44" x 3 3/8" Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Ticket Holder

Item #: 712CHS48

Keep customer orders slips out of the way yet still visible with this 44" x 3 3/8" stainless steel wall mounted ticket holder. Designed to hold guest checks or order slips out of the way of your cooks while still keeping them available for reference, this ticket holder is a great way to increase efficiency and productivity in your kitchen. When mounted at eye level, the ticket holder makes it easy for your kitchen staff to stay organized and keep up with orders.

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44" x 3 3/8" Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Ticket Holder

4.9 stars from 82 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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ticket Tickets holder great easy price hold install restaurant holds

Great item, works at front of the house. Really Great. We Would buy more when needed. Great product. Every restaurant needs this item. Its a must have for sure

from TSC LLC on

We definitely needed this at our restaurant, and the space this offers is amazing. Easy to clean up finger smudges and tickets stay in without any problem.

from Sweet Beet Station on

Great price for this clearly durable product. Came with the screws necessary to mount to our stainless steel overtable. Also resistant to grime and grease so easy to keep clean.

from George Henry's on

We print full 8.5 x 11 breakfast menus each day for our hotel guests, that they fill out upon arrival. This has helped our kitchen organization greatly, as we arrange all of the menus based on their desired breakfast times. The papers slides in and out with ease.

from The Inn at Shasta Lake on

This ticker holder is a great addition to any line. It is very easy to add and remove tickets from and you can also stack and hang multiple tickets together if needed. This has been a key item in keeping the service organized during high volume.

from Charleston Sports Pub on

This stainless steal ticket holder wont disappoint you, good price, easy to install, match perfect with my kitchen machines and works great, easy to put the tickets

from The Public House Tap & Grill on

This 44" ticket holder bar is awesome. Study and grabs and holds tickets; prep tickets, exposed tickets, you name it! We love these 44" bars.

from GBGC - Hattiesburg on

well what can I say about a ticket holder. its shiny and guess what....it holds the tickets! it works as advertised and keeps the tickets in place

from Bistro 135 on

Very sturdy product, doesn't feel flimsy and matched almost perfectly with our stainless steel hood. Can hold paper as thin as a receipt and as thick as a piece of mail.


....Well, its a ticket holder. I feel like they all work about the same. We seem to put our stuff through more abuse around our place so with me saying they are sturdy and durable, then they are very sturdy and durable


I have now 3 sizes of these though out my kitchen, I am never in need of a spot to put my orders. since we have 2 areas where we cook

from Daniel C Tolner on

This ticket holder is great! We use it in our bakery for orders and we have never had a problem with order forms slipping off of the ticket holder. It has a tight grip on the tickets and we have gotten quite a bit of use from it.

from Blackbird Doughnuts on

These ticket holders are very nice! I love the way the checks can slide easily. You can not beat these for the price these are a great bargain.

from bellisario's on

Great item for busy restaurants definitely comes in handy to keep order visible and hands free while you work great product saves a lot of time .


An absolute essential in any busy restaurant kitchen. We use ours all day long and have never had a single issue with it at all.

from Nourished Meal Prep on

This ticket holder is a life saver. I bought two, one for orders, and the other for holding recipe notes. I have installed the recipe holder about 6 inches below ticket holder and works out beautifully in terms of height.

from Xplozone LLC on

Perfect size for our small kitchen. Super easy to install as well. The tickets slides smoothly without sticking. Plus the price was great. And it arrived very quickly l. That's always a plus


44" restaurant ticket holder works great to secure to top of shelving or right to the wall. The beads inside the track allow tickets to move easily.

from Fire & Slice on

For the price these cannot be beat and the price has also allowed us to get rid of our old ones and have uniformity. They are very sturdy and come filled with marbles so no dead spots.


Great ticket holder. Very long, and I even bought 2 because of the price. High quality material, easy to install, and hold tickets very well. Definitely a great product at a bargain price.


These are great in or out of a restaurant. They easily and simply hold tickets in your restaurant securely, but can also be used at home to hang art, Christmas cards, your kids drawings, etc. Very versatile.


This 44" ticket holder is perfect for both front of house and back of house tickets. It is a must have item in any busy establishment, and this item from webstaurant is ideal and at a fantastic price.

from Mokkinbird LLC on

Easy to install. Easy to clean. Works as promised, and even holds onto tickets in very windy conditions on our food truck. The size is nice when we get busy.


This is a great ticket holder! It is very easy to install, the spacing doesn’t get jammed up with torn tickets. Highly recommend this ticket holder!


This was perfect for our growing buisness it's light to move around but stays Great in place over our counter with out us needing to nail it down which makes it easy to take on and off when it's time for cleaning .

from PAV BHAJI HUT, Inc. on

Good ticket holder. It can bend kind of easily so be a bit weary of that, as well as tickets will get caught from time to time. Overall it does the job.

from Cactus House Midtown on

We got 2 of these ticket holders and we them daily. The ball mechanism hold our tickets pretty good unlike the ones we used to have. This won's split out.

from Organic Fusion Teahouse on

This ticket rail works great. It is very affordable, easy to install, and is big! it fits my 48 inch wire rack perfectly. I mounted it with some zip ties.

from Seasons Plant Based Bistro on

Good ticket holder. Easy to drill and mount where you need it. Good for fast paced restaurant. Does not tear the tickets like some ticket holders do.

from Boulevard Bistro on

PERFECT!!! I absolutely love this item in my kitchen and so do my staff! It makes our life so much easier. I have never had a problem with papers falling off of this holder and I have had many for over 5 years! This is the best one I have found so far. Very satisfied

from New Deli on

the product was what they said it would be and was shipped in a timely matter,I was very happy with there service and price was good

from noels family drive in on

This has improved our food service department immensely. It was very easy to install and it holds all types of paper with different thicknesses. My only complaint is that it didn't come with its own screws.

from Sterling Ridge on

Feels very solid and the bearings holdup very well! Was larger than expected which was nice, guess i shouldve looked at a measuring tape before ordering. Might be buying a few more.


Besides using for restaurant tickets, I get great use to hold up large drawings on my wall. It makes for easy put up and take down of drawings without putting lots of pin holes in the wall. I'll attach a photo to show how great this works. I think I'll order a few more, they work excellent !

from Eco Arc Design on

This is a very good and sturdy ticket holder. We couldn't put it on the hood without removing the hood's logo. Trying to find another place to install it.


I bought this ticket holder for my food truck. It is good item for the price. It worked well, but I bought other more expensive one on Webrestaurant later and it was much better than this.


Good ticket rail, gets the job done. Tickets slide easily, and hold well. I wish they could hold more than a couple layers of paper though.

from Red Mile on

We bought this to hold our order tickets as tickets were getting lost this holds tons of tickets and keeps everything moving smoothly and we don't have lost orders any more.

from CJ's Grilled Perfection on

Is a product of good quality and very functional. Easy to install and easy to clean, only as it is stainless steel is a bit heavy, but it fulfills its function if you install it well


When you need a ticket holder this is the ticket holder what's funny is is we actually run two of them at one time for a small café but it holds the tickets in row nice I don't have any problems with them slipping out a grips the tickets and you're able to pull him out without them ripping

from Penelopes Lil Cafe on

I love ticket Holders! Their essential to being organized these have been holding up great for 1.5 years of daily use highly recommend to anyone.

from froggys deli on

Have ZERO complaints about this ticket holder. Holds all tickets well and allows them to slide down with easy. Haven't had any mechanical issues and the price is outta this world.


By far the best price on the market. As low as half the cost of other retailers online and locally. These hold the tickets very well and is sturdy.

from Kach LLC on

We keep this on the server line to hold tickets so the servers know what food to grab and what should go out first. We have had these for years.

from Fernando's on

I am absolutely in love with this ticket holder. The great look of the stainless steel shiny look for such a low price is unbelievable.

from pashays on

This 48" restaurant ticket holder is a must have item in any fast paced restaurant environment. It is durable, made of stainless steel, and will grip the guest checks firmly and securely. It is easy to mount, and comes complete with mounting screws.

from Russ H. on

Installed this in like 2 minutes or so. Awesome. And it works great for holding tickets. And was the cheapest option out there that I could find.

from Gnome Cafe on

Excellent product! I was unsure at first because of the price, but it's very sturdy and well constructed. We will be ordering additional ones for other areas of the kitchen

from beermuda on

The 48" Restaurant Ticket Holder is a great product. It is easy to mount to the wall and holds tickets, order sheets and is easy to keep clean and tidy.


Got this item last week. The quality and construction is good. I do however find that the shiny surface is hard to get used to. I am used to the brushed aluminum ticket holders.

from Sauder's Landing on

This 48" Ticket holder is great, well built and the tickets move easily without falling off. We attached it to a 4ft Stainless Steel Shelf (purchased here also) and it fits perfectly with no sharp edges. If you want an organized easy flowing kitchen, this is a must have item!

from Jump Start Cafe on

Love this ticket holder! Its very shiny so it looks great! It also has several mounting holes to choose from that are above where you insert the ticket.

from CG's Pizza on

You cannot beat the price on these anywhere else! They hold tickets well for us and they look much cleaner than what we used to have.

from Toni's Depot on

I love this. I would see these in diners and small kitchens for orders and thought it would work great to hold all my baking orders as well. It was easy to install and grabs on to a good amount of paper. Keeps things organized and they don't fly off. Very good grip.

from Ivy Bakery on

I'm in love with this ticket holder!!! Tickets slide in and out easily and stay put until you want them moved! Looks great and cleans very well!

from The Colonial Hotel on

Just want we wanted plus the price can not be beat. The checks slide up and down the holder without getting hung. Perfect for what we had in mind.

from Matheney'z Mobile Food'z on

Nicely built, and easy to install, just a few simple screws. Used for over a year and never had an issue with the marbles falling out during service.

from Daily Grinders on

This is so great for when you great extremely busy with orders. The length was great for the store we use it at. The papers go in nice without any problems.


i am that i got it,it help us to work better and we can see the ticket in an order make the chef cook the food faster

from Thaiparadise llc on

Great way to keep track of your ticket orders in the kitchen. Very easy to work with and keep clean along with adding to the kitchen area.

from Louie Pizzeria on

Where would any line cook be without this organizing time saver? Guest checks fit easily and Never fall or slip out of place. I'm glad we purchased the 48". Great product!

from sarah on

Busy restaurant? Keep your tickets organized for both your expo and your lead line cook. The ticket holder keeps everything in line and you never have to worry about a ticket falling out or getting lost, this thing has grip.

from Golden Lion Cafe on

This has been a life saver! My manager was so happy I got this! It is so much easier to read and organize the tickets. Of course, when it's full, it's a great day!

from Giordano's Pizza House on

there is nothing worse than losing an order. This holds our tickets securely and yet they slide down smoothly when we are packed. Lovely look to them, clean and professional.

from MIss Deb's on


from Zaborealo Frappe on

I really like this ticket holder! The marbles hold tickets firmly in place. This holder releases tickets easily and does not tear the ticket, unlike some other holders I have used. I highly recommend this holder!

from ECC on

the 48 "Restaurant Ticket Holder is very useful for us, I can keep the order of arrival of orders made ??steinless steel easy to maintain.

from Cantine Jaloux on

this was exactly what I was looking for . I thought it was going to be made cheap but again I was shocked when I received it on how good it was made . ill buy another for that price.

from Ritzee on

For the price you can't go wrong. Installed nice and easy with the provided screws and does exactly what it is suppose to. From the picture I though the metal was at an angle to hold the tickets at an easier angle to read, but it just goes straight down.

from One Dish Cuisine on

Some ticket racks don't use marbles anymore, but this one does and it's great. It's more sturdy than I anticipated, too. So, it's good to know that it should stand up to being scrubbed and knocked around a little. Just beware, you may need your own screws, because the ones that came with it are pretty bad. Otherwise, it's awesome.

from A Tasty Affair on

Very good for it's purpose! My only regret is not having ordered more of these before redesigning our kitchen for really busy days. I love how it's very easy to clean and it secures the tickets very well! No more lost orders!

from Global Spice Bistro on

Love these. I was worried they would be to big, but they work perfect even for our small shop. I only wish we would have ordered a couple more. Easy to install we attached them to a stainless steal overhead shelf.

from Before It's Gone on

This is the perfect solution at an amazing price. We screwed it onto the shelf above the burners and it was very easy to install.

from plum pixie bake shop on

We use the 48" Guest Check Holder in and out of the kitchen. We use it to hold tickets and the servers use it to hold tickets too.

from cruisincafe on

Great Price and value for this ticket holder!! I looked all over the web and found no one who could match the price I got from Webstaurant. For the most part I have ordered all my items needed from Webstaurant.

from Between the Bun on

This is another great item from westaurantstore. we use it in our concession trailer. keeps the order (in order) and have never had one fall out, holds them in place.

from Vision Concessions on

This is a great buy. We hang it right over the window into the kitchen. It's accesible by the chef and the deli staff. Very easy and efficient.


Works as well as can be expected. It's nice and long so you can line up quite a few orders. Doesn't look like it will rust.

from Kira's Crepes on

What a great inexpensive guest check holder! It easily holds a lot of food checks! Easy to install and sure to stay in place! Nice price!!


These are really good to have. obviously you need something to hold your tickets. i prefer this style over clothes pins and wire and the revolving kind. very inexpensive too.


This is a really good quality item for the price. Ours gets daily use and has held up quite well. Fast shipping from this site too!


This item works well. Cleans up easily and hung up easily. We are quite happy with the product and would buy it again if needed.

from Lammar's Smokehouse BBQ, LLC on

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