16 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle - 6/Pack

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This 16 oz. clear, plastic squeeze bottle is ideal for self-serve and high-volume areas. With an easy-to-use squeeze design, this squeeze bottle is great for customers to serve themselves condiments, sauces, or toppings at your restaurant, deli, or concession stand. The wide mouth opening on the bottle is great for easy filling and cleaning, and the opening on the lid lets you control the amount of condiments used per squeeze.

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16 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle - 6/Pack

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bottles squeeze sauces great bottle easy much price more dressings
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    These are my favorite squeeze bottles ever! Their material is easy to wash. It's durable. These are top quality ???? Let's not mention the super low price for a 6 pack! GO WEBSTAURANT STORE.

    from GG's Pizza Posted on

    I use 3 bottles first for my syrups. Good size to grip. I just cut top of it, want to squeeze more quick and easy.

    from The food shop Posted on

    Keep my syrups properly. Good size to grip. wide mouth bottle makes easy to fill it.

    Love these bottles! We use these for many different products. Sauce, dressing, and more. Durable and long lasting. A product we will definitely stick with.

    from Weepingwillowcafe Posted on

    Picked up a set of these for all the toppings on the cart. Looks sharp having matching bottle sizes and allows for a cleaner look and more organized htodog cart. Easy to clean with wide lids. Love these!

    from Awesome Dogs Posted on

    These worked out perfect for our Ketchup, Mayo & Mustard at our cookout instead of using just the regular condiment bottles. These squeeze bottles are so clean looking and a perfect size.

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    Perfect size for condiments

    Very good quality squeeze bottles. Easy to squeeze, not too rigid, not to flimsy. The top screws on very securely. For the price, can't really complain. Maybe if would be nice if they came with a cap.

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    All catering companies must have squeeze bottles. The wide mouth bottle makes it much easier to pour dressings and sauces inside without spilling. The pack comes with 6 bottles. We can not find these anywhere at a better price. Buy a few packs! You will not regret it.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    This squeeze bottle is a great product for such a low cost. Being translucent, it is very easy to identify what has been stored inside.

    I like how it is clear so that I know how much sauce is left inside. I wish there was cap but not a big deal

    Posted on

    These are obviously great for sauces, dressings, and other condiments, but I've found them most useful for dispensing snow cone syrups. Not to mention you can make really fun pancakes with intricate designs if you "draw" with them. Love these!

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    I use a lot of different sauces in my business and when I got these they are wonderful to use they hold up very well If I ever have to replace them I will order the same ones from this company awesome deal

    from Little Dippers Mini Donuts Posted on

    These wide mouth squeeze bottles are perfect for squeezable toppings like Nutella, peanut butter, butterscotch, etc. Our customers love the ease of use of these bottles.

    from Swirlee's Frozen Yogurt Posted on

    Great bottles! Wide mouth makes filling a breeze. Nozzle is long enough that it could be cut down for those sauces or dressings that may need a larger opening. (May void the warranty of course!)

    from BlinkyTech International Posted on

    This is an awesome bottle to have in the fridge to organize your condiments - for someone like me who likes organization and uniformity, nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing everything nice and neat on the fridge shelf!

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    Neatly organized condiments

    Good squeeze bottles. They hold a full pints with of product and are durable.They take a little bit of a beating, and the tops haven't broken. Good recommend.

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    These are the best plastic squeeze bottles we have purchased. They are much better quality than others we've bought from grocery stores. The tip opening is also large enough where we don't have to snip them for most of our sauces.

    Posted on

    Great squeeze bottles for a very affordable price! We use these for catering events for drizzling sauce, and they work really nicely. They hold 16oz of liquid or sauce, so you'll have enough to last for the whole event, or, just utilize as many bottles as you need to accommodate. They can be refrigerated just fine as well.

    Posted on

    excellent product. Not the regular type you will find at the stores. High End Quality. Every product you get from this website are very good...

    from frozen sweets Posted on

    super easy to use squeeze bottle, solid plastic and clear. Multiple options on sizes that fit into each other for simple use and storage. Would recommend purchasing.

    from Fire Fin Poke Posted on

    If you can beat this price, go for it. Webstaurant has this item for a steal! We use these for our AMAZING BBQ sauces. Load up on the six packs so you can put 4 different sauces on every table - from mild to "uh-oh!" These bottles are great.

    from allen bbq Posted on

    Who would have thought that something so simple could make your kitchen so much more efficient. I have these filled with different oils that I use regularly and find it so much easier to add a little as I'm cooking. I highly recommend these if you use many liquid components while your cooking.

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    I purchased these 16 oz clear plastic bottles to put syrup in at the tables in my restaurant. So far so good. They get washed very frequently and haven't shown any wear and tear.

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are great. We used to pay much more from a local restaurant store. We use them all over in our restaurant from the cook line to the customer fixing station

    from 5-0 BBQ LLC Posted on

    High Quality 16 Ounce Clear Squeeze Bottles are a must for anyone in the food service / beverage industry. These bottles seem to last quite a while and are very easy to clean.

    from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC Posted on

    We use these as our normal condiment dispensers. We use them everyday for ketchup and mustard on our tables. We also love to use them for salad dressings. Another use that is handy is for application of icings on scones or muffins.

    from His Mansion Posted on

    These bottles are perfect for multiple uses. We use them for all of our salad dressings, liquid butter for the flat grill, chocolate syrup for turtle cheesecakes, to refill salt and pepper shakers...... the uses are endless!!

    from For the Love of Nawlins Posted on

    Great Quality Item I have used these to for Soy Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, Ranch dressing and pretty much every type of dressing. I would recommend these squeeze bottles to anyone. Easy to use!

    Posted on

    You can never have too many of these bottles and lids. They are at such a great price at webstaurant.com that you might as well buy 2 packs!

    from Sterling Ridge Posted on

    We use this to serve thousand island and its an excellent item to be able to keep sauces organized. You can chop bits of the top off with scissors to be able to serve multiple, more thick sauces.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    Spring for the wide mouth bottles any time you can. Makes refilling so much easier. These squeeze bottles are great for condiments and even some sauces and don't take up much space.

    Posted on

    Very good product. We use it for Olive oil and Vinegar. No spills at all with it so far. Very comfortable to sue when plating salads.

    from Moldova Restaurant Posted on

    Excellent little squeeze bottle. I was expecting it to flow faster, but love the control we have over the flow. It nearly doesn't flow until squeezed. We think this is perfect.

    Posted on

    These 16oz bottles are perfect for pancake art. If you have never tried pancake art you need to look it up on the internet and see what it is. customers love the art.

    Posted on

    This product is great for the Salad dressings and condiment products. I originally bought 2 and reordered more. Highly recommend for any establishment. Great quality.

    from The Diner Posted on

    This bottle is large for those marinade BBQ sauces. Now you can use it during cooking or during your meal as a dip. It's great to have on hand when you want it. They come in a pack of 6 so you can give a couple away to Fiends or family.

    Posted on

    These are pretty durable as long as you keep them away from heat. Function well and are very useful in our kitchen. Price is certainly right.

    from Blueberries Posted on

    I like this product because it is very good, since it is very practical and easy to use, and people can quickly and easily serve dressings, sauces, among other products

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    These squeeze bottles have help up to repeated filling and washing. The wide mouth makes them easy to fill as well as clean, and they do not absorb smells or colors from the food inside.

    from West Ave Posted on

    Really like the size. Don't have to refill all the time during service. Super durable, and I can squeeze the heck out of them and the lid has never burst off like some other squeeze bottle tops do.

    from Mercury Pizza Co Posted on

    The size of the bottle is perfect, large enough so I don't have to refill too frequently but small enough the sauces don't go stale.

    Posted on

    You really can't go wrong with the 16 ounce widemouth clear bottles I always use these widemouth bottle is in my cooking career will continue to use them as long as I'm cooking and in my home to

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I am so happy with this product! The price was amazing, the shipping was secure and fast! The quality of this product will last me years with no problems! Will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

    Posted on

    We use these bottles for our homemade dressing as well as our chocolate sauces and melted butter. We a,ways li,e to keep plenty of these on hand.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Ordered these for coffee syrups, we had the slimmer ones but these are bigger and better. Sturdy plastic for easy clean up. Would definitely recommend.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    These bottles are great for storing oil when using the grill. They are also good for condiments like ketchup and mustard. Salad dressing for the sub station and we did not pay much for this item. Multiple used for one bottle.

    from Raymondo's Pizza & Summertime Treats Posted on

    16oz bottle perfect for sauces you use often so don't have to refill a s much and wow what a great price for 6 16oz bottles

    from home Posted on

    Always a stand-by in any kitchen. Great for dressing or what we have been using them for, pancake art! Someone is always getting creative and trying to draw something for breakfast.

    Posted on

    Great multi use tool for any kitchen. A way better price than I've found on any other site, or in restaurant supply stores. They last quite a while as well.

    from 4th Street Bistro Posted on

    We bought 3 packs of these. So far we have not had any issues with the bottles. The caps are very easy to put on as well and they do not leak.

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottle's are great for sauces that you use in smaller quantities. Easy to clean and assemble. We have a whole line full of these with our different sauces.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    We are famous for our ranch dressing, and we have to have MANY bottles filled and ready for action. These squeeze bottles have worked out perfectly. Just clear enough to see how much ranch is actually in the bottle.

    from EAST COAST WINGS Posted on

    Ranch dressing ready

    I purchased these to use for mixing colors with soap prior to filling my molds for creating swirls and designs in the soap. Large top makes them easy to clean. Great buy and price.

    from The Vermont Soap Barn Posted on

    As with most products from the Webstaurantstore, you can't beat the the price. Quality is great as well. We use them for all condiments and even oil. Nice tight seal and long lasting. No complaints here.

    from Good Doggy Posted on

    Mayonnaise, oil, the possibilities are endless with these squeeze bottles. A must for my hot dog operation.

    These 16 oz. wide mouth squeeze bottles are great. As opposed to smaller versions, these bottles are easy to clean. Use them for all sauces and clarified butter.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Squeeze bottle

    These squeeze bottles are excellent. We put our caramel and chocolate sauces in them. They are high quality and you can't beat the price. We were using some we found at sams club but they started to leak. So far these haven't leaked a drop.

    from Perfect Perks Coffee Hut Posted on

    I don't even know where to start with these. The price is A+. The amount of uses these little bottle are good for is indefinite. We use them for carmel sauce, dressings, chocolate syup and much more.

    from The Meyersville Inn Posted on

    Great squeeze bottle set. We use them in the kitchen for anything from oils & dressings, to aiolis and dessert sauces. Durable plastic. Nice thickness. They would probably hold up nicely on a condiment bar. Only thing I wish they had is a cap for the squeeze spout...

    Posted on

    We use the clear squeeze bottles for sauces and toppings. The clear work well because we can see exactly what's in them. Price is great too.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    These come in handy way more often than you'd expect. I love using these to make pancakes and do awesome designs while icing cookies. They are easy to squeeze and work well in the dish washer.

    Posted on

    You can never have enough of these squeeze bottles. We use ours for everything! Honey, condiments, sauces, vinegars and so much more. They hold a lot and seal tight

    from CMV Posted on

    I love these. We use them for everything. They hold up well, even in a dishwasher. I do wish however that they sold replacement lids since they are always misplaced.

    from Fusion Tapas Posted on

    The 16 oz wide mouth squeeze bottles are great for a little bit of everything. We've been using them for condiments like ketchup, mustard etc but have just recently started using them at our dessert bar and have had no issues thus far. Very easy to clean and extremely affordable.

    from Allana P Posted on

    I ordered a package of these to test, and I've now switched all my bottles over to these. They're sturdy, I love the wide opening for filling, and they don't leak or have the lid pop off like some other brands.

    from Laura's Gourmet Bakery Posted on

    Great cheap squeeze bottles. I only needed a couple to hold oil water and liquid margarine in for the flat top but the price was so cheap from webstaurant that I got the 6 pack.

    Posted on

    Nice set of bpa free 16 oz plastic wide mouth squeeze bottles, awesome prices here on this webstaurant website, love them, these are so great for quick access, made of a very durable nice quality plastic and easy to squeeze.. no problem using them for multiple things, not only condiment or liquids, but shampoos, liquid hand soaps etc, love them.. happy satisfied customer

    from catering Posted on

    Great to use with caramel and hot fudge. They hold well on a steam table. Good strenght / not the cheap kind Better portion control than some FIFO styles

    Posted on

    16 oz bottle is a good size for our dressings. Flexible enough to squeeze but strong enough to not break when the product is cold inside.

    from Secret spot Posted on

    I am in receipt of a 6 pack of 16 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottles. I like the larger size, and use them in the kitchen, but they are equally valuable to our customers who can serve themselves a myriad of condiments from them. They are clear, so the contents can easily be seen, have large mouths for fast and easy refilling, and easy cleaning as well. A must have item.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    Our bar has a bunch of these. We mainly use them for olive juice, but pretty much any mixer we have has been in one of these at some point.

    Posted on

    We love these. We use these for all of our thinner liquids ie: cream, maple, hot sauce etc. Holds a good amount and easy to fit in our small fridge. Tips on the lids are easily cut for larger openings.

    Posted on

    This squeeze bottle holds 16 oz of liquid and has a top that is the same width of the bottle. It is great for oils.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    These bottles are of great quality! I wanted to make sour cream squeezable and these were the perfect solution to that! I whipped up the sour cream with a bit of water and put it into these bottles and it makes serving the sour cream so easy! It was nice that they came in a 6 pack because then I have extra filled bottles waiting in the fridge! It makes it extremely convenient to just take pull out the next one when the first is empty! The top stays on tight and doesn't come off when squeezed and doesn't get clogged! I could see these being used for several things!!

    from decorated. By Di Posted on

    These bottles were a great buy for us. We use these bottles for our syrups and sauces. It would've been nice if these bottles came with a lid of some sort.

    from Bread & Joe Posted on

    This Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle is a perfect solution for any use. You can also write in the bottle, the bottle is clear and the queeze is without cone.

    from Sir Clean Corp - Cleaning and Moving Company Miami Posted on

    The 16 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle - 6 / Pack is a great product. Well made and easy to use and clean this product is well worth the price

    Posted on

    Wonderful bottles, that can be used for a multiple of things. I love the wide mouth for refilling and makes cleaning much easier. Thank you!

    Posted on

    We have lots of sauces in these bottles. Very versatile in the kitchen. The wide mouth makes filling them easy. Good quality for the low price.

    Posted on

    I purchased the Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottles to use at my children's birthday party. They were placed at the food table, having been filled with various condiments. The wide mouth made it very easy to fill the bottles. We also labeled them. They worked well, the tips didn't clog, and they were easy to clean.

    Posted on

    These are squeeze bottles, nothing too crazy. I use them for everything from dish soap (I full then of a bulk jar) to salad dressing and oil to season the cookware that needs it

    Posted on

    This is great for condiments like salsas and I also use it for other things like oil. Point is small for the salsas , but I chopped it off. Now it works great.

    Posted on

    We use these bottles to sample salsa at various events and they are the perfect solution to control portions and keep our sampling table clean and neat. We apply a product label for easy identification and branding.

    from Ol'Gringo Chile Co. Posted on

    Nothing much to say here. Good bottles at a fair price. The tops can be cut easily depending on what you are dispensing from them.

    from Walpole Valley Farms Posted on

    What really can you say about squeeze bottles? These are easy to fill, easy to clean, dispense as expected. And the price here is unbelievably good! We use them for a number of things and will always have them around!

    from Bangers Distribution Posted on

    We're using these to quickly dispense our handmade syrups into drinks rather than our previous method with a flip top glass bottle which would get syrup all over and was just a mess to use. These are a breeze to clean up as well.

    from Magic Coffee Truck, LLC Posted on

    For the price these bottles cannot be beat. I had to buy more recently because the lids were cracking at the bottom of the spout. However I feel it is from the employees way of transferring over to other bottles trying to get the last bit out. They will bang them against the table and transfer the rest over. They do stain but what can you do with mustard and ketchup?

    Posted on

    The size of this bottle is great, but we had issues with the lid. When you squeeze too hard on the bottle, sauce leaks out the sides of the screw top. Messy.

    Posted on

    Squeeze bottle pouring sauce

    I have a few of these and use them for our sauces and dressings. So far they have held up well and the top still tightens like it should.

    from Shaver Lake Pizza Posted on

    These bottles are a great find. The wide mouth makes it easier to clean out after you're done with them. And the plastic is soft but not too soft that it will crack. I use these for BBQ sauces and one sauce I didn't strain out the onions so they clogged the nozzle. But that's not a problem because you can always trim the nozzle further down to make a wider opening if you need to. But the nozzle untouched dispenses a thin line of sauce that makes it easy to get put down just the right amount. The clear plastic will stain a bit depending on what you put in them but not really a big deal for home use. I didn't think I would use all 6 so I kept 2 from the pack and gave the others away to family. I'm starting to regret that - I could always use more.

    Posted on

    Very happy with these large 16 oz clear wide mouth bottles. Easy to fill and great for salad dressings. The price was good for a 6 pack.

    Posted on

    Glad these come in a 6 pack because they are handy for many things. Used already for mayo and oil but will also use one for dish soap, why not! The nozzle, if you do not squeeze, will only gently drip a few drops of liquid at a time if you wish .. so it is easy to control how little or lot comes out at once, especially with lemon juice which is yet another we did. So yes great squeeze bottles!

    from T's Sandwiches Posted on

    What a fantastic find. I purchased these and glad I ordered two sets. My husband is a retired chef and uses these to put in his special salad dressings, each are labeled for people to choose from.. They are better as you make your own dressings without added items as you get in the grocery store dressings. He also makes his own sauces and uses them in each bottle . Saves you so much time when you use these squeeze bottles. I also use them in the shower for shampoo, rinses, body washes.Much easier for people to use in there. Many other uses you can come up with.

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    Love these. PErfect all around squeeze bottles for our bbq sauces. plastic seems a little thin and might get foggy over time but good price.

    from backwater Posted on

    We lose these things all the time. My dishers might throw them rather than have to clean it out, my cooks will leave them under heatlamps on the line or set them on the grill. Good thing I have a cheap source for these!

    from breezy point international Posted on

    Great large size bottle - so handy to have a bunch of these around for sauces, condiments, royal icing etc. The wide mouth makes it so easy to clean.

    Posted on

    Very sturdy, don't split, well threaded cover, and the wide-mouth opening makes refilling super easy and mess free. We use these for a variety of sauces, barbeque, ranch, hot sauce, etc. and they are fantastic.

    Posted on

    Talk about your must have bottle ... we have a dozen of these and they are our go to bottles for our sandwich spreads, oils, and many other things. Easy to fill!

    Posted on

    These bottles are great. They don't leak and with the wide opening they make it easy got me to fill them. The only down side, that I found, is that they don't come with caps to keep them sealed. I was able to locate "dust caps" on the Internet. Now these bottles are perfect!

    Posted on

    I love these clear wide mouth squeeze bottles! I use them to hold oil, vinegar and salad dressings! They're great and have had good luck with them! Would buy again!

    from Jennifer M Stango Posted on

    These are a lifesaver. Perfect for salad dressings, sauces, etc. easy to clean, durable but cheap enough to toss every once and awhile. love the wide mouth option. much easier to refill. awesome price also

    Posted on

    Perfect for caterings and in store for even distribution of sauces and dressings

    Can I give these 10 stars?? Had to toss my other squeeze bottles because they were such a pain to clean. The wide mouths on these are FABULOUS and the nozzle tips are the perfect size. The tops are easy to screw on and off and do not over rotate or leak.

    from ZoeLoveBodyProducts Posted on

    Great bottles, great price. Always in need of more bottles for some reason but at this price, who wouldn't stock up on them. Convenient 6 pack of bottles and lids.

    from Burger World Texas LLC Posted on

    We use these 16 oz. squeeze bottles for back of house prep. Their large capacity are perfect for our needs and the price is amazing, too.

    from AMOK Posted on

    These are nice and big and great quality. My only complaint is that they don't come with the little caps so you can't close them.

    Posted on

    This really gives you a bang for your buck if you buy in bulk. This product is great because we also buy sauces in bulk so we fill the bottles from our jugs and they also save fridge space!

    Posted on

    These bottles were a great value. They also seem to hold up well over time. We have used them three times already, washed them in the dishwasher and they show no real signs of wear. Great product!

    from Flying Pig Cafe Posted on

    I use these for anything from sauces to pastry cream. These squeeze bottles provide great control so that one can make sure that products land where you want them. The plastic is heavy duty but flexible enough for effective squeezing. Very happy with this product.

    Posted on

    I use them for different thing, first for my crepes, one for the nutella crepes one for the lemon sugar crepes, one for peanut and jelly crepes and for the rest for different liquids.

    from Julie's cafe creperie Posted on

    We use these 16 oz bottles for sauces and dressings, they work well. Easy to clean. Nothing wrong with them. Great value on any size here, we love this place!

    Posted on

    This is the best value you will get for a simple squeeze bottle. The price makes it easy to keep as many bottles as needed with dressing for the day and allows you to rotate bottles instead of just refilling. Also, the tip is small in case you have dressings that are thin, but you can always cut the top lower for a wider tip. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

    These are on of the most essential tools for any kitchen out there. I have searched the web for the best price out there and this is the best price.

    from ckd restaurants, llc Posted on

    We purchased both the 16 oz and 32 oz squeeze bottles. We use them for various sauces and dressings, they are easy to clean and withstand commercial dishwasher well.

    Posted on

    I like the wide mouth squeeze bottles, easier to fill and wash. Also the 16oz is a great to have around. Webstaurant has the best prices around!

    from Jump Start Cafe Posted on

    Well made and easy to fill up with the wide mouth. We use them for a number of things. Most of our uses require us to cut the tip off to get more product out but it cuts easily. Can't beat the price!

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    Solid handy tools for making cooking/plating items much easier and faster. We use these for salad dressings, hot sauces and much more. Will get stained but its not a big deal.

    from DJK Establishments, LLC Posted on

    Use these for sour cream, considering that when the sour cream gets low we bang the tops, they've held up very well. Our of all the ones we have, only a couple over the course of a year have cracked from slamming the tops.

    Posted on

    Comes with 6 16 ounce squeeze bottles - perfect for ketchup, mustard, salsas, vinegar, & water. The top is also a really tight fit so will leak out from the sides.

    Posted on

    perfect size to have in prep table. We have them for different sauces, easy to fill, and easy to wash. the do not stain from different color sauces.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    Compared to normal squeeze bottles, this is worth the price, if only because it is much easier to clean. Can easily fit cleaning brushes/sponges into this one. Plastic cap and body are high quality.

    Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are a life saver. They are great for making and serving your own salad dressings/sauces/toppings. I have also found that they are very easy to clean and can be used multiple times. I do wish that they came with a cap for the end of the bottle. I have been using a piece of tape on the end.

    Posted on

    I have purchased several of the wide mouth squeeze bottles for use in my home kitchen. I use them for dispensing and storing my homemade salad dressings as well as homemade chocolate and caramel sauce. I also use one to keep olive oil in for quickly adding oil to saute vegetables or to brown meats. I have even put pancake batter in them to create fun pancakes for the kids for breakfast. I cut the tips down to make a wider opening for thicker items. They are great!

    Posted on

    These are exactly what I was looking for. Wide mouth makes them easy to fill and they are nice and sturdy. Great for catering when you want to serve mustard or sauces and also great for sandwich prep so you don't have to keep digging into a jar for mayo. Love them, will order more for sure!

    from The Lunch Lady Posted on

    Great product, very durable and dishwasher safe. I bought multiple of these and I use them to hold chili oil it works great. Highly recommended

    Posted on

    We are using these for toppings such as sprinkles, and any other small particles, to reduce mess. The opening was not very large, but we cut off the tip and then drilled the hole a little bit larger - perfect!

    from Wild yogurt Posted on

    Believe it or not I use these bottles for liquid body washes. The body wash container is just too big for my granddaughter's hands. I simply squeeze the body wash into these bottles and she's happy. I've also used these bottles for condiments. The wide mouth is a big plus.

    Posted on

    I buy all types of squeeze bottles on a regular basis from Webstaurant to use in my ice cream business. Good quality and competitive price!

    from TKNY Capital, LLC Posted on

    We buy these all the time and are never disappointed with the performance of them. They are very useful and helpful around the kitchen. Always keep extra around.

    Posted on

    Just as good as any other squeeze bottle until you drop it. If its full and falls off a counter or table the top will crack leaving it unusable.

    Posted on

    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help with any issues you have.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We use these for our veggie bar at our our sub shop. They are great for all our sauces and dressings. We also use them for carryout orders.

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    We use these for all of our syrups, like Caramel and Chocolate, and they work great. Not too much comes out if you squeeze to hard, and even the thicker syrups have no problem coming out.

    from Murray's Ice Cream Posted on

    Durable,great for sauce or mustard,bur really like the tall thin bottle better for using. This wide mouth is easier to fill.It is a trade off; easy to lclean

    from SMOKEY J'S Posted on

    Great squeeze bottles for just about anything. We use them for oils and dressings as well as all our other sauces. Makes elegant plating extremely easy.

    Posted on

    These are really good for keeping oil in beside my griddle. I think it's a neccesity. Great price on this site too, much lower than anywhere else.

    Posted on

    these squeeze bottles are a great add on to any kitchen. can be used for hot or cold, with this you can control cost all the way around. great product.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    These squeeze bottles are perfect for dressings, oil and vinegar and specialty mayo for sandwiches. They are very inexpensive so they aren't hard to replace and they work just fine.

    from Iron Star Pizza Company Posted on

    Multi use, wide mouth squeeze bottles. We use these at the bar and in the kitchen. Anything from bloody mary mix/spices to specialty sauce preparation. Good value.

    from South Shore Inn Posted on

    these are great to have in every restaurant. they work nicely for everything from garnishing plates to keeping ketchup and mustard. another essential to every professional kitchen.

    Posted on

    these clear wide mouth squeeze bottle are awesome. i used these bottles today during an action station. it comes with 6 of them for a great price

    Posted on

    It is such a good deal. My kitchen looks very nice and organized compared to before used it. It controls the amount of liquid you want to put inside

    Posted on

    Great for mayonnaise and making those delicious sub's, Fill up the 16 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle with your favorite dressing as well nice and soft bottle.

    Posted on

    these 16 oz. Clear Wide Mouth Squeeze Bottle are really great i used the everything from ketchup to my sauces the best bottles i have found.

    from Louie Pizzeria Posted on

    The 16 oz clear wide mouth Squeeze bottle comes 6 in a pack. These containers will come in handy for storing cooking oil, sauces, honey and more.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    These work great for our sandwhich prep cooler and for any kind of salad dressing or sauce. The price is very good for the quality.

    from Ranch House Kitchen Posted on

    These bottles are great. Originally we got them for sauces, but they have served another purpose for oils, juices, etc. So they are very helpful know. Great buy!

    from Twisted Tortilla Posted on

    these are great all purpose squeeze bottles. they are better quality than most others available. for a great product at a great price you can't go wrong with this one.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Great squeeze bottles for hot or cold sauces!!! Great value pack/ price!! Wide mouth top makes filling the bottles a breeze, you just have to turn them over and pour your dressing, etc. right in them! Good size for salad dressings!

    Posted on

    Perfect size and the lids stay on. Have tried others squeeze bottles and the lids would pop off, not with these, the lids stay in place. And they clean up great in the dishwasher. Our chef loves them.

    from Shull Enterprises LLC Posted on

    Good product, great price! I use them at home for storing mayo, catsup and mustard. I do agree with another reviewer that the only reason I did not give them 5 stars was because they do not come with caps.

    Posted on

    The bottle is great for sauce, hot sauce, mustard. It is very sturdy and not to mention the price is unbelievable. I definitely will buy more.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

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