3/4" Masking Tape Roll - 12/Pack

Item #: 561MT75

This general purpose paper tape is great for holding, bundling, sealing, and a vast number of other jobs where a pressure sensitive tape is needed. The tape is 4.3 mil thick. 60 yards per roll.

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3/4" Masking Tape Roll - 12/Pack

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tape masking great containers label price easy food Quality pack
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    I just needed something to mark dates and times on temporary additions to the coolers. This tape is economical and foes the trick. It stays on well, but then when removed, it peels off without leaving any bothersome residue.
    Perfect size and completely perfect to use for painting. It doesn’t leave any sticky mess behind. Great painters tape the 3/4 th isn’t to big and isn’t to small.
    This is my go-to tape when I need to label stuff on doors and walls. It really is good for most surfaces where you don't want any residue left once it is removed.
    sometime it's hard to find time to go looking for tape at the store. these are a wonderful price and really hold up well in our kitchen. we use them to label or food and pack up things. perfect for our need.
    These masking tape rolls are a must to have in restaurant settings! These are handy to have around check out counter for many reasons. Quality tapes at a good price! Recommend. 4 Stars!
    Love This Item: I use it to mark our containers when we purchase in bulk. It stays on nicely so easy for us to know what is in the containers and the date when purchased. It comes in a package of many rolls to keep on hand. We also use it when shipping packages to others. No complaints about that either. You will love the cost indeed. Stores great in our pantry and some in our baking drawer.
    A little sticker than most masking tape's. I would recommend maybe buying something a little thicker if I was using it for labeling purposes. If you're just looking for a basic tape to take things to the wall or the package sandwiches it's great.
    Classic masking tape, you know what to expect. It fulfilled my expectations at a pretty low price so i would recommend to buy it if you are looking for some tape
    This is a pretty typical roll of masking tape, it has many uses. The width of it is perfectly adequate and the length is such that I think it will be quite a long time before I need to replenish my supply.
    We can not have enough of this around. It’s perfect to box up cakes. We always have to stock up on these and for the price it’s so much cheaper then at a store locally!
    The pack of 12 3/4" masking tape rolls are good for temporarily labelling food containers. They are also good for temporarily taping shut boxes and the like.
    This masking tape roll is easy to use and the paper texture is easy for an very easy to cut. it tapes very well and i really love it.
    this is the perfect tape to use for labeling containers in the kitchen. it sticks easily but comes off without leaving any residue. it's very useful and this is a good price.
    This is a great every day masking tape. the sticky part could be slightly better, but for the most part & for most applications its just fine. My rolls came wonky and smushed. not sure if it happened in shipping or if thats just an unfortunate issue that comes with the low price. it made it slightly harder to get them on my dispenser, but over all this is quality masking tape for the price
    Thank you for your review, Tatum! We are sorry that your tape rolls arrived damaged. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you about this shortly!
    This masking tape is easy to cut or tear, easy to apply and lasts a long time on whatever you’re adhering. I use it to hang posters and other things and it works great!
    I find this tape to be a great addition to any kitchen. Use it to label anything that you want to be labeled, but not permanently.
    3/4” masking tape roll! 60 yards of masking tape! Great for projects and hanging pictures or other small items. It is possible to use with packages as well!
    The tape is a generally decent masking tape. It has strong adhesive and average thickness at a fairly low price, and arrived fresh and functioning well. It didn't wow me as much as some other tapes I have bought on this site, but it is still a solid performer and a good value.
    60 yards goes a long way and lasts a long time for putting together edges of paper and projects. It lifts easily, securing the task at hand.
    This a great quality inexpensive masking tape! Does a great job of holding papers up without leaving behind a residue! The roll is large and last quite a while!
    We use the masking tape roll to seal boxes and to label food containers in our coolers and freezers. It is cheap and gets the job done
    This masking tape works great for labeling items with dates. It's sticky enough to stay on the container but at the same time doesn't leave residue. Great price too!
    Our number one use for masking tape is for marking court containers, squeeze bottles, and other containers in our kitchen. This masking tape is 3/4 inches wide and comes in rolls of 60 yards. The masking tape can also be purchased in larger quantities for a deeper discount. We have not found masking tape this cheap at any of our local stores.
    Good quality masking tape. Size is standard and the adhesive is sticky and stays sticky. Tape does not roll or peel up once you have ripped off a piece.
    I use this tape with the 18" x 700' 40# Peach Treated Butcher Paper Roll. The tape sticks well and works as it is intended to.
    Basic masking tape that sticks for enough time for the food to be done. I wouldn't use it for labeling stuff that needs to labelled permanently... but for food that is going to be gone in 6 hours anyway... might as well!
    I bought these to use as freezer tape actually. I use it on butcher paper and it works well and the price can't be beat.
    This tape does what it is supposed to mostly. It doesnt hold as well on wet things but i figure thats to be expected. Otherwise good.
    this is masking tape , it is 3/4" wide and 60 yards long. we use it in the restaurant to label our product but this can be used in simple tape applications.
    This 3 quarter inch masking tape works very well I use it to put up my Red Velvet Ribbon decorations outside at Christmas time great price and value
    good quality masking tape, goes well with the tape dispensers here and makes life easier - buy this tape AND the dispenser that is by the way very easy to clean!
    I like that you can buy this item each OR by the 12pk! Makes it easier than having to buy large quantities when all you need is 12, like I was having to do previously!
    This tape is good for taping up the wax paper wraps. I did find it hard to write on the tape, even with sharpie. Maybe it was the width - 3/4" is a little narrow for my handwriting.
    A must have for my company. I am always processing, packaging and freezing ingredients for use in my product. Buying my freezer tape in bulk is not only cost saving but also keeps me prepared by having more tape in stock when needed.
    We use this three fourth inch masking tape in cases where a masking tape can be used. The adhesiveness is good and when you take it out, it does not leave a filmy residue. We like this one a lot.
    3/4" Masking Tape Roll, 60 Yards is OK quality, I've tried worse and most of what I usually buy is a lot better, it isn't sticky at all so it's hard to border even freshly washed/cleaned walls.
    This is great tape. I primarily use it to write on and label things that I put into the refrigerator. It comes off easily when I'm done
    This masking tape is strong enough that it won't rip when you don't want it to, but it's easy enough to rip it with your hands so you don't need to use scissors. I just wish I had bought a 1" version for packing boxes.
    I've been using this tape to label my tupperware containers that I bring into the office and leave in fridge. It's easy to tear, apply and leaves no residue behind.
    This three quarter inch roll of sixty yard masking tape for this price is unbeatable. I am satisfied with how easy it sticks to cold hotel pans and stays as long as I need it to. Any marker writes well on the tape’s smooth surface and the tape rips easily for anyone. I was surprised at how quickly my order was delivered and will order again for sure.
    This is classic masking tape. I use it for its adhesive properties, as well as labeling and marking. It is strong enough to hold things together and I trust that it wont wear off if I accidentally wash it.
    I bought this masking tape for the purposes of packing, but it has proven to be fairly weak to handling. When pulling the tape out from the roll, just a small amount of force rips the tape off. I would definitely not recommend this product for any moderate to heavy duty projects or uses.
    We appreciate your feedback, Shaun. If you ever need a recommendation on another product, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    The 3/4" Masking Tape Roll exceeded my expectations. The quality is great and the price is very reasonable. I would definitely purchase again. I highly recommend this item.
    We were not as pleased with the tape #561MT75 that we purchased with tape dispenser #561MTD129825.. The tape does not stick well. We were very pleased tape dispenser.
    It's tape so what can I say it does what it should do the best thing about it is that it is half the price of the name brands
    I bought this pack of masking tape because it’s a better value than paying the price per roll at box stores. This sized tape can be used for my crafting projects, and my husband uses it out in the garage for his paint projects.
    I absolutely love this product! This 3/4" of masking tape works great! It holds well! The tape came in a box with other items and wasn't damaged so that's a plus!
    Great to have on hand for projects and holding things up on walls you have to be careful with like posters on painted walls or photographs on wallpaper. it rips easily and is a litlte think but works well for purposes like taping things up, may need to double it if using for painting as it is thin
    This masking tape works perfectly to label containers in the coolers.. we have been saving lots of money by not having to buy the other labels for the containers.
    This is a fine quality roll of masking tape at a good price. It tears easily from the roll and appears to adhere well. I recommend.
    Its tape, nothing super special to mention about it honestly. We use it with the 3" Masking Tape Dispenser and we appreciate being able to make labels more easily for all of our stored items, prepped foods, and label ingredients.
    Great masking tape. Your must need tape for multipurpose usage! It is a real deal on webstaurant! I highly recommend all their masking tapes! They have not failed me!
    3/4" Masking Tape, that has 60 yd's! This product is amazing. I use it on all of my projects at home ranging from painting to contruction. This product always hold up and I would highly recommend it to anyone that values reliability.
    masking tape roll, well while i am shopping from webstaurantstore why not buying this kind of items also , very good price , you cant even get better anywhere
    Well, it is what it says it is. Does the job it's supposed to do at a very low price. Great add on item to your order for labeling, and you know, taping stuff.
    We use this Masking Tape at River and Rail Bakery for labeling everything! Both dry storage containers and refrigerated food containers alike. It adheres for plenty of time and is very easy to write on.
    Tape has many uses, and you can find it almost anywhere, but you will not find a better price than webstaurant. This thin masking tape is nice to have on hand for general use.
    This is a very decent three-quarter inch masking tape the 12 pack is a great price I really like how the packet it's like an accordion
    I have purchased this tape before in a smaller quantity and I still like it just as much. It sticks well enough to paper and other items, but it also releases easy if needed which is great for my purpose.
    3/4" Masking Tape Roll - 12/Pack not sure if your like me or not but I'm always shipping something out or ghetto fixing something I snapped off
    0 out of 2 found this review helpful
    This masking tape has worked just as well for me as the more expensive brands and for a lot less. This will be what we purchase from now on.
    This tape does the job! We use it to label all of our cambros, ranging from sauces to juice. No better way to go! I suggest getting the dispenser to go with it.
    I was thoroughly impressed by the value for the price paid. This is a great quality tape that can be used in a variety of ways, whether it be for work or hobby use. I'm very happy with this tape!
    This is decent quality masking tape. Definitely not top quality but for the price you can't really complain. It's fairly sticky and is easy to write on. I haven't noticed any residue left behind either which is always a plus. A little on the thin side. We'll see how well it holds up over time
    We use this masking tape so often it only makes sense to buy it in bulk. Use it for securing sandwich wrapping, and dating everything. Decent quality.
    Out of the box here.... but we use this tape in the sign industry. It is the perfect tape for us due to it's "just the perfect stickiness". Not to mention the great price. Bonus!
    I will forever purchase my masking tape from here because it is good quality, affordable price, and fast shipping. It's so much easier to buy it in bulk!
    Ordered to simply seal my bakery boxes on the side, only ordered one but will order again. Reasonable price & shipping is pretty fast with this company.
    Good price, decent tape. About the same quality as the dollar store, but a little cheaper price. We label storage containers and it peels off easy and works for us.
    This masking tape is good quality and gets the job done. It's easy to use and is pretty sticky. It's a good product that we'll be buying again.
    For such a large pack and for the cost, you can't beat this. Use it every day for a lot of different things, but mostly for taping to go orders on the bag
    This masking tape is very useful. It has a variety of purposes. I like using mine just to create labels for things. It's also good for labeling stuff that goes into the freezer since the adhesive lasts for a long time.
    I am in receipt of the 3/4" Masking tape. Each roll contains 60 yards and comes in a pack of 12 rolls. I use this every single day in my sub shop. This is a good quality tape and a good buy.
    Masking tape that sticks well and gets the job done. We use it for various reasons, but primarily for shipping boxes and packages as its not as bulky and sticky as duct tape and not as flimsy as clear tape.
    great adhesive even for any items going into the refrigerator or freezer. Adhesive doesn't give out easily. though it is also easy to peel off when washing off.
    Just as good as the ones I can find at stores or elsewhere online but cheaper at Webstaurant! Cheaper is a good thing! Great service too! Heavier weight than the ones at the store and cheaper!!! Wish you stoicked 1.5" or 1" however.
    Great basic tape, with just the right amount of "sticky" for every day use. Works best with the tape dispenser that is available on this site, too.
    Thus far this 3/4" Masking Tape has held up really well. It has a firm hold but it doesn't leave a ton of residue like a lot of cheaper tapes.
    This masking tape is what we use to label our containers. It's very helpful because the tape peels off without leaving a sticky residue behind.
    This masking tape is a waste of money and space! It does not stick on anything! We've tried it to tape sandwich paper, label quart containers, even to hang orders on the fridge but it just doesn't work. The sandwich paper unrolls before we even put the sandwich in the bags, the labels peel off in the fridge and we end up with more papers on the floor then actually sticking to the fridge. We though them out.
    Thank you for your review Alison. We are sorry you did not like this tape. For best results, we recommend using within a year of the shipping date.
    I used to write with sharpies to label some food items but they tended to smudge or not write well on all surfaces. Now I use masking tape to label items and usually any time of pen or marker to stand out
    You can use the 3/4" Masking Tape 60 yards - 1 Roll to describe/label buttons on the circuit breaker if it fades off. Instead of having to cut off the main one you can have it labeled so you can cut off the correct switch. Just one of the many uses.
    Nothing too fancy here, it is only masking tape after all. However I would say the adhesive has a good mixture of sticking power vs. allowing things to release without a ton of residue.
    We thoroughly enjoy the masking tape, especially at 60 yards! It will take us awhile to get through that, but it helps marking off areas for events that we hold within the store.
    Good masking tape, i like to use masking tape for labeling things, pretty much all i use it for. Easy to tear and take on/off what i tape it to.
    I prefer to use tape to label food products rather than date stickers, it allows more room for descriptions, etc. This tape is great because it holds up against condensation. You don't have to worry about it peeling off your containers in the fridge.
    We are a wholesale picture frame company. We use masking tape to adhere kraft paper to our picture frames. We had been buying masking tape from a local box store but the formula changed and the tape no longer adhered very well after several hours. We found this tape and love it-- excellent price, good adhesion-- even after several hours. Fast delivery.
    This is pretty decent. I think next time I'll go with a wider tape though. It works great for our deli sandwiches, but breakfast sandwiches, where there's a possibility of any sort of grease or oil it has a hard time sticking, and I end up using a large strip to secure the wrapper.
    This masking tape is fairly cheap price wise but it's not the top of the line. While I was planning on using it for painting it bled through on a demo piece. It's still usable on smaller projects and other things but don't expect it to be the best.
    We bought these to seal sandwiches in butcher paper and its works well. They were cheaper than most office supply stores so we will continue to order
    Masking tape! it's good stuff, cheap. It is just what you expect from normal masking tape, and I do not think you will be disappointed.
    This 3/4" masking tape is similar to the name brand masking tape we were using, but it is a far greater value in this quantity.
    this roll masking tape has worked very well for us. we have it on a dispenser. grab and go and it also is removed very easy.
    Purchased this tape to go with the dispenser offered on this site. The tape is a great size & works well to hold the sandwich paper closed.
    Great quality tape, sticky enough to stick but not so sticky as to not be able to reposition if needed. So far it has done a great job of keeping wrapped items closed.
    I don't see a problem with it not sticking on too well. I compared it with store-bought tape and both seem (to me) to have the same quality. This large roll might last forever in my kitchen.
    this is a good labeling tape. you can use it to label and date containers,we needed tape that holds up well, it is very good in quality.
    This tape is great for labeling cambro's or writing notes for yourself! This tape is super durable and lasts for a long time. Great buy!
    Excellent princing on the tape, it works well for a deli style tape, holds great and tears off easily with out the use of a dispensor
    I have used many brand of masking tape over the years of this same size . This tape is a good one . The price is great.
    Love the way these are packaged. you can actually take one out of the roll and all the others stay wrapped up. Easy to keep organized.
    This is a good value for maskin tape. You might as well stock up while you have the chance. using tape for labeling food products instead of labels can save a lot of money!
    This tape is great for labeling and dating food containers in refrigerators and freezers! Nice thin size good for dispensers! A must have along with sharpies!
    This tape doesn't seem to be quite as sticky as other brands we've tried, but it does work ok for what we need it to do. The price is right!
    We needed a tape that held well but wouldn't take the paint off the walls and this seems to do the trick. We'll continue to use this tape.
    Great tape, slightly thinner than normal masking tape, but exactly what me needed for this application. I would defiantly order more of this item shortly.
    Believe it or not there is a difference in quality when it comes to different brands of masking tape, but this product is right up to snuff. A great deal, especially for the price.
    Who doesn't use copious amounts of masking tape in the kitchen? Great for labeling stored items, or for gently taping that recipe up onto the cabinet. This is fine tape.
    I needed the masking tape so I could secure the sandwich wrapping paper around my sandwiches. This masking tape works well and I am satisfied with it. The price is also nice and I don't think that it affects too much on the shipping cost if you order it with couple of other items here on The Web Restaurant Store.
    very good deal on this product. I would buy again once I run out of them. I would recommend to whom who needs them should get them
    This tape holds up well and is super affordable - great item to have around to write things on or close up boxes, hold things in place, etc.

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