14" White Scraper

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This 14" white scraper is a perfect addition to any bakery. A plastic handle with end loop hangs conveniently for storage and offers a secure grip. Whether you are whipping up icing or cleaning mashed potatoes out of a mixing bowl, this spatula is sure to scrape effectively.

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14" White Scraper

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    awesome product, sleek design, the 14" inch white scraper is just the right size and can get all the nooks and crannies that it's made for!

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    Having different size scrapers for different tasks is always handy. This 14" white scraper is great for those larger tasks and is sturdy enough for those thicker batters.

    Posted on

    This larger scraper makes folding and mixing a breeze.

    This scraper is perfect for those light duty medium sized jobs. Scraper is a perfect medium size and is built very well and will feel extremely sturdy in your hand.

    Posted on

    Scraper in use.

    These are great scrapers they work well for the kitchen and last a good time. They have been withstanding lots of use. This one is a good deal.

    from Ahmed Abuhammoud Posted on

    The 14" White Scraper is perfect when making brownies, cake or other items when a scraper is needed. The quality is very good, it definitely met my expectations. This is a great value!

    Posted on

    Works great in my Kitchenaid bowl. Great value!

    I love this for scraping the frosting out of large mixer bowls and putting the frosting in my 21" piping bags. the size of the scraper is pretty nice, it's the same size scraper as the 16".

    Posted on

    This 14" White Scraper is a great help in the kitchen. I can scoop a large amount of buttercream and spread it on my cakes. This scraper will get every bit of your batter, mousse, creams from the bowl....really nice.

    Posted on

    This scraper does wonders at saving you time and money. Get more out of your recipes by not wasting even a tiny bit of product!

    from Saxon Posted on

    We bought a couple of these for baking purposes to make sure there was little to no cross contaminations with flavors from our heat-resistant scrapers. Only downfall is these aren't heat resistant, be mindful of using it with any hot liquids or batters. It is really flexible so it makes folding a breeze, these are really good for baking recipes.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    This is a great scraper with a large soft rubber blade. The handle is heavy duty plastic that is extra long to help you scrape out big bowls.

    Posted on

    This 14" White Scraper is light weight and great for batter. It is not heat resistant. Great price and product I will buy it again for sure.

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    Wow this Scraper is huge! I really like the fact that it's quite stiff, I was able to scrape out a batter that is quite thick, because the spatula didn't bend along with the batter Thanks alot

    from sweetart Posted on

    So I got to say this is a really decent product to 14 inch long white scraper spatula does it's job really well and it's a good economical price

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Granted the scraper is actually two pieces is still feels very durable and cleans very easily. The head is very large as well as the handle is very long

    Posted on

    Have looked all over for a large scraper that I could afford to buy in bulk and this was it! I would highly suggest these to any who has to use multiple scrapers at a time while baking.

    from Quaintrelle LLC Posted on

    These scrapers scrape evenly with ease. They are easy to handle even though they are fairly large. These are not heat proof, and will melt if used on a hotter item.

    from The One Butt Bakery Posted on

    Inexpensive and seems to be holding up well. Not as flexible as our other scrapers so not as effective at getting out every last ounce of frosting easily. I will spend a little more next time for better quality.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    Great larger white scraper. It is really sturdy and well made. Price is great so you can have a lot of these in you bakery!

    from Tom Posted on

    As long as you make it a point not to use this scraper in hot applications, it's a great tool that is well made. It's just flexible enough without being "floppy". The long handle is great for deep pots or containers (like 1 gallon condiment containers and the like).

    Posted on

    Good scraper for money. you cant go wrong with Webstaurant small wares. I would buy one again when its time to open store no 2.

    from Mountain Mikes Pizza Posted on

    Scraper that is long and sturdy. Scrapes the sides of the bowl really well and strong enough to scoop up any batter or frosting. Easy to clean, simple to maintain.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    The perfect scraper with a handle. I use these when using my mixing bowls and it allows me to scrap all of the contents out more easily. I also use as a spatula to fold gentle ingredients into my dishes.

    from Honey & Hive Baking & Catering Co. Posted on

    Nice medium sized scrapper from the webstaurantstore works great next time I think I'm going to get the high heat ones though these work I'm just worried about getting hot

    from home Posted on

    I use these scrapers to scrape the bowl of my cake batter and icing and it works very well. It is durable and easy to clean. The longer length works great for my fondant as well, when stirring in the melted stage.

    from Jennie's Cake Creations Posted on

    Larger scraper but comes in real handy with larger batches of mixes, holds up well to moderate to heavy use and we highly recommend this scraper

    Posted on

    This 14" white scraper... yes you can scrape with it but do not get it near anything hot! ! For the price it is ok, not wonderful but you get what you pay for, next time I would order the more expensive one that is actually rubber and has flexibility.

    from work Posted on

    These 14" white scrapers are great for folding whipped cream into mouse, folding together brownie or cake batter, and are also great because you can bleach them.

    from Ashleigh Luna Posted on

    Scraper is used for many common uses in our bakery. We love that it has a sturdy handle and that the blade is firm. Great for scraping out icing from our bowls to mixing ingredients.

    from Country Cookie Posted on

    This is just a plane Jane scraper! It works well when you are using it to scrape bowls or mix giant batches of chicken salad but you wont want to use it at high heat!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    Very standard item. Works as it should. We use this to bake various pastries for our cafe. Does discolor after a while. Priced fairly and will not hesitate to buy again

    Posted on

    Basic white spats. Nothing special about them. They do the job that they were designed for. I prefer these over the high temp spats for scraping edges since theyre a bit thinner.

    Posted on

    Great 14" white scraper! They definitely gets the job done! Anyone would love to have one of these, I would recommend them to anyone!! Perfect!

    from Tightline Connection Posted on

    This white scraper is an all around great buy. it's good quality, the handle is sturdy, and it holds up under heavy use. It will stain if used with certain foods but overall it's a five star product!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    This product will definitely do the job, however, when I opened the box up, they had a very unpleasant smell. I am hoping that with a few rounds in the dishwasher, that will go away.

    Posted on

    This 14" White Scraper is light weight and great for large batter of cake mix. It is not heat resistant. Great price and producthe I recommend it.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    Nice look and of great value scraper. Works well with baking and cooking alike. We go to webr for all home and commercial items like this, like how we only have to buy 1 and not 1 dozen

    Posted on

    Excellent scrapers, good for mixing foods or scraping pans. The white color stays good, food does not stain them. They also wash great in our commercial dishwasher.

    Posted on

    A great spatula that is stronger and holds much better than smaller ones and is sturdy enough to hold up to tougher liquids. Low cost and great quality, we cant say enough about these scrapers.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    This is a very good quality scraper. We have been using this for a little more than 5 months now and it is still performing great. Best price available.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    This scraper is much better than the 10" It is stronger. This scraper is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. We use scrapers all the time and this one works as well as any of them.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    Great scraper. Cannot overstate the benefits of a good rubber spatula. Minimizes waste, keeps baking projects on schedule, use this baby all day. Great handle length for medium to large bowl applications.

    Posted on

    This larger 14 inch White Scraper is a kitchen essential. It will scrape clean bowls when you are preparing baked goods and because it is also durable and heat resistant up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be used in working with hot food items as well.

    from Russ H. Posted on

    This is a great scraper for the price. I like that the blade has some flexibility to it...I think a flexible blade is better for scraping batter bowls. It is longer than some of my other spatulas, which also comes in handy when using larger bowls. I recommend this product.

    Posted on

    Don't let the price fool you. This is a tough utensil that is sturdy and well built. You can't beat this deal on this site. I just ordered a few more after noticing that the local restaurant suppliers sell similar utensils for much more.

    from Capital City Creamery Posted on

    These are very cost effective and work great. I would definitely recommend and buy again in the future. Cant beat the prices that webstaurant offers

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    The 14" White Scraper is a great addition to our kitchen. We use them to transfer between pans and bowl. The product is great for getting every last piece of product out of a round or square container

    Posted on

    This is a very long handled spatula and it works great to scrape the sides of my industrial mixing bowl. I have purchased quite a few of these and love how stiff they are.

    from Eatmor Bundt Co Posted on

    very good price, decent quality, i would buy again for my home or light use. What I like about this 14" White Scraper is that it is nice and stiff unlike many other spatulas, and great for stiffer doughs that need a scraping down.

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    We purchased these spatulas for our school culinary arts program. They are very long and perfect for really deep bowls or professional equipment. For every day use, I would recommend the 10".

    from Amy Barnes Posted on

    14" white scraper is not i was excepting. It's ready a stiff scraper. i like one with a little more give to it. i do like that it has a long handle so you don't get batter on you knuckles. i will not be recording this one.

    from Justine Conrad Posted on

    This scraper was large and some what heavy i like the scrapper but i wish that it not so hard and i would have liked if it was a little more flexible

    from melecious dsserts Posted on

    If you make large batches of icing in mid-size commercial mixers, you'll love this scrapper as it does not bend too much, allowing you to easily move the icing to the icing bag.

    Posted on

    Great scraper for some bigger jobs. It is easy to wash and pretty stiff when put under preasure of thick mixtures. We love thgrse we ordered a few

    from Secret spot Posted on

    I use this daily to scrape out my mixing bowl or to make sure every bit of batter goes into a batch. It feels sturdy and cleans easily.

    from Mr. A's Beignets Posted on

    Perfect size to use with my stand mixer. Now my hands will not get dirty when scraping the bowl. The length is great. I'm a little mad I didn't buy this sooner!

    Posted on

    I have had this spatula for about a year and a half and they still scrape down the side of the bowls really good...my kids even cook their eggs with it.

    from Toy's Sweets Posted on

    I really like this white scraper. It is a high quality scraper, and I have no issues with it. Overall, I think it is a great value, and I would recommend this product.

    Posted on

    very good price, decent quality, i would buy again for my home or light use. Spend a little more on a high temperature if you are going to be using in a busy kitchen

    from lennys on the beach Posted on

    What I like about this 14" White Scraper is that it is nice and stiff unlike many other spatulas, and great for stiffer doughs that need a scraping down.

    Posted on

    These are HORRIBLE at collecting and holding on to grease like a robber with their cash! However, they are fabulous in the kitchen! Superior quality and a great price...remember to degrease and no problem!

    from Sugarbelles Posted on

    Excellent scraper, 14" reaches into most of our bowls and is not excessively long when using this on smaller pots/bowls. Only giving 4 stars since the scraper part is very stiff, but we are hoping that it loosens up after using it more.

    Posted on

    Basic spatula for scraping dough and cake batter off the sides of bowls. Easy to use and clean. Especially useful when having to fold ingredients together.

    from Ivy Bakery Posted on

    I bought because of the value but found that they are a little rigid to effectively clear a bowl when using a really light product such as whipped cream. More dense (mayo) works ok though. Cheap enough to buy lots of them without caring though

    from breezy point international Posted on

    I loved the quality of the scraper, I had other different but nothing like this is the number 1 and ensures a better job, this product should not miss in your business

    from √°guila bakery Posted on

    Did not realize this wasn't high temperature rubber. It melted in my potato soup and I was forced to throw it out. Good for cold pastry jobs only.

    Posted on

    14 inch white scraper meets your basic needs for the kitchen. Feels solid. Withstands minor heat, and cleans up easily. Can not beat the price.

    Posted on

    This spatula is a necessary tool in any bakeshop. For heavy product or large amounts, you need a rugged hard spatula to speed recovery and loading of pastry bags, and effective cleaning of bowls.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    I was disappointed with the quality of these scrapers. The plastic is too hard to flex much so they are definitely not the favorite kitchen tool.

    from Just like Home Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Linda! We are sorry you do not prefer this scraper. Try this 10" High Temperature Spatula for a spatula with a silicone end that will offer more flexibility.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    scraper is stiff but like the length. Reaches the deep bowls for Kitchen aid ad cleans the sides of the bowl clean. Does not show stains yet.

    Posted on

    Works as ordered. We had a few of the 10" break on us soon after opening, so this time around we decided to go with the 14". So far so good, as advertised.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Good scraper for the price. I use it primarily to scrape icing down the sides of my mixer, and it does the job well :) Great product for the price.

    Posted on

    These spatula's are a good value from Webstaurant. the curve on one end and square on the other makes it a versatile little tool we use often for cleaning out the last bit of product out of containers.


    Good solid scraper. Stiff, so order their red handled ones if you want the end to be flexible. I have had the handle break while using this with something very stiff. They serve thier purpose in our kitchen for scraping bowl the frosting bowl and spreading mayo on a sandwich. The 14 inch is a good multi function use to be tall enough for a sauce pan or a bowl but not quite long enough for our stock pots so the cooks don't steal them from the sand wich makers.

    from Branya's Bakery Posted on

    I have several of these and they are okay starting out. They get worked hard, after 8 months one finally broke the handle. Price point is good.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    I had never been able to find a sturdy scraper with such a long handle until now. This is my new go to scraper and I will be purchasing more.

    Posted on

    This is a nice big Scrapper. This is great if you need to use a big piping bag great for scooping. And the handle and the tip is very large, great buy

    Posted on

    This 14" Scraper is just the thing for home cooking / baking. I like the longer 14" handle. It gives me just a little more leverage when scraping heavier batters and makes it at least seem easier on my hands when baking lots of delicious holiday goods. It has a wider paddle surface that the 9 1/2" Scraper, and it moves a larger amount of product, faster. I have had mine and put it through the dishwasher many many times and it still looks and performs like new. Great buy.

    from Home Use Posted on

    Your average scraper but a whole cheaper than buying at retail stores. Holds up as reliable as the heavy duty without all the extra money!

    from Penelopes Lil Cafe Posted on

    Being able to mix and scrape up the sides of a bowl in a very large mixing bowl can be a challenge - but not with this 14" scraper!

    from Shalane Bakes Posted on

    The long handled spatula's are more versatile for a food business because the bowls that you are scraping are deeper than what you would use at home.

    from Gluten Free Kids Posted on

    I orderered these while looking for something more durable than the ones found at regular retailers. I have broken two from a mass retailer right at the handle while scooping frosting. These are a great price and VERY strong. However, they are a little too large and stiff for scraping my 5 qt stand mixer bowl. I am still able to use it though.

    from Sweet Nini's Bakery Posted on

    This spatula did not work well for me - I find it too stiff to actually scrape down the sides, and I end up needing a second spatula to scrape a bowl clean. I think that this is more suited to heavy/thick products, but I would tend to pick up a wooden spoon for those applications.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    The scraper was a high quality and just the correct size fo my kitchen aid mixer. I should have purchased two at the time. This was my first time shopping at this company so I wanted to see what the quality was and it is great.

    from Taste and See Cakes Posted on

    This scraper works pretty well for the most part. I have had a few break on me from scraping product that was on the thicker side.

    Posted on

    Most of the spatulas/scrapers I have purchased in the past are very flimsy. Because of this, it's hard for me to really scrap my bowls down, and blend icing/batter. I love this scraper. I will be ordering more in different sizes!

    from Heart of Cupcakes Posted on

    These are great scrapers. I love the size, and we use them all day every day for many jobs in our bakery, we will continue to purchase these as we grow!

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    For the price and for the usage, I guess they are ok.. scraper it is now- they do NOT bend for anything! What a waste...all they do is collect dust, they are not flexible at all to scrap the bowls!

    from Hardcore Sweet Posted on

    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly. If you are looking for another scrapper, you could try the Vollrath 52023 13 1/2" silicone spatula instead.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These are fabulous for scraping bottom and side of large mixing bowls. They are sturdy instead of being flimsy and not mixing thing well like the ones you can get in local retail stores.

    from Everything Iced Cupcakes & More Posted on

    Great scraper! I wish it was just a little less flexible at the end for what I primarily use it for but otherwise, great! Also the price is really good!

    Posted on

    This scraper is great for doughs and dense mixtures. It can become discolored quite easily when used with acidic mixtures or ingredients like tomatoes. The scraper is relatively firm.

    Posted on

    I love these spatulas and ordered two. They allow me to mix larger batches of cake batter or cookie dough quickly and without as much effort.

    Posted on

    The 14" scraper is a great item to have in any kitchen, great for more heavy duty work. We use it for large batches of sauces and dough.

    Posted on

    Exactly what I thought it would be. It's inexpensive and works well. Easy to clean and holding up well. Buy more than one and always have one handy.

    Posted on

    I use these long spatula scrappers to stir my 12 pound batches of soap batter in my 8 quart stainless steel bowls. They work well to stir and have a nice wide paddle. The plastic is not super stiff, but I have a problem getting it to mold to the bowl to scrap well. I'll look at other options next order, but these are a good budget option.

    from Southern Girl Soapery Posted on

    Thanks for your review! This is a quality spatula for a great price. If you are looking for a more durable spatula, check out the Vollrath 52023 13 1/2" High Temperature Silicone Spatula.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I have been looking for a scraper with a long handle for quite a while. This is also nice and sturdy so I don't have to worry about it breaking.

    Posted on

    Love these spatulas for the money you can't beat them. They do get brittle and snap after heavy use though. So I am constantly ordering backups. But they are so cheap I don't mind.

    from The Busy Little Baker Posted on

    Wow, these are awesome. I purchase some for mixing and scraping cake batters and butter creams with my stand mixer. No more getting batter and buttercream all over my hands. The handles are really long.

    from DREAM CRUMB TRUE CAKES Posted on

    Every baker needs a spatula/scraper. It is great for scraping and transferring batter from bowls apart from folding dough. I have heard that spatulas break with regular use, but this looks very well-made. It's also low in price.

    from Home cook Posted on

    A great value for every kitchen. We use these for multiple items that are needed on a daily basis and to scrape items that are not hot.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    Great length for scraping frostings in a standard mixer (residential). Durable, does not melt when used with heat (eggs, ganaches, etc.), and washes very easily.

    Posted on

    the quality of this scraper is much higher than I expected to get for this price. it's a great size, nice and sturdy handle. hasn't broken yet, that says a lot since I use it for royal icing, and I've broken a few!

    from colleens cupcakes Posted on

    Cant beat the price on this scraper. It is very quality and seems as though it will last just as long as the more expensive ones. The scraper part on this one is fairly tight so if your looking for one with more flexibility you may need something else. But overall it works great.

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    These are good spatulas for cold applications! We use them to scrap the bowl clean when baking! Easy to quickly clean a container and save money!! Super low price!!

    Posted on

    Good spatula for the price and is a conveniently small size. It also has an easy hanging hole so it drys nicely and stores well.

    Posted on

    Good spatula for non heat items. The spatula keeps its shape but is flexible enough to get everything out of the bowl. Million dollar spatula, as they say.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    Great pricing on this scraper. I needed something smaller than what I had and this scraper works great, washes up well and does not stain

    from Jazzy Ruperts Posted on

    This scraper has proved to be very useful in the kitchen. It's tall and slender enough to slip down the side of my 6qt Kitchenaid mixer to reach the stuff at the bottom of the bowl. I highly recommend this scraper!

    Posted on

    I was skeptical of the low price, but I am glad that I got this! It scrapes out my mixer bowl clean! I would order again.

    from Katy M Posted on

    We had been buying our scrapers locally and they would split where the handle ends in the plastic. So far, these are holding up well and don't show signs of wearing out any time soon. They are just soft enough to bend where and when we need them to.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    This is a great scrapper very large and has a big mixing area. It may seem to big for you in size but it really gets down into the larger bowls.

    from Tristan's Posted on

    These are great for use with cold food production. Great for mixing ingredients or scraping icing out of a bowl. just make sure you dont use it for hot applications.

    Posted on

    Love this big scraper - had hoped it would be a little bit more flexible, but it does the job just fine - get's the bowls clean!

    Posted on

    These are very nice, inexpensive spatulas. Best used for cold food projection. Used one while making custard once and it started to melt a bit.

    from A Dash of Delicious Posted on

    Went ahead and ordered these spatulas just to try them out and so glad i did. They are awesome will be re-ordering these again and again.

    Posted on

    This spatula works perfectly in my cake decorating business. It is the perfect size for many uses and has a stronger handle than most I've purchased.

    Posted on

    This spatula is great when working with larger bowls. We love it just as much as the smaller one, which we also purchased. They hold up well and work great!

    from Main Line Baking Co. - A Gluten-Free Bakery Posted on

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