Fox's U-Bet 22 oz. Squeeze Bottle Chocolate Syrup

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Packaged in a simple-to-use squeeze bottle and bursting with sweet flavor, you can bet on Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup for great taste. With over one hundred years of manufacturing toppings and flavored syrups, this Brooklyn-based company's tried and true formula for chocolate syrup is sure to please. Use this creamy, rich syrup to create fantastically-flavored ice cream sundaes and milkshakes. Or, try making classic New York egg creams by mixing chocolate syrup, seltzer water, and whole milk. Drizzle chocolate syrup over ice cream cakes, parfaits, pancakes, waffles, and more!

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Fox's U-Bet 22 oz. Squeeze Bottle Chocolate Syrup

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    I love this chocolate syrup. I remember this when I was younger and it still as good as it was then. It makes the best chocolate milk and egg cream.
    This chocolate topping is perfect for topping any type of desert. It flows very well and tastes very good. And has a great bottle for uses.
    This is a great chocolate syrup alternative to have on hand. It is really good and really popular in our ice cream shops. You will love it!
    Its a basic chocolate syrup. Its not bad tasting for the price. Its a pleasant addition to sundaes and other ice creams as a topping.
    This is a pretty decent chocolate syrup that has a nice chocolate flavor to it it was a pretty decent price I'm glad that if you get a bottle to try out before ordering a full case
    This bottle reminds me of my grandmothers house. If you are old enough to remember this being more mainstream that even Hersheys then add this to your cart immediately!
    The foxes chocolate syrup taste absolutely delicious. I compared it to Hershey's chocolate and tasted them at the same Time can't even tell the difference!
    I bought this and planned to compare it to Hershey's chocolate syrup. I discovered I actually enjoy this more. The flavor isn't as artificial in my opinion.
    This is the best chocolate syrup bar none. It is the one that many of us know from our youth, and the ingredients are still the same for the old familiar taste.
    Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup 22 oz. Squeeze Bottle has a superior flavor to 90% the brands that are more expensive that it is... Save your cash get these
    It has a good taste. It can be used for sodas, chocolate milk, chocolate milkshakes and more. Fox syrups taste really good and even when the flavors are combined with one another.
    Is fox's chocolate syrup is not bad it's not as good as Hershey's Chocolate Syrup but it's basically just a kind of knockoff same concept little different flavor
    I love this chocolate syrup. It taste great. When added to a funnel cake with powder sugar, it is wonderful. This is my third bottle and the price will keep me coming back.
    Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup is a great price and great quality. Even though I had never heard of this brand, it surprised me with the consistency and flavor. Great buy!
    This is the original, my old stand buy! I remember using this, and eve my dad does. We use this in our coffee and Sundaes . Customers love seeing this as well.
    Great product for the money. We make milkshakes and chocolate milk with this syrup. It tastes like major brands. We will buy again! Try it and you will like it.
    I was a little skeptical of Fox's as I was not very familiar with this brand, but I found it to have a pleasant flavor and coloration.
    Chocolate syrup is poured over ice cream, brownies and decorated plates. This chocolate is not too sweet and is a very good tool for decorating.
    This syrup is what I like to use when I make chocolate egg creams. It also tastes good on top of ice cream or cake.
    Nice chocolate syrup. It definitely tastes different than Hershey's syrup, I think it actually might taste a bit better to be honest. It makes better chocolate milk than Hershey's did.
    This makes the best egg creams! Just like the ones my dad remembers from growing up in New York. So pleased to find this here!
    This is the first time i tried this product and it was a nice surprise, it has a very appealing flavor, not overwhelmingly chocolaty nor overpowering sweetness, it flows very well on icecream, it takes the dessert a notch above.
    Delicious chocolate syrup. Just as good as the big name brands at a fraction of the cost. We use it for chocolate milk and even over ice cream.
    It is very hard to find chocolate syrup with no High fructose corn syrup. I ordered several time and taste great. Most of time this chocolate syrup contains corn syrup though.
    We use this at our shop for traditional Egg Cremes. It is a wonderful product and this is the easiest supplier we have found for it!
    Ordered 7 bottles so I could give to family members. Everyone loves it because we all grew up using only this syrup for our egg creams in the Bronx. Every one I make not only tastes great but brings back so many good memories.
    My kids love this chocolate syrup. This is our first time buying it and I'm glad we did. Has a good chocolate taste and is not to thin or too thick. Another bonus that I liked was how the bottle looked, very vintage and old style. Overall great product great price. Next time I'd buy a case.
    I must admit...I am very surprised. I had never heard of this brand before and typically only used "the good stuff", but this is delicious!
    My daughter can't stop eating this product, she use it on her ice cream, in her milk shakes or whenever she feels like eating it for fun. She loves it.
    Great product. All our customers love the milk shakes we make with this syrup. Much better than another more expensive syrup we have used. Would recommend .
    Fox's U-Bet is my absolute favorite chocolate syrup. You will not go back to other brands after trying this. I was so happy to see this item on Webstaurant as it is very hard to find in grocery stores. This brand is a must when making Egg Creams!
    Great stuff right here , everyone should buy this , i honestly love it , it has such a great taste and is so rich!
    I got this to use with our home-made ice cream. I didn't notice until we received it that it was fat free. What a great bonus!
    I grew up on this stuff back in Brooklyn; I remember the seltzer man delivering a case of seltzer, to which U-Bet syrup and a splash of milk were added to make an egg cream. You can find U-Bet in stores, but not only is the price considerably higher, it's made with HFCS, which I avoid as much as possible. This is the real kosher stuff, made with sugar. I was very happy to find it here!
    The best there is , Secret Stir egg cream with a pretzel log Then consume. The chocolate along with the pretzel Can not be beat.!!
    I have been a real fan of Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup. When I seen it on restaurant, I was thrilled. I use this to top our ice creams and for our chocolate milk shakes.
    this chocolate syrup tast great. it has a grate flavor it is perfect for all toppings, i recommed thes to all chocolate lovers thank you.
    this chocolate syrup is really delicious! its great to put on sundaes and you can also use it for frappes. i highly recommend this to all ice cream lovers!
    The Fox's U - Bet Chocolate Syrup 22oz. Squeeze Bottle. It tast great with milk. The kids love their chocolate milk. It has a nice rich flavor same as the name brands just better on the budget.
    Good stuff! Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup makes great chocolate milk and other cold beverages, and also does the trick in hot drinks as well. Add to some coffee for a quick mocha. Plus it's essential to make an authentic Egg Cream.
    Fox's makes a great and inexpensive chocolate syrup. It is perfect for both topping ice cream sundaes and mixing for chocolate milk. Overall, no complaints.
    Very easy to use, we use it to decorate the dessert plates and seems working out nicely. This is a great price for a 20 oz bottle.
    Very inexpensive chocolate syrup that tastes great! We use it for hot chocolate, chocolate milk, and much more! I did not know what I missing until I found this chocolate syrup!
    We just recently created a children's menu and what kid doesn't like chocolate milk when they get to go out for a meal. Cheaper than buying at our local supermarket.
    Introduced my Grandson to Egg Creams, and now it's our tradition every Friday Night. No other syrup works this well for an Egg Cream, because they have the sweetness down perfectly. Also, it mixes entirely and pefectly with your milk and seltzer. We were able to achieve three different colors of chocolate in our glass!
    This is a fantastic brand of chocolate syrup! Fox's tastes great and is such a bargain! Good for classic chocolate milkshakes and drizzling on ice cream! Good to pair with strawberry syrup as well for a classic banana split!!
    Great taste or my ice cream, Web restaurant did not carry Hershey's buy hey, Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup taste just as great. I recommend this if your love chocolate syrup on your sundae and ice cream
    ill be honest before reading the commits i never herd of the fox's brand. but i got one to try and they were right it is the best and i will get more
    The easy flowing, dark brown chocolate flow I remember from Gordon's Candy Store/Soda Fountain on Merrick Blvd. in Jamaica, Queens, NY. Creamy milk (back in the day) and that wonderful "spritz" of seltzer from the silver handle...creating that wonderful froth. Mix of a long spoon, and yummmmm. That sip that painted the white moustache over your lips. Yes, I remember. I've passed on your U-Bet Chocolate (and other flavors) gem site to other relocated NYer's. I'm 59, residing in southern CA now, but, I remember! Childhood in a glass. Egg I have to order the Vanilla...hubby's favorite.
    In life -- somethings are tough to swallow; however, Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup is NOT one of them! You will enjoy the rich flavor! YES!
    As a Fox's U-Bet consumer since childhood, I was unaware that there were other Fox's syrup flavors besides chocolate. I can't wait to try them all. Order was shipped promptly and efficiently.
    Chocolate syrup is the #1 syrup in the world. It can be used in a variety of different application: ice cream, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and more. It's excellent taste makes it the most preferred chocolate syrup, some people say that it is so good that it is even better than Hershey's. I have to agree with this because I think that Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup tastes more natural and does not has the synthetic aftertaste that many other chocolate syrups seem to leave in one's mouth. I and everyone in my house uses only this chocolate syrup by U-Bet brand.
    This was for me I admit ;) It is the best syrup, even better than Hershey's! Used it on sundaes as well as in making shakes.
    Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup is the most AMAZING chocolate syrup and is the ONLY one you should use to make NY egg creams. It typically sells for more per 22oz bottle, but it isn't sold in my area. After visiting 3 websites and calculating the best deal, I chose I purchased a 1-gal. bottle and 22 oz. bottle (to refill from the gal bottle), for a total of 150 oz. This works out to be less per oz. than in the stores. Granted, that's not a lot of savings per oz., but it is the best deal! Thank you for making available to us die-hard NY egg cream drinkers the ONLY chocolate syrup that should be used for NY egg creams and doing that at a very reasonable price.
    You can not compare this chocolate syrup to any other made. Other liquid chocolate syrups are fake tasting, without the deep chocolate taste or look.
    This is the real deal. Great Chocolate syrup. Best for authentic NY Eggcreams. It is made with natural ingredient. Each spring they use natural sugar instead of corn syrup. Wish they did this all year.
    I grew up in The Bronx on chocolate -a-creams Moved to North Carolina and longed for my favotate drink with Foxes-u-Bet Ordering was easy and receuved my order in 4 days Great servive Great syrup
    This is the best chocolate syrup!! I make ice cream with it and it is so much better than any ice cream you can buy. I wish it was in more stores.

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