Windsor Flatware Stainless Steel Dinner Knife - 12/Pack

Item #: 602383DKN

This classic pattern is simple, economical and perfect for basic dining use. Measuring 8" long and boasting a polished chrome finish on top of 18/0 stainless steel, this knife is best utilized in a casual and warm dining environment. A medium-weight design ensures versatile use.

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Windsor Flatware Stainless Steel Dinner Knife - 12/Pack

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knife price Great knives quality buy dinner nice Windsor job
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    Perfectly Average! Great price and decent quality. You won't lose sleep over the amount of silver ware you lose in the trash. Recommended for fast paced restaurants.

    from Boulevard Bistro Posted on

    looks and feels good very durable stainless steel dinner knifes. very happy with product will buy again and will recommend anyone to buy these dinner knifes.

    Posted on

    A very nice knife, excellent price. Can't go wrong with it.We got the Windsor Flatware Stainless Steel Dinner fork- 12/Pack and the match is good.

    Posted on

    Windsor Flatware Stainless Steel Dinner Knife - 12/Pack

    This knife is really good and well worth its price. Also great for how many gone in a st I am loving this set of knifes

    from Foxland market Posted on

    I bought these for sons wedding it was great way better then using plastic and cheaper then using the caters. I recommend this site fully

    Posted on

    You can not beat this price! The quality is outstanding at a fraction of the price we were getting from our food supplier! The fork is a classic restaurant design.

    from home address Posted on

    This silverware is very sturdy and strong. It doesn't bend very easily and is well worth the price. It seems to keep its shine also.

    from Papa Don's Posted on

    Can't beat the price ! Quick shipping and heavy duty, will be buying many more in the near future. It's a plain simple knife but it does the job

    Posted on

    Thinner than I thought but they look great for a table set up. When puchased as a set they look very nice. Going to be ordering more.

    Posted on

    We are a high volume restaurant. Not sure how we lose so much silverware as we do. Price is a consideration when shopping for forks as well as knives. Will recommend and continue to buy these knives.

    from The Draft Posted on

    The WIndsor Knife was a very good quality piece, it worked very well to serve our banquet of 155 people, this product is a good product.

    from Larry's Wood Smoked Pulled Pork Posted on

    Excellent steel dessert knife set at a fantastic price! Simple design and excellent function. We use these for our staff's meals, as well as in the kitchen, and they're wonderful. Durable, reliable and easy to clean!

    Posted on

    This knife pairs well with the Windsor fork and is sturdy for heavy use. It's easily rolled in a dinner napkin and washed in the dish machine.

    from Fernando's Italian & Amer Posted on

    A Great butter knife, very sturdy, and has the weight of a more expensive knife. Thin and easily rolled with the matching fork and spoon.

    from For the Love of Nawlins Posted on

    Very nice, sleek, classy look. They're thin enough to do their job, but certainly not flimsy, have used them for about a month now, hold up nicely in dishwasher, haven't bent, and what a great price, will probably buy more but have a feeling these will last. Love it.

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    Very nice product for the price. Very satisfied with them. They work for not only Tea but our big coffee drinkers absolutely love them. Highly recommended

    from The Diner Posted on

    This knife is a standard quality, works well in a small cafe for dine in customers, washes well and holds up to lots of usage. Would recommend for the price.

    Posted on

    Great knives! Works well and cleans well in the dishwasher. Much better choice than the disposable knives we used to use for lunch at our office.

    Posted on

    This Windsor set of stainless steel butter knives is really nice we like using it at all of our table functions it looks fantastic with her other Windsor products it's a fairly thick knife does he play Cupid or nothing like that I really like it I'm gonna buy the rest of the

    from N/A Posted on

    i ordered these knives for a party i had at home. the quality is good and they are so strong. happy with my buy. what a good buy.

    from Sheillah's Catering Posted on

    These knives are great for cutting up small things and getting out butter. They are by no means cheap. They feel solidly made and look to last quite a long time.

    Posted on

    This is a nice place knife. It is sturdy and well matches the rest of the style. The neutral pattern is great for all decors. It is a quality product and especially for the low price.

    Posted on

    Classy looking, durable, yet inexpensive enough that we don't mind replacing them when they disappear. A great product for the money, with out any doubt!

    Posted on

    Is very good product, the knives are clearly made of very good quality, the amount of knives that contains the package is good and the truth the product is very cheap

    from LINN WAREHOUSE Posted on

    These are great economical knives. For the prices, we can afford to replace them as necessary while still providing our customers the "real" silverware they want.

    from Bakeshop LLC Posted on

    I was going on a camping trip with my family, and wanted to take something along that would cut well, and not have to worry about it getting lost or forgotten. With these cheap prices, you could afford to use them as disposable.

    Posted on

    Beautiful, high quality silverware. Bought these for personal use and I love them! I wish they had the option of left handed blade. As a lefty, all of my spreads have knife "teeth" marks running through them. :)

    from Boulevard Pizza Posted on

    This knife works for our purposes - but be aware that this knife is very basic. I like it as it doesn't have an artificial shiny finish but I would not call it dull.

    Posted on

    Simple style of a knife and a decent price. These are pretty much what you will find in any restaurant or bar that uses basic silverware.

    from CMV Posted on

    The Windsor Dinner knife is a great value, and is great for cakes, and simple foods. The price is unbeatable and the knife gets the job done.

    from The Smokin' Burrito Posted on

    Versatile, strong and attractive knife for a great price!!! They wash and wear well, and do not bend even with high use. I love these knives!!

    from The Pizza Man Posted on

    Very nice flatware, it is a good weight and has a good feel in your hand when using it. It has a bright shiny finish that holds up with lots of use.

    Posted on

    These knives are very nice for the price. They are nice shine and quality is good I would buy them again. Thanks for all the silverware.

    from Crystal Clear Posted on

    I prefer a heftier knife, and these come out a little thin. Good deal for the price, however, and I'll buy them again since I live in a house where silverware goes missing.

    Posted on

    These knives are sturdy and easily cleaned in the dish machine. They last years and are easy to roll with the Windsor dinner forks and teaspoons.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    Nothing special with this dinner knife. If your looking for a inexpensive dinner knife this one will certainly to the job. It's durable but not fancy.

    Posted on

    We have purchased these many times because unfortunately, knives get thrown away more frequently then anything else. Thankfully they are reasonably priced and hold up great!!

    from The Gingham Cafe Posted on

    Great knife for the price. They hold up well to the daily abuse of a busy restaurant. We have purchased these for years and will continue to do so.

    from griddles country cookin' Posted on

    Dinner knives do the job for what is needed here. They are a great buy I like to keep extra if I ever run low so I will buy again if needed.

    Posted on

    The industry standard pattern. Cheap and gets the job done. Since we are not a high end restaurant, these get the job done and as cheap as they are, it won't kill the budget when the dishwasher tosses a few "by accident".

    from Big Family Pizza, Inc Posted on

    yep, it's a butter knife or a peanut butter knife if you prefer. It gets the job done and is at a bargain basement price!

    from Lions Camp Crescendo Posted on

    These are knives. Are they elegant? Not really. Do they cost nothing and cut food effectively? You bet your booties they do. I'm a single dude in an apartment, and have no one to impress. But these puppies impressed my wallet, and haven't let me down yet.

    Posted on

    The Windsor Flatware Stainless Steel Dinner knife - 12 / Pack is a great economy choice. For the price they are a great value and suit our needs.

    Posted on

    These knives are simple and durable. Then handle is pretty long making it easier to grab. It is not very shiny so it looks somewhat antique. However, I am satisfied with the product for the price I paid.

    Posted on

    Low costs and great product. What more can you ask for in a store. Thanks again Webstaurant for carrying this and we will reorder as necessary.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    The Windsor flatware is a good quality flatware for an inexpensive price. They can withstand heavy use and many washes. I plan on buying more of this item

    Posted on

    If you're looking for a solid, durable, very reasonably priced knife, these are it. We have used them for years and they are great. They cost about double for our local vendor

    from Toni's Depot Posted on

    Great investment. Any party or event I have I can now put out real flatware instead of buying plastic just to throw it away! Cost less than the plastic kind at a store and if any disappears easy and cheap to replace!

    Posted on

    We have bought several packages of these knives and ordered more today. They are very good quality and reasonably priced. We will definitely reorder these.

    from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe Posted on

    I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of these knives. It absolutely met my expections. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and you can't beat the price.

    Posted on

    We bought 160 of these knives for our wedding and they are perfect! They are simple, but sturdy and shiny. We are having a low key, buffet dinner and are primarily using disposables. But these knives are so affordable and great quality we decided to use them. No regrets. Would recommend.

    Posted on

    Very simple and standard knives. We are breakfast and lunch and don't need to reinvent the wheel with silverware. Easy to buy a lot of these.

    from backwater Posted on

    These knives do the job they are meant to do and that is about it. They aren't fancy but they do no look bad either.

    from Templin Holdings LLC Posted on

    A good cheap metal fork. Doesn't have the best of looks, but it is cheap and high quality metal that doesn't rust. Good idea for extras around the house or for a buffet type place.

    Posted on

    As a restaurant we go through so much silverware (most of the time it is carelessly thrown away while emptying dishes), so finding it for such a great price, we were pleasantly surprised.

    from G2A Posted on

    We have used these knives since we opened. Great product. Better price. We continue to use this site for all of our needs in the store.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    Windsor knife (and fork) about to tackle this breakfast burrito.

    Great product light weight.. Didn't order enough so will be ordering more soon.. Would definitely recommend this products to anyone forks and spoons are nice as well thank you

    from darin l long llc Posted on

    Not sharp enough to cut a steak (we use steak knives for that) but sharp enough to eat about anything else! These knives are essential in the restaurant business, and I'm glad we went with Windsor Flatware knives because we've had no complaints so far.


    It's a great price but be careful! If you're looking for flatware that will stand up to a lot of abuse don't get this product line. However, for the price, anyone can easily afford to simply buy more!

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    These knives are surprisingly heavy weight for being from a value priced collection. They look very nice and preform well. Great product for the price!

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    This set isn't high end, but we purchased them to use at an event where silverware often gets lost and discarded during breakdown. For the price that they are, I don't have to worry about taking inventory. The knife is a lot nicer than the matching teaspoon and fork, it is heavy and is comfortable in the hand. The cutting edge is heavy duty and works well for a plated meal.

    Posted on

    For a bottom price product it has stood up to a years worth of abuse in the bakery and it still looks like I just bought them.

    from Local Foods Bakery Posted on

    Great value for these knives. They are durable and wash well. You get a lot for your money with this product. Highly recommend for a casual dining restaurant.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    Standard Knife. You will want to use this for a pub restaurant. Do not buy these for a 5 start or anything along those lines.

    from Flo's Sports Bar Posted on

    the Windsor flatware line is a very high quality value product. they work great for us easy to clean and reuse. overall great product. will be buying more.

    Posted on

    I found this butter knife easy to handle it is 18/0 and a nice weight with no issues with the knife being dish washer safe.

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    I enjoyed these knives as a cheap option for dinner at my wedding. The forks and spoons of the same brand were of better quality. These worked fine, however, they did look like a "cheap" option. I would recommend to cut cost, but they were noticeably cheap knives.

    Posted on

    I bought the Windsor teaspoon, fork, and knife for my summer Wedding coming up this August. Although I had originally planned on buying the most expensive disposable silverware on the Webstaurant store, I changed my mind when I realized that the Windsor collection is so affordable for such a high quality. We are hoping to use this silverware for entertaining after the Wedding. I am very pleased with the weight and size of this knife. Because I was a little curious about the knife's cutting power, I decided to take one out of its plastic sleeve (yes, the silverware are all individually wrapped in plastic) and when I tried cutting a piece of chicken and even a sandwich in half, it worked quite well. Although this silverware isn't the fanciest on the Webstaurant Store's website, I would definitely recommend the Windsor set for anyone who wants silverware that is both affordable and durable.

    Posted on

    great purchase has been great item for the business. and it is a perfect size to my plates , and made of long lasting material.

    from MEP Posted on

    This low cost dinner ware is very nice. No sharp edges, easy to clean. Very sturdy and a smooth finish for a low price. I recommend these.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    These knives look extremely Cheap! the quality is horrible... but the worst is that I am suck with 160 of them... the restocking fee and the return shipping is more than the purchased price... don't waste your money or time... Pro: fast shipping

    from Passionately Owned Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry these knives did not meet your standards. These are a great value when purchasing in large quantities for commercial use. IF you are looking for another style of flatware, we suggest the Regency stainless steel dinner knife which is a best-selling utensil with a more formal design.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This is a very economical piece of flatware. Very heavy and holds a nice finish after many cycles of the dish machine. Makes accidental throwaway's easier to handle as a business owner.

    from Wet Willie's @ Pier 51 LLC Posted on

    We needed simple, basic flatware for our local charity club. This fits the bill. Solid pieces, simple design. We are on a tight budget, so these were very well-priced.

    from Advanced Technology Mktg Inc Posted on

    I was looking for the cheapest silverware piece available to use in our lakeside/deck setting. Even if my shrinkage is 20% per month, I'm going to save 100's of dollars per month rather than buying the fancy chrome disposable silverware.

    from breezy point international Posted on

    The classic butter knife. It's perfect for home and college use. I've def seen these at breakfast places at all. They are really durable as well

    Posted on

    I love these knives because they are so light, and they are perfect for our bakery, and we dont have to throw them away after.

    Posted on

    These knives are a perfect fit for our bakery! Simple, lightweight, but not cheap and plastic. Amazing price as well, we'll be buying more soon!

    from Rachel's Bake Shop Posted on

    Great value priced knife. I used it for a dinner party that my wife and held over the weekend. Knife easily cut the veggies. No complaints!

    from Atlanta Linen Rentals LLC Posted on

    We are going to be able to use these knives for not only cutting. We will be serving cheese platters, so they will be great as spreaders also!

    from Vines & Hops Posted on

    A standard dinner knife. No fancy designs here, it just does what a knife is meant to do. I don't know why you would need to spend more on dinner knives unless you have a very fancy restaurant!

    from Rainbow Bakery Posted on

    I really like these knives. They're pretty basic, lightweight, no extra frills- but I still like them. They're durable, and honestly have a nice look. They fit well in a napkin.

    Posted on

    We bought 100+ pieces of this flatware for use by our homeowner association residents for large social events. We have heard nothing but compliments on its quality and price. Very impressive.

    from Meadowcrest Homeowners Association Posted on

    Very nice knives. Will purchase these again in the future. We roll them with our forks in dinner napkins and they fit very nicely. Sturdy and strong.

    from JD Brigham Inc Posted on

    Great inexpensive dinner knife. They are easy to clean and sustain a shine. My guest enjoyed them and assumed they were expensive. That is how great of a look they have. I would recommend this product for sure.

    from Innovative Catering Posted on

    Since I am opening a restaurant on a very tight budget, I was looking to save money where ever I could. These offer a great value for the price.

    from Between the Bun Posted on

    This knife is a very basic no frills knife. It does the job for what the style of my restaurant is and i am happy about the price.

    from Absolute BBQ Posted on

    These knifes are awesome for dinner parties and for any food service establishment! They polish up great and they are cheap for the price. Durable.

    Posted on

    I have has these Windsor flatware dinner knifes for a while. They are very well made and hold up good wash after wash. Good item

    from nitas place Posted on

    The Windsor dinner knife is a good knife and a great price also.they hold up great and are light weight.great in the dish washer. cheap enough to replace if some go missing to.

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    These are great! stand up to years of wear in my dish machine ad are perfect for a romantic dinner in a fine dining restaurant!

    Posted on

    The quality of the knife was fine because I wasn't expecting anything too fancy or expensive-looking. However, what I didn't like was that it said "stainless steel" on the knife blade itself and was very noticeable. I thought this is what made it look cheap.

    Posted on

    Thank you for your feedback! We're sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I purchased the Windsor Knife for my daughters wedding reception. It was cheaper to purchase than to rent them. They were very nice for the price I paid.

    from Deb Industries Posted on

    This is the best economical knife in the set. They are durable, cheap, and look great. They are perfect for any restaurant doing application. Buy them

    Posted on

    I gave the knives a three stars because I did not really like them for the purpose I needed them for. They are good for a restaurant or household use, but not for a wedding. They did not have that nice shine that I wanted.

    from Toni's Exquisite Events Posted on

    The Windsor Flatware Dinner Knife is a durable well priced option for restaurants to have the ability to provide a lot of flatware without spending too much. If you are looking for a knife with more shine for a wedding then you may want to check out a knife like the Regency Flatware Dinner Knife 12/Box.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These knives seem quite sturdy. They have a bit of a sharp edge that will cut the normal foods, but not overly sharp. Good sturdy product.

    Posted on

    We love this flatware. We are a small, fast paced pizza/sub/sports bar and these hold up, and the price is right so if some do wind up in the trash in our high season it's not that painful..

    from Buncey's Posted on

    These are some pretty decent dinner knives. They come at a really inexpensive price and they would be great for any business that sees a lot of customers.

    Posted on

    If your not running a gourmet restaurant with silver plated Victorian silverware, this is your knife. So far we have had these for about a year!

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    what a super dinner knife. the whole windsor flatware line has been great for us. the price is solid as is the product. we are very happy with the lasting power

    from restaurant Posted on

    A very good knife that we have used over three years in our restaurant. The econimical price enables us to replace knives that get lost or missing.

    Posted on

    Easy to clean and very light weight. This will make a good fit for any casual bar which does not need an extensive array of flatware. Simple, easy and even easier to replace cost wise if you want to upgrade later.

    from Modern Mead Posted on

    Cheap knives but they do the job and at the rate that most restaurants lose silverware these are definitely a good buy for any quick paced restaurant

    from Zeppe's Pizzeria Posted on

    I really like these knifes, there not to heavy, just right. The price is great, cant even go to the Dollar Store and get them cheaper.

    from Rosies Restaurant Posted on

    The silver ware are nice and strong. Working in a fast paced diner they have to be strong in order to with stand the punishment they go through.

    from pennys diner Posted on

    For the price, these are just fine. I thought when I ordered them they would be slightly lightweight, due to the low price. I was a little surprised just how light they were. I almost returned them, but I needed them for an event. I used them and didn't have a single complaint. I was in a restaurant recently and realized halfway through my meal that I was eating with the Windsor flatware. I didn't think they were especially lightweight when I ate with them so I guess they are okay for me to use as well.

    Posted on

    This line of flatware provides a very economical way to add a very classy touch to any event. It has a very classic appearance and is just as affordable as disposables.

    Posted on

    Very heavy stainless steel, each was individually wrapped in plastic. Easy to clean and was a plus to the overall look of the table. I will purchase these again!

    Posted on

    Great product for the price - quick shipping. Had a question after they arrived and used the live support customer service - great service!

    Posted on

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