1/6 Size Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan - 4" Deep

Item #: 700PLPA8164

Designed for maximum visibility and convenience, this 1/6 size 4" deep clear polycarbonate food pan is an excellent addition to your business! This container's clear exterior enables you to easily see its contents. Meanwhile, its shattered-resistant polycarbonate material naturally resists food acids and oils to maintain crystal clarity and a long product life. Furthermore, this durable food pan can withstand temperatures of -40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit for various storage locations. This 1.625 qt. capacity pan can with a lid (sold separately) can be added to your refrigerated prep tables or serve as a loose storage bin on your wire shelving.

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1/6 Size Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan - 4" Deep

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food pans Great size pan clear Easy polycarbonate quality prep
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    This is my primary size for the Refrigerated Prep Station in our shop. They hold enough, but not too much. I also like the fact that there are about 6 different tops that you can put on them including a hinged option with a spoon slot, and a sealed plastic one for overnight storage. This versatility allows us to prepare several containers ahead of time and quickly change them out and place them into the unit when needed. One last important thing, there are a number of big name and different brands on the market , but in the end as long as they are made out of polycarbonate and they meet the broad temperature range which you are looking for go for it. If this review was helpful please click the check.
    These size pans are perfect to use for smaller portions of prepped foods. And the clear ones make it easier to see what’s inside. They are sturdy and seem to hold up well from constant use.
    We like using the clear poly food pans int our cold sandwich prep table. Keeps cold food items well. Does not stain, crack or bend
    The clear food pan is economical, but tend to crack easily from normal use. They are inexpensive enough to replace, but the metal pans last longer for sure.
    Our old ones were starting tonlook rough so we bought these new ones for a lot less than a local supply store and they are great in terms of looks and overall quality.
    Great product, high quality for everyday use - we use in our deli refrigerator but have never had a problem warming soup in the microwave.
    Greta nifty little containers for my new sandwich prep table. The lids fit perfectly and I enjoy not having to saran wrap everything all the time. they are a great value
    Great food pans for our sandwich unti!! Clear see through to identify different foods. Easy to clean an great for fresh cut vegetables, cheese, etc
    Love these clear polycarbonate food pans, comes in a variety of sizes for many uses, work great in the freezer, very durable, very little wear after 2 years of using!
    The perfect size for chopped items. The 1/6 Size Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan - 4" Deep Great product, arrived on time and works great in the buffet
    These clear poly food pans are perfect for use in our salad bar, our sandwich prep table and storage in the cooler. So easy to organize and they clean up easy.
    We have a lot of these polycarbonate items and feel they are all of high quality. This particular size we use for our different salads and also sliced tomatoes and cut lettuce.
    We use these like crazy at our bakery/sandwich shop! We store all of our sandwich ingredients, veggies, and condiments in these, and the size is perfect. Very sturdy plastic, these have held up way better than others we've bought that have cracked along the bottom. Recommended!
    These 4" deep pans are the great halfway point between 6" pans and 1/9 size pans. They allow you to have just enough of whatever product on top of the makeline/stored underneath, without being too pointlessly deep.
    Great containers , heavy duty plastic easy to clean and they look great . we bought a lot of them and the price is really good .
    We have a nice stack of these pans seperate from the same size pans we use for meat products. You can never have too many. The uses are endless.
    Want to order food pans and get them shipped directly to your door! This site does it! This 1/6 size food pan is made of a strong polycarbonate plastic. This food pan is dishwasher safe. Our team loves this aspect.
    A good standard food pan. Very basic but for the price, the utility and quality are undisputed. Another good value, like always, from the web!
    This is a nice brand of poly carbonate plastic food pans there long-lasting durable and strong for being plastic and the price ate bad for me either
    These 4 inch deep food pans are used in our cold prep table. They hold a good amount of vegetables for a day's worth of sandwiches. Easy to clean and good quality plastic.
    Great 1/6 size clear food pan. We use these in our prep tables for a number of products used for topping our burgers. Very durable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
    These pans are a must have for any commercial kitchen. If you cook a lot at home, however, please do yourself a favor and buy these!
    So handy you just cant go wrong with these clear polycarbonate food trays! Absolutely great product and value for all your food needs like the depth of thrse trays
    Good quality polycarbonate pans and if you buy the matching lid you can stacks them in the refrigerator to save space and being clear allows you to see what is inside them. Love these
    This one is six size for her and Steve poly carbonate NSF complaint container is very nice I like how strong and sturdy it is
    You really can not go wrong with these containers. They last forever and keep food fresh for days. Fit perfectly in to my sandwich station.
    good pan does what it is supposed to do. not microwave safe or if it is then it shouldn't be. I had two melt down after putting in microwave with gravy in them.
    This is the perfect size pan for salad prep units. Durable, and easy to clean. An excellent quality pan at a fraction of the cost of those name brand storage containers!
    These 1:6 size clear polycarbonate food pans are the best. Made of good quality and very nice for prepping and saves me a lot of space in the fridge when storing.
    I feel this is totally the same quality as my cambro, turbo air, and True containers. It's very sturdy and easy to wash so I would highly recommend it.
    These are my favorite pans! Not to big or to small and deep enough to hold my prep. I bought some for my workplace line and also for my personal use at home! They fit right in the cabinet perfectly!
    This polycarbonate food pans look much nicer in our food line than the stainless steel alternative. They may not be steel, but they hold up pretty much just as well. 1/4 size, but 4 inches deep so it will hold a good amount of product. We use this to hold mushrooms on our food line.
    these food pans are great because you can store so many so many different types of foods in your cooler. these are life savers. i strongly recommend.
    great simply containers. love that its transparent and we can see the items inside without label. easy to store and stacks great. will order again and all the other size options.
    Bought these for use in a cold sandwich well. Fit perfectly and are very solid for the price. I would purchase these again in a heartbeat, excellent value.
    These work great and keep the food warm and secure. Would recommend using these if needed and the cost is not bad at all for the product.
    WE use these for cold condiments on my hotdog cart. 2 fit perfectly in a 1/4 pan filled with ice. Keeps the veggies cold and ready for customers.
    We use these in all sizes. Easy to clean and dish washer safe. We highly recommend these to all spaces big or small. Buy them!
    These food pans are great for our dry toppings or just putting spoons, scoops, lids, coffee sleeves and tester cups in to. They don't take up much space and they are very sleek looking.
    If you own a sandwich or pizza restaurant, these pans are perfect for some of your slower moving toppings. Do not hold as much as the 6" pans, but they hold what you need and are easy to clean.
    This pan is great quality. If you buy the matching lid they will both work at keeping food stored properly and neatly. Easy too clean and store when not using.
    Nice sturdy bin for the money. They don't discolor no matter what you put in them. We have dropped them from 8 feet in the air and have yet to break one.
    Seems like these break kind of quickly. But they're also cheap. I prefer stainless steel pans for most uses but it's always nice to have some variety.
    The 1/6 Size Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan works great for serving pickles, olives and other toppings. The quality is excellent and the price is reasonable. I highly recommend this food pan.
    We use these daily for everything from our toppings to prepping extra for the day! They fit great stacked in the fridge. Strong and durable
    We use the little food pans on our prep line in a small pizza restaurant. they are a really nice size for onions and olive and other small veggies. We have been using them for several months and they seem to be holding up really well with no noticeable cracks, even to the corners. Great price. We will be ordering them again when we need them.
    This 1/9 size 4 inch clear polycarbonate food pan is perfect for storing small servings or about 4 1/2 cups of food. It is made of sturdy plastic so it will not break easily. Pair it with the matching lid to keep the food fresher.
    The food pans are great! we use them in our prep station for the primary purpose, but have found several other uses as well. An item you can't go wrong with.
    This is our most used sized and can you ever have enough food pans? At this price, you can actually afford to buy them. Great price for a great item.
    We love these food pans! The price is the most inexpensive that we have found and are great for our restaurant. We are extremely pleased.
    I found these were a lower cost option as compared to the ones we could buy from our restaurant supply company. I purchased the matching lids and am very happy with my purchase.
    Can never have too many of these 6 pans. Great for use in my deli, prep sandwich vegetables and wrap up in these containers for easy grab and refill throughout the day. Clear type makes it easy to see product right away.
    4 inch is perfect size for food pans daily use , you can also easily stock them , refregrator safe and nsf approved , price is perfect
    Same great value and solid food pan. I threw away some old container from another brand since it won't fit each other. If you will get it from here just throw away the old one.
    I am ok with this item to go along with the deli prep frig I ordered. They fit ok and appear to be made of an acceptable quality. I will order more if needed.
    Have purchased many of these Polycarbonate Food Pans with the lids. We use them for storing fruits and vegetables. They stack easy for more Space. Will continue to purchase many sizes as there durable and inexpensive.
    these are great for mise en place and cold food station applications. they are light so you can bring them to catering jobs and not be weighed down like you might with metal pans.
    This clear food pan is working out great. You can fit a lot of items inside of it and it is easy store in the refrigerator as it does not take a lot of space.
    Great value easily cleaned you can switch them out to new pants no problem I love having the variety of sizes for different size of condiments.
    Fast shipping, the container is durable, can store just about anything in my kitchen as far as cooking ingredients. I like the quick and easy cleaning material of container.
    Love these 4 inch deep 1/6 pans. Perfect for my sandwich prep fridge. They are practically indestructible and super easy to clean. Also, really great price on these.
    Wow! I love these pans. I can sort product as soon as I receive it in these pans. I freeze them with product ready to go, and I heat them with no problem. The polycarbonate is ideal for hot and cold use and I'm not sure I would use anything else to store my goods.
    Highly recommend the 4" deep clear food pans, we love them in our seasonal ice cream shop. We use them for cut up fruit and other ice cream toppings. Stack and clean up easily, no stains and very durable.
    These pans not only are durable, but resist staining and are easy to clean. They also hold temperature well wether hot or cold applications. I'd highly recommend.
    If you need to keep a large portion of cut fruits/veggies, these pans are perfect. We use these to store diced strawberries and kiwi. They are easy to clean and stackable to safe space.
    Great size containers for food wells when you only need a little bit more of an item in the wells. Easy to clean and optional tops are available to cover.
    1/6 Size Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan - 4" Deep - sturdy. easily cleans. lids fit well. Great product - will reorder same if ever needed.
    easy to store in fridge to the concession stand counter. store condiments like chopped onions pickles or relishes. don't for get the lids. I need more
    These hold the majority of our meats and cheese in our cold well. They help keep the food cold and clean easily. These things are awesome.
    These are the most popular size at our restaurant. We use these on the salad bar, pizza prep and sandwich prep tables. They can go in the dishwasher and do not stain easily.
    Very good item. This is constructed very well with high quality plastic. Holds up well under heavy use. We will purchase this item again when it needs to be replaced.
    I am in receipt of the 1/6 size 4" deep clear polycarbonate food pan. It is made of a tough clear material, is small, easy to handle, and is breakage/ shatter resistant. It is easy to see what is stored within it, which saves time when a specific food item is needed in a hurry.
    Great product. The clear polycarbonate stays clear. Doesn't get dull. Its very easy to clean and I also bought the lids to seal in icings. Definitely buying more.
    Perfect for Back ups of items on our prep table. Clear plastic makes it easy to see what it's holding. Great for fresh vegetables and condiments.
    These are nice and sturdy. Will be getting some more. always nice to have extra product filled for easy exchange on sandwich bar during busy time.
    The 1/6 Size 4" Deep Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan is a great product. Its great for low use items. Examples may include sour cream or aioli.
    Bought these to hold salad dressing at a catering event. They are sturdy, look nice and clean up quickly. They fit into a 3rd size pan well.
    I've been in the Deli and Bakery business for 25 years and bought thousands of food pans, with that said I wish I would have found this pan sooner! You will not find anything more durable or at a better value.
    I love these 1/6 pans for prep on our cold table. They're very sturdy and are clear so you can easily see what's in each one. They work great for chopped veggies on our service line.
    Happy to buy this for storing all kind of toppings and my diffrent flavor of butter cream the plastic pan high quality plastic polycarbonated we buy more!!!
    You can't beat the great price for these food pans. They are extremely durable and clean easily. They are the perfect price to stock up.
    I love this size of food pan. Whereas 4" 1/9 are really good for aromatics like prepped herbs, this size pan is really good for marinading meat, storing veggies, etc. Reliable and great.
    Excellent size and shape. See products instantaneously. Helps in storage and rotation of products. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Comes in various sizes and depths.
    These pants are very sturdy. Although they are not high heat pans they can withhold a lot of heat. Very good product. They stay clear after washed.
    Best price out there. You can afford to have extra! That makes me and my staff happy! Thanks webstrauant for making restaurant small wares affordable!
    Good container. Very deep. It is very easy to clean and maintain. Only knock on this, like many clear containers, is that it may start to "cloud" up a bit. You won't notice it until you buy a brand new one and set them side by side.
    We use these for food storage and also in our prep table. They do the job very well. They've been washed hundreds of times & still look great!
    These food pans are well built. After months of use still no stains or dulling of the polycarbonate material. These also stand up well to heat, we have taken freshly cooked food off the grill and put directly into these containers with no ill effects to the material.
    The top of our refrigerator bars can get pretty cold, so it was damaging some of our delicate produce. These pans allowed us to protect our produce while keeping our sliced meats and cheeses at a safe temperature. Great quality.
    Perfect size for any prep table. Easy to store, use to wash, Holds enough product. Great for the price. would highly recommend this product to anyone with a prep table.
    What are you waiting for? The price is outstanding. The quality is also outstanding. I have bought 24 of them so far, and will eventually buy 24 more to replace the aging pans I have found at my store. These are some high quality products. Up to 212?, they can be used in a steam table. They are crystal clear, and compared to the pans we had been using, these pans are on an whole other level of professionalism. Buy 2 dozen now, thank me later.
    These are good little food pans. We use them for holding condiments, vegetables and oil. They are sturdy and can stack on top of each other easily.
    These were just what we were looking for. they seem to be holding up nicely and have a good look and feel to them. We will certainly order these again.
    This 1/6th pan is the perfect size for salad toppings at catered events. It stays clear and shows the contents nicely. Cleanup is a breeze. Price is right and it holds up to heavy usage.
    I was concerned due to the fabulous price, but I've seen no chipping or discoloration. These seem to be a quality little item at a wonderful price.
    Fits like a dream in our drop in cold pan. They are easy to clean up, no discoloration and no one else can beat this price. Trust me, I checked.
    these containers are great!! That hold up wash after wash, and are very durable. They are a must have for restaurant prep, especially on busy weekends when we now have back up's of everything we need. GREAT product!
    Great square. Save your money and buy these. They work just as good as the more expensive ones and they hold up to dropping and don't stain either.
    These pans fit perfectly in the deli case, wash up great, do not hold odors and like everything elsde I have purchased, the pricing cannot be beat!
    Wonderful product and great value. The pans wash great and havent scratched easily with I like! Very durable. I havent had any crack or break
    I love these 1/6 size x 4" deep pans. They are very versatile & super sturdy. I use them on counter tops when prepping or in the sandwich prep table. Great price also
    I love these. they are cheap and durable. I've ordered a dozen and planning on order more. I always need more pans for my business and I was happy to find them in this site.
    great for mayo or plickes and other condiments. they can even go in a food warmer if it is not too hot. long lasting product.
    Great fiood pan with 4 '' pocket i bought so many of these because i needed more and this item delivers in quality, price and satisfaction.
    We have reordered these nice food pans because we were so pleased. An economical but well made pan to replace cracked or discolored older pans.
    Awesome buy at great prices. Perfect in size, good, sturdy, and clean look. The clear color allows for easy viewing of what you have stored.
    These food pans are an awesome price! They are as good if not better than the Cambro pans. Very good quality. I am going to get more in different sizes.
    This plastic pan is very nice when wanting to just hold small amounts of something. Especially for us, when we don't want to make a bunch of frosting it is great to just hold a small amount in it. They have never broken before.
    The 1/6 Size Food Pan 4" Deep has always been the perfect size for our salad bar, sandwich bar, and pizza station. We even saved money purchasing them from The Webstaurant Store which is always great!

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