Regency 12" Wall Mounted Swing Spout Swivel Faucet with 8" Centers

Item #: 600FW812

This Regency 12" wall mounted swing spout faucet is perfect for all of your janitorial or dishwashing tasks! Featuring a flow rate of 2 GPM and a 1/2" NPT connection, this faucet is great for quickly filling up your pot sinks or cleaning pails. Plus, with its swinging design, the faucet can reach multiple sink compartments for easy rinsing.

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Regency 12" Wall Mounted Swing Spout Swivel Faucet with 8" Centers

4.2 stars from 84 reviews


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faucet great sink price compartment works Easy swing swivel long
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    This faucet was east to install. The only problem is that the cold water wants to come out full force but the hot water side is fine.
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    Absolutely do not recommend this wall mounted fauced, it was installed in a new sink I bought from web restaurant and it last less than a week, the cold handle stop working.
    Thank you for your review, JAVIER! We are sorry this Regency 12 inch Wall Mounted Swing Spout Swivel Faucet with 8 inch Centers has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    This faucet is great quality. It swings to reach all 3 of my sinks without any issues. I highly recommend this faucet to anyone that wants great quality at a bargain price.
    After one month of use the cold water valve no longer works properly. It will turn off, and full on. but there is nothing in between.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I bought this along with a two compartment dump sink on this website. Pretty good size and reaches well and is good for filling pots with water.
    this is a high quality faucet. has been working for us for two years now without any issues in our large triple basin sink. easy to swivel and no leaks. still shines up like new.
    I was so surprised that Webstaurant store sold these plumbing fixtures. They are much cheaper than buying them at a big box store. This faucet is heavy duty.
    Faucet is great. Was recommended to go with my 3 hole sink. Unfortunately, the swing is too long and when you try to use it in the middle sink, water gets outside the sink. I am going to have to replace it with a smaller size. Great value though.
    Great products. I use them for my restaurant for years! Great price and meet all my needs. I would highly recommend to anyone to buy.
    This 12" faucet is the perfect size for the matching 3 bowl sink model 600S31515215 sold on this site. I love the swing arm and the paddle handles. The flow rate is high and fills the sinks quickly. Easy to install too. I would like to say more great things about this faucet, but hey it's a faucet. A nice one, but it's just a faucet! LOL! We say buy it and buy the matching sink I review elsewhere on this site. Jeff
    Ordered three of such 12" swing 8" center faucet for our 3-compartment and 2-compartment sink, the shipping is really speedy, ordered Monday morning and arrived on early afternoon Tuesday. While open the package, the quality of the product is really good, worth the price. And is a good deal compared to the local restaurant hardware supply store
    This is a nice faucet for my three compartment sink in my concession trailer. It was easy to install and looks good. It works great
    Very well made! Easily distinguishable hot and cold markings. My only grievance is itt will not hold a steady pressure on the hot water side. It is either on or off. If the faucet is on at a low pressure the knob keeps turning until it is wide open on its own. I'm not sure what causes this.
    We love our wall mounted faucet. We primarily use this one for the "dump sink". It allows us to do a quick rinse before sending a dish through the washer.
    This is a standard swivel facet we bough to replace an old for one of our prep sinks. Works well and does what it needs to do.
    Your standard swivel faucet, gets the job done, and hasn't given us any problems to date. The swivel reaches all three compartments of our 3-compartment sink, happy with the purchase.
    Great for the three compartment sink. The neck is very long and reaches all of the compartments. The knobs are a little flimsy. It works fine.
    We use this faucet on our 3 hole sink. It works really well. Only reason for the 4 star is because the handles are beginning to come loose, so we have to push hard to turn off the water on the hot handle. Other than that its great!
    Decent faucet for the price. If you don't use it constantly it will last a long time. The washers seem to wear out very fast on this, about every 2 months and the faucet starts to turn on by itself.
    Regency 12" Wall Mounted Swing Spout Swivel Faucet with 8" GPM is great for our three compartment sink. No issues with pressure and very small footprint
    One of the nuts that came with the faucet had a small crack on it creating a leak. So you ask why 4 stars, its not about the defect with the nut, its about the prompt customer service and quick parts replacement. Will keep shopping at web restaurant for sure. Marty
    Very good product, easy to handle and use for anyone, good instructions. Good for small restaurants or small kitchens. Great quality. Wasnt what I was expecting, but I can use it
    Regency 8" center with 12" swing spout fits great onto smaller 3 compartment sinks. These units are approved for use and lead free. The installation is very easy.
    We love the Regency wall-mounted Fossetts. This 12 inch well-managed swing spout with Aiden center is perfect for all we were looking for. We sell a lot of these in our store. They are very well-crafted and designed.
    This is your lowest-cost faucet, and it did not last as long as I hoped. Within a couple of years the faucet itself was falling out of the "swing" because the metal that was supposed to hold it in place had corroded. This is not a smart place to save money. Go buy an overpriced but higher-quality faucet from a plumbing supply store.
    Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help should you encounter any issues.
    I bought this to replace a leaky faucet. Instructions were easy to read and it was fairly simple to install with basic tools and knowledge. Thanks again webstaurantstore.
    Fast shipping and a great price. This faucet fit our sink perfectly. It was quickly delivered in under a week. Cost much less than the local stores.
    Works great, still nice and shinny, long enough to reach all compartments, easy to close and open, no dripping , so far works good ,
    This faucet has work well for us so far (1 month). The only issue we had is the lock nut at the faucet neck base was too tight (perhaps our plumber) and so it would not swivel properly and would get stuck in one position, not being able to service all of our 3 bay sinks. Loosen that lock nut and everything should swivel as needed.
    Came as expected. This is a great deal and good price for using on prep or dishwashing sinks. We will see how it holds up.
    I bought 2 of these for my triple sink. One of them had a water hammer come loose or something inside. Other than that they are built well. Good Price.
    seemed like quality product, but cold side started dripping almost immediately. Just purchased more expensive model to see if it works the way it should. Web restaurant gave me a credit. Their customer service is excellent and ordering from the web site is a breeze.
    Thank you for the feedback! We're sorry this did not suit. Our Customer Solutions team is always happy to help!
    A plumber wanted a lot of money for a new faucet plus install. I found this faucet for a fraction of the price and installed it myself in 5 minutes and I have never attempted something like this before! It is excellent quality!
    Can't beat this product best on the market for the money I've had it for a little while now gets heavy use and still works great i've got some of the high price once before and not last as long
    For the price you can't beat this faucet. The only issue we have is it either runs full bore or not at all! But other than that I have no issues with it. Will be buying it again when needed.
    Happy with these regency faucets. They do the job every day. We beat them. They dont fail. This one is on our 3 bay and has been great.
    We use this faucet in the kitchen and have had no problems over the last year 1/2. The price was right and it works well in our dish washing area.
    I tried Regency Wall Mounted Swivel Faucet with 8" Centers - 12" Swing Spout because is cheaper than T&S, it was a pretty good idea to save money, it do the same job and the finishing is great too
    Overall a nice faucet, it is NSF approved and pretty easy to install. Be sure to purchase the additional plumbing install kit. Very easy to keep clean.
    Bought this faucet for my 3 compartment sink. Works great for the side compartments but the spout is a little long for the middle one.
    great item, for a great price shipped directly to my place of business , convenient to shop on line for restaurant equipment needed for my business
    Not bad for the price, but I have bought a couple of these and every time they start dripping after about 6 months. My plumber said we were closing them too hard and cracking the ceramic barrel inside, but we were really gentle with the second one and had the same problem.
    Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help should you encounter any issues.
    We paired this wall mounted faucet with the 39" three compartment sink for use on our food truck. The faucet is the perfect length to reach all three sinks easily and has smooth swivel action. Cleans up easily too.
    You can go out and spend a bunch on a new one that will break in 3 years anyway because in a restaurant -- we all use them a lot. You might as well buy this thing and get a brand new one for a fraction of the cost. Think about it, you can buy 7 of these before you have to buy one of the fancy ones. This one makes more sense and does the job.
    I bought this faucet for the 3 compartment sink I purchased for my bakery, It does swing to easily reach each compartment and I have had no issues with its use.
    A very nice faucet that fit my regency great. Like the long swing spout so it reaches all the sink compartments good enough to keep everything clean.
    Good faucet that performs well and has an easy, smooth swivel. However, the length can be too long resulting in splashing or spilling over when using the center sink in a smaller triple bay sink model.
    I had this installed on my Regency prep sink and it works great. I was concerned about buying lower priced, generic brand plumbing but the price was right and so far no issues.
    Great size faucet for our 3 compartment sink . But we have had some problems getting it to quit dripping from both sides I guess the seals aren't very good in it.
    so far no problems, though my plumber predicted there would be problems because it's not T&S brand. I will wait and see for myself before i spend twice as much.
    I purchased this faucet over a year ago and it has held up better than the faucet that I played over double the price for. Thanks for a great product.
    This product is horrible, the center does not hold the faucet together, water splash out when we turn on the switch. The hot water switch does not work properly, hot water drips when turn tightly. I am stuck with a bad product and I can't return it.
    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly. This faucet should be working properly. If you would like to try another brand, check our selection of T&S Brass swivel faucets like the T&S 5F-8WLX12 Equip wall mount swivel faucet.
    Economic faucet, but a very good construction material, perfect for 36" inches or 48" inches three compartments sinks. Easy to mount. I recomended Regency Products
    This faucet has been very helpful in conjunction with our 48" wide 3 compartment sink as it easily fills all compartments but isn't in the way when we wash larger items.
    Perfect size. Very well made. Beautiful and practical. Everything works great. No problems with leaking or anything like that. Good pricing. Will recommend it to anyone.
    It is attached as tightly as possible and we have already replaced both the O-rings. It shoots a stream of water in every direction, splashing you if you try to use it. Furthermore, the faucet stem is too long for the sink! So much so that it spews water over the edge if pointed straight. And finally the cold water faucet valve slips. So when you turn it - it makes a popping sound and goes from full stream to a trickle. In summary, this faucet is not recommended.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that this faucet has caused so much trouble for you. We will be sending a replacement shortly. As always please feel free to contact a Customer Solutions Representative.
    This has saved my sink. It's high quality and inexpensive. My old faucet leaked constantly but I haven't had any issues with this. I'm really pleased.
    Installs easy, just make sure you have the correct sized adapters and tools. The materials feel solid and the faucet seems to be constructed very well.
    This was sent along with my 3 compartment sink. All inclusive. ONly thing is, the arm is waaaay longer than the middle sink and a splash can occur, but its only water, and it got me approved. Not bothered by the length, just mentioning it. My plumber was baffled as well
    We had a hard time getting the wall mounts to tighten up and not leak but after a lot of plumbers tape we got it. The faucet part leaks as well.
    Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with this faucet; it should not be leaking. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact with you shortly!
    the facet has been good, i was worried at first because it was so cheaply priced, but it has worked well and is a great little facet.
    Very ecomonical, but kinda strange compared to faucets i've purchased in past. It's a quarter turn, but relies on being "screwed" down like a non quarter turn, so when it was first installed, it would tend to turn itself back on because of this. I called the company, and they sent a new one, and it did the same thing, but after just "putting up with it" for a week or so, it somehow quit doing it. I'd say for the price, it's worth a shot to see if it works for you
    This faucet is very useful reaching all three compartments of the dish sink. It swerves easily and runs smoothly. Would definitely buy this product again.
    Another great product from the Regency line. The swivel wall mounted faucet works and looks great. Why pay more from the manufacturers when this line does the exact same job.
    Having purchased a 4 compartment kitchen sink with out faucets we were happy to find this wall mounted faucet at an affordable price. It makes our used sink look like brand new and the 12" swing spout it covers all sinks
    This faucet looks nice and does the job well. It does, however, have a problem leaking unless it is shut very well. It doesn't work how a normal faucet shuts off. It is a waste of money and natural resources to have a leaky faucet so this wouldn't be my first recommendation of faucets.
    We are sorry to hear that. The faucet is not supposed to leak. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact about the product.
    This faucet drips all the time. I used it 8 months and its broken. The water is flowing slow out of the hot side but the cold is working fine .
    We are sorry to hear about that. A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact about the faucet.
    I bought this for my 3 compartment sink(w/ 4 holes for 2 faucets) in January 2012. No problem so far. Great quality. I would recommend this product.
    Wonderful product and incredibly fast shipping. I compared to other sites and the prices are unbeatable. Would recommend to everyone interested in equipment and supplies.
    Very nice faucet at a great price. Looking at it you would not think that it was that it is a bargain compared to the other options. I wish they made a 8" centers - 10" swing spout.
    Great Faucet nice product better then I figured it to be. Love buying from Webstaurant they are one of the fastest places I deal with.
    Sink faucet s good - no leaks, consistent pressure, and attractive stainless steel. Very happy with the quality and look of this faucet in our shop.
    This faucet works well with the Regency 16 Gauge Three Compartment Stainless Steel Commercial Sink. The arm reaches all three compartments and handles the high water pressure we use in our sink.
    An inexpensive faucet which we replaced old ones on a three compartment sink with. They serve the purpose, but they may have to be replaced sooner than more expensive ones.
    Nice faucet. Ordered the sink as well. Just make sure you order the connector for the back. Plumber had to find them and charged more then what I could have gotten on site.
    shopped around the web and couldn't find a better deal anywhere. even with shipping the price was unbeatable. and it arrived crazy fast. thank you!
    Purchased this item along with a stainless steel sink. Have been disappointed by how hard you have to press handles to stop water flow. I often see water left running slowly by kitchen staff. Have to get on staff to fully shut off water flow.
    Thanks for your review! We would suggest that you use a water-displacing spray around the base of the handles. That should help the handles to move smoothly.
    Nice long nozzle helps reach all three compartments of the 3 bay sink. Stainless steel keeps clean and does not rust. Water flow is nice and strong
    Great faucet for the price.. easy to use handles, smooth operation. you will need to order the install kit separate, and makes life far easier to install vs trying to piece it together from local supply houses. but if you are replacing a faucet or buying a new one this one seems to be ready to do the job. I havent had it long enough to speak to the durability but so far so good
    Great value , fit and very easy to install. Shipping was a breeze and the customer service was fast,nice and effeciant. Highly recommended company for the new commercial kitchen
    great facet, with a great price. easy to clean. easy to install. easy to use. it does not come with back gaurds to bring the faucet tight to sink mount if using pecs line.
    A must purchase for the 3 bowl S S sink Make sure u purchase the 3/4" couplings they make the install easy great product works great
    This was the first time I had ever ordered hardware online. I had tried to buy this locally but found out it would be a special order, expensive and was not the size or style I was looking for. Thanks to your wide range of products I found exactly what I was looking for and to top it off I could afford to purchase a new spray nozzle for the dishwasher for about the same price as I would have paid for just the faucet if I would have bought it locally!
    This faucet other places will cost you almost double. It is a great value and fit my sink perfectly. You will not find a better price anywhere else!

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