1/9 Size Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan - 4" Deep

Item #: 700PLPA8194

Designed for maximum visibility and convenience, this clear polycarbonate 1/9 size food pan is an excellent addition to any foodservice business! Its clear exterior gives you the full view of its contents at all times, and its polycarbonate structure naturally resists food acids and oils to maintain crystal clarity. It can stand up to temperatures between -40 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

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1/9 Size Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan - 4" Deep

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    Like it's larger siblings, these 9 pans are great to have for holding lesser used ingredients. The combination of 6 and 9 pans in a sandwich table allows us to keep a wider variety of toppings available in a limited space.
    These are one of the best food pans we have used at our restaurant. So inexpensive, long lasting, durable, easy to clean, and NSF approved. A must have to store food in walk-in, sandwich salad prep station, and much more.
    Great size for less popular sandwich or sub toppings. Fits great on the line. Has tons of uses and comes at a great cost. Highly recommended
    These are nice clean food pans, safe for hot or cold items, they're very easy to clean, and have held up well, still nice and clear.
    Same style as the 1/6 pan and just as durable and nice just the snaller size. Highly recommend this prodcut if looking for new. Fits nicely into out sandwhich prep bar.
    These are perfect. Same as the stainless steal but like a third of the price. They wash well, and stand up to being dropped on the floor.
    I use it to store my toppings and items I don't do much prep on. This way I always serve fresh food, clear containers make my life so easy
    These clear polycarbonate food pans are perfect for storing prepped toppings for making pizzas, tacos, and salads at home. It's easy to store prepped toppings in the refrigerator till needed, then line up all the food pans on the counter when you are ready to assemble your pizzas, tacos, or salads. These 4" deep pans are just the right size for storing mozzarella cheese or pepperoni slices. I recommend purchasing the accompanying 1/9 size clear polycarbonate food pan lids to use with these food pans so you can easily stack the food bins in the refrigerator!
    Love these clear polycarbonate food pans, comes in a variety of sizes for many uses, work great in the freezer, very durable, very little wear after 2 years of using!
    Great value here. These 1/9 pans are crystal clear & can handle a beating. We purchased 12 initially & they got put in daily rotation immediately. Stack nicely & easy to clean. Great product!
    These little guys have been a great addition to our sandwich station. Before we got them, we had to store several of our ingredients below, which greatly slowed down prep on some of our dishes. By trading out 6 of our 6th pans with 9 of these 9th pans we've been able to more than double our speed on some of our more involved side items.
    We use this tiny little 1/9 size food pans for onions and tomatoes in our prep table. They are small but work great and clean up nice
    this polycarbonate food pan is of great quality. I use them in my cold prep table for condiments and it works great. not too large, not too small
    We use this for daily side dishes storage in the sandwich prep table and it wotks really good. Easy to store food and easy to clean as well. I will order it again
    Well there's really not a whole lot to say about these. They are what they are, which is just fine. They get the job done, you know?
    These are perfect to store ingredients in a makeline which are used often, but not in huge quantities. We use it to store salad toppings like cranberries, walnuts, and bacon bits.
    This 1/9 size pan is 4" deep, great for mise en place. This pan can also be used on a salad bar. The strong polycarbonate construction makes the food pan dishwasher safe. Safe money by using webstaurantstore.com
    I looked at this product in all stores and they were all super expensive , nobody can beat these prices . very good quality and easy to clean .
    1/9 pans are great for when the menu gets too big and you need more space on the low boys. I got more of these since our menu expanded. Works!
    This one ninth clear poly carbonate food pan that’s 4 inches deep is fantastic I really like how it’s an SF compliant so you can use it in a restaurant and it fits in your prop box nice and easily
    good pan for storing small items. I tried to use it microwaving items and it worked if not a long heat time. Don't use it for longer heating though.
    Same quality as the branded one! It is made of good and clear polycarbonate but inexpensive. Always get the WebstaurantStore recommended products for good savings! Highly recommended!
    We have these in many sizes and they work great for us. They keep food crisp and fresh and also look really nice too. Store well.
    We love using these containers to store food or leftovers. Easy to clean and stackable. Very durable and strong. We use it tomorrow food in refrigerator easy to find stuff cause it's clear
    These 9th size containers are the perfect size for toppings, sauces, small prep for breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. I bought 36 of them the other day because they are so perfect... and the price for a case is great!
    These are great quality sturdy pans that look great and are excellent for holding food in the reach in sandwich fridges. This size is excellent for holding just a little bit of something
    Bought these for use in a cold sandwich well. Fit perfectly and are very solid for the price. I would purchase these again in a heartbeat, excellent value.
    Another product that we use in all shapes and sizes. Multiple uses for these. Great for flipping product at night. Easy to clean and stack .
    Great pan for mis en place in the kitchen in your worktop sandwich unit. have purchased various sizes over the years and very happy with the quality and durability of these.
    Good container with a nice clear color that does not fade over time even with daily use. Does not chip or crack. Good product overall.
    1/9 size is such a great option. 9 different toppings in a single pan. These are durable and they stack well for easy storage. Virtually unbreakable.
    We love all of our webrestaurantstore.com polycarbonate food pans. We have in almost all sizes. This is as great for smaller food storage. Get the matching blue lid for no-leak storage.
    Extremely satisfied with this item. In comparison with the more expensive version of these containers, I would recommend it and will continue to purchase as needed.
    Good tough pan. Needed it to fill gap in refrigerated table. It does the job perfectly. It has probably been dropped hundreds of times so far without a crack or chip.
    WE LOVE these smaller pans. Since we use an ice tray to cool our veggies for our taco trucks this size is perfect to keep our stuff cool and crisp all day. We use just what we need then it's time to pull the next round!
    These are perfect to replace the larger containers and allows you to fit more veggies in your cooler and give your customers more options, which is always good.
    These little 1/9th size pans are great for condiments that we don't use a lot of. It has really helped me to control my waste while still pulling from a full pan.
    These little guys work very well. Clean good and hold all types of food. Will definitely buy them again and have been for a while.
    The 1/9 Size Clear Polycarbonate (4" Deep) Food Pan is a 5 Star product. The price is very reasonable and the quality is great. I would definitely recommend this product.
    These food pans are convenient for storing different spreads in our sandwich cooler. The won't hold enough product for heavy use but they are great for the lesser used spreads that we use.
    We use these for our sandwich prep refrigerator table. Purpose is for a sushi bar and these are perfect for being able to set up two sushi stations on the same refrigerator table. We can fit enough so that both sides of the table have all of the needed ingredients and there isn't the need for reaching over another person. These are perfect for the price, way cheaper than anything I've ever seen and they hold up just as well as the name brands.
    Used on a daily basis! I dont know what I would do without them! I do have to say once the strawberries sit for a period of time it does seem to "ding" them a bit
    You can never have too many food pans and at this price, you can actually afford to buy them. Great price for a great item.
    We love these little food pans for garnishes at the bar or in our prep area. They don't stain and you can keep them hot or cold.
    1/9 clear very well build polycarbonate food or any other use pan 4 inch deep is good size for daily use , price is also well
    This is a really well-made clear poly carbonate of food pan for and Steve is a great size very happy with this purchase and it's a great price
    Clear food pan from webstaurant store is solid. Can store pretty much anything and everything! Price and quality is good! And delivered on time. Webstaurant store is great!
    i really like these pan, but the only problem i got was when i order it, i order 3 and when it arrived, i only see 2.
    A nice alternative to stainless steel pans. Help organize your food better and have it with in easy reach. We like this Deeper pan for more popular products.
    Not as good as the metal ones but they keep product ok on a daily basis. Bought enough so we could swap the line daily.
    This container is working out very well. it is strong and also durable. It comes at an affordable price and it is worth buying a lot of them.
    Love all the sizes that these pants come in these one ninth pans we use for our vegetables something that were able to keep a smaller stock of without having to have such large container so that way we can and varieties so like for our sandwich options will have tomatoes and one onions in a Nother were able to keep it clean switch them out no problem
    What can you say but these food pans are perfect in so many ways. Easy to clean. Easy to store. Easy to see what's been prepped in them. Affordable.
    These work well and seem durable they were by far the least expensive place to buy them other places wanted more per I wish they made them in 6"'deep
    These are a must for storing small topping items in you prep table, especially sauces. They are sturdy. I only wish I would have ordered more.
    cleans great no staining or left in smells very durable. I can take it from freezer to microwave its great. all in one less dishes.
    Can't beat the price for these small food pans. We use them in our prep table for toppings that aren't used abundantly. This allows for more pans to fit enabling us to offer more toppings in our prep table. Great buy!
    They seemed very ton the line that was thin upon arrival, but have been working out great. Price is unbeatable and they have given us more product on the line which was very much in our small cafe.
    This is a really good price on these and we use these for a lot of cold storage with great success. They don't get stuck together which is nice.
    The 1/9 Clear food pan is durable versatile, we use these pans for a little bit of everything. They wash up well, are dishwasher safe and hold up well to daily use.
    I bought these for the price, but I was happy to find out that the quality is really good, too. We use them in the freezer and with acidic foods, and wash them in the dishwasher, so any abuse would have shown up by now.
    Nice, sturdy 1/9 pan. These are a necessity in any kitchen - we use them to hold a wide variety of ingredients. They clean up easily and stack well for storage. no complaints!
    I use these for my baine marie & salad case! They make my the baine marie & salad case 100% more organized & clean ! I would definetly recommend to anyone trying to organize a salad bar/ sandwich topping area !
    I use these for everything. No matter how many I order I always find that I need more. Perfect for all your condiments. And, no matter what my staff does to them they are practically unbreakable.
    great for chopped onions and prep, made of heavy duty plastic, i have used it for lots of things and it is great for every thing
    This pan is a great pan the price is perfect and you can not find the pan for this price an where else on the internet.
    These are being used in a commercial restaurant and are holding up nicely. They came true to size but the 4" deep doesnt provide a ton of space, if its busy you will need to refill frequently. They seem durable and like they will hold up for a while.
    great item. love the size. go from fridge to concession stand counter with easy to see when it is empty. and don't forget the lids
    These pans are adorable! Besides that, they are great quality, and fit nicely into the sandwich prep station that has 1/3 size separators. They are deep enough to fit enough garnish for the daily menu.
    Good for holding lesser-used ingredients. Can be a little inconvenient when there's a rush on a particular item as they don't hold that much, but they do the job as advertised.
    well made product very durable. easy to use fits well with the containers. easy to stack and store on a shelf or in the refrigerator. work great for storage or refrigeration, hot or cold.
    Excellent 4" inch deep polycarbonate food pan. The polycarbonate food pan is shattered resist They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. These pans can withstand a large range of temps. They don't scratch or cloud up.
    Sturdy and easy to clean, what more could one ask for? In the restaurant business maintenance and sturdiness are quite important, even for items that aren't that expensive initially. Happy campers here!
    The 1/9 Size 4" Deep Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan is a great product. We use it on our cold line for low use items. Examples may include pickles and olives.
    Love this little pan and bought a few. Fit's in my sandwich station and holds a number of items necessary to make my po-boys and other dishes. Cleans easy and holds up in the dishwasher.
    These are great and sturdy. We purchased them to set up a hot dog toppings bar. Holds a lot of product and are easy to clean.
    Holds our lighter used toppings in cold prep area so they are all available and avoids frequent trips to reach in. These cost me a quarter the the price the same pans cost from my mega distributor and arrived in 2 days. Light weight but sturdy.
    This is a good fit for putting out small amounts of items that are not big movers on our salad bar. they stack neatly and take a small space in the prep area.
    Perfect storage for small produce, cheese, and condiments in our sandwich table and toppings and fillings for our pastries. They stack great too which is a great space saver!
    A great buy, sturdy, durable, lightweight and the perfect price! A wonderful addition to our restaurant, thank you Webstaurantstore .com. We will be buying more in the very near future!
    Sooo useful for a variety of uses/items that you just don't have a lot of. Bonus, these even fit in a sandwich prep top with a few of them lined up.
    I love being able to customize the pans in my refrigerated prep table. And with these prices I can afford to buy extra to have on hand!
    LOVe these pans. Good for the items on the line that are not needed as much, like black olives or pineapple. I even use one on the table to hold sandwich picks. good quality and great price.
    very happy for this 1/9 Size 2 1/2" Deep Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan easy to store all your preparing need mostly when u had a aprty u can make some salad toppings ahead of time without hassle awesome!!!!!
    These 1/9 4 inch deep pan come in handy. At this price you can't go wrong. Made to last. Can be used to hold a variety of toppings
    I like these for all kinds of small ingredients. Good size for holding pre cut small sized ingredients. Built very well, great to keep around. Good product
    We have a small prep refrigerator and these containers are perfect for our diced topping. Two containers stack neatly in the top of our unit, giving us cold storage space for several items in the space of one.
    Like these pans. Easier to clean than the Carlisle brand pans. Thise have ridges on them. It makes it harder to clean ! Great pan
    These food pans - in a variety of sizes - are an essential part of any commercial kitchen, but have a hidden benefit for home cooks. These are great for storing just about anything that could ever need to be stored. For example, in my restaurant we use them primarily for cold, cut vegetables, but we also use a couple to hold stoppers for coffee cup lids. For home cooks, these are much less expensive than the "otherware" containers and they stack nicely and don't waste space like round containers.
    Actually the best price you can find even better than other places. Shipped very fast , I got it in like two days ,
    I love these little containers. They have so many uses! We use these for our salad toppings with the matching lids and they make a great combo!
    Stackable and easy to label using daydots. Assorted sizes keep. Organized and clean. Dishwasher safe and very economically sound. A great price break. Will reorder
    These are great for our make table. We found these to be very durable, easy to clean and available at a great value. A must have.
    These 1/9 size pans fit perfectly in my nine compartments oversized cold pan with divider. They look nice displayed and the lids fit nicely on top for a smooth sleek appearance. I use these for catering events.
    These are perfect for the sandwich cart and stay clear, even with chili or bbq sauce. We scrub them and they do not show the scratches, which helps keep them clean and sanitized.
    I use these at home, and they are a perfect size for residential refrigerators. The depth adds a lot of volume without increasing their footprint. The plastic stays transparent, unlike the consumer grade containers I had before.
    When they say clear, they meant it. I have these food pans for quite a bit, and they still retain their clear attribute. Super heavy duty, and excellent pricing makes this product a must buy!
    The shape of this is unique and allows for 3 containers to fit in a True prep fridge where normal 2 square ones will. Best part is they hold the exact same amount.
    These 1/9 pans are sturdy and perfect for holding items in our reach-in cooler. We use them for small items like pickles, jalapenos, and sliced mushrooms. Since the pans don't hold a lot of product, it is easier for us to rotate the items in our reach-in to ensure freshness.
    These are made of a good quality plastic. Can stand up to bangs and drops. this is a perfect value for the money. Good purchase.
    I really like this size of hotel pan because it's perfect for holding left over ingredients. Whether it's half a brick of cheese, half an onion, a cut up lime, this works really well and because it's clear, you can see what's inside without having to open it.
    Great quality 1/9 pans small enough to keep the items that you don\\'t use much of.. Don\\'t need to prep alot and have foods go bad and don\\'t take alot of space on your prep table.
    Very well built plastic 1/9 pans for use in the kitchen. Very easy use for mise en place. Durable and extremely cheap so easy to build a big set.
    1/9 is the perfect size pan for topping items I use my for all kinds the topping ingredients for the soups and salads , cant say no to that
    The Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan is a great way to store food. The polycarbonate is easily cleaned. And the translucent container makes keeping an eye on the food an easy task.
    Sysco charges six dollars per plastic 1/9 pan. If you would like to stay in business I would highly recommend these as they are identical to Sysco's but 600% less.
    The ninth pan of the plastic variety is such a great item to help you store small amounts of things. We have ours on the line and in the walk in it is great.
    Great value for a good product.. Fast shipping. I will keep using this site not only to buy stuff but for research as well. Thanks
    These containers are perfect for smaller portioned toppings for our pizzas and other sandwiches. The containers fit perfect in our prep table and go great with the sealing lid.
    This food pan was a great price, lowest I could find anywhere! It washes up great, does not stain or hold odors from onions or hot peppers.
    These prep pans are a must have for many sandwich prep coolers. They are made very well and are very sturdy. They are a Great price too.
    good products and at a great price. they are very strong and durable. I am going to order more next time. No regrets here. try them it is good
    durable. easy to keep up and clean. i love that it's see through. very afforable and the best prices hands down! we use them to display our topping stations. it's small enough and we don't worry about wasting a lot of product, like we would if we were using the 1/6 pans.
    The 1/9 pans are sturdy, scratch resistant and easy cleaning in the dishwasher. They also stack well in the fridge with lids. The're a perfect size for smaller less used items like salsa, olives etc.
    We use these 1/9 quite a bit on our sandwich line. They are perfect for holding everything from mayo to cheese to veggies. You can fit about 3 tomatoes diced in them. I like these better than the Cambro ones we have purchased in the past because the plastic is clearer.
    This little pan works great couldn't ask for a better pan at this great price. You will want to try this and be hooked to buy dz more.
    Very happy with the Quality and PRICE of this container. Fast Shipping, well packed. I will defintely be ordering from WEBstaurant again for other items for my business!
    As described. Good value for a sturdy 1/9 pan. Easy to clean and fits perfectly in my sandwich unit. Will be purchasing more with lids soon.
    these are very affordable and do a great job. Nothing very special or exciting about it, just a clear food pan for holding condiments for our pizza table

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