Choice 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 100/Case

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Conserve your food's hot temperature and promise spill-free transportation with this Choice 1/2 size foil steam table pan lid. Perfectly sized to fit your half-size steam table pan (sold separately), this lid provides a tight seal for your sides, appetizers, desserts, and more! All you need to do is press the foil around the pan's rim.

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Choice 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 100/Case

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lids foil pan pans Great size quality lid much half
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    Very cheap quality and very light it bends by just trying to close the tin foil, i was looking for better quality on the web site ,but unfortunately thats the only one that you can get with the half size tin foil!!
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These lids fit perfect on any 1/2 size aluminum pans. The ends bend down to create a seal to keep steam and heat inside. Excellent price and will def re-purchase!
    Before I got these lids for the pans I had been using aluminum foil. These lids fit much easier and better and they also allow the ability to stack items with little to no give.
    Great product, We use these for out family platters. They hold a good amount of fried fish and hushpuppies. We use them as togo boxes for our large order customers.
    It's a really cheap and flimsy. I can crumble it up in a ball with one hand. Doesn't even really fit the 1/2 size pan.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These lids are a must for cooking and delivery of our meals to homeless shelters. The lids grab on tightly to the containers and stay firm.
    Purchased these lids along with the pans for a church plate sale, and they all held up wonderfully. Very good price and quality. Will purchase again.
    Started ordering these lids recently and can’t understand why we didn’t do it sooner. These are perfect for covering 1/2 sheet pans for baking or transporting for caterings. Very cost effective
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    Lid was a bit flimsy and the pans didnt hold their form when trying to move them when warm.. lid kept coming off... will not buy these again
    Thank you for your review, thomas! We are sorry this Choice 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 20/Pack has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    Works great with the pans. The lids cover your food items nicely. Very useful if using outdoors, it really kept the bugs away. Will purchase over and over again.
    These lids are very sturdy and reusable when needed. They also allow for easy labeling and much cheaper when offered in bulk than from my regular purchase store.
    I got tired of using foil to cover my deep foil pans so I made this purchase. Fairly inexpensive but not as snug a fit as I would have like. It does what it should anyhow. Cover with foil first then put this lid on may help.
    These are practically perfect in every way! So much more convenient than using aluminum foil--and much more effective! Plus, it has the added advantage of looking very professional--I TOTALLY recommend!
    These kids are perfect for when you have to store something in the pans. The keep the food fresh. I used mine for brining food to work and also storing cookies in the freezer
    Before using these lids, we were using aluminum foil, which doesn't look near as nice. These lids gave us a professional look that is worth the money! These lids are also sturdy enough for you to stack other items on top.
    I continue to buy these because I love how the form around the pan. No lifting or dripping. The cost is much cheaper than I can get in my area.
    These lids add stability to the foil pans. They also allow you to stack them reasonably high without crushing the pans. I use these for disposable pans for mise en place instead of Cambro containers.
    These Choice 1/2 size pan are perfect fit for your 1/2 size foil pans. Your able to stack a few pans together without your food getting crushed. I highly recommend them to keep your food covered to stay warmer and fresher for longer period of time.
    I have started buying these in bulk from Webstaurant store instead of from our supplier or Restaurant Depot. Not only is the price substantially cheaper, these are the best quality pans I have found. They are heavier in weight, bend less, and the lids aren't as sharp, saving our fingers from many cuts!
    These are decent... There isn't much to stay about a disposable tin foil pan lid. They work for their intended purpose. I do wish that they were a bit thicker however.
    In the world of Catering this is one of the biggest expenses, I was happy to find this at this price. Who could pass this up?
    These lids are the perfect addition to any half size steam table pan. They seal well, and provide a sturdy enough surface to stack multiple pans on top of each other. The price on these lids is great.
    Bought these to cover aluminum pans and keep food warm on the steam table for a catering event. The lids worked fine for covering the food, but could use a little tighter grip for carrying and transporting food pans. Overall, they served the purpose that we needed.
    Phenomenal item, I did not know they existed until browsing this site. Only downside, when I received my order, everything jostled around in the box, had the lids bent and stuck together.
    Great steam pan and lid. We use these for our catering sides and also hot catering as well for hot dogs and chili. Price can’t be beat, even with shipping.
    These half size steam table lids fit most steam table 1/2 size pans we use which is great because sometimes we come across some that are a bit smaller or too large. We re order every month.
    I keep coming back for more of these because they are so much cheaper than I can get locally. They work great and look nice.
    The Choice 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 20/Pack works well, but could be a bit thicker / stronger for stacking on the pans.
    These 1/2 Steam Pan Lids are great. They are really sturdy. I have stacked 3 on top of each other and they don’t buckle. If I want to close them but re-open I just crimp the sides not the corners and when I finally close it, I crimp the corners. You can write on them with permanent marker. Great Product.
    Strong, sturdy and cheap, what else could you ask for in a foil lid. We go through so many of these a month. They are lightweight yet very strong.
    Not too much to say about these lids. They cover the 1/2 steamer disposables and reusable pans sufficiently. No complaints, they work for the intended use
    Choice ½ size foil steam table pan lid – 100/Case is a wonderful lid it is a little bit sturdy but strong and it kind of looks feeble but very strong once you fold the foil onto the tray. It holds things onto the tray pretty well, it doesn’t let things spill.
    I am in love with these flat lids. They are way better than the clear raised lids from the store. They fit snug and perfect on the half size pans and make stacking the pans easy.
    We used these lids along with the matching pans and they worked great for a wedding we catered. Very economical and good product, would recommend.
    These lids fit perfectly on the half sized steam table pans i purchased. The fit is secure and they are easily resealable after temperature checks during reheating
    Although I'm not a caterer, t always find myself preparing food for church events and friends. These lids are great to cover up food items that are placed in the 1/2 size steam pan.
    These are great to store and carry food without having to worry about the food spilling out or getting cold. We used these to transport several boxes of food and they served their purpose, kept the food warm and no spills. Plus they are super thick, great quality!
    PERFECT Can not beat the price. They are equal to in quality to any other place you buy them. All that I wanted got them in 2 days
    These Choice 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lid - 100/Case is thick aluminum fit perfectly on the half pan. Love the price. Recommend this product will buy again.
    This half size foil steam pan lids are very good product. I can easily put on the pan and put label on it. Made of thick quality of foil. Another good Choice product!
    These lids fit the aluminum 1/2 pans. These lids can be used to cover the pans or can be placed them in the oven and cook on them.
    These foil lids fit the 1/2 size food steam pans perfectly. The lids are of a nice quality and we are excited that they come in a 20/pack. These lids help keep the heat in for our food when transporting. When placing a label on the lid or writing on it with a sharpie permanent market, we found that the label and the writing remained.
    These were very helpful to allow stacking of pans without danger of crushing the contents. Also allowed us to see the labels on the side of each pan = much more organized freezer! You drop these on and then crimp the edges around the pan. Edges are a bit sharp, it is foil after all!
    these steam table pan lids are really great they fit perfectly on a half size pan it is great and convenient when you need to stack lots of these pans
    These lids fit perfectly onto the pans they are for and hold heat inside the foil pan for a long time. Even though the lids are made of foil, they are very strong and durable.
    Lids are a must when it comes to people picking up our barbecue platters to go. Our platters consist of ribs, brisket, pulled pork and sides. So when we place the food in the half foil pans and seal them with these lids it works well for our guests to stack in coolers or boxes to take back to their cabins.
    I used to think that other big name stores had the better foil pans but now they are garbage. I will continue to purchase my pans and lids from Webstaurant....other companies is a waste of gas and money.
    Must have if purchasing 1/2 size pans. Makes transporting, cooking, and serve in my easier with no mess. Lids work really well for first time use, but be very careful if you plan to use more than once, they aren't very sturdy after wash and use.
    These kids fit the pans perfectly. They are great to have on hand for transporting food in the aluminum pans. These are a great buy!
    Buying have pans are easy. The hard part is finding the lids for them. Makes transporting hot foods a snap, and by using them, they help keep the oven cleaner no more splatter
    Thank you so much I love the lids they fit my pans perfect. They are east to close and open. I will recmond them To friends and family
    You can't find this product for less money, and the quality is just what you would hope for. We pair these with the pan and it's a perfect fit.
    must have item for catering ..these are so much more practical to use .....better than foil ... east to use and fir pan easy ..less mess and stress
    these cover lids were use to keep the food from being expose on turkey day and when it was time to serve they were easy to take off.
    I purchase these for use at our annual Greek Festival. They make stacking trays much easier. Just be careful, the curved edges are sharp, and many of our volunteers have cut their fingers when sealing trays.
    These do the job of tin foil but better in times when you need to travel. Worth the added cost to prevent most spills from transport
    We are happy with our purchase of the Choice 1/2 size steam table pan lids, great price point and bang for your buck. Will keep purchasing.
    Bought these for the convenience even though they are choice quality. They are pretty sturdy for not being heavy duty and I can see myself buying more.
    These lids made storing the prepared food easy. They also made storing the leftovers a breeze! We loved the quality, and the price was easy on us too!
    These lids were purchased along with the half size pans. The lids were perfect in keeping the food warm. They were also good for travel with the pans.
    If you order the chafer kit make sure you order these lids. The help to keep the food warm and it keeps food from drying out.
    These are a decent lid for a disposable pan, but I wouldn't recommend stacking anything even slightly heavy, as they will bend under the weight.
    Affordable and simple, functional foil steam table pan lids! Fit perfectly with the 1/2 size pans, and help to keep food warm, or, great to protect food while transporting. Best for short-term use, since they don't have an air-tight seal, so best used for catering and short refrigerated storage.
    Great product and great price! Be careful, the corners are very sharp. Aluminum holds up very well. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting
    These lids are great for covering up items, especially if you are using them outdoors where there are bugs. They are not sturdy lids though, so you still won't be able to stack the pans unless you are using them for something really light.
    These foil pan lids are good quality and a great price. They're easy to use and the rim is really handy. They keep our food hot and ready to serve.
    These lids fit the Choice 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan, Medium Depth, and are fantastic. They fit perfectly and aren't flimsy. I'm able to stack a few on top of each other without much denting (depending on the weight of the contents of course) and they serve my purpose perfectly.
    I felt like this kept the food warmer than normal foil. Plus I was able to stack light items on top of it without having to worry about a hole being punctured into it.
    Home use: These used to be available at membership clubs, but are no longer available in our city. I love to use them to cover casseroles to take to friends, or to freeze for our use.
    The quality of the lid is great I use them at home anytime I have a get together it keeps the food warm. I high recommend this product.
    The half size lids are the perfect compliment to any half size pan. The quality and durability of the lid is great. It is thick and hold tight and secure.
    These are the best lids ever. They work will with the lids and are great for travel along with the pans. Make everything spill proof!
    These are a staple in my shop. They are made from a high-quality material, fit perfectly on the pan and protect the food. So glad this online store exists!
    These are great for catering. They are sturdy and hold up well when stacking entrees. We heat our entrees with the lids on, take them off during the heating process, then put them back on again for transport and they still look very good when we get to the event.
    We use these lids on our large casseroles and they work great. Many customers even cook using them instead of covering with foil. Edges fold over easily and the lids are quite sturdy.
    These lids were great. They fit the pan perfectly and were easy to use. Also had a great surface to be able to write clearly what each dish was.
    I love these lids it fits perfectly and keeps food warm and they also add a nice touch when using it with the half pans for catering events
    These half-size pan lids are really practical--They fit the pans perfectly, so I no longer need to waste aluminum foil as a lid substitute. Great for freezer storage.
    Great lid to go with a great pan! Seals in heat and prevents leaks. Strong! Great for catering! Nice appearance. Stores easy and makes a great choice to use with the container, the 1/2 size steam table pan. Great for storing leftovers and reheating too. Great for large dinners.
    We couldn't do without these lids in our operations. The quality is good, they are sturdy and help us stack pans on top of each other in the hot carry bag. Highly recommended if you are buying half pans.
    When you do hot catering it can get pricey, there are so many little extras. Choice brand pans and lids help control those costs , so we can limit fees to our customers. They have our business
    These lids arrived way sooner than expected which pleased me very much! Especially since I needed them for a catering job on Saturday, January 30, 2016. They fit perfect and look very professional and uniformed once they cover the 1/2 size trays I also purchased. I have high expectations ordering from the WebstaurantStore, and these guys have not disappointed me yet!
    fits perfectly on the aluminum trays and keeps the heat in. They are very easy to use and allow for stacking when we were making a lot of food.
    I bought the big and small pan lid, am happy with count that came with small lid, it is made with a good aluminum, it secured well when closed, it is more presentable, it make it use stack the pan on top of each other without messing up The fod in each pan
    These are nice and professional-looking, easy to attach, and they also add a nice touch when taking food to an event or to a friend.
    This case of 100 foil steam table pan lids that we ordered are exactly what we wanted! We have already used them a lot and they have served us well.
    Be advised, these lids are very thin and flimsy. They are equivalent to wrapping with a piece of heavy tin foil. I will not purchase again.
    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I have uesd these with half pans and it works great as an extra sealing tool and it supports the pan well too. I can put this on and slide it into my carrier no problem and it supports the weight of the food well.
    Paired with the foil pan, these lids are perfect for freezing meals in the freezer. They stack very well and are very handy to put in the oven and bake on nights we need a quick meal! Clean up is great too!
    Loved these lids. They are durable, stackable, and perfect for freezer meals. Anyone preparing for a surgery, baby, holidays or even just normal cooking, these are perfect for all of your needs. We had extras and they were great for making meals for friends who had baby's or got hurt and even when we just weren't feeling like cleaning a lot of dishes.
    These lids will be perfect for keeping the food hot before the catered dinner starts and then for packing up any leftovers without spills and problems that can happen with regular aluminum foil. So glad I purchased these!
    These 1/2 size foil steam table pan lids work well with the 1/2 size foil pans. We used for an outside wedding and it also helped to keep any bugs out of the food. Do not overlook getting these if you will be using outside!
    These lids are awesome for the aluminum pan that they are use for. The lid fits securely on the pan with no leakage. I use these on a daily basis.
    Most definitely worth the cost of purchasing these to go with your foil steam pans. They are professional looking and when you consider the cost of wrapping with foil they really are more then likely no more expensive. They make stacking in the freezer so easy. I like the neat look that the lid gives. I only wish some of the other pans had the matching foil lids.
    These are a great deal and nice quality. Also one if the best bargains I've found. My current supplier charges twice as much. I can always count on webstaurant for the best deals!!
    These foil pan lids are OK. They get the job done but they are a bit thin compared to other foil lids we've used. The price isn't bad though.
    Bought both full size and half size pan lids. Transportation is so much easier. No spillage. A must if you buy the pans. Keeps food warm too.
    I used this steam table pan lid to go on top of my foil pan that I ordered from webstaurant! I am able to stack my pans on top of each others with this steady foil lid. I recommend this item to other customers.
    These table pans are indispensable. Not only a great during the holidays, but for everyday storage purposes. If you cook for family and friends these are great to have on hand.
    Foil lids work great with the pans. They crimp shut making a perfect seal and keep in the heat. Would definitely buy again and the box size lasts a long time
    lids fit securely on the pan. I usually bend them a bit so as to not touch the food in them, I hate a sticky mess, not these just bend them a bit so they rise and they still fit snug!
    Any caterer should definitely have one of these because its better to use these to cover the foil pans than to use plain foil. Its more presentable and nicer
    I purchased these to go with my 1/2 size steam table foil pans. The lids are sturdy and work great with the pans to help my freezer meals to stack well in the freezer. I love that I can pull a freezer meal out of the fridge and place the pan and lid right into the oven. The lid seals well to keep the freezer meals tasting fresh.
    The lids works wonderful when you are having a fun raiser to sell dressing you can stack them up and they will not even fold up.
    These work pretty well, even if you have to double up. Cover one pan and drop it into the second pan. If you secure the edges well, you can stack a couple pans.
    I bought the lids because of the price and i was happy with them. they worked well and seemed to be sturdy. i would buy them again.
    This pan lid is a perfect fit for the 1/2 size foil steam pans. It works so much better than aluminum foil, making it easier to stack on top of each other.
    Nice foil pan lid. Pretty sturdy material so it was not too flimsy. Pairs perfectly with half size food pans to cover for storage, cooking or for delivery of food pans.
    These lids fit perfectly with the Economy Steam Table 1/2 foil pans. They are secure enough to be able to stack them in the freezer as pictured. Definitely get these lids when you purchase the pans!
    These are great for catering! They are easy to secure onto disposable foil pans! They make it easy to stack! Great for offsite events where travel is a must!!
    Love, Love, Love these. Keeps food hot. Way better than foil wrap. Looks clean and professional for all your disposable orders. However, edges can be sharp when crimping.
    These worked perfectly with the trays i purchased, the lids clasp nicely to the metal trays and it holds very welland the corner slots let just enough heat out that it doesnt burn you when you take the lid off!
    We bought a couple pack of these lids a few years back and they done the job. Awesome price (can't beat it anywhere around here). I just wished when I went to order these the clear ones were up on the site (which wasn't at the time). These done the job though & we were quite pleased with them. =)
    perfect for using on the pans, they keep things well covered, no leakage, also great for stacking. good value for the price, will buy again.
    I love these lids. Very convenient. I prefer using the lids over foil and plastic film to avoid leakage. Much better price than other restaurant supply stores.
    Super handy to have a supply of these on hand for sticking on disposable half pans. We label them with a handwritten card for drop-off catering--they look nice with the labels.
    Before ordering the lids we were using Aluminum foils but could not stack trays. These are strong lids and I can now stack 3 heavy trays filled with food with these lids on.
    These are really a luxury item for me! So nice to have to put over my steam table pans. No need to cover with foil and they stay in place nicely.
    this 1/2 size foil steam table pan lid was a great buy fits the pans like a glove and gives all the to-go orders a great finish
    These covers were invaluable in the kitchen. We make most of our hot dishes ahead of time and these covers did the trick. Being disposable, we write the name of the dish on the top before going in the warmer.
    These lids just finish off the metal pans. They look very professional and are very sturdy to hold other containers on top without collapsing. I would recommend if you get the containers to get these lids.
    This over works and fits perfectly over all half size trays, its not as flabby as the ones you find in the stores its made out of more sturdy material.
    The 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pan Lids are a must they are the perfect companion to the 1/2 Size Foil Steam Table Pans. I use them to bake and/or to cover and store. No more fooling with aluminum foil that rips and tares! A great value for the money!
    Worked great! I thought they were bigger but still worked very well for the reunion will be ordering again thank you
    These lids were bought to fit the 1/2 size steam containers. They fit nicely and the foil folds over to secure the lid to the pan.
    This item does what it is supposed to do, covers 1/2 size foil steam table pans. It is helpful if you want to stack food in the refridgerator, but truly isn't necesary if you have some foil around.
    These steamtable lids fit all of the half sized pans that we use, even the super duper deep ones that we only use for special occasions. It's nice because I don't have to keep another case on hand in a different size.
    What can I say, this might be the best item available. Not only do these provide peace of mind for transporting the food but they keep your prepared food Hot or Cold for a long time before serving.
    Great delivery time and reasonable price. I use this size pan and lid a great deal in my personal chef business. I will be reordering.
    This lid is a perfect compliment to the foil pans I purchased through WEBstaurant. They give a very snug fit and are sturdy enough to stack when needed. They are easily removed but provide excellent sealing and sanitation as well.
    These are a must if you are using the matching foil steam table pan. Inexpensive and worth ordering just to have on hand. The tops align perfectly with the table pans, and provide a snug fit when the corners are turned under. An exceptional product for the price!
    These fit perfectly on my aluminum pans. It makes transporting items much easier. They seal down on top of pans perfectly. I am glad I found them.

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