Scrubble by ACS S86 9" x 6" Heavy-Duty Green Scouring Pad - 10/Pack

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Trust this Scrubble by ACS S86 9" x 6" green scouring pad for your heavy-duty cleaning needs! Made with thick, tough nylon fibers and heavy-duty abrasives, this product is designed for quick and effective scouring. Use it for tough jobs, including removing baked-on messes, grease, and dried food residue from pots and pans. It's aggressive yet flexible enough to remove food in difficult corners and hard to reach places. Long-lasting, this heavy-duty green scouring pad is great to always have on hand. You never know when you'll need to use it, whether you're in the kitchen, garage, or outside! It's an excellent multi-purpose product that will get the job done.

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Scrubble by ACS S86 9" x 6" Heavy-Duty Green Scouring Pad - 10/Pack

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cut scouring Great heavy duty price green half much more
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    This Scrubble by ACS Heavy Duty Green Scouring Pad ten pack is exactly as described and these are really for heavy duty scrubbing and last awhile even with heavy use. Very absorbent and easy to hold in any sized hand as well. I really hope additional sizes will be available with this same quality because these things are as tough as they get.

    Posted on

    Highly recommend!!

    These scrub pads are amazing and apply to almost any application! Be forewarned though, they scratch stainless steel. But they quickly clean almost any other serfice.

    from Noodles and Co Posted on

    Good value for the price. This is very useful for kitchen cleaning. You can cut it into the size you like. The material hasn't give me any issues so far.

    from West Coast Cleaner Posted on

    When the health department visited I was cited for using sponges in dishwashing. I had no idea we could not use. So picked up a pack of these and closed that issue quickly! Yes, these are big so we cut in half like many of the other reviewers. Much more cost efficient to purchase here than my local restaurant supply house.

    from Confectionary Designs Posted on

    Impressively heavy duty texture. Because of the large size they can be used for virtually any task, in the kitchen, in the shop, you name it. Significantly rougher than the stand green scouring pads I've bought in stores.

    Posted on

    These heavy duty green scouring pads are really heavy duty! You will be nicely surprised by outstanding quality! Great product for any professional environment! Great price too!

    Posted on

    This sponge is an excellent way to clean up messes cheaply. It's easy to cut into multiple sponges to save yourself money on smaller sponges.

    from Saxon Posted on

    Green scouring pads are perfect for restaurant, bar or home use. Strong heavy duty pads work well at removing stubborn food and stains. 10 pack is a great value too!

    Posted on

    This nylon scrubber is perfect for dishwashers needing to be able to have reliable scrubbing equipment. Use the scrubber your companies pots and pans everytime.

    Posted on

    Im becoming a huge fan of Scrubble brand products. These are quite thick and super big! They hold up great for scrubbing big sheet pans with lots of stuff baked on them.

    Posted on

    very good price and shipping no cost really. cheaper than anywhere i have looked and does a great job. cut them in half for even more savings

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    I love these scouring pads! When i buy the yellow and green sponges, I only ever use the green side and those wear through so quickly. These are much cheaper and MUCH larger! I often cut them in half or even in fourths. Each smaller pad lasts a long time and cleans wonderfully. Be careful on some of your more sensitive cookware as it may take off some finish if you scrub too hard.

    Posted on

    these pads are very good quality for the price. Not quite as durable as a name brand but at this price we can afford to dispose of them and still save money.

    from Great Bay Hot Tub Co. Posted on

    these things are gigantic! cut them in half and now you have twice as many for the same price. bam! oddly enough, they're grey, not green, but that doesn't affect anything either way. they're great and hold up to repeated use.

    Posted on

    Nice quality scrubbier. They are very large so I recommend cutting them in half otherwise they are an awkward size. Hold up well as last many washes

    Posted on

    These heavy duty green scorching pads are great they really get off line on your pans and plates two very good price we need to get a few more packs of these

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    These are larger in size. Perfect if you prefer that, but they can also be cut smaller if that's what you like as well. Great fir scrubbing hard to clean areas of high useage.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    I am kind of OCD about cleaning and cleaning products. These scouring pads are really heavy duty and I can split them into two pieces. Nice.

    from Kimestry Bakery Posted on

    These scouring pads are awesome. I can get two to four pads out of one. I will definitely buy them again. Thank you WEBstaurant store for the low price of this listing.

    from Todd's Kitchen of Comfort Food Posted on

    These scrubbers are tough and each 10-pack lasts a long time. They're a little large for most people to scrub with, so we cut them in two.

    from Sunflower Espresso LLC Posted on

    Heavy duty pads that really cut through grease and grime without scratching or tarnishing. The only downfall is that they do leak a green dye into the soap water, but the ability to cut them into smaller pieces is great.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    These heavy-duty scouring pads are just that: heavy duty. They work great for scrubbing even the toughest pots and pans. We highly recommend this product!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Good price on these and nice if you can combine them with shipping and then save yourself a trip to go pick these up or buy them from your provider for way too much.

    from backwater Posted on

    These scouring pads are a real value I cut them into 2 piecs to use there so big, my pots and pans have never been so clean.

    Posted on

    The scrubbies are way more durable than the ones you get in the store. They last much longer too. I cut mine into thirds and a 10 pack lasts me years.

    from EAT Posted on

    We use these for lots of things like cleaning out the sick, scrubbing pots and pans, and getting tough grease off things. They are inexpensive and serve their purpose.

    from Fernando's Posted on

    These are great all purpose heavy duty scrubbies. I usually cut these in half because they are quite large. They are rectangular and very abraisive.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    These are very good to use for heavy-duty cleaning jobs and just throw them away afterwards. They are cheap and work well and very useful.

    Posted on

    These were actually bigger than I imagined. I cut them down to the size I like with scissors and use them for different uses daily.

    from Mr. A's Beignets Posted on

    The Scrubble heavy duty are the only solution for clean your kitchen, grill or BBC, you can use for your house or for your restaurant.

    from Sir Clean Corp - Cleaning and Moving Company Miami Posted on

    These scouring pads work great. We cut them into smaller pieces to make them more manageable. They don't fall apart. Really great buy for the price. Will buy again.

    from Highland Table Posted on

    These green pads has a variety of uses and we use them to get the hard scratches off the floor before we polish, WR has them price to move!

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    I use the Scrubble by ACS S86 6" x 9" Heavy Duty Green Scouring Pad - 10 / Pack for home use. Since the Scouring pads are so big I end up cutting them into 3rds and 4ths so I can use them for different purposes. Works great

    from jwhitten31 on Youtube Posted on

    Scouring pads are a must in any business! They aid in dishwashing and getting those hardened spots off of pans. We use these huge pads and cut them into threes. They last longer that way and work every bit as good!

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    Very durable and great quality. This scrubbie is the cheapest one I found! I will only buy this product from webstaurant and no where else!

    from Stix Restaurant Posted on

    I was tired of spending money on store bought scrub pads that only last a short time, and the cost forget it. I purchased these and to my amazement what a fantastic purchase. There was 10 pieces and I cut them in half and then half again, so now I had 40 heavy duty scrub pads for a much smaller price. We use them every where. I use them to clean my flower containers, tire rims, and spots on the floors. I put the extra pieces in a zip lock bag bought here at WEB>COM.

    from Rosemarie T.C. Posted on

    As far as scouring pads are concerned this is the one to buy! They work great. We even cut them in half to get more use out of them.

    Posted on

    Nice big scrubbing pads. Can be cut down for smaller applications or where the huge surface area is not really needed. I can recommend them.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    These scouring pads work very well on tough grime. I use them on softer metals that I don't want to use steel wool on and they do trick. i have noticed they lose some of their power once they have gotten wet, they work better before getting wet. But that is true of all scouring pads I have used.

    from LCAS LLC Posted on

    These are very abrasive and very large. For everyday use, I cut them down and use them in smaller applications. So far scrubbing the grease off of the stove has been easier with this scouring pad.

    Posted on

    Excellent quality, especially good on my cast iron skillets. I actually cut each one into 3 equal pieces; that way I can toss them more frequently without feeling guilty. Price is much better than locally or through "A".

    Posted on

    These scouring pads appear to be the long lasting ones. It is a great value 10/package. I am glad that I found them because I go through them a lot. They can be used everywhere in and out and around the house. In a double layer, I can get the job done very quickly and very efficiently. Thank you so much for offering them. Compared to the heavy duty name brands, they are much cheaper and much sturdier (quite thicker, too).

    from Sine Nomine Posted on

    These scouring pad are a great value. They are nice and thick and hold up to any pot you throw at it. We cut them in 1/2 so they are more manageable in your hand.

    Posted on

    These pads are long lasting. We use them to wash almost everything and they remained firm for many washes. Conveniently they come in a pack of 10.

    from White Apron Sandwiches Posted on

    Yes, I saw this item in stock and I'm a cleaner so I put this on a list of must haves and I can't wait to get these home even though I shouldn't wait to clean and hey, thanks for all the great service.

    from HoffmanENC Posted on

    These have worked very well for us and at a good price point. What can we say it is a scouring pad at a nice large size?

    Posted on

    Good item, great value. For home use, though, I find that the Heavy Duty is not necessary - the regular will do. Why buy these from the supermarket when you can get them so much cheaper from Webstaurant Store?

    Posted on

    The 6 x 9 heavy duty scouring pad is a must have just about anywhere. Can be used for a many different jobs and stands up to a lot of use.

    Posted on

    Some people think that if it doesn't say 'Scotch' on it, that it isn't good. Those people are wrong. These pads are the best for the price. Now, as with most bulk pads, they're a full size piece, so all you do is fold them in half and slide a knife right up the bend. Voila, you have double the pads.

    from A Tasty Affair Posted on

    when I looked at these on the web site, I never imagined the size would be what they are! I am able to cut these in half and still have a very manageable useable size for my cleaning needs. They are all i expected them to be, durable with enough scouring strength to get the job done efficiently. I see that they are disappearing from my household cleaning supply area and expect I will see them in my husband's garage as he also found them to be a positive addition to his garage/vehicle maintenance uses.

    Posted on

    We use these to clean our meat slicer. It does a great job, but the material doesn't hold any water. So when we use it, dirty water splashes all over making an even bigger mess. Cleans great, but I should have gotten the double sided with the sponge.

    from Cooper's Way Posted on

    These are HUGE, good quality, heavy duty scouring pads. I'm a home cook, so I had to cut them into thirds to bring them down to the size of regular scrubs. The large size is ideal to scrub oven, stove, etc. I'm sure the pack will last me a long time.

    from Home cook Posted on

    These heavy duty scouring pads are great for pots and pans than can't be scrubbed with a wire pad but still have stuck on grease. I use these pads everyday and would highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    These pads not only do what you'd expect on pots and pans, they're also great for quickly getting dried or gloppy food off of stainless without scratching. They're great for cleaning cooktop and exhaust grates and for grill racks to remove grease and burned on residue.

    Posted on

    These heavy duty green scouring pad are perfect for washing the dishes.They get the stuck on food off you dishes without scratching your dishes making your dishes look beautiful wash after wash.Can't beat the price!!

    Posted on

    These Heavy Duty scouring pads are just the trick for cleaning your pots and pans. Makes the job so easy. They last a while. Great Job.

    Posted on

    What kitchen can go without these ever-so-famous green scouring pads! They are so effective and make hand washing almost ANYTHING so incredibly much easier! Every kitchen needs these!

    Posted on

    Unbeleivable price for these green scrubbies. We take one of these and cut it in half to make a more useable size for scrubbing our pot and pans.

    from Gallaghers Pizza Posted on

    For such a low price, i wouldnt mind buying in bulk amount. they are great for washing aluminum pans and the frying pan. it's not too abrasive to scratch the pan

    Posted on

    The Heavy Duty Green Scouring Pad 10/Pk work great. We use them in the kitchen, for washing dishes that are hard to clean.It dosen't scratch like still wool does. They work great.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    These are very thick and heavy duty. Alot thicker than I thought they would be. Great price, quality and quantity for the price. Highly recommend them.

    Posted on

    these heavy duty green scouring pads are a restaurants best friend. they have so many uses, but the main use for us is on dishes they do the job of a steel wool but with out the harshness. great product

    from family restaurant Posted on

    Very tough scrubber! Works great at getting the hard to get grease and food out of pots and pans. Quality product for the price! Long lasting too!!!

    Posted on

    Quality scoring pads. These are just as good as brand name pads at a economical price. We used these repeatedly with satisfaction every day for many uses.

    Posted on

    This is must have item in every single kitchen, whether at home or any type of food serving business. It is very durable, work good with grease and very affordable. Definitely buy more

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    These are very affordable and a must have for any professional kitchen. It's very easy to throw these away when they are used up because they are so cheap. Plus, the fibers don’t come undone and end up on your plates.

    Posted on

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