Dolce Hazelnut Sugar Free Coffee Flavoring Syrup

Item #: 711SYPSFHNUT

Add the taste of freshly roasted hazelnuts to your coffee cart or coffee shop with this Dolce sugar free hazelnut coffee flavoring syrup! Developed specifically to complement specialty coffees and espresso-based beverages, this syrup has creamy, nutty taste without overpowering the fine components of your signature coffee. Not only is the syrup great for warm beverages, but it can be drizzled on cakes, or put in delicious frozen lattes!

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Dolce Hazelnut Sugar Free Coffee Flavoring Syrup

4.7 stars from 71 reviews


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    Terrific sugar free syrup. I have been searching for a great tasting sugar free product everywhere. Love the great hazelnut taste and excellent in my latte.
    This is our go to sugar free hazelnut syrup that we use. I myself drink this and I am very picky about sugar free flavors and its my favorite.
    This hazenut syrup is just like coffee house quality. Now you can make delicious coffee concoctions in the comforts of your own home. Great taste and no sugar!
    I really like the taste of this flavoring syrup and I used a hazelnut coffee with it to really bring out the flavor. Sugar free and zero calories which is a plus
    A great value brand of syrup and still maintains a good hazelnut flavor for it being sugar free. It is a little weak in flavor so you will have to use extra syrup.
    This hazel nut flavor is amazing and will definitely enhance ur coffee sales for your private catering for corporate gigs and street food vending locations
    This one is good in coffees and cocoas. Hazelnut and chocolate is currently a very popular combination. It can be enjoyed by all but many will appreciate that it is sugar free.
    For those who love a nutty coffee taste but have sugar restrictions, Dolce Sugar Free Hazelnut is the answer. These are reasonably priced as well.
    If you love a frappuccino or latte, but don't like the calories use this and fat-free milk in your drink to make a wonderful guilt-free drink. Mix it with sugar-free Irish cream and you have a nutty Irishman that tastes just like you went to the coffee shop....without the high cost!
    Today I opened the bottle of Dolce sugar free hazelnut syrup (item# 711SYPSFHNUT) and pour some in our old and hot coffee. Gosh! the taste of it is absolutely sour and nothing like the sugar free hazelnut syrup I've ever had. I I checked the expiry date of the bottle and found it’ll be expired in couple months. I believe it’s the problem of the change of taste/ favor. On your website, the expiry date of the one you shown is 2016/5/7. Why would you send your customer the one which is going to be expired in two months? I’m completely not satisfied with my order.
    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that you didn't like the flavor profile of this syrup. We recommend trying Torani's Sugar Free Hazelnut Flavoring Syrup instead.
    I received my order yesterday afternoon, delivered by FEDEX at 2:50 pm. Today, I tried the Dolce hazelnut flavoring in my coffee and it does not really taste like anything. It definitely does not have hazelnut flavor. What should I do? I have 12 bottles and they don't taste like hazelnut. I would like to just return them and get a refund. I had an alternative source from which I was going to purchase hazelnut flavoring (one that I'm familiar with and know it's good) but the price at WRS and the reviews made me try this brand instead. The one bad review must have been correct because it is not good. Please, what is return and refund policy? Thank you.
    Thank you for your review! We apologize that you were unhappy with the taste of the Dolce hazelnut sugar free coffee flavoring syrup that you ordered. A return and full refund have been set up for your order. As always, feel free to contact your Customer Solutions Team if you are ever unhappy with a purchase.
    Maybe my bottle was just bad, because mine is the only bad review. My bottle had an icky, sour, off flavor. I dumped it down the drain. I will stick to DaVinci and Torani brands.
    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you about the flavor.
    This flavoring syrup makes any beverage taste like hazelnut. Since I love hazelnut flavored anything, this syrup is perfect for me. I was weary that it'd taste funny because it's sugar free, but it's actually very tasty.
    I love the dolce syrups. I couldn't find sugar free versions of coffee syrup very easily until I found the webstaurant store. great flavours and great price!
    good quality, fast delivery. would buy again.
    The Syrup is great for iced coffees, has a great flavor. Very afforable price.
    These flavoring syrups are of very high quality and add a nice compliment to any drink you want to add it to. we enjoy using it in both hot and cold beverages and especially to flavor my fresh whipped cream. we really like the sf flavors the most "0" calories
    The Sugar-free syrups I purchased are a great way to cut calories and still enjoy a good cup of coffee. Flavors are excellent!
    I bought two flavors to try. I wanted to have Ice Coffee on hand and these tasted great. Just made hot coffee, added Ice and the syrup- very pleased with the flavors.
    Absolutely love the syrups. All three brands are good. I especially like the sugar free, no after taste and very flavorful. All my guest love having coffee at my house.
    I just ordered 14 various bottles of this coffee flavoring syrup. It is delicious in coffee to sweeten it and to give it flavor. I can't wait to try more flavors and they have a large variety from which to choose.
    Great item at a great price.Use it with coffee drinks for a great non-alcoholic drink. Shipping is fast and easy. I would recommend this product.
    This is the best non-calorie coffee flavoring my family ever had. I do not own a Restaurant but do a lot of entertaining so my guest comes to the house expecting a taste of my famous international coffee and a choice of flavor from Dolce & DaVinci.
    We Love the Coffee flavors and you can't beat the price! It's like having your own Dunkin at home! Would reccomend to any coffee Lover.
    We use this syrup in our coffee and to make vanilla cokes. The flavor is delicious! We've recommended the product and the website to friends, and we'll be ordering more!
    We have used DaVinci syrups at our drive-thru espresso stand and have loved them as do our customers. Since finding WEBstaurant I will be purchasing alot of my syrups from you due to the great prices. Thanks!
    This is an absolute treat - it sounds like an ad slogan but I really couldn't believe it was free from sugar and carbs (per serving)! Also great as a little "spice" on other things, such as popcorn(a hit with my kids!)
    I like these syrups offered by Webstaurant Store because of their intense flavor and long-lasting size. Great for coffee drinks and even milk shakes! We mix coffee and caramel for a truly delicious blend of flavors!
    Great flavors.The group that I have to review all of my items went head over heals for these flavors. I will purchase these items again
    We love the Da Vinci Flavoring syrup, we use it to flavor our daughters water,which is required for her Ketogenic Diet. She's a year old
    I'm always worried if a sugar free syrup will taste as good as a reg. syrup and these are wonderful. I can't tell the diffence. I will be purchasing more.
    I love all the DaVinci syrups. They are FAR superior to other brands. The flavors are much deeper, more complex and less artificial tasting. Some are better than others though... the English Toffee is my favorite and I like that as a base for everything else. I love the Dolce D'Leche and the Kalhua. The Carmel is good as is the vanilla and Coconut. The banana is ok, though it's got that really fake banana taste. My kids love that taste though, so go figure. Same with the peanut butter and the chocolate... they are good, but taste nothing like the real thing. Creme d'Menthe is an interesting twist with the Chocolate.
    I recently purchased 15 bottles of sugar free syrups I use them in cookie batter, pancakes, yogurt, bread dough, whipping cream. Great prices and shipping!
    The syrups are great! I and my friends are on a carb restricted diet and these flavors truly enhance the taste of many of our meal replacements. Your prices are a bit higher than my other source, but they won't ship in cold weather for fear of freezing and breakage.
    I adore these sugar free syrups. I use the caramel and hazelnut in my coffee/espresso every morning to make a super special wake me up drink! I use the blueberry syrup in blueberry martinis and mixed in with real frozen blueberries and heavy cream to make a wonderful low carb ice creamy dessert.
    I first ordered Dolce Coffee Flavoring Syrup before Christmas — one for my home and one for a gift. The gift was well received and enjoyed. I recently ordered more for myself and am now enjoying coffeehouse flavors without coffeehouse prices! (The cookie was delicious, by the way.)
    Great product, and quick shipping I would recommend this site to anyone that is looking for an alternative to Amazon. Also the flavorings work great with protein shakes.
    I love Webstaurant's variety of sugar free coffee syrups. Helps me forget my dietary restrictions. Good flavors, no aftertaste in the flavors I have tried so far.
    I haven't tried any of the Dolce products but my customers seem to like this. So it is no different then purchasing DaVinci or Torani.
    We have found that shopping around on the internet have many companies selling the same item, but your company has the BEST pricing of all. We are also very happy that the bottles now are made of plastic which for us makes the bottles alot safer to use. Your company is very quick in its turnaround once an ordered has been submitted. Thanks so much, Curves for Women
    WE LOVE THESE! We use them to flavor muffins, and also all our tropical drink flavored cupcakes! So excited to see carries the Dolce, DaVinci brand - we'll definitely be ordering them through here in July!
    I use this for my Whip-it whipped cream dispenser. With a pump I can add the same amount each time and I don't have to add flavor and sugar separately. It has a very nice taste.
    Excellent product at a great price! The bulk of our orders from Webstaurant store are these syrups. We carry over 30 regular flavors and at least 10 sugar free, and our customers love them. It gives us a real advantage over our competitors for minimal capital.
    This is a delicious product. I use it in my coffee. It is like having a dessert in my coffee. You should give this a try!!
    We use these syrups for cappucinos and mocha flavorings and the price is right and the taste is great. Will be trying more flavors in the future.
    I have tried almost every maker of sugar free coffee flavorings and this Dolce is one of, if not the, best! I highly recommend Hazelnut especially! I'm getting Lime this time too so I can make sugarfree Margaritas!
    These are the same brands I have been paying the same price for less than half the oz. I use them in tea instead of coffee, and they are wonderful. The only problem is there are so many flavors to choose from !!! Thanks for a great product at such a reasonable price.
    This is my favorite flavored syrup. Worked @ high quality coffee shop in the '90s & this is all we used. The sugar free syrups are the best & impossible to find anywhere. So happy u have it!
    Great to make your own coffee drinks at home! Tastes as good as Starbucks, but it's lot less expensive. And there are more sugar free flavor choices than Starbucks.
    Great pricing for a great product. However, the bottle mouth size has increased and the pourers no longer fit. We now have to keep reusing the old bottles in order to use them with the pourers.
    I used these for an espresso bar at my sister's wedding post-reception, and have catered a few events since! Starbucks sells these for more per bottle, so this great price makes it even sweeter! These syrups make great-tasting drinks that are super easy to make!
    These syrups are great. They are strong enough that a couple of pumps is all that is needed. One bottle lasts a while and adds nice flavor to coffee. Highly recommended.
    Purchased a variety of syrups to add to my childrens Christmas gift baskets. All have been thrilled with their flavors - especially the cocoa drinker who got"Peppermint Patty".
    This suger free syrup has great flavering with no after taste. It works well in protein shake mix to create new flavors for sampling shakes.
    Great tasting flavor syrups. We have purchased several varieties and use them for Italian Sodas. These bottles go a long, LONG, way. Quality has met our expectations.
    We've bought several of these syrups, the sugar free versions. The cherry and strawberry are the reigning favorites of those we've ordered for best approximation to expected taste, but we haven't yet tried them all.
    Not only is this a great product. The Webstaurant Store makes purchasing this item very easy. Why would I purchase my items any where else.
    These syrups are absolutly fabulous. There are so many selections available to choose from in Sugar Free. The arrived in excellent time and very well packaged. I will contine ordering them from this company.
    the purchase was fantastic. not one regret. great taste of syrup. the sugar free ones are also tasty and dont have a bad taste at all
    These syrups are great, I was ordering form another supplier and found these, they are an awesome deal for the price, good quality and fast on shipping too.
    Excellent Value and price. We use these in our healthy Smoothie Meal replacements to give touch of flavor. Sugar Free are our favorites and they are mostly sweetned with Splenda not aspartame. Fast Shipping and prompt.
    Wonderful in my coffee during the week, much better price than that found at Sams club. Has very good flavor, comparable to Starbucks or caribou and a fraction of the price.
    Good, high quality syrup. The bottles are plastic and will not break in transport. Webstaurant also offers the matching white syrup pumps for this brand.
    Don't use a lot of coffee syrups, but wanted to give this one a try. We really have enjoyed using it. Good quality, great taste, great price!
    Flavored syrups make a great addition to coffees, but why stop there? Add to sparkling water for a delicious Italian-style soda... vanilla makes a great "cream-soda" treat.
    The shipping was fast, fragile items safe wrapping, cheapest deal, great quality product, I just keep coming back for more. And I never had any problem.
    we started featuring a flavored coffee of the week. I used a few of the top shelf stuff, then i found this line. And lets just say we are hooked.
    good flavor and variety. the ONLY knock for us on this is the bottle. it is smaller than the glass ones and fit a little looser in the rack. other than that, we have been very happy with the trio!
    Absolutely made my coffee such a wonderful drink. So many variety to choose from, I'm tempted to try almost all of them. Great deal , must buy
    These syrups are great for any coffee lover! Can also convince non coffee lovers to enjoy coffee. Great selection of flavors! Excellent value and price!!

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