Royal Paper S740 6" x 3 1/2" Sponge with Green Scrubber - 6/Pack

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Great for all-purpose cleaning, the Royal Paper S740 features a bright yellow, synthetic sponge on one side and a green scrubbing surface on the other for exceptional versatility. This item is perfect for removing grease and food stains, as well as cleaning ovens, walls, countertops, sinks, bathrooms, and tables.

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Royal Paper S740 6" x 3 1/2" Sponge with Green Scrubber - 6/Pack

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sponges great sponge cut scrubber green price half cleaning side
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    This scrubber is ok. Not quite as good as the leading brand but it does the job fine. And cheaper than the other brand so there's the compromise.

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    I absolutely love using these Royal Paper S740 6" x 3 1/2" Sponge with Green Scrubber. The green side is perfect to scrub those hard to clean grease stains on my pots and pans while the sponge side is soft enough to wash my glasses and plates. It's durable and does the job well...I will buy again.

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    Royal Paper S740 6" x 3 1/2" Sponge with Green Scrubber - 6/Pack

    I really like these green scrubber sponges. Combined with steel wool, there's no dish that you can't wash. I like that it's corrosive side is great for even sensitive objects like glass.

    from Saxon Posted on

    This was a great buy! Royal paper sponge with green scrubber in a pack of six. These are 6"x3 1/2". They are big enough to be cut in half and have full functionality!

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    Very popular size scrubber and very durable!! I love how easy the six pack is to rapid reorder. I hope to see other scrubbers and cleaning tools.

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    Highly recommend!!

    This product is the same sponge like anywhere else your find-like target, but more reasonably priced. Just make sure your calculate your shipment cost smartly.

    from West Coast Cleaner Posted on

    We love these sponges! We cut them into pieces so they will last longer. They are very sturdy and does the job. We hate sponges that fall apart, and these sponges absolutely does what it's suppose to!

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    The Royal Paper 6" x 3 1/2" Sponge with Green Scrubber works great on pans and for cleaning our sinks. I cut them in thirds because they are easier for me to use. Great quality and price!

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    These are actually a bit bigger than expected but you can't go wrong for the price. They are easy to cut in half so that's what I do.

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    Great 6 pack of sponges here. The rougher green side is perfect for scrubbing while the yellow sponge side is perfect for wiping away any debris.

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    These are good sponges for the price - not quite as big as two scotchbrite pads put together. The green scrubbing top feels like it is good quality, but the yellow bottom definitely isn't up to the same standard as scotchbrite, but you get what you pay for. easy to cut these guys in half to make them last longer or to get into smaller dishes/pans for cleaning.

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    We use these scrubber pads in our restaurant to clean off the pots that cook tapioca. The ring where the water boils is the worst, but these help take it off with ease. Definitely recommend for the price!

    from 4K9 & Company Posted on

    Great size for my hands and i love usinf it and cleaning wiht it. Scrubs well and removes all kind of grease. Great price also.

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    These are perfect green sponges. They're very large if you'd like that size, but I cut mine down and am left with 2-3 times more sponges than I paid for. A fantastic deal.

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    These are your classic fake sponge attached to a scouring pad. The price is great since you get 6 full size ones and the seem to last just as long as any other brand but at a better price making this a good value buy.

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    These sponges are big! The material that the yellow part is made of seems pretty flimsy and light-duty, but they're big and they do their job.

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    recently got some sponges without a scrubber side and they were terrible. these are commercial kitchen quality and really big, so you almost have 2 sponges in each one. a great value

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    Basic sponge. The two surfaces make it usefully for wiping and for scrubbing. The rough side works well to remove stubborn spots. I prefer a larger sponge like this, it just feels like it is more efficient. My wife has small hands a feels this is too big for her. Pros: Effective scrubbing/cleaning, large surface area Con: May feel awkward if you have small hands.

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    This is a great price for these royal paper sponges with green scrub pad I like the 6 inch size very good great scrub pads with sponge

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    We always seem to be running out of sponges, so when we saw that webstaurant sold these we grabbed them quickly. Will most likely be a regular item for us.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Love this sponge! It's easy to clean and big enough that can be cut 2 or even 3 parts for better use of its size. It will for sure last for some quite some while!

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    Even though these are large in size, they are still easy to maneuver and stay flexible for easy use. I was also able to cut one in half without damaging its texture or quality so that I could use it for smaller jobs.

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    I LOVE these! it is so hard to find anything this nice in the store, at such a great price! I will be ordering them again!

    from 3 Dog Daze Designs Posted on

    Definitely a great price for these Sponge with green scrubber. Since their both a sponge and scrubber, they can be used for two tasks. Pretty durable.

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    We love this sponges. They are large so we usually cut them in half with the scissors. We like how durable they are and we also appreciate the price!

    from Tom Posted on

    these sponges are as high quality as the store brand for way less money and they shipped really quick, excellent for cleaning. don't hesitate to buy this item

    from home Posted on

    great scrubbies for everyday cleaning, amazing how cheap they are. compared to spending more for an 10 pack at other places .....stick with these they held up for over a week with everyday all day use

    from mbg Posted on

    Great deal on these green scrubber sponges. The sponge is of good quality (not the cheap sponge material on cheap ones). I like to cut them in half to make them nearly square.

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    We were kind of worried about these at first as far as the length of time they would hold up before we needed a new one but they were great!!

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    This item is used every day in our kitchen washing dishes or wiping counters we cut them in half and get 12 pieces out of each order great product

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    Royal Paper S740 6" x 3 1/2" Sponge with Green Scrubber - 6 / Pack - super great to use as is or you can cut them down into halves and they are a little easier to handle.

    from Gateway Brew Posted on

    These sponges with the green scrubber are a good buy. They're great quality and work well in our commercial kitchen. Overall great product. Five stars.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Simple basic scrubber, perfect for all our cleaning needs. Works in the dish sink cleaning and all around the restaurant. Much cheaper then youll find in the box store.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Perfect sponges. If you aren't one of those people that changes your sponge every week, these will last a long time. Not much I can say except that they do what they're supposed to.

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    We cut these pads in half to create a 12 pack. These hold up insanely well to everyday use and can be used in a variety of ways due to its double sided properties.

    from Dream Thread LLC Posted on

    We bought these for general cleaning purposes in our commercial kitchen. They are a bit thin but they still clean very well. The price is very good for getting 6

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    While it's still inconclusive whether these really last longer than other sponges I've purchased, the bang for your buck is really worth it. So far the scrubber portion has proven to hold up to tougher messes, so I would recommend it on that basis alone.

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    Classic example of quantity not rivaling quality.. Yes, there were many for the price.. And, yes, they were large.. But I am not a fan of the "foam" material sponges, and these were exactly what I do not like in a sponge.. I prefer the traditional sponge material as it endures, holds soap suds better/longer, washes better.. These foam-type sponges fall apart fast, stain quickly, and did this odd curvature thing where they did not stay flat when dry (or wet, for that matter).. Even the scrubby-side was sub par.. I do not fault i am loving the endless options.. Just saying that I will not be purchasing these again, and advising those who prefer spongey-sponges, as I do, that these are the foam-type.. Not what I was looking for..

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    These sponges work great in my house. We usually cut them so we actually get 3 sponges out of one. The price point allows us to use a new sponge for dishes each day

    Posted on

    This is more of a home use scrubbies. We use it at out restaurant to scrub glasses behind the bar, but it doesn't work for more heavy duty jobs.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    This Ponge with Green Scrubber are a good solution for the regular jobs in the kitchen or in the restaurant. the quality is good but the sponge are not to durable or stronge for the heavy duty.

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    Works great, keeps from having to have 2 sponges just to get dishes clean. Green side doesn't scratch pans, and they hold up after a few hours in water instead of falling apart.

    from Hot Box Cookies Posted on

    These were the best-priced sponges we could find, but they ended up being too big to handle/scrub smaller dishes. The scrubber side works well, but we cut these in half to make them easier to hold.

    Posted on

    Nice large size. Excellent product. Any others that I have seen in the big box stores are smaller and more expensive. Will buy again as needed.

    from jobabyllc Posted on

    We us these pads for cleaning just anything. It's very universal, and it's great that it's two sided. Just what you need when you work with different type of surfaces.

    from Vamcomplex USA Posted on

    These serve a dual purpose. Large soft sponge for glassware on the one side, with a tough green scouring pads for those grimy pots and pans

    from Fragrances on the run Posted on

    Excellent value and exactly what you would expect. You can cut them into thirds to have them last even longer. Would buy again over any sponge in store.

    Posted on

    received these like lightning. They are very large so I cut them in half. Overall, they are nice quality and an excellent value for home or business use.

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    This is a good price. I'm a home user and the sponges I usually purchase similar to these cost twice the price and they are half the size. I will cut these in half to make them a more manageable size.

    Posted on

    as with all small food prep shops you need a good inexpensive sponge for your kitchen.these are great ,I cut them in half they a huge and it works great

    from the bean bar Posted on

    We do a lot of scrubbing pots and these are perfect. The scrubbing side is very coarse and so it makes it easy to clean any stuck on mess.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    These are kind of low end sponges. I should have known for the price. They work ok, but will not get those tough spots out. Will not buy again

    Posted on

    We have been using these scrubber sponges for ages. They are terrific for removing dried on residues, and without the irritation of steel wool products. Each lasts a long time.

    Posted on

    Scrubber sponges to do the job for clean up at my wedding reception! I can even use these at home since I have leftovers. Works for me!

    Posted on

    These sponges are fairly large and do the job very well. You can even cut them in half to save even more money. Also, these came at a great price.

    Posted on

    Great for the price. They seem to last longer than any other ones that I have purchased in the past. They clean fine and scrub as they should.

    from S & J Coffee LLC Posted on

    These sponges are ok. The scrubbing area is extremely course. The spongy part is rather thin for my taste. Upon squeezing liquids out they feel hard, primarily due to the course scrubbing area.

    from Lindvall's Posted on

    Okay so it is only a sponge, but it is a great sponge! And for the price here we picked up several packages at once to save on shipping. Very good pot scrubber.

    Posted on

    These scrubber pads are heavy duty and work on all things from plates, to pots & pans, to sheet pans. I agree with other reviews that they are quite large and can be cut in half, thus giving even greater value!

    Posted on

    These sponges are not cellulose. There is nothing wrong with them if you don't mind a synthetic sponge. Just be aware that they are not cellulose.

    Posted on

    For baked on food stains on sheet trays or pots, the green side will help break up well especially after soaking. Useful with some baking soda on surfaces to deep clean too. Yellow side smooth and soft for regular washing.

    Posted on

    Great value! Dual sides work great for multiple jobs. Rough side gets rid of tough grime and the soft side cleans up the rest. Overall great product

    Posted on

    These sponges are huge, l cut them in half and they last a long time. The " rough green" side is very strong and it works wonders in my pots. The yellow side is soft enough for delicate glass items. I cannot get a better deal, I'm very pleased and recommend these to all housewives and restaurants alike.

    Posted on

    These sponges do a great job on dishes. They are kind of awkward in length but cutting them down is no problem. Very durable as well, considering that most of my sponges get ragged a few days after use.

    Posted on

    Great Sponges for the price. They work like a charm. They are durable and clean anything we can find. They are great for tile in addition to pots and baking trays. They are huge, so we cut them in half and they are much easier to use.

    from M Librizzi Posted on

    These green scrubber has an abrasive side to get rid of food that is hard to come off. The size of the sponge is huge, so i cut them in half for optimal use.

    Posted on

    These sponges are big. I usually use them cut in half. Green size is comparable to other brand's heavy duty while the yellow side has a different texture. Good value and works well.

    Posted on

    These are pretty large sponge/scrubbing pads that seem to hold up rather well for us. It is extremely convenient to have the synthetic sponge on one side and the green scrubber on the other. We would recommend this prodcut.

    Posted on

    These sponges are larger than I had expected, but that is even better. I can cut one sponge in half, and come out with an even better deal.

    Posted on

    A great price for a very useful product! I love the extra long length because it cleans pots and bigger items more easily and quickly.

    Posted on

    The sponges are very useful, I use them in the kitchen and bathroom great for greasy messes. I would recommend these for tough jobs even to clean carpet stains.

    Posted on

    my favorite sponges! I always buy these because they are the best to scrub any mess that you may have. one side is rougher for those tough stains or if you need to scrub a pot. but overall great sponge and this is a pretty good deal!

    Posted on

    Such great sponges! I really like how large they are, as some of the ones you can purchase in the regular grocery store are tiny. I have large pots and pans, and these work great on baked on mess. Can't beat the price either!

    from From Liza's Kitchen Posted on

    ran out of these, and these were needed, made the job that much easier too clean size was good, and cleanup from these sponges made it easier

    from moosup fire dept. Posted on

    A sponge is a sponge, but this one is great with a scrubber in the back, so the rough tough areas can be addressed. The cost was great and works well when scrubbing. It doesn't have to be the name brand sponge to be effective!

    from The Villas at Carter Plantation Posted on

    We are happy with our purchase of these sponges with green scrubber. They are very good quality. They are easy to clean. We would recommend.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    These are a great buy for the money, My staff really likes these. We have tried other one's that ware out faster and cost more.

    from Caseyboys Posted on

    Great combo to have in the kitchen with the green srubby attached to the sponge. Our dishwasher really is glad to have these when doing the dishes

    from Midway OH Boy Posted on

    A great all purpose scrub pad. I find them to be large enough to be able to cut in half and still use them efficiently.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    We will always use these scrubber pad sponges! Great for floors, sinks, as well as dishes. They work great and hold up really well too!

    Posted on

    I think this is a very good sponge. It is not too soft and it doesn't lose it's shape like some sponges do over time.

    Posted on

    What can I say... it's a foam scrubber. The foam doesn't tear easily and the green scrubber is very sturdy and gets off stubborn baked foods.

    from Michael's Pizza Posted on

    The Sponge with Green Scrubber sold 6 per pack are great. We use them for general washing up of dishes. The green side has a scrubber the yellow is just like a sponge.

    Posted on

    These sponge with green scrubber are great for scrubbing your dishes with the scrubby side and whip down you counters and tables with the soft side and your counters and tables looks great i love them and a Great price!

    Posted on

    Theses sponges are great. I use the yellow part for cleaning off and the green part for scrubbing. They are great for at home or work kitchens.

    Posted on

    These are great well made sponges that make your cleaning so easy. Scrub with one side and wip with the other. Great product i will order more.

    Posted on

    I love these sponges because they can be used for tough scrubbing jobs with the green side, or just a light cleaning with the yellow side. What a great deal.

    Posted on

    These sponge with scrubber 6 pack are a great buy. Very strong and well made. Really last. One side is a sponge but turn it over and scrub with the other.

    Posted on

    This is a great buy and you can use them for cleaning everything from pots to walls. The price is great as is the quality.

    from nitas place Posted on

    These sponges with scrubber are great for cleanning everything. use one side to scrub, and turn it over for any dish,counter, or whatever.Great price Great quality

    from Sheila's Homestyle Posted on

    The sponge with green scrubber is an affordable purchase. The price is the lowest I have seen for a quality product made for heavy use.

    Posted on

    The Sponge with Green Scrubber 6 / pack is great. We use them daily our dishwasher loves them too.The green part of the sponge is the scrubber, it dosen't scratch.The yellow is used for normal washing. price is right.

    from Harrison Familey Restaurant Posted on

    These sponges are the best for any type of pots, pans or dishes. You can scrub on one side and use the other for a more gentle wash. They hold up well and do the job. A very good choice.

    from GDB Enterprises, LLC Posted on

    These are nice to have around the dish pit for delicate dishes or non stick pans. You deffinetly dont want you dishwashers using a metal scrubby on your fine china or your favorite egg pan.

    Posted on

    These little scrub pads are used all over our restaurant, we use some for dishes and some for cleaning. With having 2 different surface cleaners, its a nifty pad to have around.

    Posted on

    These green scrubbers are my dishwashers favorite cleaner to use. He uses them on all of my non stick pans, and plastic ware. Their harsh enough to clean, but gentle enough to not remove the teflon coating. great buy at a great price.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    Good sponges that are sure to stand up to a lot of messes! Green scrubber is great for getting the tough sticky messes! Great price!!

    Posted on

    These are huge sponges and are very useful due to the low price for cleaning up greasy messes. I would recommend these for tough jobs where you need to get it done and through away the sponge.

    Posted on

    We had been previously been purchasing our scrubbing pad els ware I did't realized you carried these same great quality pads for almost a third less cheaper, great..

    from S&B Contracting & Investments, Inc. Posted on

    The sponge with green scrubber is a must have item in the kitchen. Can not imagine cleaning dishes or pots and pans without it and especially it won't scratch non sticking pots or pans. All that and most is price is excellent.

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

    These are sponges like you would get anywhere else, except the price is substantially better than others. Certainly good for even high volume restaurants who may need to clean a couple things by hand, and they won't scratch pots and pans.

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

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