San Jamar KP97GN 3 Qt. Green Cleaning Kleen-Pail

Item #: 511KP97GN

Ensure optimum cleaning in your kitchen with this San Jamar KP97GN 3 qt. green Kleen-Pail. Adhere to HACCP guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing cloths with this collection's color-coding, including green pails for cleaning solutions and red (sold separately) for sanitizing solutions. Plus, "cleaner" is printed on the pail's rim in embossed text, ensuring health inspectors can always identify the bucket's purpose. This text will remain even if the white text rubs off after repeated use.

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San Jamar KP97GN 3 Qt. Green Cleaning Kleen-Pail

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cleaning pail size great bucket green perfect small kitchen little
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    This is a really great three-quarter green cleaning Pam I really like the small size and I like the fact it has measurements inside the pale so you get the right amount of soap to water ratio

    from P2B Posted on

    I really like that small size perfect for putting underneath the table by the lawn for quick cleaning jobs

    We use these guy all cleaning purposes. They work great and since it's not too big we can carry around the shop and clean as needed.

    Posted on

    Was happy to get these in to differentiate between sanitizer and cleaning. Perfect size for the cooks on the line and little waste of chemicals too.

    Posted on

    Using this for our cleaning procedures, it definitely helps keep everything organized and separated. Wish I ordered the next size up, this was a little small.

    from Garden to Cup Ltd Posted on

    Very happy with this little bucket. I"m using this green pail every single day for cleaning, is the perfect size, when you storage doesn't take to much space

    from Ryan's BBQ Posted on

    Green cleaning keen pail

    These buckets easily distinguish the cleaning solutions from sanitizer for the kitchen. The measurements on the bucket makes measuring simple and quick to do during our busiest times.

    Posted on

    Show any health inspector that your operation is run by true professionals by displaying and using this San Jamar Green Cleaning Kleen Pail. You will show respect for food safety that is paramount to food service operations.

    from Josh Posted on

    I am glad I found a small bucket to have a cleaning solution ready to use. I like that the color matches with the fabric cloths.

    from Artisan Bread Boutique L.L.C. Posted on

    These 3qt green cleaning pails are the perfect size for use outside of the kitchen. They are not heavy when filled and the handle is durable and withstands the weight of a full pail. The color difference along with the label make it impossible to confuse with the red sanitation buckets commonly used next to each other.

    from Garfield County Memorial Hospital Posted on

    These cleaning pails are small. The price was great. They are good for small area clean ups. I will purchase the pails again when it is needed

    from Big Chris Catering Posted on

    We simply pour some detergent in and allow dirty cloths to presoak before the actual wash. It's great that it is labeled and color coded as well.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Perfect size.

    Putting a smile on the health department inspectors face is always a good thing. Having these in the kitchen gives a good impression. Well made

    from Dino's Grotto Posted on

    This Kleen-Pail wroks great for our safety compliance standards. Its compact size makes it great for on the go cleaning around the restaurant.. Would definately reccomend this product to other consumers.

    from Boomers! Modesto Posted on

    Best cleaning pail there is!

    This cleaning bucket is the perfect siz for small jobs. There is a green one for cleaning and a red one for sanitizing. Very lightweight and has a nice handle.

    Posted on

    Great smaller sized cleaning pail

    The 3 qt. Green pail is used everyday as well with a multi use formula of simple green. It's a perfect size to have handy for cleaning during the day.

    from H & L on the Hudson Posted on

    Excellent product, hold up very well, easy to carry for sanitizing tables etc. nice size, used more than a year and still shows very little wear

    from Lake Springfield Christian Assembly Posted on

    Stores well

    simple way to stay in complacence with your local health code, and a quick & easy way to identify if staff members are following prototypical.

    Posted on

    This pail is required by the department of health and they come in several different sizes. The 3 quart size is perfect for our small kitchen area. The pail is also very sturdy and labeled which differentiates it from the red sanitizing pail

    Posted on

    We have several of these pails at our deli at our different cleaning stations. They're great for holding rags, but they still look nice and clean.

    from New Deli Posted on

    I really like this small green cleaning bucket! It is so light and compact. And quality is really good! Great product for any professional set up!

    Posted on

    Another necessity for any kitchen, this green kleen pail is a great way to always have a vessel for cleaning time. Health inspector also appreciates having separate clean/sanitizer buckets. I guess you could just use anything that you can fill up with soapy water, but why not just spend the couple bucks and get the proper item?

    from Sana Food Mart Posted on

    3 Qt. Green Cleaning Kleen-Pail , this is very good to clean tables fast small and easy to carry , quality and good price ,

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    Great sized pail for small space. Handle allows you to take it with you as you clean. Easy to set aside without interfering in your work and easy to clean

    Posted on

    Perfect, small size bucket for quick cleanups. Nice bright green color that distinguishes soapy water content from sanitizing fluid. Very inexpensive, good quality, and convenient size.

    Posted on

    This is exactly what I was looking for our restaurant. it works out great for us. The size of the container fills perfect where we need it to be. We definitely will buy it again.

    from Naisa Pan Asian Cafe Posted on

    This bucket will be for non abrasive cleaners or green all natural cleaning solutions. I'm glad I got them as I don't like mixing chemical cleaning solution buckets.

    Posted on

    This little bucket is great for a wide variety of things. I fill mine up with soap and water whenever I'm cleaning up my kitchen floor.

    Posted on

    This handy, cute and functional little pail is the perfect size for cleaning with a sponge or the scrub brush (item #: 274B125) also from webrestaurantstore. It fits the bucket perfectly. This duo is the perfect tandem for cleaning.

    Posted on

    This pail is great for taking on the go and being able to move around with ease. The handle is strong and can hold a lot of liquid in the pail.

    Posted on

    As mandated by the health department - this pail is great to have. With measurement marks on the inside it helps you to measure the right amount of detergent.

    from Brewed & Bottled Posted on

    These little buckets are great. Come in very handy. We use them to wash appliances as well as wipe down tables. We'll be back to purchase more.

    Posted on

    Standard sized cleaning pail. Shipped quickly. Sturdy handle that is connected to the bucket, so it should last for a long time. Fits a good amount of water plus one or two standard towels. Good value.

    from Matt Posted on

    Sir Clean recommended San Jamar KP97GN 3 Qt. Green Cleaning Kleen-Pail, the size is perfect, the quality and price are good, We use in our company.

    from Sir Clean Corp- Managment, Cleaning and Moving Miami Posted on

    A great little pail for the price. Seems pretty durable and well constructed. The way the metal handle attaches to the body is a good sign of longevity. My only complaint I guess would be the bottom of pail has this wavy pattern which seems kinda pointless.

    Posted on

    San Jamar KP97GN 3 Qt. Green Cleaning Kleen-Pail #511KP97GN im using this as my bathroom pail little bleach a little lime and i go to town

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    These san jamar buckets are built well and are very sturdy. I like the color coded system and the buckets look professional when we are cleaning.

    from The Homestead Posted on

    These detergent pails are a requirement for our cafe. We have them in reach of each kitchen station and a few out front. They do not leak and have served us well. No complaints.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    We keep these on every station in our kitchen!

    This small bucket fits our small shop. I love how these buckets are color coded so we can use them for different purposes. Green for detergent and red for sanitizing solution. We usually keep this one next to the kitchen 3-compartment sink and leave greasy towels in them before we sanitize them in the red bucket.

    Posted on

    This is just what I expected. This is sturdy in construction and seems like it will hold up over time. It meets the needs of my business. I also bought the black metal stands that you can hang from a wall or sit on the floor to meet health department requirements. They work well together.

    Posted on

    Our shop is super tiny, so this tiny bucket is perfect for it. It's just the right size to house cleaning wipes and it keeps the Health Department happy. Win win.

    from Dr Coffee Posted on

    Great size and good color for visibility. This bucket is great for holding our bleach solution and keeping our rags sanitized so thorough cleaning every time.

    Posted on

    This small pail is perfect for quick clean ups or for soaking an individual article of clothing before washing. I am always looking for a bucket sized for small jobs and this seems to fit the bill!

    Posted on

    We use this bucket for detergents and/or bleach. They have a handle that you can hang them from, and they are dishwasher safe. This one is colored green.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    The San Jamar KP97GN 3 qt. Green Cleaning Kleen-Pail is perfect. The health dept. told us we needed them and now we use them alot.

    from Sidellis Lake Tahoe Posted on

    This is a great pail to keep under kitchen sink to pull out when you need it. I have mine filled with sponges. It's cute, too. Nice little handle makes it easy to tote around.

    Posted on

    This bucket is the perfect size for cleaning up work stations or serving areas. Sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. The color coding and print makes it simple to keep cleaning chemicals and cloths in the correct buckets!

    from All Souls Unitarian Church Posted on

    Very functional detergent bucket, very durable. Convenient size to allow for under counter storage when in use, well priced. A must have in any commercial kitchen.

    from Raid My Pantry Posted on

    These 3 qt. sanitizing pails are the perfect fit for our food truck. Made of duras plastic Made to last. A must for every kitchen!!!!!

    from Funky fresh food truck Posted on

    This is a decent bucket to keep around a workstation where there's not too much space. Doesn't hold much cleaner and is pretty flimsy, so for most applications I'd take the size up.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Good quality plastic and comes in a bright green. Very easy to spot and to clean as well. They have the perfect size to be transported around a restaurant and for cleaning the stations and keeping a rag folded in. Even for home use it works great, although you will not have any health inspectors checking them out (perhaps your OCD wife/husband). Great deal for the price.

    Posted on

    Perfect for setting near a work or prep area for cleaning. Small foot print, and just the right size to hold a rag. This makes them perfect for keeping cross contamination to a minimum by using several smaller ones for different work areas over using a larger one and moving it about.

    from ROOMA4Baking Posted on

    these are great for use on tables, appliances and such for general cleaning. perfect size not too big or too small, very handy to have around and price is unbeatable

    Posted on

    It's a clean pail. It is what it is. Although, any suggestions on keeping the handles from not rusting? We keep them dry when we are done using them?

    from Sharrow's Downtown Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We recommend hand washing this Kleen-Pail when sanitizing it. Using the dishwasher to clean this bucket could cause the handle to rust.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Shipment arrived on time. If you would like to keep your health inspector happy, these little items work well to put near your works station in the kitchen.

    Posted on

    We use these in red and in green so that we can keep our wiping cloths separate. We love how sturdy they are. They last forever.

    Posted on

    I must admit, I am not using these as sanitizing pails. I have ordered 2 red ones however for that purpose. I love the size and have stumbled around for ever trying to find a place to put my onions and garlic. These pails hang real nice on my pot rack one with onions the other stores my garlic. I use a lot of both so they are in a handy location as well, all I have to do is reach up and there they are. I know these products have specific purposes I just can't help seeing them and realizing all the other handy uses for them. They are a really in expensive price, they wash easily and are well made. I couldn't have designed a better product for this purpose. I'll let you know about the red ones, because I will be using them for cleaning purposes. Thanks!

    Posted on

    Unlike other plain containers, this one is nice because of the nice bright green and it helps reduce confusion as to what's in the bucket.

    Posted on

    The San Jamar Green 3 Qt Kleen Sanitizing Pail is an excellent way to keep up with all your cleaning tasks. Plus the green color is attractive which is always a plus.

    Posted on

    Just the right size to put out on our counters at our restaurant for easy clean ups. I will definitely recommend this product for your business.

    from Sergeant Major's Subs Posted on

    These sani buckets are great. They are required by inspectors, and this is a good price. The size is perfect - they are very small buckets which is all that's needed.

    from Pop Karma Posted on

    we all know that sanitizing buckets are a must. so why not have a product that fits your needs. this kleen santi bucket will fit anywhere and we love it.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    these are an essential part of every commercial restaurant. its good to have seperate bucket for sanitizer and soap. that way no food and chemicals will be used in the same bucket.

    Posted on

    Nice pail that is easy to find and well made for daily use. These buckets are a must to keep sanitizer mixture closeby. Easy to carry with handy handle.

    Posted on

    These sanitizer pails are a standard in food service operations. The are convenient, provide a professional appearance, and are favorable with your local health department. These were a bit smaller than I expected, but the size turned out to be just right. Highly recommended product.

    Posted on

    We beat ours up throwing them into the sinks and such and they haven't cracked at all. They get used on a daily basis and do the job we expected them to do.

    from ACES Cake Shop and Baker's Supply Posted on

    These buckets are wonderful, I am so glad we purchased these. Now our parishioners are no longer using containers used for food storage for sanitizer.

    Posted on

    I have used this for so many years as I am often the person that does the closing shift. It is used to put sanitizer in the morning till the afternoon and I use it for cleaning the steam table to put water in when I clean. Just be sure to clean if after each use and you'll be sure to have a clean looking sanitizer bucket.

    Posted on

    These small sanitizing buckets are great to store under any work station! Great for keeping your station clean and sanitizing your work station in between tasks!!!

    Posted on

    webstaurant has it all!! great price for this bucket and it is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing any area. It is a great size so can be stored anywhere

    Posted on

    This is the perfect size bucket for sanitizer. Very sturdy and durable buckets. We love them! We definitely plan to buy more in the future!

    Posted on

    This is one cool bucket. I will order more of these buckets in the future as I need them. Perfect size for my cleaning rags

    from BBQ Shack Posted on

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