Chopped BUTTERFINGER® Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb.

Item #: 711BUTTRFNGR

Create premium ice cream sundaes with this chopped BUTTERFINGER® ice cream topping! Unlike other smooth and creamy chocolate peanut butter candies, a BUTTERFINGER® bar has a flaky peanut butter center covered with milk chocolate for a crispier, crunchier bite. In this topping, the sweet crunchy bits add a kick of unmistakable BUTTERFINGER® flavor to your desserts. Make a BUTTERFINGER® flavored sundae or ice cream cake using these candy pieces. Since they're already chopped, they're easy to sprinkle atop ice cream or blend into a rich and creamy milkshake. Plus, you'll be able to save preparation time chopping up the pieces yourself.

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Chopped BUTTERFINGER® Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb.

4.9 stars from 51 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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cream ice Butterfinger chopped great candy topping price fresh perfect

Great vale and huge time saver. We love that this is chopped up for us! We just bring it to our topping bar and we are one!


This candy came packaged so well, even in the heat! The pieces are a nice size. The taste is great. Can even cut up easily if you want smaller pieces.


We make our own ice cream. I am always looking for quick & easy flavors. We had a chocolate peanut butter that is very popular. We make a cookies & cream which is easy to just throw in chopped oreos. The chopped Butterfinger topping is just mixed right into a peanut butter flavored ice cream and voila Butterfinger crunch ice cream.

from Sweeties Homemade Ice Cream & Sweets - SHS on

The pieces were somewhat melted, but came manageable! It was surprisingly Fresh! The taste is great customers loved it instead of other brands ive tried in the past.


Good product from a well known company at a good price. Much easier than crushing your own candy and cheaper too. Highly recommended product for ice cream shops and bakeries alike.


We use the butter finger for toppings in a frozen yogurt shop. They come in crushed. Perfect size for toppings. We keep them in the fridge so they won’t stick together

from Yogurt Square on

Always fresh product, packaging are intact from shipping. Able to order in different quantities, this comes in 2 5# bags. Nicely chopped pieces, not just crumbs or dust.

from Krave Frozen Yogurt & Candy Shoppe on

Ice Cream Topping - is very good quality product. Taste is very good i think. Brand is very quality. Thank you so much for fast shipping.

from Low Price Supply Inc on

Love this product! So much easier than unwrapping individual bars and chopping. We use as a mix in for our shakes and highly recommend this product!!

from Evolution Food Group on

This pack is saving us time as it is chopped already. It is easy to store and serve as ice cream topping. It also tastes great.


These chopped butterfingers work great at our restaurant as a topping for our açaí bowls, yogurt bowls and oatmeal bowls. We also use them for those customer that like to add Butterfinger to their smoothies!

from Gramber LLC (dba Happy Bowls NYC) on

Great option when needing chopped product for ice cream and such. We used to do it ourselves and this saves tons of time and money.

from The Cake Girl on

Butterfinger candy is a fan favorite. These chopped pieces will taste great on ice cream treats. They're also great mixed into other ice cream desserts and shakes. You'll be glad you bought these in bulk, they're going to go so fast.


Chopped Butterfinger is perfect for frozen yogurt or ice cream. You could use this product in a self serve format or only let your employees dish it out.

from The Soda Hole on

Great product. The shippong was very quick, the quality was excellent, great price for the weight of the bag. Deffently going to order this product again.

from Coffee Addiction on

This is one of my favorite childhood candy bars. I know I get to make ice cream with it. There is no better combination. I love butterfinger.


The chopped butterfinger was delayed in shipped but appeared to be in decent condition when it arrived. It is packaged in 2, 5 pound bags.

from No-Rea LLC on

Chopped Butterfinger First off , nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger Unless you are a paying customer, lol Awesome product, good price, will continue to purchase


The chopped butterfinger ice cream topping is amazing and one of our favorites. The candy pieces are crisp and the perfect size for adding into ice cream.


The butterfinger ice cream bits were a big hit on my cakes. I love that they are already crunched up but not too small. Saves alot of time


We use a lot of this , so I was delighted to find it available in 5 lbs bags as opposed to the 3 lb Bags that I was purchasing from a big box trade only supplier. The Butterfinger is packed with Frozen Packets, that may or may not thaw in the transportation process, however as long as it arrives with the bag intact, put it in the cooler and wait a day before breaking it up. Do not use your Robot Coupe to do this , instead chop it up with a spade that has a chamfered edge, in order to get a nice consistency. The food processor results in too much heat and you end up scaring the melted chocolate. As a sidetone, the first bag that I recd arrived on a 95 degree day and was completely liquid and the bag had broken, I sent pics and they immediately generated a replacement shipment.

from Foxy Brown on

This was a hit! Lots of customers were excited for new toppings and butterfinger was definitely on of their favorite. Would recommend buying these instead of chopping your own!

from n/a on

This is very nicely chopped and packed in large bags, It also shipped with cooling bags, so none of the chocolate melted! I was amazed at how uniform each bag was and it is perfect for my store.


Inexpensive product and super fast shipping. The product has a great shelf life and saves me a lot of time not having to chop up the actual bars. Will purchase again!

from Krave Funnel Cones on

The price can not be beat, These are perfect for flurries, The candy are junks not the powder crap Ive gotten from other venues. Great deal!


We added this topping this year to our waffle toppings menu and customers love it! We can get creative and offer many different menu options. I love not having to chop up butterfinger bars anymore,

from Waffles2Go on

Having these pre-chopped toppings has really proven to be awesome. Saves the time and mess and buying whole candy and chopping them ourselves. Great price point for less work.


The chopped butterfinger candy is yummy and super fresh. Love the fresh chocolatey taste and crunch. The candy is great for making our candy cookies.


The chopped butterfinger ice cream topping is so yummy. The taste is excellent and has a nice crunch to it. A great way to finish off an ice cream sundae.

from Country Fresh Snacks on

This is perfect for one of our popular flavors- Butterfinger Blizzard. Already crushed up and lasts a while- a little goes a long way. Just keep it in an air right container because it will go stale very fast!

from Hardcore Sweet on

Chopped BUTTERFINGER® Ice Cream Topping - 10 lb. #711BUTTRFNGR EVERYONE love the butterfinger frappe - I often use this candy in our baked goods das well

from Gateway Brew on

Keep in mind that they do offer these butterfingers in bigger quantities on this website. If your shop does not get as much business, then these will work just fine. They are delicious.


A great and easy way to add the great taste of butterfinger to your sundaes and milkshakes. No mess of chopping up your own and the box is well packaged.

from Price Proudce on

A great addition to our Ice Cream topping selection menu. Adults and kids love adding this chopped butterfinger to their ice cream treats. Food cost price to serving price is outstanding.

from Classic Burger Group Inc. on

A wonderful topping for ice cream or frozen yogurt that everyone will enjoy. The chopped butterfinger is great. They taste wonderful and are a great addition to a milkshake.


Our customers cannot get enough of this stuff. It is the best tasting peanut butter topping we have. We make sure we never run out of this.

from Endeavor Business Group on

Chopped butterfinger ice cream topping is excellent for creating recipes for cookies and milkshakes to provide that Butterfinger crunch. Can also be used for cupcakes and cheesecake


Chopped butterfinger candy is a great ingredient to have in your bakery. It is great for mixing into puddings or topping cakes and mixing into cupcake frostings. Arrived quickly and fresh!


If you like butterfingers candy you need to buy this. It tastes amazing blended with vanilla ice cream. It would even taste great with chocolate.

from Bb on

Our customers go crazy over these. Especially in the summer time when we have banana pudding in! They arrive well packaged and fresh! Great buy!

from Miller Enterprise LLC on

Butterfinger candy is one of my favorite bars to eat. Chopped up in pieces it would be even better blended with ice cream, or into milkshakes. I love it.


Most suppliers pkg. this in 3 lb bags.. The 5 lb bag fits my needs better and keeps the cost low. Butterfinger is one of my most popular 'flurries'.

from Kathy's Ice Cream on

Taste like peanut butter ice cream but with a crunch and I also love the chocolate taste. Also 10lb is a lot. And it's good for the price

from Foxland market on

Wonderfully crushed, bite size toppings that are easy for the kids to eat. We break the bag down into smaller portions, but there are still so many left. They are extremely fresh and came well packaged.

from Dream Thread LLC on

These chopped Butterfinger are a great addition for our topping selection and a great price for the quantity! I would definitely recommend buying this item.

from 20 Degrees Frozen Yogurt Lounge on

Chopped Butterfinger ice cream topping is not just for ice cream anymore. It's so handy having already chopped candy in our bakery for filling cakes. Cake candy combination is a big hit.

from Countryside Cakes on

This Butterfinger topping is great for ice cream sundae's and we also use them in our thick shakes. The bulk price is very competitive and I will continue to purchase this product.


Delicious and fresh. These are the the real deal and are always fresh and great for our ice cream shop. Always happy with the ice cream supplies from this store.

from Cruisin' Diner on

I found this item to be a great add on to the rest of the ice cream toppings. It's sold at a relatively low price. forget about chopping your own as this is sold at low price


Butterfingers are one of my favorite candies so this product was perfect for me. I add them into brownie mixes, milkshakes and top ice cream with them.


We use these chopped butterfinger pieces in our ooey gooey butterfinger bars. Tastes great! Getting this in 10 lbs is quite a lot, but we seem to use it all before it goes bad! :)


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