Regency 1.42 GPM Wall-Mounted Pre-Rinse Assembly with 8" Centers and 12" Add On Faucet

Item #: 600FPRSFA12K

This Regency wall-mounted pre-rinse assembly with sprayer and add on faucet is perfect for rinsing excess food and sauces off of your dishes prior to running them through your commercial dish machine. Its spring action, flexible gooseneck is easily secured to the wall with its 12" wall bracket, and the sprayer head can be kept in place thanks to a handy hook. A 12" add on faucet makes for quick filling of buckets or sink compartments, and for quick identification, the faucet handles are labeled and color coded for hot and cold. Plus, the chrome-plated copper construction looks great in any setting!

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Regency 1.42 GPM Wall-Mounted Pre-Rinse Assembly with 8" Centers and 12" Add On Faucet

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Faucet Great easy sprayer sink install pressure water quality Works
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    Do not buy this and if you do make sure you have a certified technician installing it. I had a friend of mine install mine and I just had buy him lunch. Of course he couldn't provide me with a invoice or certification because he wasn't on the clock with his company. I called and they sent me a replacement part. I changed it myself and couple weeks later started acting up again and not working properly. Now they can't do anything to help me because I changed the defected part myself. "They trick you" It's written in the warranty that if you do the job yourself because you are trying to save some bucks then your warranty is voided. The company probably knows that this faucet is JUNK and that's why they make the warranty like this. Spend more money for a better quality.
    We're sorry you've had trouble with this. We do recommend that it's installed by a professional.
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    This was a much-needed item in my cafe's kitchen. It's very well constructed, but there is very low pressure coming from the spray nozzle. I'm hoping to find a replacement nozzle head that might provide higher pressure, as that's the bonus of having this in your kitchen.
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    I bought this for a VFW kitchen remodel project. It was installed by a licensed plumber. It leaked at the plastic handle and after about a week of sending pics and videos, Web restaurant store replaced the defective part. Took awhile, but at least they did replace it. After a week or so, the faucet just stopped working. No water coming out at all. The water is getting to the faucet, but no matter how we try, we can't get any water from the faucet or sprayer handle. I'm guessing the cartridges are stuck or broken or something. It's just strange that neither the cold or hot are working. I regret the purchase and will now likely have to buy a different faucet.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry this product did not work properly for you. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
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    This faucet leaks from every connection. I am sorry I didn't read the reviews before I bought this. I have gone back and tightened every connection and put plumbers tape on every connection. It still leaks.
    Thank you for your review, Jennifer! We are sorry this Regency 1.42 GPM Wall-Mounted Pre-Rinse Assembly with 8 inch Centers and 12 inch Add On Faucet has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
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    I like this faucet so much that I wish I could have one at home too. Love the sprayer, it reaches perfectly to our three compartment sink. Very powerful spraying and that says a lot considering how old our building/plumbing is. Easy to install and has held up over time. Need some plumber's putty/tape when installing to get any leaks worked out. Great price compared with any other retailer that we shopped around at.
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    Looks great, and is very heavy duty, but doesn't have near the water pressure I was hoping to have. The add-on faucet is great for filling pots and containers at the dishwasher.
    Good use for a kitchen sink, but the hooks and pieces come off pretty easily. We’ve had to ziptie the product back together in order to be able to continue to use it.
    Thank you for your review, Jason! We are sorry this Regency 1.42 GPM Wall-Mounted Pre-Rinse Assembly with 8 inch Centers and 12 inch Add On Faucet has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    This is exactly what we were looking for. Great price for a faucet with a sprayer. There are no instructions, so this being the first one we've ever assembled, it took a little time to figure out. Looking at peoples posted pictures helped. We needed to purchase a wall mount kit for it to be properly mounted, didn't seem to work with only the hardware included. In the beginning there were a lot of leaks. With plumbers tape and a wrench, we haven't had a drip in over a year. The sprayer is now sticking open here and there, probably just needs a little upkeep done.
    This came perfectly and looks very nice, however, it didn’t come with instructions. Still trying to figure out the install part. We had to hire someone to put it together, now he’s struggling with it. It didn’t come with everything we needed to put it on our 3 sink so we have had to run to menards.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your Regency 1.42 GPM Wall-Mounted Pre-Rinse Assembly with 8 inch Centers and 12 inch Add On Faucet had parts missing. Corrective action has been taken and a Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact with you about this.
    Decent faucet for the price. The spray is not a high pressure wash to say the least but it's fine for my application. With this water pressure you are not spraying the walls and floors every time you use it. Just a nice low pressure stream.
    Faucet was perfect for the sink we purchased. it was easy to install and complete kit. Only concern was there were no written instructions for to install.
    Easy to install. After a year of use, there are no leaks from any of the connections. Good reach and spray pressure, easy to clean
    This is great quality and is large enough that it can reach to hard to get places, it is easy to clean and maintain, and does not require a lot of storing space, looks nice.
    Sprayer works great. Fits well with three compartment sink that I purchased. Installation was quick and easy. Great reach. Gets to every corner of our three compartment sink
    this assembly worked perfect for our 3 compartment dish washing sink. just wish there were some instructions or good diagrams. had to put it together 3 times before i got it right. i am sure a plumber would have no problem.
    This is a great item for a shop. It works great and was easy to install. This is a wonderful investment. Very glad we purchased
    Bought as a add on for our three compartment sink and could not believe the quality for the price. Almost half of other retailers and fast shipping.
    Just ok. Had some faulty parts that webstraunt replaced but you have to use a lot of plumbers tape to get seals tight and even then i have a small dorp.
    This one product has changed the way we do dishes. Very well built and easy to use. It has also helped use use less water and helps our tankless water heater work less. Great investment.
    Great Wall Mounted Faucet. Assembly was quick and easy. Faucet works great washing and rising all of our dishes. Would recommend this product to everyone.
    Decent faucet for the price. The plumber hated installing it as it has very short pipes from the faucet. The wall support bracket was very difficult to cut.
    This thing is the mack daddy of facuets. It is huge. It does have some leaking where it is assembled and although we got plumbers tape it still leaks a little.
    We appreciate your review, Scott! If you are having problems with your faucet leaking, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    It's a decent unit if you have a low volume operation. If you are constantly washing dishes then you might want to upgrade to a more heavy duty unit. The sprayer hose only last about 6 months of constant use and the sprayer hook is plastic and loosens up as soon as you tighten it.
    We purchased this wall mounted pre rinse faucet for our restaurant and are very pleased. It is quality made and does the job quite nicely. Highly recommend this product.
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    the Regency 1.42 GPM Low Lead Pre-Rinse Spray Valve mounted on the Regency 1.42 GPM Wall-Mounted Pre-Rinse Assembly with 8" Centers and 12" Add On Faucet
    this assembly is very easy to install to any sink. we have it on a three compartment sink in commercial kitchen and is holding up well
    The build quality of this faucet and pre-rinse assembly is very good for the price. The tension on the hose feels pretty good and keeps the spray head in place when released and does not require too much force to move around, making it very comfortable to use.
    You need this item in your kitchen! We use it so much and it is flexible, stretches and is easy to clean. The sprayer works great and the pressure is prefect for cleaning tough items. We even use it to clean our our cotton candy bowl! Highly recommend it.
    Could not believe the price of this unit. Because of it i was skeptical at first but i ended up ordering 2 more after the first one. Great product easy to install.
    So easy to installed and uses. All my employees love how conveniences it is for the 3 compartment sinks to clean, wash, and even pull it out to filled our janitor bucket lol
    Great faucet for the money. pressure is good and I would recommend. I have these in two of my restaurants and would definitely buy them again
    Got this snooze right now little with wall mount and prerinse assembly went together easily not a problem my only thing is not that big a flow kind a wimpy and the spray nozzle department but it works
    Great sprayer! It's a cheaper one. The rubber washer piece on the end that is supposed to guide the water flow ripped off long ago, but the sprayer still works fine.
    This has not been the best faucet. We have had it rebuilt and replaced the sprayer already. We will go with TS Brass from now on.
    We bought this in May and just got around to having it professionally installed. It would be a great faucet if there were more pressure. We bought it and had it professionally installed so everything is working as it should, but the lack of pressure is frustrating so it's pretty much useless to us, unfortunately.
    Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help should you encounter any issues.
    These faucets are flexible, can stretch a decent distance, and are easy to keep clean. The hook is helpful, especially when deep cleaning the sinks, as it helps keep the faucet head out of the way for when you're leaning over.
    Was very easy to install works well but wish it had more pressure. Very stable easy to use would buy again great price point too.
    Perfect for our bakery! The sprayer has great pressure and I definitely recommend this with the faucet option as we switch back and forth between the sprayer and the faucet quite frequently. Highly recommend this product!
    Great product! I love the optional sprayer and this one fit right into our budget! High quality and looks to be very durable! Thank you!
    We had to wait for ours to be installed due to serious renovation delays. We're FINALLY ready so lumber installed it only to discover that no amount of adjusting will allow the spout on the add-on faucet to swing once it's tightened down. It's almost as if there's an alignment issue that isn't allowing the spout to seat properly. We'll have to use it as a fixed spout (not our intention) or purchase a replacement. Yet another delay to this seemingly never ending project......frustrating.
    Thank you for the review! We're sorry this leaked. We'd like to make sure you receive either credit or a replacement. A Customer Solutions Representative has contacted you about this.
    Installing this item was relatively easy but then reworking it several times to get it stop leaking was very frustrating. THEN about 60 days after use it began to squeal when in use, first the cold water and then the hot water. Water flow was reduced and the item is only working at about 75% flow rate. I logged a help ticket with WEBstaruant and they replied rather quickly saying she would look into it. A couple of weeks go by and I had to prompt her to give me a response. They tell me that since I installed the faucet and not a plumber that the warranty was void and recommended I purchase additional parts to fix the new faucet. I am very disappointed in that response as most small business people can understand that if you can do a repair then you certainly don't hire a pro to do it. You need to save money wherever you can. Well, this was a waste of money. I will not order the replacement parts from Webstaruant nor anything else from them.. I highly suggest that if you are considering this product to NOT buy it and if you are considering doing simple tasks like installing a faucet then do not order from Webstaruant. Read Less Read More
    Thank you for the feedback, Jeffrey. We’re sorry this did not work well for you. As stated in the warranty, this must be installed by a plumbing professional. As an exception, we were able to send you a part to help with the issue.
    I love my new faucet! The faucet reaches all three compartments in the sink with ease. The sprayer works great for spraying off my big pans and hooks back out of the way when not in use.
    We ordered this for our restaurant. We replaced an old faucet so we love it. It is leaking. The plumber has been out and we thought it was repaired but it is not yet.
    It looks good, but the quality is not that good. It leaks just about everywhere for some reason. The faucets drip, even though the washers are fine. The stem has some kind of plated chrome that is flaking off. If it wasn't such a pain to install, I would have replaced it by now.
    We appreciate your feedback! We’re sorry this has not worked well for you. Please remember our Customer Solutions team is there to help with any issues you have.
    Works great heavy duty very satisfied with this product.. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for this item.. Thank you would reorder again if needed
    From Bay Construction Co. - this product requires special parts that you must purchase separately from this company. All other companies provide the specialty parts for a wall sink. They will want to charge you shipping on a cheap part that they leave out. Buyer beware. Also, you can purchase the parts via other sites with free shipping, and bypass Webrest altogether saving money.
    Thank you for the review, Kevin. We are happy to offer the install kit you're looking for, shown directly under the product images in the You May Also Need section. Selling the kit separately from the faucet is a standard in the industry since each individual customer may require a different part for installation.
    Much cheaper to order this from webstaurantstore than to pick it up from the local restaurant supply, and it was better quality. Very happy with our purchase!
    I have been using this faucet for almost a year now, and I have not had any problems at all. I did have to reinforce the wall so the faucet could be mounted, and in addition the same board was required to get the faucet mounted perfectly vertical.
    I wasn't sure if I would use the pre-rinse faucet much, but I am sure glad I got it, great to reach those hard places in my 3 compartment sink, make rinsing dishes a breeze and it looks very nice too. don't think twice just buy it.
    The idea behind gettin this was fantastic. Easy to use for sure. Installation was easy however not perfect and must use teflon tape. Once tightened it was tough to move. There were no set up instructions.
    high quality, high volume use, and seems to be holding up very well. i would suggest having someone install it that knows plumbing well, very good value
    This thing is terrible. The metal sheathing came apart at the sprayer connection and then the hose tore. Super annoying that this thing didn't last a year. Bad craftmanship.
    Thank you for your review, Jacqueline. We are sorry this did not work well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you shortly.
    This a great product, the only few problems I had where taking this faucet out of the packaging. Also it didn't come with instructions on how it assembled. Just make sure you have plenty of time to assemble and take this faucet out of packing when it arrives.
    Bought this back in November and within days the "swing" faucet started leaking where it is supposed to swivel. I took it off and there are no seals, the faucet neck itself is threaded, so there is no way it can swing without loosening the threads and leaking. Looks like they used the wrong part or are missing an adapter or something. I'll have to tear the whole thing apart to replace the faucet unit.
    Thank you for your review, Tristan. We regret to hear that the faucet you bought started to leak. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon to arrange a replacement.
    I would seriously think twice about this faucet assembly, I thought I could save some money and go with this cheaper option. Big mistake! Unit looks pretty good but leaks at every connection. Wasted a day trying to seal it and pulling valves apart to try and repair them. This thing leaked from valves, joints basically every place. Totally unusable. Just spend twice as much and save yourself the frustration. I've ordered a few things from Webstaurant and been very pleased with everything except this, to their credit they gave me a full store credit so it was really just a wasted day of trying to fix a lemon.
    Thank you for reviewing this, Bob. We apologize for the trouble this faucet caused you. We were glad to assist you in any way we could to straighten the issue out.
    I've been using this faucet for over a year now, So far it works great, easy to install , great quality for the price. Came very well packaged
    This faucet broke once within a few months and now withing 10 months after getting a replacement the sprayer has completely stopped. The entire time it never had great pressure but now it won't spray at all
    Thank you for your review! We are very sorry that this faucet was defective when you received it. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to fix the issue.
    This sprayer is a great value! We installed in on our Regency 3 compartment sink and it fits great. Sturdy features found on more expensive models.
    So far I have been satisfied with the Pre Rinse assembly by Regency. It is quite a bit less expensive than the name brand assemblies out there and I was concerned about quality. I have had some leaks here and there but it was mostly due to my plumber and the installer not tightening things right. The 4 stars is because I felt the hose was a little short but it may have been because of how mine was set up.
    they seem great to me but my plumber who installed them was complaining that they weren't another brand. For now i'm happy and will replace with something nicer if i have problems down the road.
    Leaks out of the box. Going my local supplier to get something else. Waste of a lot of time to get it to stop leaking and a lot of money. This store should also indicate you should buy the install kit. Wasted time trying to find install hardware at my local big box store. Then had to wait for install kit..... still leaks. A couple hundred bucks gone (faucet and install kit) and I still have to lug my dishes next door to wash them.
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your sink is leaking. A Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact until the issue is resolved.
    Faucet works great so far, exactly what we were looking for, and as advertised! Additional faucet is a huge help for filling the other bays of our sink!
    I bought this for my catering trailer and three compartment sink. It works great and makes washing pots and pans a breeze. I would recommend purchasing extra parts just in case.
    The pressure is great but the rinse assembly is already leaking. We've only had it for 6 months. It is a little difficult to clean. The coil seems durable, though.
    Thank you for your review! This Regency pre-rinse assembly is an excellent value. We're sorry to hear your rinse assembly is leaking. For a more durable pre-rinse assembly, try this T&S B-2187 Wall Mounted Pre Rinse Faucet.
    Do not buy this product. Plumber installed in new Kitchen. Removed to send back. for exchange Web Restaurant wanted my Plumber to put back together to take a picture. Ended up buying a T&S from someone else because it was cheaper to buy than to pay my plumber to put back and take pics just to satisfy they're exchange policy. Will never buy from this company again!
    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear you have had so much trouble with this pre rinse assembly. Providing our team with pictures better helps us look for a solution to the issue. We do carry a variety of T&S items if you prefer.
    This faucet and rinse assembly is pretty awesome. I have two of them on my three compartment sink and it makes life so much easier to be able to spray and rinse or fill up the sinks using the same set up.
    This unit works great, is good quality and easy to install. Very good pressure for cleaning even the toughest grime. like a steam sprayer for your kitchen.

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