8" Chef Knife with White Handle

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Looking to start your own restaurant and provide your employees with a versatile, efficient knife for everyday use? Thanks to a high carbon, professional grade, no-stain, German steel blade, this 8" chef knife serves as the perfect all-around kitchen utensil. Hand-honed edges are designed for maximum cutting performance that produce sharp, unparalleled cuts each time, while the ergonomic polypropylene handle provides users with exceptional comfort and a safe grip.

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8" Chef Knife with White Handle

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    I have several of the 10 inch, and I have to say, I like the 8 inch better. It is easier to control when chopping vegetables and prep work. VERY SHARP!

    Posted on

    I needed some extra chef's knives for my kitchen and these fit the bill perfectly. Anyone looking for a quality, inexpensive knife who doesn't care about branding needs to get this knife. Easily sharpened and cleaned, this knife has become a workhorse in all types of prep. The handle seems to hold onto color fairly easily, but a little bleaching should do the trick to strip the color.

    from YWAM Yosemite Posted on

    This knife cuts like a dream. Goes right through everything and feels very comfortable in my hand. Love the look and finish on it too.

    Posted on

    This knife is great for chopping vegetables and cheese; the blade is very sharp. The grip is comfortable and it is very durable and easy to clean.

    from Johnny Roger's BBQ & Burgers Posted on

    The knife is a little long for me, but I just have small hands. I do like the nice grippy handle and the fact that it holds an edge well so far.

    from Dane Posted on

    As you can see, the knife is very long. Then again, I have short arms.

    So i have all good things to say bout this knife. Excellent for dicining veggies and slicing cheese of meat nice and thin. Comfortable grip handle and affordable.

    Posted on

    Chef knife

    This is an excellent quality knife for a very reasonable price. It cuts well and it stays sharp. Every restaurant should have at least two of these.

    Posted on

    Very good quality, especially for the price of this knife. We use them daily in our busy kitchen and go quite a while between sharpening, as they keep their edge. White handle is easy to clean.

    from Brixx Posted on

    I am impressed with how long these have lasted, 18 months and going strong! The blade is long enough to get the job done, but not so long that you are afraid to use it.

    from The French Press Coffee Co. Posted on

    Great little knife for minor cutting. I would not suggest it for real slicing, we have a slicer for that. But it works great for salad lettuce and precut tomatoes.

    from Panichellis Pizzeria Posted on

    This 8 inch chefs knife is an amazing all-purpose knife. It's very sharp and sturdy and I love the size. As for the price, you can't find it for any less anywhere else.

    from La Vie En Roshy Posted on

    One of my two go to knives!

    The 8" chef knife is a great tool. The handle is easy to hold and the knofe has kept it's edge really well. Would definitley buy again.

    from Sweet Gourmet Cafe Posted on

    You get what you pay for in these knives. They stand up well to heavy use, but don't hold their sharp edge as well as their more expensive competitors. A good knife for the price.

    from MC Union Restaurants, Inc Stack Southern Bistro Posted on

    This is a great chef knife with a poly handle. I like how the handle feels and fits in my hand, and the blade is easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a relatively long time. Great value.

    Posted on

    cutting chicken

    These are a basic 8" chef knife, but for the price they are great for almost any kitchen. They are durable and inexpensive. A must have for most kitchens.

    from Cobleskill Auxiliary Services Posted on

    A nice economical chef knife with an 8 inch blade. We bought a dozen of these to have at each station of our cooking class. The knives are strong and durable and chop vegetables perfectly.

    Posted on

    I was looking for a cost effective knife that my staff could use and abuse and if it only lasted six months I would not loose any sleep. This does that job and several months later and many re-sharpenings I am still pleased with the performance of the blade.

    from Concepts in Catering LLC Posted on

    These knives hold up great to a lot of use, my staff uses several of them a day and they still work well.

    This is a pretty decent 8 inch long chefs knife and has a good economical price point on it it's pretty durable it's got a good company handling it great for the high pace restaurant

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Got a really sharp edge on it

    Great knife. Super sharp. Cuts through tomatoes smoothly. Nice looking, sturdy and very comfortable handle. I would definitely recommend this knife for your kitchen. I will be buying more when needed.

    from Quick and Tasty Burgers Posted on

    Works great so far. We only used it to cut fruits and it's pretty well, haven't tried it on meats yet, but it's easy to clean and use

    from n/a Posted on

    Has a nice handle for easy control. There is texture on the handle so it won't slip. Sharp and easy to clean. Just what I was looking for.

    from Coco & Mini's LLC Posted on

    I bought this because I have some cooks that are just learning knife skills and how to sharpen knives, I figured if they messed up this knife I wasn't out a lot of money. It is a good knife for them to learn skills on it's not the greatest for finely shredding cabbage or lettuce since the knife is thick but it works well for chopping, slicing and dicing everyday things in a kitchen. It is also surprisingly durable for the price.

    from Screaming Eagle Posted on

    not the fanciest knife in the world, but this is the true work horse of most professional kitchens. it's sharp and the handle has a great grip. it's a great all around knife for bulk tasks.

    Posted on

    great for prepping and basic tasks

    I wish I had measured 8" before we purchased as this knife is HUGE. Straight out of the box it was easy to quickly wash and put to use. It sliced chicken with ease and made meal prep extremely easy compared to our other dull knives.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    Chef knife, white 8"

    Great addition to the kitchen. Especially good for chopping smaller vegetables and fruits. Not my go-to chef knife because it is a bit small for me, but I appreciate having a smaller size around for more delicate tasks.

    Posted on

    Very nice chefs knife at an amazing price. Ive had my 40 dollars knives that dont stay as sharp and doesnt cut with ease as this chefs knife.

    Posted on

    Great knife. Feels great in your hand and has a thumb groove that is nice. It arrived very sharp and was put to immediate use. Would buy again.

    Posted on

    This knife is versatile, and offers clean cuts on any product!

    8" is an excellent all around knife. The knife stays sharp for quite a while, but keep in mind it is helpful to have an honing rod and also a knife sharpener handy. I like to use this size of knife for slicing steaks and chicken on a cutting board. After some sharpening and maintenance this knife is fantastic for every day use. I switch off between this knife and my mercer chef knife.

    Posted on

    Ready, Set, Chop!

    It's a good quality knife for a cheap price! It stays sharp for long periods of time and the handle fits well into my hand. I don't have any slippage issues. Highly recommended!

    Posted on

    Really sharp knife. Definitely getting a lot more but in different sizes. I also like the plane white color it gives the knife a official look

    from Foxland market Posted on

    I love this knife. It's incredibly sharp, durable, and has a great handle. It's also a complete steal at the price you have to pay. I own the not only this 8" but also the 10" version. Very well made and high quality. It also is easy to keep sharp as well as sharpen.

    from Drove Thru Posted on

    Great for all purpose use. We used to spend a little more on community knives, but sure enough they always get chipped or dent, so we got this guy instead. Surprising sturdy and easy to sharpen. We even both a second one shortly after. Great buy.

    Posted on

    These knives are so great for the kitchen. As long as you keep them sharpened, they are so easy to use. The handle has a comfortable grip as well.

    from Ahmed Abuhammoud Posted on

    This knife is a perfect standard size for a chef knife. Easy to hold and it cuts through anything like butter! i love it. Buying more soon!

    Posted on

    Standard 8 inch chef's knife works particularly well in a commercial kitchen. The white handle is very comfortable with an ergonomic grip for longer use.

    Posted on

    The only problem I have with this knife is that I did not order a larger blade. Overall, great knife, very sharp and the handle feels comfortable does not slip while holding it. Nice job, guys!

    from MM&M CATERING Posted on

    This is a good cutting knife right out of the package. It holds it edge well and feels nice in the hand. I would recommend.

    Posted on

    This is definitely a must have for small business on a budget . Strong, durable, easy to sharpen, easy to clean and super cheap. We will ordering more. Great product

    from Angeliques Cafe Posted on

    Large chef's knife that cuts well right out of the packaging. The handle is plastic and the blade has a nice weight to it. Not too heavy though.

    Posted on

    This is definitely a must have for budget-conscious operations. Strong, durable, easy to sharpen, easy to clean and cost-effective. We will be back for more!

    from Global Spice Bistro Posted on

    I bought these to replace the "church knives" at my church. For those of you not familiar, "church knives" refers to a special breed of cutlery that, across the board, has the sharpness level of a beachball. This is an economical way to keep a safe tool at hand. 4-stars for the fast-dulling soft steel, but this makes them easy to sharpen, so it balances out in the end. Prone to spotty rust, but not if properly washed and dried regularly. I would recommend this product.

    Posted on

    These knives are great quality for the price paid. They are sturdy, sharp, and easy to use, and it was easy to train volunteers in knife safety with these.

    from Lindsey Wilson College Posted on

    Great utility knife. We use it for many purposes from chopping veggies, to slicing cheese, to cutting bread sandwiches. Knife has a sturdy handle ad a great blade.

    from Trexcon Posted on

    I needed a new knife I wouldn't mind using in my home business. It is a good knife. The only down side (and reason I gave it only 4 stars) is the handle. It feels bulky and awkward in my hand sometimes. It cuts through onions smoothly, and the price was great.

    Posted on

    A good size chef knife. The construction makes it easy to clean and being a chef knife it has very many uses. It is comfortable when using for a long time.

    Posted on

    A good knife for the price. Weight is good but wouldn't hurt it if was just a bit heavier. Seems well balanced. Arrived sharp and cuts well. The handle is a hard plastic and seems pretty ergonomic with a good grip. Overall I would say I'm satisfied

    Posted on

    I love this knife. It's super cheap, but is a chopping machine. Plus, if it gets dropped it doesn't make me wince like when it's one of my good knives. Probably be buying more of these.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Bar prep.

    This knife is great for the price. it easily competes with more expensive knives. The handle is comfortable and the blade is sharp. Not to mention it is easy to clean.

    from Double B Treats Posted on

    Man oh man I use this knife in my kitchen a lot. It doesn't get dull and very easy to clean. It also fits in my knife station easy.

    from Tashpat LLC Posted on

    This 8" chef knife is a great product. The handle is very comfortable to hold, making cutting simple. The knife is sharp and does a very precise cut.

    from boeuf & bun corp. Posted on

    Great chopping knife!

    I needed a good, sharp knife and this one is great. The handle feels good on the hands and the knife is thin and sharp. For the money, its much better than a lot of the more expensive knives I have. Hand wash and be gentle and it will last longer.

    Posted on

    This chef knife is a great buy! It's good quality and stays sharp. The white handle has a great grip. It's perfect for chopping vegetables or various meats.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    It is a very affordable knifr. We used it at a restaurant I used to work at. It can be easily reshaped and cuts through just about everything

    Posted on

    These knives are super functional. They're sharp and dishwasher safe with a strong handle that won't slip. They won't win any beauty contests, but that's not what they are made for.

    from Cobscook Community Learning Center Posted on

    Nice 8" knife for all our basic needs. Very sharp and easy to keep clean handle that feels good in your hand. Perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Basic 8 inch chef knife. Nothing fancy but does exactly what I need it to. Great price for the quality. Will purchase again in the future.

    from Everything but the Dress LLC Posted on

    Excellent knife, comes very sharp! I love the plastic handle verses a wooden handle. It just feels cleaner than a wooden handle. This is a great sized chefs knife.

    Posted on

    I ordered a set of these knives for my students to use in an introduction to cooking class. The blade is well made, but not exceptionally sharp. It sharpened really easily though and was just right for our use. If you were to use it professionally, I'd probably recommend a higher quality knife, but for casual use it's great.

    from Marie Gray Posted on

    Great product! Item came exactly as described and shown in the pictures. Its a quality product for a great price. This item is worth buying.

    Posted on

    Excellent Quality knives. We have been using this for a little more than 5 months now and it is still in great condition. Can't beat the price! Purchase a low cost knife sharpener as well to keep them lasting long.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    This eight inch chef knife with white handle is great. I bought a couple of these and everyone who uses them loves them. Great Purchase!

    Posted on

    These Knives are great for all day prep. The light weight & sharpness saves so much energy and wear on your wrists after a long day of prepping.

    Posted on

    I was surprised at how sharp that this knife stays! It has a good weight to it and is a perfect addition to every kitchen.

    from Audible Imagery Posted on

    We really like these knives. They are a nice weight. This knife is my go to knife for almost everything. They are easy to sharpen.

    Posted on

    What can I say? This knife is inexpensive but it does its job. It isn't as sharp nor does it hold an edge as long as blades with better quality steel. I wasn't expecting anything great when I ordered these, as they will be used mostly for our more inexperienced employees, or those who have no need for an expensive knife.

    Posted on

    This is a high quality knife for the low price. I purchased these for the kitchen prep area for meats and large fruits. Very impressed with sturdy handle and great looks, highly recommend and will buy again.

    Posted on

    Great knife. Came with a good edge. These are almost disposeable but who cares. Great price. Actually impressed with these. Will definitely buy again. Thanks.

    from backwater Posted on

    I use these knives in the kitchen after the store opens. Employees have a tendency to grab tools without considering who they belong to, so my knives get locked away after I am done with my preparation. These knives are functionally sharp when they arrive. They hone to razor sharp very quickly. I routinely sharpen and hone all knives every Sunday, but these have only needed to be touched up once per month. We use them to process chicken, ham and turkey for our product. The handles remain non slip during greasy work. They clean up easily and have the ability to withstand the abuse of a clumsy prep cook. Good utility knives for a kitchen!

    from BitingChef, LLC Posted on

    A great knife at a great price. It is not the sharpest knife but at 8" it is good for slicing melon or larger fruits. It also cleans easily.

    Posted on

    these knives are nice , but they are not sharp enough the handle is solid and has a good grip on it they do the job.

    Posted on

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