5" x 3" Solid Turner with Wood Handle

Item #: 694WT7

Quickly and easily flip meats, poultry, vegetables, and more on your flat top griddle with this 5" x 3" turner! Featuring a stainless steel square end blade, this turner is guaranteed to give you the longevity you need from a kitchen hand tool in your commercial kitchen. Brass rivets ensure a solid attachment of the smooth wood handle to the full-tang blade, while the handle itself offers an easy-to-grip surface that's cool to the touch.

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5" x 3" Solid Turner with Wood Handle

4.9 stars from 72 reviews


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turner handle great wood price Solid sturdy spatula heavy turners
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    this turner works really well but the edges are really sharp so depending on what you're moving or the material its on (e.g. aluminum foil) you have to be careful not to break or tear anything but the thing itself is solidly built and well worth the cost

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    great for moving food into containers

    the handle was a little loose, but not a big deal - thus the 4 stars. washable, great for pans and the grill; i use it outdoors.

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    I will purchase this 5" x 3" Solid Turner with Wood Handle again. I like the wood handle and the fact that the stainless steel blade is strong and will not bend when we use heavier products.

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    5" x 3" Solid Turner with Wood Handle

    There's not much to say about these turners; The steel, blade portion comes a lot sharper than expected. Bought this to flip cookies, but I think it may work better on less delicate foods. Works perfectly for foods on the grill.

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    I liked this turner so much that I ordered another. You cannot beat the price and they are very strong. I used them to transfer my biscotti after I cut them into strips.

    from Mountain Flower Bakery. Posted on

    I use this to serve the brownies and bars I sell at local markets. I sell a 4x4 portion, which is heavy. This is big enough and sturdy enough to lift them with ease.

    from The Sweetest Things, LLC Posted on

    For the money, you will not find much better. I read lots of comments in other reviews about home use and dishwasher. We purchased it for commercial use it'd daily for hours. We have purchased other styles of this brand because the wood handles seem to hold up fairly well. On this one, the blade is not as sturdy as the others we have used. We have noticed that the corners are already starting to show signs of wear after a few weeks of daily use. It's one of those products that really depends on what you are using it for.

    from Governor's Quarters Posted on

    Amazing tool to have in home or business kitchen. They are so affordable and we love using this spatula at home during grilling. Will be ordering more!!!

    from Julie's Bakery Posted on

    I am glad I got so many spatulas to try as I drop and break quite a few of these. Now I can get them delivered to my home and try out many different types to find the best for my needs!

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    This is a really nice well-made 5 inch long by 3 inch wide solid stainless steel turner with a wooden handle I got it to make Philly cheesesteak's works great

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    burger, hotdog , fish and so on flipper , turner , as you see multiple use , and quality heavy duty , price was incredible

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    This has served us well at the grill. Durable, strong, and affordable. The wood handle has held up to our dishwasher fine! What more could we ask for?

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    I bought this without knowing how I was going to use it for church kitchen functions as we do not have a commercial stove top. It has a sharp edge which I used to cut brownies and remove from the paper packaging. The width is great for removing food from pans to plating.

    from SOD Posted on

    Great quality turner. stiff enough to cut food items up while cooking. Its a great utility tool i use and i am glad i bought it i recommend this to anybody looking for a low price good quality turner.

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    I purchased several of these. I searched several online sites to compare prices. I find webstaurant to be the best place to buy anything from a spatula to a deli case. They are a class act.

    from Marathon Bagel Co Posted on

    This is probably the most used turner in our kitchen given its smaller size, holds up really well to heavy use and seems to be made with quality materials

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    This is a solid spatula for the price. My only objection is that the wood finish doesn't last in the dishwasher...But that isn't a deal-breaker. I would recommend this turner.

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    This is one of those items where I end up finding more uses than what was intended. I find this is great when making flatbreads on a stove top, it has give so it isn't stiff and you can press down and apply pressure evenly. It's heavy duty and will last.

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    Solid turner, It is very heavy duty and the blade is sharp. For the price, its a great deal. Make sure you get the right size for your pan - this is 3 inches wide so it works for smaller turning needs.

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    Good standard turner. eventually the rivets will loosen up and you will have for replace but at this price its not that big of a deal.

    from backwater Posted on

    This spatula is nice and sturdy. It has a great feel and a good look. Just the right angle going down. Long spatula for extra loading capacity.

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    These are nice sturdy wood handle turners. we use them for pizza servers. so far working great. i'm sure we will buy again whenever needed.

    from river rock Posted on

    You can use the 5" x 3" Solid Turner with Wood Handle to serve a chicken sandwich. Fits very nice in my hand. Very pleased with purchase.

    from jwhitten31 Youtube name Posted on

    This is a great basic turner. I love the look and feel of the wood handle. I use this primarily while grilling and with the large flat surface, you can turn anything!

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    Thur 5x3 solid wood Turner is a great tool in the kitchen it is very sturdy and comfortable to hold while flipping burgers,eggs, or pancakes I highly recommend.

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    This is a very easy to use solid turner. I like the handle and find it easy to use. I find it works best in a larger skillet or on the grill. It is also easy to store.

    from Floral Creations Posted on

    5" x 3" Solid Turner with Wood Handle is very sturdy. Perfect size for flipping burgers and strong enough to handle everyday use in a commercial kitchen. And you ca not beat the price!

    from Flip Flop Burgers Posted on

    I ordered this to help when I cook my onions and peppers for my Italian sausage sandwiches. I cook them in a solid stainless steel skillet and this turner gets every bit of pepper, onion, and sausage out of the pan and onto the bun. Would order again.

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    Amazing product! These spatulas are sturdy and are great for chopping meat on the grill. Can definitely handle heavy abuse without damage. Very light and easy to handel.

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    Very nice budget turner. The next one I get will have slots, but for this price you can't go wrong. Works well with my pan fried fish, chicken and cube steak.

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    I use this turner for my cast iron skillet. In addition to being a great turner, it also does a fabulous job of scraping stuck-on food off my skillet.

    Posted on

    These solid turners with wood handles are held together with rivets, those rivets become loose and fall out. Be very careful as one made it into a plate that was served.

    from Tripps Primal Farm and Kafé Posted on

    I purchase this for my home since I don't like consumer products much as we seem to get the worst quality. So this was perfect for me. Thank you WEBstaurant Store for the price and the quality.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    We needed turners of all shapes and sizes, and colors and creeds. These smaller ones work well and are nicely priced. Solid construction as well

    Posted on

    Wow...I can't say enough about this spatula! I bought 2 of them and they are now my favorite (and only) spatula I use in my restaurant. They are sturdy, well constructed, great "edge" on them and they stay cool to the touch and feel good in your hand. Just what I was looking for!

    from Sunset Grill Posted on

    Perfect for everyday use - It is small but powerful. I enjoy using this turner. This was exactly what we were looking for. The handle is strong and the blade is long enough for our purpose. We can always find what we want at Webstaurant.com

    from Sparrow Properties Posted on

    Don't let the price fool you, this will last you a long time. I've had mine for over 2 years now and it has held up amazingly and we use it everyday! Perfect size for flipping burgers and eggs.

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    These bad boys are awesome for small items. I load up on these and we use them for pancakes and prep work. And can't beat the price

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    This turner is a favorite of all my cooks! It is the perfect length to pick up both sausage patties at once and works great when flipping eggs! And the price is fantastic!!! I've had mine for over a year and it has held up wonderfully! Must buy for every restaurant !

    from griddles country cookin' Posted on

    Great turner. The sides are sharp and sturdy enough to scrape and cut thin chicken. The handle has held up great, even with daily use and washing it has not faded.

    from Daily Grinders Posted on

    Tough to say much about this except it does it's job very well. Consider what you'll be using it for--you may find the larger ones work better

    Posted on

    These wood handled turners are great for getting our oven baked sandwiches out of the oven. They are well made and the price is the lowest I could find.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    This turner is a solid, quality built item. However, it doesn't hold up well in the dishwasher. After one or two washes the handle looks pretty rough and the finish looks bad to be honest. However, from a functional perspective it can't be beat!

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! Wood is not dishwasher safe. This turner should be hand-washed and conditioned periodically. For future reference, try using Emmet's Elixir wood conditioner / cutting board oil to improve the condition of the handle.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    And couldn't help but add this to my cart when I saw the price. Then I added another for my mom. And another for my sister. And one more for my Aunt :-) perfect for pancakes and cookies. Not as thick as my Pampered Chef spatula, but I can rest it on the pan and not have to worry about it burning. Reminds me of my grandmother's pancake turner :-)

    from Gudbytes Posted on

    I love this five by three inch solid turner with wood handle very much. It is really helpful on anything, especailly for tepanyaki kind stuff.

    Posted on

    I really like tnis turner. It is thin enough to slide under things on the pan easily without breaking them, or having them slide all over the place. The edge is also good for scraping my stainless steel pan clean after frying.

    Posted on

    A must-have tool for us. It's the perfect tool for removing cookies or basically anything else from a baking sheet. The end is even sharp enough to get under things that are stuck to the pan. Nice!

    from Rainbow Bakery Posted on

    I bought this spatula 3 years ago for my restaurant, I\'m ready to order it again, it economic and does his work thoroughly, I recommend it, do not miss the opportunity to make it your favorite turners with wood handles.

    from DAMASCUS RESTAURANT Posted on

    I am so happy with this turner. It is real nice looking and is very sturdy. When I use it it is not flimsy and makes all the turning easy no matter how heavy the food is.

    Posted on

    Such a good quality product for the price! It's held up almost daily use for about a year now. I'm very happy with it and considering another.

    Posted on

    I have purchased several of these solid turners with wood handles. They are really well made and hold up to job after job. Good Buy.

    Posted on

    This is a great wood turner, we use this on our griddle for sanwiches. Nice size they can flip our large sandwiches no problem. For messy ones we put one on top and one under and flip that way. Love these.

    from Lisa's Lunchbox Posted on

    Perfect spatula for a large flat top. Anything breakfast to dinner works great. We can get two pancakes on it at once. Good sturdy for a low price.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect spatula turner for any flat top. It is balanced perfectly and very sturdy. It is very easy for turning and sorts of meats on a flat top or grill.

    Posted on

    we were using the round tip solid wood turners and had an issue with getting under the fish fillets. so i tried this turner, what a great switch the corners are pointed which solved our issue right away.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    This spatula is great in every kitchen and is perfect for the flat top! Durable handle and these last a lifetime in the kitchen! Must buy and great price!!

    Posted on

    The 5x3" Solid Wood Handle Turner is great. We use it daily for everything from flipping hamburgers, steaks,etc. It is easy to clean . The wood handle dosen't get hot. The price is great too.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    This turner is great for anything other than non-oily fish. This turner is able to flip eggs and turn pancakes with ease and is truly a great product for the money.

    Posted on

    Great turner. the handle is a perfect a size for small/woman's hands. We use this both at home & at events. Will be buying more.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    These are great for delicious home made charbroil burgers. effortlessly flip burgers, dogs, chicken breast, steaks, or anything else with this spatula. very low price makes it a no brainer.

    Posted on

    I like how small this turner is, it is a good size for pancakes, sausage patties, and other breakfast items. It has a sturdy construction, and I like the wood handle.

    from Wears Valley Ranch Posted on

    I use these every day on a consistent basis. They great for mixing the veggies up with the meat for our Philly cheesesteaks. They work perfect to pick up the product and toss it on the roll.

    from Philly Bill's Cheesesteaks Posted on

    Awesome value in a good quality spatula. I use this to flip everything from burgers to chicken to even steak. Love the wooden grip and alos sits great in the hand

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    If you are a master of the grill (or one in training!) this is a must have tool!!! Perfect turner for cooking burgers and steaks on the grill or for toasting sandwiches on the flattop! Very inexpensive but worth the investment, will last!

    Posted on

    Great turner. Standard size, built with sturdy steel that has just a touch of flexibility. The handle has a full tang and looks decent. Not much more you could ask.

    Posted on

    Awesome value in a good quality spatula. Nice square end that is great for scraping down a flat top griddle or a cast iron skillet.

    Posted on

    I'm not accustomed to the durability, price, and size of restaurant-type items. This one surprised me a bit, but it really had a workout over the holidays. Great for home kitchens.

    from Hootin' Honey Farm Posted on

    This is perfect for making philly cheesesteaks. The sides of the spatula are sharp enough to cut the meat. Also, great for other short order jobs, turning two burgers at a time, makes things easier in the kitchen.

    Posted on

    wonderful product, very tough, easy to use not too long not too short, perfect to flip the burgers and other blacken item, i love to buy it again

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    Bought this turner to help our staff with using the griddle. The other turner we had bends easily. This one is solid and easy to handle. It is easy to clean, as it doesn't have any vented areas. Handle allows the cooker agility without getting too close to the cooktop.

    Posted on

    this item is excellent and I would definately purchase it again. Solid construction and great for the grill. Also a good value for the money.

    Posted on

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