KitchenAid KSM8990DP Dark Pewter NSF 8 Qt. Bowl Lift Commercial Countertop Mixer - 120V, 1 3/10 hp

Item #: 519KSM8990DP

The KitchenAid KSM8990DP dark pewter NSF 8 qt. commercial countertop mixer is ready to handle all of your jobs, large or small - up to 16 cups of flour at a time! Its powerful 500W, 1 1/3 hp DC motor is KitchenAid's most powerful, quietest model available, featuring precise all metal gears and advanced electronic controls that communicate with the motor 15,000 times per second for optimum torque with less heat buildup. Delivering plenty of mixing power for everything from a slow stir to a fast whip, this high efficiency motor with 10 speed slide control is perfect for use in your bakery or commercial kitchen!

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KitchenAid KSM8990DP Dark Pewter NSF 8 Qt. Bowl Lift Commercial Countertop Mixer - 120V, 1 3/10 hp

4.6 stars from 66 reviews


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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Only been using this mixer for 3 months to knead dough with about 8 cups of flour. The metal plate that holds the hook cracked and broke. I been trying to call Kitchenaid customer service but was put on hold for an hour and got hung up! Very disappointed and I don't know what to do with this broken equipment.....

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    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative is working to help resolve the issue and will be in contact with you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Love it! We had a 6qt. KitchenAid mixer and it broke recently. So, we replaced it with this 8qt. mixer and will never look back. A little expensive but worth the price!

    from One Dish Cuisine Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Absolutely great buy! Best price anywhere and it only took two days from order to my front door. The machine is a beast and handles anything we throw at it.

    from Poppycakes Bakery Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    A great mixer for every day use and small batches. I use mine to make everything form whipped cream to brownies. These are very reliable mixers and easy to get fixed if something goes wrong. I like having a medium size mixer around so I don't have to fire up my 30 quart all the time.

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    I LOVE this mixer. This KitchenAid 8 qt. is just the size I love, and is way better than a bulky commercial mixer. The torque is very powerful and handles big batches of dough easily. Definitely recommend this mixer!

    from Los Gatos Cupcake Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Love this mixer! It has been a lifesaver in production of products. I am so pleased with the quality and the weight of the attachments. Wonderful!

    from Made With Love Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    This Stand Mixer works really well and it performs the most tasks easily. I have loaded it to batches of cakes and brownies and they were so easy that looks cowardice. I jumped into the Pizza dough and Italian Breads, again easy task. Well, The ratio between velocity and torque should be kept in mind to avoid any overheat through time.

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    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Excellent Equipment!! Powerfull Stand Mixer, exceed expectation. Now we are intended to trust the equipment and the store. Even with its noticeable power also it is extremely silent.

    Posted on

    I absolutely LOVE this KitchenAid KSM8990DP Dark Pewter NSF 8 Qt. Bowl Lift Commercial Countertop Mixer - 120V, 1 3/10 hp. It's KitchenAid so you know you getting a high quality mixer. I love the bowl capacity and the fact that this is a very quiet machine. You can basically do anything with this machine... I use it for breads, whipping creams, cakes, anything...I am so happy with this purchase...

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    KitchenAid KSM8990DP Dark Pewter NSF 8 Qt. Bowl Lift Commercial Countertop Mixer - 120V, 1 3/10 hp

    This mixer is great! I love that it is 8 quarts it is not any bigger than a 6 quart mixer so it fits under the same height counter as a 6 quart. The motor is great and really powers through some of the tougher things like sugar cookie dough. I highly recommend getting one of these I love it so much!

    from Small and Simple confections Posted on

    I love kitchen aid mixers so much. This one is a nice upgrade from the standard mixer as it has the lever on the side to lower the bowl as opposed to just the lock to lean the paddle backward.

    Posted on

    Lots of baking!

    I purchased this machine in November, 2016, to accompany my geared commercial mixer. I have made pizza dough, bread, and cookies. I have also made whipped toppings in very small quantities: Single servings, to be more precise. So the performance is excellent for small to moderate amounts. So far, I know that I can use it in a pinch it if my off-brand geared mixer goes down for repairs. Parts are inexpensive, and easy to find. And this KitchenAid will run all KitchenAid attachments and accessories. It is NSF certified, and KitchenAid will warrant their product for home as well as commercial use. This means that KitchenAid will send a full replacement should the mixer be defective, and it is honored for two years from the date of purchase. For heavier bread dough in larger quantities, on a frequent basis, I would step up a Globe SP-10. But so far, the KitchenAid Commercial 8 serves my needs very well, and is likely to do so for quite some time. It is light in weight, and easy to move around the counter. It displays beautifully with its semi-gloss cobblestone finish. And finally, I can run its stainless steel attachments through the dishwasher with no worries. What more could I ask?

    Posted on

    I thought I needed a third mixer between my 20 qt and 5 qt, but when my 5 qt died, I replaced it with the 8 qt. It works great, but I do have a couple minor complaints, It doesn't mix very small amounts, 2 egg whites or yolks, for example, but it will mix 2-3 batches of cake batter or icing. However, if you'd like to use the full volume of the bowl, the top of the beater will be covered, and it's difficult to grasp to remove on a normal basis, but covered in batter or icing, pretty messy. I wish there was more space between the top of the bowl and the motor, and more length to grasp, especially on the whisk attachment. I'd highly recommend the beater blade that fits this mixer. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and I love that it's commercial grade because it gets a lot of use!

    from Adorn Cakes Posted on

    This is much better than the "professional" model and at the best price I could find. It came in great condition and it works well.

    Posted on

    Wonderful amazing beautiful KitchenAid dark pewter 8 quart bowl. Super heavy duty very well constructed and crafted the price was fair. This item with proper care will be the only one you'll never need to buy

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    I absolutely Love my mixer it has so an amazing amount of power. I use it to make buttercream and it will mix everything together very quickly

    from Gem City Cakes Posted on

    KitchenAid Dark Pewter NSF approved Mixer is very heavy duty and is easy to use. Many of our customers even heavy duty bakers ask for the KitchenAid name brand in the Units that are manufactured by Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC out of Lucedale, MS.

    from Hurricane Concessions & Rentals, LLC Posted on

    Have used for about a week now and so far so good! It's quieter than my old one. The height of the bowl is nice for making dough, but makes it harder to add ingredients while running the mixer.

    from KMM Posted on

    Absolutely great mixer with this product. I love the dark pewter color and the vast functionality that the name Kitchenaid brings to the table with every product!

    Posted on

    This mixer is used at least 3X a week,we use it for breads,buns especially the yeast type rolls,most of our orders are for 5 standard type loaves of bread. this mixer handles it just fine. We have a professional series in the KitchenAid mixer which couldn't handle a larger amount of dough. Well worth the money.

    from MT Goodies Posted on

    Absolutely fabulous. I've had KitchenAid products for 30 years. I've used the 6 quart side by side with this 8 quart unit. The additional side is exponentially greater. It handles everything I throw at it.

    Posted on

    This has been a perfect addition to our catering kitchen. It's well worth the price. WE use it daily and have been doing so for about 6 months and it's done it job each and every time. Easy to use, easy to clean.

    from Classy Catering & Cakes Posted on

    This mixer has made a number of things way easier to handle and consistently make. The number of pastries we are required to make is limited and in small batches so we can't speak towards the impact this has with high volume. Def recommend this for small batch cooking and small commercial kitchen applications. Every mechanism comes in handy and helps make the process of baking easier. It comes with 3 attachments for mixing, kneading, and blending dough, batters, and mixtures. You can use a pasta roller as well or any other KitchenAid attachment.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    This mixer has saved me time in the kitchen. I am finally able to double recipes and produce more product at once. Almost a year in use and no issues.

    from The Frost Boss Cake Designs Posted on

    Love this commercial mixer. Great addition to any kitchen big or small. This is powerful, quiet, efficient and doesn't throw flour or sugar everywhere. I will never buy another mixer brand!!

    from MugShots Posted on

    My Kitchenaid mixer has been a lifesaver in the kitchen. This product is a must for any baker. It's easy to clean and can be used for so many different things.

    Posted on

    I've used Kitchen Aid products for years and was raised with them. They are always durable, whether it be for baking, shredding, canning or grinding. They are always top quality. I bought this one because my Professional one was wearing out. This is powerful, quiet, efficient and doesn't throw flour or sugar everywhere. I will never buy another mixer brand!! (I had to use another brand.... never again..)

    from The Pie Hole Posted on

    Fresh out the box!!

    Love this commercial mixer. With the larger bowl size we are able to make more dough at once. Great addition to any kitchen big or small.

    from Tater Cakes LLC Posted on

    This mixer is a life saver! We use it to make whipped cream, pastries. mashed potatoes, and have bought the attachments in order to use it as an ice cream maker, and to make fresh sausage. It is sturdy, attractive, and works well.

    from Kitchen 519 Posted on

    OK, this is my DREAM mixer. I have used household Kitchen Aids in house for years. But, the bowl isn't big enough, the motor not powerful enough, etc. So, this is THE best price available. It is a beast that can handle heavy-duty and large mixing. I can easily triple a smaller recipe without worry it will overflow, overheat, burn out. It does not do as well with small batches, but that's a very small concession. Plus, I have the other if need be.

    from Russell Street Bar-B-Que Posted on

    I love this commercial grade mixer!! After killing a couple of home ones I decided to upgrade to commercial as my orders grew larger. A quiet powerhouse for use, used mostly for bread dough's.

    from Sweet Treats by Sonia Posted on

    This is a great mixer, my aunt got me this as a gift. I had a 5 qt and 4.5 qt in the past but I love that I don't have to make double batches. I also love the bowl lift because there is no bowl plate to be worn out.

    Posted on

    this is my fifth kitchenaid, and the most quiet one. It doesn't screech, like the non commercial ones I purchased before. The purring sound is very agreeable, and it could even be used in an open kitchen in a family home setting. I use it mostly for pastries (egg whites), and an occasional bread. Works very well.

    from Merveilleux M Posted on

    Looks like a million bucks. Works well so far. Really liked that this model came with a couple of attachments. Will say placing the actual mixing bowl on can be a challenge and lifting the bowl with lever is also a bit of work. All in all works well and we use it daily for large batches of glaze.

    from Turntable Cafe Posted on

    Great quality Mixer, for use in restaurant and bakeries. Our clients have bought several and no complaints. Just a wonderful choice for any restaurant, with the KitchenAid guarantee.

    from AMERMEX FROZEN PRD Posted on

    I just made my first batch of bread with this new mixer, having upgraded from a 6qt pro model. I made a 6 lb batch of a rather stiff oatmeal/ww/bread dough. First off, I love how quiet the motor is compared to the earlier model. I also love the heft and look of the stainless steel attachments. However, the mixer struggled mixing the dough. From time to time, it slowed down, and appeared about to stall. It never did, though, getting through the six minute kneading. The second complaint I have it that the bowl wobbled. I'm sure there was a lot of sideways pressure on the bowl as the dough hook worked that heavy dough. Nevertheless, I felt I had to hold the bowl in place while it worked, and that really isn't acceptable. It would be wonderful if there was some adjustment to make the bowl more stable because it really is a wonderful mixer.

    from Heights Montessori Infant House Posted on

    This mixer is perfect for my needs of baking! It is the perfect size and it is great quality! You can't go wrong with KitchenAid!

    from EllaRe's Sweets, LLC Posted on

    I've worked with Kitchenaid mixers for many years now and this is by far the most powerful and most quiet one I've owned. I love that the whisk and paddle attachments are made of a much heavier and sturdier material than the noncommercial models. The bowl, however, is much thinner and seems very cheaply made. I've been using it for a few weeks now with no issues at all and am happy with my purchase.

    from Nutmeg Cake Design Posted on

    Absolutely fantastic! I love this mixer. I've had it for about 9 months now and it's never let me down. It's got an incredibly strong motor that powers through thick dough but is gentle enough for whipping cream.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    I grew up using KitchenAid mixers. Heck, my grandmas 30 year old one still works great!! When I opened a small bakery to make mostly cupcakes, it was natural for me to get KitchenAid. So the commercial kitchen-aid didnt get put through too much hard work or tough dough. The first one I bought the hub cover just fell off one day. Didnt even ever open it or use hub cover. It just fell off. So I called KitchenAid and they replaced it. Meanwhile, I decided to purchase a 2nd mixer just like it for the bakery for cookies. First time I used it, oil spewed out all over the place within the first 15 seconds. Called KitchenAid again, got a return call several days later and they sent me a FedEx label to pack it up and take it to nearest ship location. Got a replacement and new mixer I ordered about the same day. Unpacked both mixers. Made a batch of cupcakes and oil spewed out of the one. So I called KitchenAid again, they sent a call tag and sent out another replacement. So I decided to use the cookie mixer. Turned it on, oil spewed out! WHAT THE HECK! This is within the first 15 seconds of using it to cream melted butter and sugar!!! So I call KitchenAid again. This time it takes them a week to call me back...a WEEK! In that time frame replacement #4 showed up. I was nervous and sure enough. I turned it on and oil spewed out of this one too. By now I'm livid! I call KitchenAid AGAIN. Another week goes by before I get a call back. (I called several more times in there). They assure me that they will test both mixers that need to be replaced before sending them to me to make sure they were not defective. So in the meantime, I order another kitchenaid from a different site. It arrives. I turn it on and guess what....yep, oil spewes out! Pack that one up and get a refund. So now mixer #6 & #7 have arrived today. I plug them in, one had a batch of cupcakes the other had no dough or anything in it....BOTH SPEWED OUT OIL AND ONE SENT METAL SHARDS FLYING! So I put in another call and an email to Kitchenaid and haven't heard back yet. So now I have ordered the Globe SP8 mixer....2 of them. Hope they are better. Its a shame to write this about what used to be my favorite brand of mixer. But 7 defective mixers in 3 short weeks.....sigh.

    Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Chantal. We truly apologize for the issues you’ve had with KitchenAid. If you find that the manufacturer does not return your latest call, please feel free to call, chat, or email our Customer Solutions team and we will do what we can to make sure this issue is resolved. We hope the Globe SP8 mixer works well for your bakery.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Great mixer, love the 8 quart capacity. I have no complaints to say about this amazing machine. Easy to clean and easy to use too!

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    I have been using this nixer for a litle more than a year. Overall, I like this stand mixer. However, having said that I do find one major problem with the spiral dough hook provided. It is way to short and does not extend far enough toward the bowl side. This is a problem in that i requires the user to stop the machine, remove the dough hook an scrape all the way to the bottom to free dry ingredients which may be stuck at the bottom. If the hook reached closer to the bottom as does the Model N50 Kitchenaid, then the dry ingredients would be picked up and mixed in to the dough. This would allow more efficient use of the mixer.

    from Baker Ted Posted on

    I had the artisan mixer before this one, this is superior in all ways. Ive made batters of all thickness, icings and even bread doughs with out any issues. I definitely recommend this mixer for those wanting the power of an industrial mixer but does not have space for it.

    from EdibleCreationsByMish Posted on

    The KitchenAid 8 Quart Commercial Countertop Mixer is a great countertop mixer! We use this for our pastries and sometimes for mixing small batches of bread. We are quite satisfied with this purchase.

    from Bread & Joe Posted on

    Countertop Mixer

    Lets see. I love this mixer. I bought it in replacement / addition to a 6 quart Kitchenaid.. Quieter, smoother operation and does the job on my dough needs.

    from Mr. A's Beignets Posted on

    So far I love my mixer. Now I just need to get some more bowls. They have great prices on these compared to other stores. I would definitely buy another one from them.

    from Home Use Posted on

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my KitchenAid commercial mixer..I had my previous KitchenAid for 40 years so I knew they make a fantastic product and that old mixer still works, but I needed a bigger one and chose the 8 is great for the big batch cooking I love to more flour thrown in my face works wonderfully and is so pretty to look at..pretty quiet too...I highly recommend for the quality and for the GREAT price Webstaurant offers it for..comes very well packaged.

    Posted on

    I use this mixer in my bakery EVERY DAY! It's great with everything from frosting to cookie batter. Easy to attach, remove, and clean. I would order it a million more times. I'm actually looking to order a later model.

    from Tiffanee & Co. Bakery Posted on

    This kitchen aid is a good size for professional use, although in hindsight I would have chosen a smaller model. The dark color is great because scuff marks don’t show up as easily.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    Good professional mixer , for not so small quantities. The back attachement to make sure the bowl is set in place unscrew very easily and the wisk attachement biggest branch broke off the base after first use of making italian meringue. Still able to use , however , i find that size wisk not being well designed and poorly assembled.

    from Pascaline Fine Catering Posted on

    We needed a mixer larger than 6Qt and this works perfectly without spillage. Great for making tart doughs and cookie batters. So far, it has been functioning fine and it came in great condition. The only thing I do not like about it is the handle as it's not very comfortable to carry.

    from Honeybee Patisserie Posted on

    Well built mixer and components. 8 quarts is perfect for large amounts of dough, butter cream and batters. The components are heavier and more sturdy then residential models, which is a great asset and well worth the price!

    from JW Cakes and More Posted on

    This mixer runs smoothly and quietly. The color is great and it's super easy to wipe down. My only regret is not buying more than one!

    from Sugar Rush by Theresa Posted on

    Great versatile kitchenaid. Not a hobart, but good for small non bread quantities and small pastry cremes batches and such. We had an issue when first receiving it with the speed selector but Webstaurant went out of its way to send a replacement quickly. Kitchenaid was also contacted but couldn't care less and suggested to send it back, and wait for up to 6 weeks. Not acceptable for a NSF.

    Posted on

    Excellent. Solid construction, and accurate measurements. The only downside is the metal corners on the scoop handles are a bit sharp and may cut your hand if you aren't careful

    Posted on

    This product is amazing! Looks great in my industrial kitchen and everyone love it! We usually use it to make cheesecake, cookies and cupcakes. I live in Dominican Republib where the electricity is unstable, but my kitchenaid have been working perfectly fine.

    from Nocciola Posted on

    Great mixer! The bowl is a little difficult to get snapped into place, but is workable. Feels like solid construction and good quality. Not all that much bigger overall compared to the 4.5qt KitchenAid mixer, but a lot more capacity and power.

    from Mandi Mae's Baking Company LLC Posted on

    The commercial version of the Kitchenaid stand mixer is a good value. It has an 8qt bowl, which I find to be a good size for most projects.

    from Madison Sourdough Company Posted on

    I needed to upgrade to a larger mixer for my bakery from the 6qt that I have. Webstaurant had the best price and free shipping. It arrivrd within 3 days and so far has performed very well. I need to get used to mixing a little less/lower speed because I am not used to the power of this- err on the side of undermixing until you get used to it! The only complaint is with Kitchenaid, the bowl is a thinner metal than the 6qt I am used to and it quickly got scratched using my flat spatula for scraping out frosting.

    Posted on

    We've been using KitchenAid for many years in our home. When it was time to purchase for the new bakery, the decision was easy. This thing ROCKS!! We initially thought we were just getting the standard type unit with an orange cord and stainless steel tools. Boy were we wrong! We highly recommend this product! Power is exceptional and the longer cord actually helps when operating in a commercial environment.

    from Creech Farms Posted on

    Our restaurant has a dedicated KitchenAid 8 quart commercial mixer for making small batches of gluten free pizza dough on a daily basis. This mixer is a true workhorse and plows through tough gluten free dough like a champ. It is powerful and reliable, a world of difference from KitchenAid's consumer mixers.

    Posted on

    so far i love my mixer the only negative thing is that i just got a email saying something about a lawsuit going on about the mixer, other than that it works just as expected and is very quiet

    from Kedbys Kreations & Party Rental Posted on

    This mixer/ bowl offers excellent capacity which prompted us to purchase two units. After 3 months of use the bowl handle fell off and the wire whisk came apart. It's a shame to have to give such a low rating but the replacement cost for these items is significant.

    from Maggie's Snackette & Catering Service Posted on

    Thank you for your review! A Customer Solutions Representative will be in contact shortly to see how we may help. We do carry replacement items for Kitchen Aid. Check out the KitchenAid KSMC8QBOWL 8 Qt. stainless steel mixing bowl and the KitchenAid KSMC7QEW stainless steel elliptical wire whip.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I upgraded to this 8 qt KitchenAid mixer from a 5 qt version, and have been extremely pleased. My expectations and needs were met easily. Lots of power: check! Large capacity: check! Compatible with other KitchenAid accessories: check! Solid build (including heavy stainless steel paddle, hook, and whisk): check! Minimal countertop space occupation: check! Great price/value: check! Now I have plenty of power and volume for making pasta, cookie batter, pie dough, and everything else my baking mind wants to pursue. I do wish the orange power cord was black, but understand the intent and function of the orange color is to say that this mixer means serious business which it undoubtedly does.

    Posted on

    One awesome feature that I greatly appreciate is the soft start-up. When paddling up cream cheese frosting, and while adding the powered sugar, I didn't get blasted in the face by a poof of sugar when I turned the mixer on to high. Smartly designed.

    You can't go wrong with KitchenAid. This mixed is just right for the amount of baking I do on my food truck. Solid power and control of speed. I like the addition of a heavy duty commercial cord since it will be moved often. The bowl is not as heavy as past models so I'm not sure how well it would retain cold for some mixing needs.

    from ZoSo Foods Inc Posted on

    Purchased this for my bakery about a month ago, and it has not disappointed at all. Very reliable machine that can be used for a wide-range of tasks. We use it for bread dough to cake batter, to buttercreams and icings. Very easy to switch from paddle to other attachments. The 8-qt bowl goes on easily and is very secure. Does not move at all while mixing. Machine is quiet and smooth. Highly recommended.

    Posted on

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