Dolce Vanilla Coffee Flavoring Syrup

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Bring hints of fresh, delicate vanilla to drinks and desserts alike with Dolce vanilla classic coffee flavoring syrup. Developed specifically to complement specialty coffees and espresso-based beverages, this syrup provides subtle nuances of the flavors it depicts without overpowering the fine components of the coffee. Drizzle over chocolate desserts for a sweet contrast, or add to smoothies and coffees for a light, pure note to enhance other flavors.

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Dolce Vanilla Coffee Flavoring Syrup

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great vanilla flavor syrup coffee Dolce price TASTE syrups love
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    Very Vanilla... we decided to try this coffee enhancer and we are happy we did. You can also use it for desserts and toppings, yummy!

    from Global Spice Bistro Posted on

    A deliciously flavored vanilla coffee syrup that is great for adding to both hot and cold brews. Love the great flavor and nice price of the syrup.

    Posted on

    This is our go to vanilla syrup in our coffee shop. We have tried a few others but with the taste and price of this one we have always come back to it.

    from The Coffee Barn Posted on

    Compared to other brands like Torani, DaVinci, and Monin, this one is the best vanilla flavor out there. We love it here at our bookstore and coffee bar. It is our most popular flavor and Dolce is the most affordable brand out there. It is delicious and we love it!

    from Book Bin, LLC Posted on

    We are a small independent bookstore with an espresso bar. Dolce is our go-to for our flavor options. Dolce is affordable and delicious. What more could you ask for? The vanilla flavor is our most popular drink and we usually order 12 bottles at a time and a lot goes a long way. 3 pumps for 12 oz, 4 pumps for 16 oz, and 6 pumps for 20 oz drinks. Don't forget the pumps! This brand will help you run a smooth coffee business with low costs and big flavor.

    The dolce vanilla coffee flavor syrup is great for more than just coffee. It has a awesome flavor and is not to sweet. Use it in sodas or shakes too!

    Posted on

    Great taste

    This is a terrific tasting vanilla coffee syrup. I really enjoy most of the flavors that dolce makes and this replaces the sugar you would normally add as it has about 80 calories per serving

    Posted on

    Tastes great

    Our local coffee shop uses Dolce vanilla syrup and it so good. I decided to buy a bottle for home and am so glad I did. I can now make my own vanilla coffees. It is so rich and creamy that you will not be able to resist.

    Posted on

    A very reasonably priced product that is perfect for diners and small coffee shops. The flavor is above average and you can not beat the price point. Dolce is great start up brand to have and always a great way to incorporate multiple flavors at a lower cost.

    Posted on

    Love this Dolce vanilla coffee flavoring syrup! Rich vanilla taste great for flavoring your hot, iced or frozen coffee! Great price and value, 25.4 fluid ounces!

    from Kathy J Posted on

    Dolce vanilla syrup

    5 star product, well build packing , dolce brand not known to us , but we tried and we are happy with all , quality and pricing

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    The Dolce brand coffee flavors are great and super affordable! Vanilla can be mixed with anything for a very perfect yet affordable latte. won't regret this purchase

    Posted on

    Another excellent product. We use this for home use and everyone is very please with the flavor. The pump works perfectly too. Cost is better than locally, even with the shipping costs.

    Posted on

    Delicious vanilla syrup for flavoring coffees and cappuccinos. It isn't strong like adding pure vanilla and gives the perfect taste. It also comes in sugar free.

    from Family Table Posted on

    Dolce vanilla syrup 750ml is a great and wonderful product. It truly complements our menu and our customers love it. Thank you Webstuaunt we love it.

    from BarisGo Coffee Posted on

    The Dolce vanilla is perfect in my whip cream maker that I also purchased right here. Perfect combo and great taste. . Very happy with my purchase.

    Posted on

    we absolutely love dolce products and the vanilla and the French vanilla are our all time favorites. not crazy sweet like some on the market.

    Posted on

    This has a really great, natural tasting flavor and comes at a wonderful price. The only thing I don't like is the artificial ingredients. Other than that, great buy.

    Posted on

    Our most popular syrup. It smells so fantastic you could wear it as a perfume. Great in any drink, lattes, frappes, cappuccinos, also other less made drinks, like a vanilla green tea or a vanilla hot chocolate.

    from Oxford Coffee Co. Posted on

    Dolce has made the classic vanilla syrup at a great price. It will help you keep an attractive price point for your customers while simultaneously helping increase your profits.

    Posted on

    This Dolce Vanilla coffee syrup is a true tasting vanilla flavor. You can add it to anything and it cost so much less than any other vendor. Webstaurant has the best prices

    Posted on

    Another excellent syrup from Dolce! Outstanding for a Caramel Macchiato or your favorite desert. I recommend Dolce syrups for good flavor and a great price.

    from Good flavor! Posted on

    Rich Vanilla Flavor

    Did not meet up to my expectations. It was more sugar than flavoring, I was trying to come up with my own frappacino drink that would be lower in calories and cheaper than buying from the store. It just didn't work for me.

    Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! The product you selected is syrup; It is a sugary flavoring designed to be used in hot beverages like coffee. If you want just a vanilla flavor in your drink, we would suggest using either imitation vanilla - item 10458208, or real vanilla - item 10458201. These items are flavors, not syrups, so they are not as sweet.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    All of the Dolce flavoring syrups we have used to date have been great. The vanilla flavoring is so versatile, can be used so many ways.

    from great gardens cafe Posted on

    Dolce vanilla classic coffee flavoring is fantastic. It tastes exactly the way you'd hope.Has many uses for both hot and cold beverages especially when you'd like that little extra vanilla flavor.

    Posted on

    This vanilla is very yummy! We use it as an upgrade to flavor our pepsi. Just don't use too much or it will make it taste flat.

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

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    I absolutely love the DaVinci flavorings for coffee. I also use them in both cocktails and even for baked products, for an extra kick of flavor. Vanilla is great for a chocolate martini

    from Sweet Treat Kitchen Posted on

    This is a great product and very affordable. I used to buy Starbucks for the store, but that became expensive! This tastes the exact same and is a lot cheaper!

    from Breads, Buns, n' More! Posted on

    Pear Vanilla Chillers we serve at our store.

    Taste-wise, there is no difference between a "top shelf" syrup and Dolce's vanilla. Great price, great syrup! Makes wonderful lattes in hot, iced, or frozen!

    from DownTown Java Posted on

    this is great tasting vanilla syrup. we love the dolce syrups, and the price at the webstaurant store is always excellent on all of their products

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    good quality, fast delivery. would buy again.

    Posted on

    The Syrup is great for iced coffees, has a great flavor. Very afforable price.

    Posted on

    These flavoring syrups are of very high quality and add a nice compliment to any drink you want to add it to. we enjoy using it in both hot and cold beverages and especially to flavor my fresh whipped cream. we really like the sf flavors the most "0" calories

    Posted on

    I bought two flavors to try. I wanted to have Ice Coffee on hand and these tasted great. Just made hot coffee, added Ice and the syrup- very pleased with the flavors.

    Posted on

    Absolutely love the syrups. All three brands are good. I especially like the sugar free, no after taste and very flavorful. All my guest love having coffee at my house.

    Posted on

    I just ordered 14 various bottles of this coffee flavoring syrup. It is delicious in coffee to sweeten it and to give it flavor. I can't wait to try more flavors and they have a large variety from which to choose.

    Posted on

    Great item at a great price.Use it with coffee drinks for a great non-alcoholic drink. Shipping is fast and easy. I would recommend this product.

    Posted on

    We Love the Coffee flavors and you can't beat the price! It's like having your own Dunkin at home! Would reccomend to any coffee Lover.

    Posted on

    We use this syrup in our coffee and to make vanilla cokes. The flavor is delicious! We've recommended the product and the website to friends, and we'll be ordering more!

    Posted on

    We have used DaVinci syrups at our drive-thru espresso stand and have loved them as do our customers. Since finding WEBstaurant I will be purchasing alot of my syrups from you due to the great prices. Thanks!

    Posted on

    I like these syrups offered by Webstaurant Store because of their intense flavor and long-lasting size. Great for coffee drinks and even milk shakes! We mix coffee and caramel for a truly delicious blend of flavors!

    Posted on

    Great flavors.The group that I have to review all of my items went head over heals for these flavors. I will purchase these items again

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    We love the Da Vinci Flavoring syrup, we use it to flavor our daughters water,which is required for her Ketogenic Diet. She's a year old

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    I love all the DaVinci syrups. They are FAR superior to other brands. The flavors are much deeper, more complex and less artificial tasting. Some are better than others though... the English Toffee is my favorite and I like that as a base for everything else. I love the Dolce D'Leche and the Kalhua. The Carmel is good as is the vanilla and Coconut. The banana is ok, though it's got that really fake banana taste. My kids love that taste though, so go figure. Same with the peanut butter and the chocolate... they are good, but taste nothing like the real thing. Creme d'Menthe is an interesting twist with the Chocolate.

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    The syrups are great! I and my friends are on a carb restricted diet and these flavors truly enhance the taste of many of our meal replacements. Your prices are a bit higher than my other source, but they won't ship in cold weather for fear of freezing and breakage.

    Posted on

    This is a great flavoring syrup. It has a rich and intense flavor with a slight vanilla taste. It worked well in my homemade frappachinos.

    Posted on

    I first ordered Dolce Coffee Flavoring Syrup before Christmas — one for my home and one for a gift. The gift was well received and enjoyed. I recently ordered more for myself and am now enjoying coffeehouse flavors without coffeehouse prices! (The cookie was delicious, by the way.)

    Posted on

    Great product, and quick shipping I would recommend this site to anyone that is looking for an alternative to Amazon. Also the flavorings work great with protein shakes.

    Posted on

    I haven't tried any of the Dolce products but my customers seem to like this. So it is no different then purchasing DaVinci or Torani.

    from Dreamz Cafe & Gelato Posted on

    We have found that shopping around on the internet have many companies selling the same item, but your company has the BEST pricing of all. We are also very happy that the bottles now are made of plastic which for us makes the bottles alot safer to use. Your company is very quick in its turnaround once an ordered has been submitted. Thanks so much, Curves for Women

    from Ettinger-Wilf Enterprise, Inc. Posted on

    WE LOVE THESE! We use them to flavor muffins, and also all our tropical drink flavored cupcakes! So excited to see carries the Dolce, DaVinci brand - we'll definitely be ordering them through here in July!

    Posted on

    I use this for my Whip-it whipped cream dispenser. With a pump I can add the same amount each time and I don't have to add flavor and sugar separately. It has a very nice taste.

    Posted on

    Excellent product at a great price! The bulk of our orders from Webstaurant store are these syrups. We carry over 30 regular flavors and at least 10 sugar free, and our customers love them. It gives us a real advantage over our competitors for minimal capital.

    from Custom Confections Inc. Posted on

    This is a delicious product. I use it in my coffee. It is like having a dessert in my coffee. You should give this a try!!

    from 19 Steps Bake Shop Posted on

    These are great syrups. I bought the syrups to give my smoothies a kick. I bought the blueberry, strawberry and vanilla and they taste great.

    Posted on

    These are the same brands I have been paying the same price for less than half the oz. I use them in tea instead of coffee, and they are wonderful. The only problem is there are so many flavors to choose from !!! Thanks for a great product at such a reasonable price.

    Posted on

    Great to make your own coffee drinks at home! Tastes as good as Starbucks, but it's lot less expensive. And there are more sugar free flavor choices than Starbucks.

    Posted on

    Great pricing for a great product. However, the bottle mouth size has increased and the pourers no longer fit. We now have to keep reusing the old bottles in order to use them with the pourers.

    Posted on

    I used these for an espresso bar at my sister's wedding post-reception, and have catered a few events since! Starbucks sells these for more per bottle, so this great price makes it even sweeter! These syrups make great-tasting drinks that are super easy to make!

    Posted on

    These syrups are great. They are strong enough that a couple of pumps is all that is needed. One bottle lasts a while and adds nice flavor to coffee. Highly recommended.

    from Master Salons Posted on

    Purchased a variety of syrups to add to my childrens Christmas gift baskets. All have been thrilled with their flavors - especially the cocoa drinker who got"Peppermint Patty".

    Posted on

    Great tasting flavor syrups. We have purchased several varieties and use them for Italian Sodas. These bottles go a long, LONG, way. Quality has met our expectations.

    from WD Posted on


    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    Not only is this a great product. The Webstaurant Store makes purchasing this item very easy. Why would I purchase my items any where else.

    from Blauer Manufacturing Co., Inc. Posted on

    Very pleased with the flavoring syrups that I ordered! We use the vanilla to flavor water with a pack of splenda and it tastes just like cream soda, but is much cheaper than buying cans of the pop. We use the peach in our tea and I used the cherry to put into my diet pop much more flavorful!

    Posted on

    the purchase was fantastic. not one regret. great taste of syrup. the sugar free ones are also tasty and dont have a bad taste at all

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    These syrups are great, I was ordering form another supplier and found these, they are an awesome deal for the price, good quality and fast on shipping too.

    Posted on

    Excellent Value and price. We use these in our healthy Smoothie Meal replacements to give touch of flavor. Sugar Free are our favorites and they are mostly sweetned with Splenda not aspartame. Fast Shipping and prompt.

    from Lifestyle Family Nutrition Posted on

    Wonderful in my coffee during the week, much better price than that found at Sams club. Has very good flavor, comparable to Starbucks or caribou and a fraction of the price.

    Posted on

    Good, high quality syrup. The bottles are plastic and will not break in transport. Webstaurant also offers the matching white syrup pumps for this brand.

    from The Early Bird Posted on

    Don't use a lot of coffee syrups, but wanted to give this one a try. We really have enjoyed using it. Good quality, great taste, great price!

    Posted on

    Flavored syrups make a great addition to coffees, but why stop there? Add to sparkling water for a delicious Italian-style soda... vanilla makes a great "cream-soda" treat.

    Posted on

    The shipping was fast, fragile items safe wrapping, cheapest deal, great quality product, I just keep coming back for more. And I never had any problem.

    Posted on

    we started featuring a flavored coffee of the week. I used a few of the top shelf stuff, then i found this line. And lets just say we are hooked.

    from restaurant Posted on

    good flavor and variety. the ONLY knock for us on this is the bottle. it is smaller than the glass ones and fit a little looser in the rack. other than that, we have been very happy with the trio!

    from the well Posted on

    Absolutely made my coffee such a wonderful drink. So many variety to choose from, I'm tempted to try almost all of them. Great deal , must buy

    Posted on

    These syrups are great for any coffee lover! Can also convince non coffee lovers to enjoy coffee. Great selection of flavors! Excellent value and price!!

    Posted on

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