Tallfold Napkin Dispenser - Stainless Steel

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This stainless steel, metal full-sized napkin dispenser fits 3 3/8" x 6 3/8" tallfold napkins. It has an all- stainless steel exterior, two napkin-dispensing sides, and two metal backing plates that flex in and out with a spring, ensuring that napkins are always in reach. This napkin dispenser would be an attractive addition to your tabletops or counters.

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Tallfold Napkin Dispenser - Stainless Steel

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napkins dispenser napkin Great price stainless steel clean dispensers easy
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    I wish the napkins would fit better they tend to fall out. I have tried several different napkins but they do the same thing. It could be that I got a bad one though.

    from Caribbean Ice Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    By far the best price on the market. As low as half the cost of other retailers online and locally. These hold napkins very well and has a clean look.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    Nice product. A little bit on the cheaper side of things, but gets the job done and stops the wind from spreading the napkins all over the park during our dessert bar at the Spring Concert Series.

    from Rock Island Parks & Rec Posted on

    Great Dispenser, being Stainless steel its very easy to clean. smudges and marks wipe off with ease. Just make sure not to over stuff them.

    Posted on

    Holds a lot of napkins easily

    This napkin holder is of good quality according to the price. Easy to refill, easy to clean and if it breaks it won't break the bank

    from Lily's Gourmet to go Posted on

    Good quality, great price

    Lightweight and durable napkin holder. Easier to move around during clean up and close down. I have been using this unit for over 4 months and highly recommend it.

    from Last Chance Food Shack Posted on

    Napkin holder at my take out window.

    This napkin dispenser is perfect for any type of mobile business. We use it on our ice cream cart, which is pretty small and this doesn't require much space.

    Posted on

    I used this napkin dispenser in a convenience store for a coffee station we have inside. It has been very useful to have this easy , practical and stainless steel item. I recommend this one due to the price and size.

    from Super Progreso Posted on

    The dispenser is very cheap. It mostly does work, but even then it is fiddly. The price is very low, but the quality matches. Do yourself a favor and buy a better dispenser (there are lots of great ones on the site) , this one is bad enough that it will leave a negative impression on customers, even at value oriented venues.

    from Http://shavetools.com Posted on

    Loaded and ready to use.

    Thank you for the review James Yarrow. We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. For an alternative that might better meet your needs, try this San Jamar H900X Tallfold Two-Sided Tabletop Napkin Dispenser - Stainless Steel instead!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This napkin dispenser is great for multi access on the table and taking up a small area of space. Stocking the napkins is easy and the dispenser themselves wipe clean very easily.

    from Crazy Crepe Posted on

    These little napkin holders are perfect fit for each table. They are also stylish and very affordable. You can't beat price for the stainless steel look.

    from Nightengale Inc Posted on

    these napkin dispenser tie in great with our vintage 5o's theme diner. super affordable and holds alot of napkins. easily dispenses and easy to clean

    Posted on

    I ordered 5 of them in total, Now I'm using 3 of them. Didn't find any problem so far. Like the design that you can get the napkin from both sides

    from Omi Fruiti Posted on

    napkin dispenser inside kitchen

    It is cheap, but the napkins always get stuck in it and customers complain. It tears all the napjins as they come out. Could be improved.

    from Linda's sweets Posted on

    This dispenser does not work well with the suggested napkin AT ALL. They always fall out. The opening for the napkins are almost the same size as the napkins themselves which means there's nothing holding them in the dispenser. Would not buy again.

    Posted on

    We are sorry your napkins are not working with this dispenser; a Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you shortly!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Impressive napkin dispenser which does what it says it does. The napkins come out easily and its a very resonable price for a sturdy device.

    from 5 Points Coffee & Tea Posted on

    This is a nice napkin dispenser for barbecues. I wouldn't necessarily put this on your kitchen table but it's great to be able to bring outside while you eat and then bring right back inside. It would also be nice in a diner

    Posted on

    Great for barbecues

    These fit the tallfold napkins perfecting and fairly sturdy so its good for outdoor events and the napkins pull out fairly easily which is important if you are providing napkins to customers.

    from Frank-Lee Delish Posted on

    This holds a lot of napkins but what I like most is the rubber feet on the bottom. Keeps it in place and doesn't scratch the table.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Nice chrome on black table

    The Tallfold Napkin Dispenser works great with the napkins that I purchased. The quality is pretty good as well as the price. I would definitely recommend!

    Posted on

    Same as the smaller dispenser this stylish stainless steel dispenser is great to store and organize your kitchen. I love the look and the ease of refilling it.

    Posted on

    a very inexpensive dispenser that holds a fairly large quantity of napkins.. the downside is the shiny surface shows smudges and finger marks very easily.

    from mm clubhouse Posted on

    Great value for the price, but sometimes you really get what you pay for. These are an economy napkin dispenser and the metal is thin, with that being said, they work very well for the price, just don't expect them to be a real heavy weight.

    Posted on

    Reminds me of the old time dine ins this is a nice stainless steel napkin dispenser you will want to make sure you get the napkins for this type of dispenser

    from Sweet Candy Finds Posted on

    This napkin dispenser works great for what we need it for. I love the stainless steel design and they fit the quarter fold napkins great. I would recommend this product.

    from Mom's Bakery Posted on

    The stainless steel shows all the finger prints on the napkin holder. We have to wipe them off so many times of day. Other than that it is great to have on the table.

    from Tashpat LLC Posted on

    Although these napkin dispensers are solid, i find that they do not hold in the tallfold napkins in very well. The napkins want to come out at the edges. Perhaps if the napkin was a bit wider and taller or the edges on the dispenser were folded in more i think this product would get 5 stars. I will be trying something else down the road.

    Posted on

    These are by far the best priced and quality in the market, hands down! We have them on most tables now and get compliments daily on them.

    from Duke's Mesquite Broiler Posted on

    The are great little napkin dispensers. I gave a 4 start because the napkins tend to fall out if not positioned just perfectly. The edges could be a little bigger to prevent that.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    We switched to theses dispensers due to the low cost of the napkins but as we have deployed them the also added a great retro look to the tables of our diner with their chrome finish.

    from The Diner Posted on

    The look is great in our 1954 stainless steel diner. The one problem is that the napkins do not hold securely in the dispenser...they pop out in the corner.

    from Al Mac's Diner Posted on

    You will not find a better price or quality anywhere. I've searched and these are the best! I highly suggest these, for the quality along with the price, can't be beat!

    Posted on

    Napkins are ok but did not fit the container as I thought. Ok item just a bit too small for the napkin dispenser. They keep coming out.

    from Chicago's Style 278 Posted on

    This is a great value product. It looks good by itself or you can make a nice decal to put on it. Works well and has held up well.

    Posted on

    I use the dispenser to keep a better control of the amount of napkins used by our guests. For the price, you are not going to find a better quality than this.

    from Paleteria Paraiso Tropicana Posted on

    After extensive research, this was the best priced product I could find. The metal is a little cheap and I wouldnt recommend for high end restaurants.

    Posted on

    I use this holder at my hot dog stand. It is very durable and don't see any problems with it in the future. I would suggest to fill it up about 3/4 of the way because some people had trouble getting the napkins out when it was all the way full. Would highly suggest!

    from Joes Hotdogs Posted on

    These Tallfold Napkin Dispenser look really nice. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to get the napkins out because they fit so snuggly but they do hold the napkins.

    Posted on

    We bought 8 or 9 of these for our sandwich, coffee shop. Little stainless steel cleaner keeps them nice and shiny. Would recommend them to everyone.

    from Heaven in A Cup Posted on

    We have several of these napkin dispensers in our concession trailer. Very inexpensive and they hold the napkins perfectly. They serve the purpose and economical too!

    Posted on

    Love, love, love these napkin dispensers!! Very sturdy but light weight. Perfect for any 50s theme birthday party or to have around the house for little kids. Great buy for the price! Cheapest I have seen yet!!

    Posted on

    Bought these dispensers with a bit of skepticism because the price was too good to be true but this spring loaded napkin dispenser works very well, is sturdy and looks great. I am pleasantly surprised.

    from Here, There and Everywhere Cafe Posted on

    I wanted to buy this for a festival I was working. They made it so much easier to not have napkins blow away and looked better.

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    For the price its fine, it broke within 2 months and the napkins that are suggested do not stay in for anything. They blow away on our food truck... so it just makes more of a hassle

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your dispenser isn't working out for you. Take a look at our entire selection of Napkin Dispensers to find one that better suits your needs.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These holders work great for an inexpensive way to hold your tall fold napkins. They wipe clean especially with stainless steel cleaner. I've tried the expensive holders and these work just as we'll.

    Posted on

    what a great value this tallfold napkin dispenser turns out to be. holds a good amount of napkins easy to clean. and did I say how great the value is?

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    We were in the market looking for a napkin dispenser that was cheap but also that looked reliable. We found both of those things with these dispenser, plus they are easy to clean. Love them.

    from Los Sarapes Posted on

    Poor: Napkins will blow out in the wind and fall out in clumps. This holder is about 1/4" too wide to securely hold tall-fold napkins. The beveled side and top lips exacerbate the problem. This holder is 3-7/8" wide, the best holders in our restaurant measure 3-5/8" wide. Thankfully we only bought 4.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! If you are ever unhappy with a purchase please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative; we would be happy to help! These are an excellent value, but if you are looking for a different product, check out our other Tallfold Napkin Dispensers and be sure to purchase compatible napkins.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    we use a lot of napkins in our coffee/ice cream shop this is the perfect product for the customer to use as they need to

    from the bean bar Posted on

    These dispensers are an inexpensive way to keep napkins available outside without fear they might blow away. People can grab out as many as they need, and the dispenser is well constructed.

    Posted on

    I bought these to have the customers take the napkins as they needed them, rather than having to provide them myself every time they needed one.

    from Rubix Cube LLC Posted on

    We are very happy with these napkin dispensers for our ice cream shop. For the price the construction is great, and they are a huge bargain compared to the ones we saw in a local distributor. Very happy

    from Cream & Sugar Ice Cream Cafe Posted on

    Ordered this for our stand at the farmers market. It's a lot better than having napkins on the table that may blow away but I'm not sure if it's the napkins we ordered but when customers go for a napkin, they have to grab several because one or two rip.

    from White Box Chocolate Posted on

    This is a cheap and basic paper napkin dispenser that will last a good while. The price will save you a bunch when bought in bulk amount.

    Posted on

    Napkin dispenser sold at the lowest price in the market. Im glad i found these here at webstaurant, I will definitely come back for more.

    Posted on

    In terms of functionality, this is easy to use, and easy to reload. We prefer the tall style napkins and the added bonus is that the dispenser takes up a smaller "footprint".

    from Uncle Tony's Pizza Posted on

    very affordable napkin holder. the stainsteel design makes it very easy to clean. we purchase a few for our different tables. i also love that the tall fold napkins are very afforable as well.

    Posted on

    These are a great price. They offer the classic look and also offer the classic durability. Work great and look great. I use them at my bar inside and on the deck.

    Posted on

    We had to replace a number of these as the elements and customers beat them up over time. It was great to be able to find these at such a great price. It says a lot to have fresh, clean, sparkling napkin dispensers!

    Posted on

    Got this to use at a food fair for customers & worked great since it was windy the entire time. Can't beat Webstaurant price, a lot more expensive elsewhere.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    Very inexpensive for a stainless steel napkin dispenser. we use this in our restaurant on every table. stands great on the table. very durabable and customer love them

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    bought these when helping with fundraiser events. we used to go with the cheap napkins from the dollar store, but they always blew away with the slightest wind.

    Posted on

    Very inexpensive for a stainless steel napkin dispenser. Solidly made and handsome on my counter. It definately compares equally to other ones I've shopped at three times the price!

    from Otter's Lake Wisconsin Country Store Posted on

    I use this napkin dispenser in my kitchen and I like it a lot. I have no problems with it whatsoever and it is easy to clean. The price is also very cheap, but the product is reasonably durable. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a professional-looking napkin dispenser for home/kitchen use. Also makes a great gift for someone who has everything.

    Posted on

    Love this item I get compliments all the time on this and refered alot of freinds to your site to get the great bargins I am getting.

    from Yenns Posted on

    wow what a good price, i got two dozen of these, they work very well and last pretty. recommended for this price, can't beat it

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    I bought these to go with the tall dispenser napkins that someone else in our organization purchased. They work great, and are priced perfectly. I bought 5 so far.

    Posted on

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