Caution Wet Floor Sign

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Prevent slips and falls with this 24" high, easel style caution wet floor sign! Yellow wet floor signs,such as this one, feature a bright color that makes them highly visible. This wet floor sign also has a two-sided warning message that reads, "Caution: Wet Floor" in both Spanish and English, so everyone can clearly read the message and avoid the wet area. Wet floor signs and other caution signs are important for any restaurant, supermarket, grocery store, or other establishment to have to keep guests aware of potentially hazardous areas. Due to its light weight and compact, foldable design easily store this wet floor caution sign when not in use. Plus, its handle allows you to hang it on a janitorial cart!

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Caution Wet Floor Sign

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    For the price these wet floor signs are great, we get a lot of use out of ours in our bar/restaurant. They are pretty thin and feel like they could break easily, but do the job

    from Ale House Bar & Grill LLC Posted on

    I was unsure about ordering these wet floor signs, I ordered 2 of them. For what its worth they are of good value, they are not the most sturdy thing in the world but they do the job. We use these quite often and they have come in handy. I would recommend this item

    Any time when you mop a floor remember to put a wet floor sign down you don't want any one slipping and falling then blaming you

    from C.johnson Men of Business Posted on

    I was very surprised at the great price of this sign. Is is regular height and good quality. A must have for any restaurant to keep customers aware of spills or when we have mopped.

    from World of Beer Posted on

    Simple wet floor sign that does the trick. It isn't anything fancy, but it serves as a nice caution sign to guests. Durable and easy to clean.

    from The Grumpy Monk Posted on

    The price point can't be beat! Other places sell these for $16+. This sign stays upright, easy to put away and i like that fact that it has Spanish as well.

    from Modo Yoga San Diego Posted on

    Wow safety is first, Excellent way to inform our customers of spills or just mopped floors. Pricing is definitely better compared to other websites. The Price is very good.

    from paris crepes & coffee Posted on

    Paris crepes and coffee

    These floor signs are okay. But for the price, I cant really complain. They just seem a little flimsy at the top like they may break easy. So far we haven't had any trouble out of them, but we've only had them for maybe 2 months. Would recommend if they are only being used occasionally and in low traffic areas.

    from Mammys Kitchen Posted on

    Good basic sign for spills. Looks a little cheap and flimsy, and probably not suited for a fancier type establishment, but works well for most. Good price for a decent product.

    Posted on

    This is sign is extremely visible and durable!

    This is the same product you found in other stores that are four times more expensive than here. It is a cheap way to cover your liability accidents.

    from West Coast Cleaner Posted on

    This budget wet floor sign is fine for alerting your customers to a wet floor but isn't really sturdy. For the low price, I didn't expect it to be as sturdy as a Rubbermaid sign, but does what it is intended to do.

    Posted on

    wet floor sign

    Simple construction but these signs do their job of alerting employees and patrons to the condition of the floor. Fold up easily and are easy to handle in general.

    from Monika's Organic Bakery Posted on

    Great to get the customers aware of the wet floor. letters are good size and easy to read. also the yellow color make easy to see it. easy to put and easy to put away.


    We have several of these signs at our deli. They're bright and cheery looking and they serve their purpose well. We've never had any issues with them.

    from New Deli Posted on

    This one is so easy to use, see and good price. but then, somehow it is kinda fall down. if you are looking for good price. i defiantly recommend!

    from Coffee Speaks Posted on

    It is very light weighted. It does the job, very good price. I would not spend lot of money on these things for more quality. This works perfectly fine, stands well itself on the wet floor.

    No surprises here, it's exactly what we were looking for to make sure our customers were safe. Easy to store folded up and quickly grab to put out when cleaning up spills!

    Posted on

    Great affordable option, these are not heavy duty, but work just fine for intended purposes. They Fold flat for storage and out of the way.

    from Rock N Grill Posted on

    This is a standard wet floor sign that puts you in compliance. There are many other options out there but honestly this one is what people will actually recognize and use.

    Posted on

    A very reasonably priced sign. They are a third of the price of the ones that we used to purchase. They are only about 2" shorter but not much different and worth trying.

    from MAC-STO Posted on

    small? light?easy to take and storage and it is convenient. the price is reasonable for a sign. it is suitable for general restaurant and i recommend this.

    from lancaster Tea Box cafe Posted on

    Not sure how you could go wrong with a wet floor sign. It is a great value and that includes having it shipped. A must have.

    from Between the Bun Posted on

    Excellent way to inform our patrons of spills or just mopped floors. Pricing is definitely better compared to other websites. Need to order some more as we speak.

    from Northeast Alabama Regional Med Ctr Posted on

    Seems a bit on the low quality side because it's lightweight but we don't need a fancy wet floor sign. The reason I chose this one was because of its low cost. It is much less expensive than many of the others I've found. We don't need it very often but when we do, it does the job.

    Posted on

    You may wonder if there is such a thing as a bad wet floor sign. There is and this one is not it. This works fantastic indoors and outdoors.

    from Hoagie Bros Posted on

    We have a couple of these in our restaurant. They fold for easy storage and are bright enough for customers to see easily. Easy to move as well.

    Posted on

    This sign helps keep our customers on their toes! Easy to clean and folds flat to store. We've had our for year and the lettering is still easy to read.

    from Muncheez Pizzeria Posted on

    Wet floor sign , hard plastic , stands well, solid , good price as usual, yellow color well picked , hand is useful , and Spanish on it

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    Price, price , price. Best prices are found here at webstaurant store. Does the job! What else can you ask for. Get it from here!

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    This is the most fantastic sign ever! It conveys to patrons that the floor maybe wet in multiple languages. This is huge not on;y to prevent injury but to prevent a lawsuit.

    from Ohana kava bar Posted on

    Great buy especially since everywhere else online and in stores is about twice as much. Sign is totally sturdy and never falls over on its own.

    Posted on

    Decent wet floor sign for the money. Comes in 2 pieces and needs to be snapped together. Plastic is warped and sits a little crooked but look at the price. Does the job.

    Posted on

    I bought 2 of these as well. 1 foe the FOH and BOH. Light weight and easy to assemble. Great price too. Easy to store

    from Pazar Posted on

    Decently built wet floor sign, a little too flimsy but it does the job for the right price. I'd recomend to other company's and small business.

    Posted on

    Great sign, perfect size & very visible. A must have for any restaurant or food service for spills or general cleaning. I will be back to purchase one for our second location!

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    Great price for this product. Cheapest around. But definitely not cheaply made. Great sign easy to put together. Easy for the customer to read. Fast shipping

    from All You Need Is Ice Cream Posted on

    Will do the job. Not the strongest or toughest, but will do the job. We ordered these for minimum requirements at our coffee house, but if I ever have to replace them, I would buy more durable ones. Very good for the price.

    from Luna Coffee House, LLC Posted on

    Great little signs to help prevent slips and falls in the case of a spill. Durable signs that you do not really have to replace ever.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    These wet floor signs are the perfect size for alerting people of little spills. We keep them around at all locations.

    Cheap. Durable. There's not much more to say other than those things. It's so convenient being able to add on items like this to other orders

    from A Dopo Sourdough Pizza Posted on

    These are your basic bottom line wet floor signs. They are nothing fancy but they are very affordable and do their job by letting someone know the floor is wet.

    from ELLEN RENEES LLC Posted on

    The wet floor sign does exactly what it is intended to do. It is bright, vivid, with bold lettering. I wouldn't change anything about this floor sign.

    from Fork Food Lab Posted on

    This guy is pretty self explanatory. We just didn't have any clean looking ones when we needed them. Went to a local restaurant store and they cost twice the price of this one. Couldn't believe it. So came through once again.

    Posted on

    The Caution sign is your typical wet floor sign. Very basic, nothing extravagant but it's well made and gets the job done. No complaints here.

    from Cally H Posted on

    This is literally a life saver! I use this in my art classroom when there is a spill or a clean-up. It's a must, especially when working with kids.

    Posted on

    Typical standard 'wet floor' sign. Not the most expensive you could find but felt like it would hold up. If you just need a couple extra these work great.

    Posted on

    This is a pretty standard item, but a necessity in any bar or restaurant. Easy to set up and to fold back to flat. We keep one in any nook or cranny of our cafe in case of a spill.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    This sign is affordable, you can not beat this price! If you are hesitant about purchasing it don't be! Eddy restaurant needs a wet floor sign! Great buy!

    from She Cooks She Kutz, LLC Posted on

    Can't believe how nice this sign is for the price. It is a nice standard size, and good quality. Should last us for a long time.

    Posted on

    These wet floor signs are inexpensive and get the job done. They are nothing fancy but perfect to use in commercial facilities. Nothing overboard, just right.

    from Sawgrass Cleaning Solutions, LLC. Posted on

    Great wet floor sign at a great price....this sign gets the job done.

    Value price for a wet floor sign - this item will suit its purpose! We were surprised to find a great deal on this required signage.

    from Brewed & Bottled Craft Beer Shop Posted on

    best quality with the best price. fast shipping and best customer service. they are always there and rely your message fast. i love it so much

    from ITEA Posted on

    Super cheap price but great quality. Easy to see by customers when they walk in. Save space by just folding. Will buy from them again

    from Zizheng Lou Posted on

    I've had this product for over two years, very durable product that will hold up to being knocked over. Haven't had one issue with the sign at all.

    from Mazureks Bakery Posted on

    This is probably the best price you will pay for one of these signs. Although they are not as durable as I would like them to be I wouldn't mind ordering extra if I had to.

    Posted on

    My only complaint about this sign is the way it folds open at the hinge. It is very easy to pinch your hand when opening it. Other than that, the sign has a great price.

    Posted on

    We purchased 2 and 1 of them came broken. Quality is good so they should last for a little while but they are not the best quality signs. Great for the price.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    Good, easy to see wet floor sign. They are sturdy and easy to clean if need be. We have had one for over 10 years.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    It goes without saying that if the floor is wet from a spill or while cleaning, you need to alert everyone around. This sign stands up easily and it gets the message across loud and clear (and in 2 languages).

    Posted on

    Heavy constructed and very clear and visible. We use them every day and its a great item to help costumers avoid hazards areas in the restaurant

    from Russ H. Posted on

    This wet floor sign is a nice size and very visible. It's made out a very durable plastic. Every place of business needs a wet floor sign for safety.

    Posted on

    This sign is not really heavy enough. It falls easily, and is a little difficult to keep spread out and stood up at times. It does serve its purpose.

    from eagle valley cafe Posted on

    The caution wet floor signs are light weight and easy to store. The colors are bright and draws attention to customers and staff for safety purposes.

    from Genovese's Posted on

    Pretty standard wet floor sign. I use them for our front doors and any spills for liability reasons. When not in use they fold up nicely and can be put away in a slim spot.

    Posted on

    I'm really happy with the product, paid less than half what I've paid in the past and all do the job, that is the only floor sign I would buy.

    from the pharaohs work LLC Posted on

    This wet floor sign does the job! It is reasonably sturdy (Indoor use only) and very lightweight. It is good to have multiple signs on hand, and the price makes that very easy. Every eatery should have at least 3-5 wet floor signs!

    Posted on

    These signs are heavy duty but very lightweight! When you put them out they almost glow because they are so bright. Price was unbeatable and shipping was faster than expected!

    from Hancock County Library System Posted on

    A very strong and durable sign for our wet floors. I love that the cone is in English and Spanish. The bright yellow color is very noticeable and helps prevents slips on our wet floors during the winter months.

    Posted on

    Works great, does its job, easy to clean. Will certainly order again if we need more or need to replace the ones we have now. Great size and really stable. Easy to store.

    from Cresthill Academy Posted on

    These are exactly what we needed, we didn't need expensive ones, but needed descent ones for safety. These are perfect, fold up nice and easy, set up easy. Bought 4 will probably be getting many more.

    from Regal Posted on

    Glad I bought this because I was mopping the floor and a customer came right in and almost stepped on the floor. The sign is plastic, not too heavy and just right for my quaint space. Will definitely buy again.

    from The Tea Room Posted on

    Your normal 'Run-of-the-mill' wet floor sign. Very sturdy construction. Stays where it is put and does not fall over. Easy to wipe off if it gets dirty. Great quality.

    from TW Posted on

    The Caution Wet Floor Sign is exactly as described. Its easy to store and takes up little space. Easily visible when in use it works great

    Posted on

    Not an awful sign, but these do get cracked and torn up from falling over a lot. I definitely prefer the cone heavy duty ones, are the best

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    This Wet Floor Sign is very light and simple to move and use. I love because they are light and the wind don't make it any problems.

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    Works like it should. Stands up and does not fall down. Bright yellow so you can not miss it. A must have for any business.

    Posted on

    Safety first people ! Just to prevent a lawsuit we went with this item perfect price, and so far we've been doing well at protecting our guest and employees.

    from Sally's Piece-a-Cake Posted on

    I wouldn't normally leave a view for a wet floor sign but this sign is made of some really sturdy plastic that is thicker than the other signs we have used in the past.

    from Sugarbelles Posted on

    This is a nice lightweight easily moved signed great for small places. Easy to read and visual bright colors good price value for this item

    from The Brown Cow Dairy LLC Posted on

    Best wet floor sign money can buy. Perfectly alertsatrons and staff alike to the possible dangers of the floor being wet. Undoubtedly saved many slip and fall accudents

    from West Edge Restaurant & Lounge Posted on

    Light weight thin easy to keep and sneak in any where.The letter and picture are big enough to see from distance. It is easy to read

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    Pretty flimsy but it stands up on it's own so that's all I need it to do. Don't expect it to stay standing if someone knocks into it.

    Posted on

    The design are very good. Light weight thin easy to keep and sneak in any where. The letter and picture are big enough to see from distance.

    from RAWR Sushi, LLC Posted on

    All business owners know that this is a must-have, especially in restaurants where spills are pretty common. This one is very noticeable and has a picture so even children understand what it means.

    from Castle Catering Posted on

    I hate when they put paper stickers on products like these and it takes you ten minutes to scrape them off. Other than that it would be five stars.

    from backwater Posted on

    Easy to use wet floor signs at a great price. We needed a large quantity of the wet floor signs and we received our shipment quickly.

    from School Board Louisa County School Posted on

    These aren't glamorous but they do the job. silly to get any other except this floor sign for the price. easy to use, clean and collapsible so can store it out of the way.

    from Toasted Posted on

    These are perfect for what they do. I know there are a ton of options, but these are good cheap options. They are made of a thick plastic and I have been using them for over a year and have yet to have one break. Good investment.

    from Blue Oasis Italian Ice and ice cream Posted on

    Very affordable wet floor sign that is a must for every restaurant. It is easy to read and easy to put out when there is a spill or someone is mopping.

    Posted on

    You won't find any better for the price. The sign does well folded out or propped up against something, and is bright and visible to customers. Must-have for safety.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    This is a great option for a wet floor sign. It is a good height, and easy to read. A feature I like about it is that it opens enough to be stable but wont fall in on itself.

    Posted on

    This item is as reasonably priced as I could find anywhere on the web. And, as always, the webstraurant store gets it to you quickly.

    from Kaylees Bakery Posted on

    Some previous reviews stated that this is not very heavy and they are right. This wet floor sign is very light compared to others and a bit flimsy.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry that you did not like the floor sign you recently purchased. We recommend this 27" Wet Floor Cone-Shaped Sign for a sturdier option.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This is a very sturdy and well made sign. It let's everyone know to avoid wet floors. I would highly recommend this product to anyone needed a wet floor sign.

    from Bakers Buzzin' LLC Posted on

    who doesn't need a wet floor sign? great addition since we also purchase the mop bucket. it works hand in hand during clean up time and if something spill on the floor!

    from Cre8tive Cupcake Posted on

    It is good quality compare to its price. It is not too heavy weight but it is not too cheap material either. I bought four in total for my store and I use them often.

    Posted on

    Love it really light , great material dropped it several times it has lasted for a year already , is really well steady , is not the cheap plastic that is falling down , great price and product !

    from mix cocina Posted on

    This sign works great. It's easy to set up and put away, It doesn't take up a lot of storage room because it folds nicely.

    Posted on

    A must need for any restaurant. Something so cheap to protect liability on your part. Bright neon yellow sturday and very easy to read and see

    from Penelopes Lil Cafe Posted on

    We use these every day at the bakery. Our floors are quite slick with any amount of moisture so we keep the signs in easy reach in the customer seating area. Good value at this price point.

    from Sugar Fixe LLC Posted on

    Great deal, well made and light weight. I have resisted buying these in the past, in retail stores they run twenty dollars and higher. This was definitely a great price!

    from Stewarts Catering Posted on

    Great sign made of heavy duty material. Very bright and visible colors that can be seen from far away easily. The price is excellent and of great value.

    Posted on

    This "wet floor" sign is very durable and serves its purpose. It is a similar size to the other brands of "wet floor signs" for a better price!

    Posted on

    This sign not only looks good but its a requirement by code department, delivery was quick as usual from Web, get a couple of them at this great price.

    from Green Zone B & G Posted on

    These signs work perfectly to let the guests know you are mopping or have had a spill in the area. The signs are about 50% less than I have found anywhere else for the same sign.

    from Freebirds World Burrito Posted on

    great little sign. great price compared to my local store. easy to store e light weight. does its job. i would recommend it to anyone

    from Babycakes Cupcakery Posted on

    What a great way (and with the right price) to protect your restaurant and customers. We use this sign inside and outside, specially when we had ice and snow outside. This was a great way to warn our customers of dangerous icy conditions.

    from Moe & Anita's Pizzeria Posted on

    It was important for us to have a sign by our wash sink and for when customers bring in snow and salt from outside. This sign is convenient and affordable. It's sturdy and easy to store when not in use.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    Wet Floor Signs can mean the difference of someone walking cautiously and breaking a bone in a fall. Prevent a lawsuit with a simple Wet Floor Sign, this sign is the.perfect size to warn about wet floor, easy fold for storage. lightweight,

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    Great price and completely functional / durable. Can't beat these signs vs. buying something 3x or 4x the price just so it says a brand name!

    from Ranr Group Posted on

    Seen the same sign at another store and it was triple in price. We bought two of these Always good to have an extra one of these for the rainy or snowy days we have in the northeast

    from Jessup plaza beverage Posted on

    Can't beat the price!!! Very happy with this sign. Does the job. Sturdy, easy to unfold and stays in place. Easy to store. I will recommend it to anyone.

    Posted on

    These are a great buy, They seem to hold up just as good as the more expensive ones. They are bright and can be seen pretty good.

    from Caseyboys Posted on

    Very Good quality! Much cheaper than going to a store around here yet seems the same to me! Everyone will know your floor is wet when you put this sign up!

    Posted on

    This sign is the perfect size both for setting out in times of need but also for storing. We have limited space, so it is nice to find something that slips between some of our tight spaces.

    from THE RED SOFA Posted on

    This product is great to use for safety requirements. In a busy kitchen with lots of spills and water its nice to have this sign on hand to keep our employees and customers safe.

    from Rick's Diner & Catering Posted on

    Having these signs on hand is a must for any business because it helps to mitigate liability. My experience with these signs has been great. They are high quality and are not cheap and flimsy.

    Posted on

    You don't need to shop anywhere else for the 'Wet Floor' sign! This sturdy, stand up sign was double the price at our local discount hardware store.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    Overall a great product. It is simple, cheap, and gets the job done. This is a must these days for mitigating liability, should, God forbid, someone take a spill.

    Posted on

    In this day and age you need to be careful when you have wet floors. This sign should be a mainstay in any kitchen and stores easily when not in use.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    Every restaurant needs at least one of these. This sign folds flat for easy storage, is very lightweight, but yet durable and stands great. We use it a lot.

    Posted on

    The Wet Floor Caution Sign. They are great and a mus for any establishment. They prevent slips,and or falls, That can be a serious injury. We have several.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    We always mop at closing but sometimes you need this for a spill. This is a good quality wet floor sign. Folds together for storage.

    Posted on

    all ways need thease, thay fold flat, its lightweight, stores easy out of the way. nice quality. and it will work for you. thank webstaurant.

    from nitas place Posted on

    A great value for a good product. This item has been very useful in our business. I would recommend it to anyone looking for additional safety in your business.

    Posted on

    The wet Floor Sigh is great. it is a great way to prevent an accident. Lets everyone know the floor is wet until we remove the sigh. Be careful slippery saves alot of bottoms.

    Posted on

    These wet floor signs are a must and a great price. always need them if you have a spill to mop up. they fold for easy storage.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    This was a great buy. We need to keep our guests safe and watch our bottom line! Sturdy and effective. A must have for spills and mopping.

    from Lava Yogurt Posted on

    Every business deffinetly should have several of these wet floor signs handy. They are a must have for spills and wet floors. You dont want anybody slipping and getting hurt!

    Posted on

    great price. this sign tucks anywhere for storage. says it all on the sign. great price. will purchase a few more. durable and easy to clean.

    from Boonies Bar and Grill Posted on

    you can never find the better price for this quality sign any where else. this is definitely another good buy from webstaurant. i will recommed it.

    Posted on

    Light weight, durable, low profile, wet floor sign. And it came at a very reasonable price. This one has been through a lot and it's still going.

    Posted on

    These wet floor signs are a must have. I am happy that has them for such a great price. I've seen them sell for triple.

    Posted on

    This sign is great because it is bright and easy to see. It is also very lightweight which allows for easy movement as you mop Additionally, it collapses nicely and can be stored in small spaces.

    from Queen City Cupcakes Posted on

    The caution sign folds easily into an slim space that one might find in a commercial kitchen. The bilingual warning is helpful for business and it stays put once unfolded.

    from Modern Mead Posted on

    We currently own 4 of these at our shop and one really can't have too many. These signs are very study and a good legal protection. Also not to mention, you can't beat the price!

    Posted on

    Both sturdy and noticable the wet floor sign does it job alerting customers of a possible slippery surface. It folds flat for tight easy storage.

    Posted on

    A must item to have if you own a restaurant. It keeps your customer safe and possibly a lawsuit. It's very stable and The material is strong.

    Posted on

    these are a must have for any bizz. they warn your staff and customers of an issue. we keep ours in front of the ice bin.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    We have purchased these wet floor signs several times and have been pleased with the quality and price. The delivery was quick as well on the product.

    from Roberts Wesleyan College Posted on

    These are a must for any business. Everywhere else I looked, they were almost double the price, even at my local "savings club" warehouse outlet

    from sportin woodys sports bar Posted on

    This product is exactly as it states. I would order again and recommend if necessary. Great value for this item. Light and easy to carry with a step stool

    from Twisted Tortilla Posted on

    Rainy season is here and this sign will save a lawsuit waiting to happen. Bright and durable, this is a necessary sign for any business!

    from Empire Bagel Factory Posted on

    Just what we were looking for...and much cheaper than other stores. We haven't had to use it much, but it seems like it should hold up for the simple job it has to do.

    from Cornerstone Country Market Posted on

    Very affordable! Bright yellow color offers an easy way to alert customers about spills or wet floors! Folds away easily and very compact! Great Buy!!!

    Posted on

    This bright yellow sign is clearly visible, easily readable, and lightweight. It's easy to move, set up is no problem and it serves its function well. High tech? No. Fully functional? Yes.

    Posted on

    These are perfect height and size. I bought several and because they are not too big or bulky they store easy too! I also like that they have both Spanish and English on them.

    from Playful Hearts ChildCare Posted on

    I ordered two of these signs for my bakery and keep one at each entrance during the sloppy winter months. The only complaint I have is that the hinges are not real hinges, just plastic pieces that kind of fit together. One side of each sign separates, and you can't spread the signs as far as the photo in the description shows. Good for the price though.

    from Classy Girl Cupcakes Posted on

    This is a very good wet floor sign option when cost is a concern. If you need something that works, but do not need anything heavy duty, this will work for you. It is plastic and cannot take a lot of rough handling. But, for occasional use in a low intensity environment it's fine.

    from Master Salons Posted on

    Every Restaurant needs a few of these to help prevent falls for employees and customers. Also, it can help cut down on insurance claims against your business.

    from Caddyshack Posted on

    Not the super sturdy wet floor signs I was expecting, but they do their job. For the price, you can't really beat it. They fold flat and out of the way and we have used them a lot with no cracking or breaking.

    from Florida Facility Services Posted on


    from KC Janitorial Posted on

    Had reservations about the quality of this product when ordering, but the price was good and our budget was tight. The quality is as good if not better than the same signs you'll pay at least twenty more for from other suppliers.

    from Custom Confections Inc. Posted on

    Every business needs one of thess, I got a couple of these. One for the laundromat, one for the cleaner, and one for the restaurant. It is a must have item, and not mention the price at this web store is great. I will purchase more from this web.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    Every professional kitchen needs one of these signs. It is great because it is lightweight and works well to let anyone know that the floor is slick.

    Posted on

    Great sign made of heavy duty material. Very bright and visible colors that can be seen from far away easily. The price is excellent and of great value.

    Posted on

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