20" x 15" Polyethylene Plastic Bus Tub, Bus Box Lid - Black

Item #: 7021520BK

This black bus tub lid is made of heavy duty polyethylene. Its contoured lid design allows easy box-on-box stacking.

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20" x 15" Polyethylene Plastic Bus Tub, Bus Box Lid - Black

4.6 stars from 72 reviews


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bus tubs tub lids lid great Fit stack fits plastic
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    This plastic polyethylene bus tub lid is great to purchase with the plastic bus tub. The lid closes tight to hold in foul odors from dishes

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    just purchased this item about a month ago, and though i was expecting to find that the lid clipped into the box tub, i can say that i am fully satisfied with the purchase.

    Posted on

    This lid is nicely indented-perfect for stacking and storing containers

    Lids are great for stacking filled bus tubs or transporting goods in our van. I use these on a daily basis and stand up to typical wear and tear

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    These are sturdy and shiny and if you have a couple of them you won't have a problem stacking 2-3 full bus tubs on top of one another. These are cheaper than any supply store i've found.

    from Frank-Lee Delish Posted on

    good plastic lid for storage box , you must get the same box inorder to match the lid , it wont match to another brand , good price

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on


    We use these with the bus tub to keep our bread in for our paninis after we slice it. Not airtight but seals enough to keep the bread fresh until we use it.

    from Panini Planet Posted on

    Bus tub lid

    If you have the coordinating tubs you'll find these lids very useful. The fit is great and they make stacking several tubs (even when full of dishes) easy and stable. Great price for a useful accessory.

    Posted on

    Lids arrived a little bent out of shape and didn't sit quite right on their tubs. But I put the lids each on a tub and stacked them all up, and the weight of the higher tubs straightened them right out. Very happy with them now!

    from Erin White Posted on

    I have a bout 30 of these to go with my black bus tubs. There's a coating on the inside that is slowly peeling off some of them that I try to scrub off when I can. Also note: these only sit on the bus tub, they don't latch to it.

    Posted on

    It is very sturdy, but it does not fit right on the tub. The quality is excellent! I wish that it fits better on the tub.

    from My Hang V. Huynh Posted on

    What a Great lid! Makes other tubs easily stackable for easy storage in the cooler or when clean on the shelf. Fit in automatic dishwasher perfectly

    from For the Love of Nawlins Posted on

    Bus tub lid that allows you to stack multiple bus tubs on top of each other if needed. Made from the same material as the bus tub it goes with so you'll have a good quality product.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    fits well. does not warp and melt in the dishwasher. fits any bus bucket we have in our kitchen. no reason to buy any other.

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    Good tub, stacks nicely on top of another or other things with lids however the lids don't snap into place they just rest on top of the bin.

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    This is a really nice made 20" x 15" plastic bus tub lid it fits the bus tub great the black color is nice I'm happy

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    this is a must have for your bus tub. it's nice so you can keep a cover on your small dishes like plates and cups until you can get into the kitchen.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    These babies arrived sooner than expected and are the perfect fit for the bus tubs I ordered from the Webstaurantstore. I tested them to see how well they fit and I was pleased. It does not take a major effort to come off however, they definitely stay on until you want to remove them. Excellent!

    from MM&M CATERING Posted on

    This is product is very sturdy. It was very easy to wash. The quality is very well for the price. I definitely will buy them again and recommend it as well.

    from Naisa Pan Asian Cafe Posted on

    These are very nice and sturdy lids. They fit perfectly on top of my bus tubs. The lids allow me to put food in the bus tubs and stack them in the cooler.

    Posted on

    These lids keep the dust out, but they do not create an airtight seal. They work well for making the bus tubs stackable for storage.

    from St Anne Orthodox Church Posted on

    This lid will seal off the bus bin but it is not an airtight or snapping seal. I wanted a cheaper alternative to a cambro when storing dough for brief periods of time

    from Mitla Tortilleria Posted on

    The 20" x 15" Polyethylene Plastic Bus Tub, Bus Box Lid - Black turns any bus tub into a container. We use it in our kitchen for uncooked meat storage as they stack and can be easily accessed

    Posted on

    This lid fit nicely on the tub and made it so we could transport things inside without fear of spilling. A sturdy lid that also allowed us to stack things on top.

    Posted on

    This is the top for the bus tub box also purchased from Webstaurantstore.com. it's not airtight but it keeps things covered so you can stack the bins with ease.

    Posted on

    Great price. Wish the material was better quality. The seal between the bus tub lid and bus box is not great and water will leak.

    from Dorpare Posted on

    This poly plastic tub lid is a great addition to the poly bus tubs. It's easy to use and fits securely on the tub. Great buy.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    These kids fit on top of standard bus tubs to allow you to use them for storage. I personally use them as a cheap way to store food

    Posted on

    Great quality bus tub lid. Fits perfectly on the 20" x 15" x 7" tubs we purchased. The lids makes the tubs able to stack, which is a great space saver.

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    Perfect fit for the bus tub box. We stack a lot of weight on top of theses and haven't had one crack or even seem to give. Very strong.

    Posted on

    Great stacking lid. I plan to use with tubs for dish storage and odds and ends. It arrived a little lop sided but after I put it on the tub, all is well.

    from SOD Posted on

    A perfect companion for your bus tubs. Perfect for hiding your dishes or protecting your dough. Allows me to stack bus tubs like there is no tomorrow.

    Posted on

    Durable black plastic lid, great to use to make bus tubs usable for food storage and stack-able when filled with product. Easy to wash and a good buy for the price

    Posted on

    Fits perfect with the 20" x 15" x 7" bus bucket. These buckets aren't only for bus tub use. They make great storage buckets of dry goods, flour, lettuce and place in the walk in cooler. All sorts of uses! Great price!

    from Fresco's Posted on

    Not really what i was expecting. Was kind of hoping for the lids to snap on to the bus tubs. Other than that it is very durable plastic. I won't hesitate to buy more. Thank you WEBstaurant store for the priceand quality of the item. Ill definitely recommend.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    We love how super durable these lids are, and that they fit on multiple sized busser bins. They hold up under weight too, and these will let you stack bins to store items as needed.

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    great to have this since this a lid for a bus tub so very useful to cover the bus tub quality item very sturdy well made

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    Awesome lid, that allows you to keep your prepped foods and ingredients fresh and away from flies in outdoor catering situations. And the fit is tight!

    Posted on

    These plastic bus tubs are very durable. At this low price we will we ordering more of these along with the bus tubes they both come in handy

    from Funky fresh food truck Posted on

    These lids are very durable and will last a long time. They sit nicely on the tubs but are not air tight. Great for stacking.

    Posted on

    These fit the accompanying "Black polyethylene plastic bus tub." Out of the box, they fit well and snap closed (note -- the lids do not form an air-tight seal). We use the tubs for large quantities of coleslaw, mac salad, etc. We go through a lot of lids -- some of them (and I stress SOME, but not ALL for some reason) warp when thy get warm (of course not in a dry heat -- our dishwasher does the trick). They are good, but I wish they held their shape better than they do and stood up to commercial dishwashing!

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    Lids are very sturdy and the proper size for the bins. They do ship as little bent and distorted, so it took a little time for it to fit nice and clean on the bin, but they work themselves out over time. Good product overall.

    from The Vermont Juice Company Posted on

    Not much else to say than it fits perfectly on the bus tub and allows you to stack them. Cover is of good thickness, I was expecting a super thin one for the price!

    Posted on

    It's a lid, what can I say... You need to make sure that you purchase the proper bus box with it though because I thought that the black lid would match the standard size grey one, but it didn't

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    This is a very tough lid. It fits the tub like a glove. I can stack five tubs easily and not overload the lids. Great value and addition to the tubs.

    Posted on

    Love these lids. They fit both our 5" and 7" deep Bus Tubs and make them more versatile. They are very durable and always look good, even after a year of use.

    Posted on

    Not that there is anything really special about these lids; they do what they're supposed to do. But they seem pretty sturdy and they're far cheaper than you'll find at your local restaurant supply store. Good buy.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    Good product. Just as sturdy as the bin it goes with; I can fill multiple bins with heavy equipmnt and stack them without worry of the bins deforming or warping.

    from AJT Catering Posted on

    Very sturdy lids. Can handle stacking and clean up very easily. I ordered more of these when I say how handy they were! Helps for storage of fresh fruits and veggies too!

    Posted on

    The lid is a good match for the basic bin I bought. It is quite a loose fit as noted in another review. Not really a flaw, just something to be aware of. Good if you don't need an air-tight seal, but I'd like a snap on option.

    from Southern Girl Soapery Posted on

    These lids make a great companion to the black bus tubs that I purchased to grow hydroponic produce in. I have been very happy with their strength, even after I drilled 8 holes in each one for the plants to sit in. The amount of weight that I am putting on the lids is decent considering the plant materials, hydroton pebbles, and growing medium, and the lids don't sag one bit. While this is certainly not the most traditional use of bus tubs and lids, this setup works great for me.

    Posted on

    Great tubs and lids to store mozz cheese in or anything else you need to carry around. Any pizzeria should have plenty of these on hand at any given time.

    from Bongiornos Pizzeria Posted on

    This Polyethylene Plastic Bus Tub Lid fit well with my bus box tub. It is very sturdy and does not come off the bus box tub. It is easy to clean. Great price.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Well, these covers don't snap lock in any way, shape or form. So I was a bit disappointed in these covers. So they didn't quite do the job. I purchased these based on what is shown online as "usually goes with" or whatever it says. Disappointed.

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    Thank you for reviewing this product! This lid is not meant to form a tight seal on your bus tub, but should rest on top. If you're looking for a food storage box with a tight lid, we recommend checking out the Vollrath 1551-C05 white polypropylene food storage combo set with snap-on lid.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great lids to use with the bus pans that are sold here also. We use them so that we are able to stack the pans.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    Matching lid for bus tub. Very sturdy just as the bus tub is. Very low price. They are designed so you can stack the lidded bus tubs.

    Posted on

    These plastic bus tub lids are a great way to multi task the bus tub. We use ours to ferment bread which provide a nice humid environment.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    These lids and the bus tubs are a great, economical way to store food. They are affordable, easy to clean, easy to handle, & easy to store. When empty, they stack easily to save space. A great value for the commercial kitchen!

    from JD's Posted on

    We fill these with 25 pound plus and they carry and stack well and hold up Price is great too. Easy to clean and refridgerate.

    from SMOKEY J'S Posted on

    These durable lids are the perfect match to the bus boxes we purchased. They fit beautifully, wash easily, are quite durable and keep their shape.

    from signature caterers Posted on

    We paired these up with the bus tubs to make stacking a breeze in our cooler, freeing up some much needed space. Great value! We will be back for more!

    from Your Pit BBQ Posted on

    Not a big fan of this particular tub. The quality seems to suffer a bit and it bends easily. I have a food truck, and this item couldn't survive, unfortunately.

    from CookieTime Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These work really well. They are great for places that use bus tubs to store fresh produce or lettuce. you can very easily stack multiple buckets on top of eachother too.

    Posted on

    We store a lot of produce in bus tubs and these lids make it very easy to stack tubs on top of each other. They're sturdy and hold up to the very heavy loads above them - even when stacked many high.

    from Sterling College Posted on

    We purchase these lids to use with the 15x20 tub. With the lids, the tubs are great for storing all sorts of same catering items and makes the tubs easy to stack.

    Posted on

    Perfect cover for the tubs also purchased here, I love how you can buy exactly what you need with all accessories here. I was purchasing these locally at a higher price.

    Posted on

    This cover is great for bread fermentation. It stays on very well with little effort to get it off. The cover also protects food items from foreign objects.

    Posted on

    The bus box lids are a perfect fit. We love being able to stack our bus boxes for travel and storage. It is also good when using the boxes for food prep.

    from Lake Tahoe Catering Company Posted on

    I recently bought the 15x20 bus tub lid to go with my bus tubs. The covers fit great but I wish they were more air tight and leak proof.

    from Flashback Unlimited Posted on

    This lid is perfect for allowing you to stack multiple bins on top of each other for better use of space! Great for stacking bins of fruits or vegetables!!

    Posted on

    This lid fits the companion bus box very nicely and keeps contents of the box fresh. Lid also allows boxes to be stacked, thus saving space on our shelves.

    Posted on

    This lid works for both 5" deep and 7 1/2" deep box. It is very durable, it is able to stack one on top of the other. It make to storage job much nicer. I love it

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    This bus tub lid does, indeed, fit the intended bus tub. It is strong and sturdy as expected of a utilitarian bus box lid. A little bit of locking action might be helpful, but you can't beat this product for the price.

    Posted on

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