Plastic Lobby Dust Pan

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Clean up your act with this handy lobby dust pan. To use, simply place the dust pan on any surface, sweep your debris into it, and lift using the sturdy 34 inch aluminum handle. The pan will easily close for spill-free transportation. This lobby dust pan is designed with a 12 inch hopper.

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Plastic Lobby Dust Pan

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Dust pan Great price Lobby easy plastic dustpan works bend
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    These lobby dust pans are great for light duty use in our parking lots, etc.. I wouldn't suggest they be used for heavy or daily use as the plastic is a bit thin... but for what we use them for they are great!

    Posted on

    This is a great little dust pan. It needed to be assembled on delivery--but that was simple enough. These are going to be perfect for my high school culinary classroom. Nice and sturdy and easy to use.

    from Ferndale High School Posted on

    Before acquiring this dust pan, we were using a standard dust pan that required us to bend over to pick it up off the floor. Now there's need to bend over since this dust pan has the long handle. Game changer!

    Posted on

    Great dust pan for the price. Easy to put together an the quality is surprising good!! Staff likes it better due to the handle. Ships fast as well

    from The Pearl Kitchen Posted on

    This plastic lobby dust pan was such a great buy! It is not the most sturdy, but the price allows to buy a new one every now and again. It's easy to disassemble and clean.

    Posted on

    This dust pan is so great. I love that you don’t have to bend over to pick up the dirt on the floor. I also like that is closes up as well so nothing falls out.

    Posted on

    Dust pan

    Great Dustpan! this amazing dustpan even has wheels! it easily glides across floor for easy cleanup. We have multiple for different areas throughout the arcade/kitchen

    from Boomers! Modesto Posted on

    The rolling feature is amazing, makes cleaning easy!

    The lobby dust pan is a great addition to are cleaning supplies. It works better than some I have used allowing us to get up almost all the dust and debris. We didn't attach the lid that came with it just because it is mainly used in the kitchen and it is just one more thing to get dirty and have to clean.

    from Screaming Eagle Posted on

    It is great price for a dust pan it is cheaper than other website and it is working good I am glad that I got it from WebstaurantStore

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    Dust pan

    I love, love, love the lobby dust pan! As I am getting older the floor seems farther away when picking up dirt! This saves my back every time! Plus, its fun to use, encourages others to keep areas clean! Great product, Great price!

    from CV Preschool Posted on

    Plastic Lobby Dust Pan is what I was looking for and I was pleasantly surprised, I thought maybe by the price it'd be cheap, but it's a freaky good dustpan with a convenient lid/flap that comes down so you don't make a mess and it stands up with No problem!

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    If you're going to buy a dust pan, I'd recommend this one!

    I left the extra cover off, but it still functions as intended. My employees are very happy I broke down and got them a new one!

    from Giordano's Pizza House Posted on

    These seem very nice. They have a slick design, and get the job done. I would purchase these again. They are about $10 cheaper then local stores.

    from Soul Traveler LLC Posted on

    Dust pan

    Great plastic lobby dust pan. Like that the handle doesn't constantly tip over like some of the other cheaper ones that I've bought on here.

    Posted on

    Sometimes it's the little things. My experience with this dust pan has been great. One of my best staff members who works the hardest came to me and said the best thing I ever did for her was order two of these dust pans

    from Dine In Posted on

    We use several of these for our servers in the FOH. They can easily be cleaned and have a nice ledge which allows crumbs to easily be swept inside.

    from The Grumpy Monk Posted on

    Maintenance guys loved this dust pan. Doesn't take up too much space and has a good balance! Doesn't tip over and gets all dirt and trash.

    from Mega Aid Compounding Pharmacy Posted on

    I love this lobby dust pan because it is really easy to use and price is so great! Works great and its well made! Great product!

    Posted on

    These dust pans are of average quality and average price. Shipping from Webstaurant on these dust pans was reasonable. We had an issue with our order, one of the lids was not included in the shipment (things happen). Webstaurant was quick to reship the missing part and complete the order. Overall a good product at a reasonable price.

    from Graffiti's Pizza Posted on

    I have a bad back and needed a dust pan that wouldn't require me to bend down; this is perfect. Great price and I would definitely recommend to friends and family to buy.

    from Honeybee Confections Posted on

    I received my Plastic Lobby Dust Pan today. It is made of heavy duty plastic. Easy to symbol work well with a standard size broom.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Dust Psn

    very well build and solid quality dust pan , its actually larger size than i was thinking which makes it better , price is amazing comparing to others

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    This is a great lobby dustpan. It is quite an awesome buy as well. Once again, an awesome value provided by Webstaurant Store. Thanks guys!

    from Opa! Restaurant Group Posted on

    I really like this plastic lobby dust pan it works great it came with like a lid that I didn't put on because I didn't like it but I really like the actual dustpan nice link to

    from N/A Posted on

    Finally found the perfect dustpan for both the cashiers and the cooks in the restaurant. Best price as well and very easy to set up. These last a lifetime with no mechanical issues.

    Posted on

    This arrived damaged, but I coulld see it was great for my needs, I immadietly contacted customer service and they reshipped one , it arrived safelt this time.. thank you.

    Posted on

    This is a wonderful plastic Lobby dust pan it's very simple and easy to put together I'm happy with my purchase I had I'm using it in my kitchen

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    We use these dust pans in the lobby and dining area of the restaurant. They are a solid construction and do the job as expected.

    from Hoagie Bros Posted on

    Really liked the shape and handle feel of this dust pan. Scoops up all the dirt in one quick sweep instead of having to move it back and forth numerous times to collect all the trash.

    from boeuf & bun corp. Posted on

    Works well for the high volume of trash we collect. There is a lid that can go down to conceal the trash from customers, however, it got in the way so we removed them from all of the items and it works just the same.

    Posted on

    This plastic lobby dust pan is not the top-of-the-line but for the price it does everything that supposed to do. Used on a daily basis for sweeping up under tables and chairs. You can't ask for anything better as far as price and quality go.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Heavy duty item. Hold lots of trash. Easy to put the two parts together. Will order one for each level of the dwelling. Stands up against the wall or you can hang it on a hook.

    from bennett Posted on

    This is great, I've used these at different places I've worked in the past so it was a simple but. I already knew it would make it easier to clean up the floor in my garage not having to bend over a pick it up constantly. It saves my back from feeling it later that's for sure!

    Posted on

    Sturdy and handy plastic lobby dust pan. Lightweight and durable. I deducted a star because the front flap (along with the handle) comes unassembled, and the flap is rather difficult to get on. It's certainly not impossible, and shouldn't prevent you from purchasing, because it is a really nice dust pan, just wanted to mention to be aware.

    Posted on

    We purchased a new broom and this dustpan. The design of this is perfect as it makes it so you do not have to bend down.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Got this for my mother so she doesn't have to bend over and hold a regular dust pan. It works really well and has held its shape so dust doensn't escape underneath the edge.

    from Bookwyrm LLC Posted on

    The dust pan is a great addition to my cleaning team of supplies. It makes clean up easy and my crew loves the ease of use.

    from Aboshie LLC Posted on

    We purchased a couple of these awhile back and they are still going strong. Pretty much anything you buy at Webstaurant will stand the test of time and is a solid investment.

    from Fields of Pizza Posted on

    i would say this dust pan works pretty well, it does catches the dust and trash on the floor, and it's easy to dump since it turns.

    Posted on

    Overall, this product is of sturdy construction and will last quite awhile. It cleans up easily. My issue is that part of the edge is not flat so you have to step on it to sweep into...otherwise, you just sweep everything under the pan.

    from The Bean Tap Posted on

    This dust pan will work well for al cleaning tasks. It is very easy to put together and is a quality tool I used it for two years before needing a new one.

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    For the price you can't go wrong. After daily rough use in our kitchen I know I will be ordering more because they will need to be replaced.

    Posted on

    A pretty standard dust pan with a nice grip and shape. It took some assembly as it came completely apart and it was hard to get the pan cover to fit correctly into the pan without bending or breaking something but working together we were able to assemble it without any damage. It sticks a little bit but if you shake the handle a little bit as you lift up, the pan cover will move correctly to cover the dust pan. All in all a decent dust pan with a cover for the price. It seems to work well with the 9 1/2 inch triple brush floor sweepers webstraunt also sells.

    Posted on

    This Lobby Dust Pan is sold for a great price. We use it many times daily dry or wet pick-up it is very easy to keep clean. Durable material just what I was looking for.

    Posted on

    These dustpans are perfect for lobby and hallway areas. The bucket is deep which minimizes emptying. Plus, the lightweight design allows for use by all employees.

    Posted on

    This Dust Pan is very light and strong at the same time, is confortable and has the whell in the back. the quality is high and the price is very low...

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    Good Price. This dustpan has worked better than some of the others we have used. It has a sturdy construction and can take being dropped, so far. Have you ever thought of a few different colors?

    from Lornamead Posted on

    Bery sturdy well made platic dust pan like the way u can stand this alone then start brooming the dirts and use this dust pan. I bought another more for sure

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    This lobby dust pan if offered at a great price. We use it many times daily at out busy sub shop. Dry or wet pick-up it is very easy to keep clean.

    from Monster Subs Posted on

    Great product and at a great price. No more stooping and bending. Also very sturdy, it can withstand much abuse without even cracking or chipping.

    Posted on

    Very nice dust pan. They click lock when in the upright position so the handle doesn't fall down. I also like how they have a lid to hide the dirt inside.

    Posted on

    This sturdy dust pan is great for a small shop with basic floor sweeping. The lid is optional, whether you want to attach it on or not. The bin also swings up and down and that too is optional.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    We have a small office where we have ceramic tiles and this Dust Pan works just perfect, the lid that comes with it is a plus.

    from Millenium Decorations & Catering Posted on

    Works pretty good for what it's intended for. The only negative is that the handle doesn't quite fold back far enough and it's constantly falling over when you're not actually holding it. Still does the job at a good price.

    from Cafe Xpresso Posted on

    We have purchased multiple dust pans before we end up with this one. We love the length of the handle. It is definitely a commercial grade material for the price of a household one.

    Posted on

    Great dust pan , really easy to wash , and really light Love it ! great to hide your nasty trash in front of customers

    from mix cocina Posted on

    I really like this dust pan, it is very light and I like the option of taking off the little lid. You can't beat the price! My only complaint is you guys put your shipping stickers on it which don't peel off easily, still really fast shipping!

    from B's Cleaning Service Posted on

    We needed a simple lobby dust pan to help encourage everyone to pitch in and keep the place as clean as possible. This has been a lifesaver for quickly picking up and disposing of floor litter (especially after changing the bag in the shredder!)

    from Ausome LLC Posted on

    Most lobby dust pans are the same, but this one actually has a cover that automatically flips down when you pick it up. So, when you set it down, the cover flips up, and when you lift up on the handle, it flips down. It's great.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    This dust pan works well. It is a little flimsy so I don't know how it will hold up in the long run but for now it is fine.

    Posted on

    We have broke or used up several different brands of these, we have used this one for some time now and it is holding up quite nicely, Very well built excellent value.

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    we operate a coffee/bagel shop we use a vacuum and mop to clean floors but you sometimes just need a little clean up this works perfect

    from the bean bar Posted on

    This gadget has really helped me and saved me a lot of pain. I can now sweep up without that bending over of the typical dust pan. And the mess stays inside until I dump it out. Assembly was easy and the quality is great.

    Posted on

    This is a great big dust pan for great big dust! Or just for easy handling around the kitchen, lobby and dining room. We use it all the time. Glad we got it.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    Good product, for a great price. This dust oan is very durable and does the job right. Busboys use it on a daily basis and is good because dust pan hides the trash you pick up.

    from MEP Posted on

    Wonderful dust pan at a great price. There are more expensive pans, but this one works great in a busy restaurant. The handle makes work more efficient.

    Posted on

    The plastic lobby dust pan is good for cleaning arond tables and you dont have to bend over to do it. Holds alot so you dont have to dump so much.

    Posted on

    I purchased the plastic lobby dust pan before i opened over 2 years ago and it still works good. I am ordering one more today only because we need it.

    Posted on

    It gets the job done. The durability of this plastic lobby dust pan is actually strong. plus the fact that it's cheap. i wouldnt mind buying more

    Posted on

    The Plastic Lobby Dust Pan Is great. We use it to sweep up our class room after arts and craft time. just sweep into pan and dump. Works so easy .

    Posted on

    This Plastic lobby dust pan is great for anywhere. It make sweeping up alot easier. well made and holds alot till your ready to dump.

    from nitas place Posted on

    Great dust pan for anywhere. you dont have to bend when sweeping. It is very well made. And you can't beat the Price! Love it.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    The Plastic Lobby Dust pan is great. It is a must have in any business or even home,you don't have to bend down to sweep up mess.It works wonders with a bad back. We love it.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    This is a really great dust pan. I like that there is a cover to hide what you are picking up. I highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    Fantastic dust pan! Good for picking up all sorts of debris and junk! Not to mention it is half the price of the same name brand product, just as good too!!

    Posted on

    Great dustpan and the nifty covers makes it easy to trap all the dust particles so it doesn't fly away. Very easy to use and a handy product to have around.

    Posted on

    nice size and price. the handle is a little weak but will do the job if you are using in a heavy place buy a better one.

    Posted on

    Nice lobby dust pan that is very functional and mad e of durable plastic. I would reccommend this product for light to medium duty clean-ups.

    from The Mocha House Posted on

    This lobby dustpan was a great price and is very sturdy. This one is so much better than the one we previously bought from another supplier.

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

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