's the perfect size for my 9 inch cakes. Note that the wooden handle means it's not dishwasher safe.
    When I ordered this 9-1/2" Offset Baker's Spatula with Wooden Handle I didn't realize it was smaller than the ones used for cake decorating. That said, it is one of my favorite spatulas. The smaller size fits so nice in the hand and makes quick work of getting my chocolate coving to the corners of the pan when I make peppermint bark! A definite must have!!!
    To me this is a fantastic invention. I use it to put icing on my cakes. use it to remove cookies from the cookie sheet. The handle makes it much easier to handle when you use it. Stores easily in your kitchen drawers. The price you cannot go wrong.
    This i will is perfect for my use when frosting my cake it makes life easier when covering my 8inch cakes. It much cheaper than a local store and very durable.
    This offset spatula is excellent when frosting and decorating two layer cakes. Works well the smooth the frosting on the sides. The offset is really a plus in moving it around the cake.
    Spatula is a good value, but a little flimsy and mine unfortunately rusted very quickly when following standard three bin washing technique used in restaurants. Wash, rinse, sanitize
    Perfect angle, perfect bend, perfect size - this is a great multitasker. It makes icing anything near-effortless, and it is also pretty much perfect for spreading pizza sauce.
    The 8" offset spatula is a decent spatula. Is a lot more flimsy than my ateco ones, but it works nonetheless. It's durable, and has held up well.
    This is an excellent value. It is a simple, well working offset spatula. It is a good size and shape, comfortable handle makes it easy to use.
    I love this spatula! Great for decorating cakes. Very sturdy, good length and you can't beat the price! Highly recommend to anyone who bakes cakes!!
    This spatula is great. We use it to spread tomato paste on our pizza dough. I generally start training new employees with this spatula before moving on to the 14" spatula.
    So loved the first I had to buy a second, love love this offset scraper. Use it weekly to frost my cakes at the bakery.
    I think this just may be my favorite spatula, it's definitely my go to. It is the prefect size for my 9 inch round cakes, and makes frosting so much easier and faster. The handle is very comfortable and durable as I do wash these in the dishwasher
    Great for decorating cakes with precision (for when a smaller offset is too small), for crumb coats and for frosting -- comfortable grip with the wooden handle (which also prevents slipping from grease from buttercreams)
    good quality spatula for decorating cakes, but it is quite large. would work great for stirring food color into icing and filling big bags, and for spreading icing on the top of a large cake
    This is a very very sturdy tool. It makes smoothing stiff and thin icing very easy and the off set design makes working on larger cakes very easy.
    Love this longer spatula. Great for icing cakes but superb for sheet cakes with the 8 inch length. Has a great weight and feel in the hand. Highly recommend.
    I love this spatula! The handle is comfortable to hold. I use it for spreading pastry cream. Seems solid and will hold up to lots of usage.
    This spatula is great. I use it for decorating cakes, icing cookies, and smoothing icing. Its so inexpensive too! I would definitely recommend buying this.
    Hooray for this tool! Very handy in our bakery for everything from applying frostings, loosening products from the pan, serving, and spreading fillings. Holding up very well with heavy use.
    Great spatula for especially the price tag in comes with... i'm new to baking so this helps out A LOT. this is also very sturdy and will for sure last a very long time
    I needed an additional spatula for icing and didn't want to spend a lot. Works great! I will probably end up getting another one soon.
    This spatula has worked great so far. I am farely new to baking and still haven't been able to get into the groove of baking cakes. But this has helped a great deal. It helps with getting an even distribution of frosting and making sure everything is leveled.
    this is a super great value for a great offset spatula. the size is perfect for icing cakes. we just love this product. and the price sure cant be beat.
    Great spatula!!! I doubt a little because of the price , but I was wrong, it is a great spatula it works great at least for me!!!
    I don\'t use these to spread, instead I use them to get to clean out sauces and dressings from hard to reach areas of the containers. They work great for that so I\\\\\\\'m sure they are great for spreading.
    This is a tool you don't realize your missing out by not having until you have one. It makes frosting cakes a breeze as well as doing a bevy of other random kitchen task that no other tool seems to do nicely. It has a solid construction I love it!
    I use the baker's spatula to put cookies into a cello bag for sale in stores and shops. Using the spatula allows you to keep the bag looking nice and free of grease or crinkles from over handling the bag.
    This is a right size spatula, not too big or small, just the right size, the wooden handle is a good grip, no slippery, get the job done with no hassel
    Very serviceable and flexible spatula for frosting and spreading chocolate for tempering. Very flexible and with clean edges. For an inexpensive spatula, this is very refined.
    Since retiring I have been getting into more cake decorating and I have read that offest spatulas are indespensible so I ordered this. What a revelation! I am embrassed to admit that I used to spread frosting with a butter knife and neddless to say the results looked like I used a butter knife! Using an offest spatula not only makes the process MUCH easier, but the results look so much more professional. I can't recommend this highly enough, in fact I am ordering a smaller offset spatula for those smaller jobs.
    The metal is a perfect thickness and flexibility for spreading frosting. Because of the thinness of the blade and the angle on the handle I occasionally use the spatula to release baked goods from the bottom and sides of the pan.
    I was amazed how well-made this piece was for its price. Came in very handy for candy-making this holiday season -- and for frosting cakes.
    My wife uses this to frost cakes regularly and loves it! It destroys butter knifes when it comes to frosting a cake. In addition, it also works amazingly well on our grill!
    This offset spatula is great - it makes it much easier to spread and smooth out frosting. It's also great to spread poured ganache on a cake. Excellent quality.
    The 8" offset Baker's Spatula is a good product. It is well made and should be able to support a good deal of weight. The wooden handle is seamlessly attached. Overall I'm very pleased with it.
    A very nice offset spatula to add to my arsenal of baking utensils. It does very nicely smoothing out that layer of frosting or ganache on top of a cake/cookies!
    Why did I wait so long to get one of these. It makes icing a cake so much easier and my knuckles stay out of the frosting. The price is right and the spatula is high quality.
    After many years of baking at home I finally bought an offset spatula. I didn't think I ever really needed one. Then again I didn't know how much easier this made it. This is a very nice size and style. Works well and has made me want to buy a few more in different sizes.
    I'm really satisfied with this spatula. I ordered as a backup but have been using this one primarily. With this one I don't hit my hand against the cake while icing.
    A must have for every kitchen. I use it primarily for icing cakes and smoothing filling. Also works great for lifting cakes and cookies from pans.
    I prefer the wooden handle model to the plastic, as use these in a lot of hot applications. Really great for flipping scallops, levelling stuff like polenta, and of course for the baking and pastry side.
    This is a great basic baker's spatula!! Nice and comfortable wooden handle! Great for lifting up delicate items! I particularly use it to spread a batter evenly!!!
    This is a great tool for the price. You could use it all over the kitchen but it, of course, is most at home icing cakes.
    The length is great for most cake applications though a bit awkward for cupcakes. I enjoy the offset shape as it keeps my hand at a comfortable angle
    Very happy with this Spatula. I didn't realize when I purchased it how many uses there were for this tool. I use it to pick up cookies from my baking pans, to frost cakes, to level my ingredients, I even used it to flip my blinis over in my frying pan.
    This spatula is great for the price. I love the length of it and how durable it is. Not only that but extremely easy to clean. The only problem I had with it was that it is far more flexible than I was expecting with what I have used before. Other than that it is great. With time I will probably ajust to it.
    this item is durable flexable and easy to work with easy clean up i love the ease of working with it angled for hard to reach areas
    I absolutely LOVE this 8 inch baker's spatula! It has lasted forever and still looks new! We have many of these in our bakery because of the fact that the length is nice and we don't habe to worry about the spatula being too short for our taller cakes.
    Item as described.I can't wait to use it(I just got the item today).Looks nice and is a very good quality. Thank you for the great service and the extra fast shipping!
    Great tool for cakes! This spatula will smooth out all the edges and make the cake even more beautiful. The handle is sturdy and is a great tool!
    Great relation price value. Very comfortable to use. Sturdy material, the Stainless Steel feels solid. It will last long and withstand use and abuse. Recommend without reservations. We will order more
    This 8" Offset Baker's Spatula with Wooden Handle is very sturdy, machine washable. It is very handy when it comes to making a cake. Love it
    What a handy bakers spatula. It works great on smoothing out cakes. Holds up to lots of use and going through the dishwasher. Even in the heat cycle. You can't beat the price.
    This spatula is a must for a commercial or a home kitchen. The price is so low and the quality of it is very sturdy, that it really makes sense to have it around. I use it to spread the icings on the cakes, and I really prefer the offset handle than the regular handle.
    This is a great item for slapping ganache and other soft centers for dipping in chocolate. It is great because you can smooth stuff out in a pan with high sides. Would definitely buy again!
    These are great for smoothing out a cake that already has a piped edge or flowers on it. I use to fix mistakes on a sheet cake as well. Easy to handle!
    I needed an offset spatula and this is good quality and a very good price. I received the product very quickly. I would buy this again.
    When I ice a cake, I tend to get my knuckles in the icing and mess up my smooth surface. This has solved the problem. The offset bend along with the flexible blade work well for me.

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