Plenty 2-Ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towels - 12/Case

Item #: 5002HRFLEX

Minimize waste and choose the perfectly-sized towel for soaking up messes and spills with these Plenty ultra premium flex-a-size paper towels! Featuring a super-absorbent 2-ply design, the towels will ensure that your restaurant, office, hotel, or other business maintains a tidy presentation! The convenient perforation minimizes waste by allowing you to select the perfect towel size based on the severity of each spill. Whether you're dealing with a single or multiple-sheet mess, these towels' strength, absorbency, and softness will take care of the job!

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Plenty 2-Ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towels - 12/Case

4.9 stars from 111 reviews


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paper towels size great flex towel absorbent brand premium quality
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    I loved that when I switched to buying in bulk, no one in our house could tell the difference between this brand and the name brand. I spend less money, which is a win for me, yet my family gets the quality they’ve come to expect. Since everyone is using less, I save more in cost and it’s less environmental waste.
    I prefer the elegant 2-ply paper towel roll-30/case over the plenty. I ran out in the blank of an eye abut the quality was good.
    we like this paper towels, they are very absorbent, they do not leave anyresidue, its very resistand paper towels. Its perfect to use in Restaurants or at home.
    I was really happy with the plenty brand ultra premium paper towels i bought from webstaurant. I would buy again but it is not available for plus shipping
    These paper towels are wonderful! Affordable and easy to use whats needed since you can use one small sheet for smaller tasts or 2 small sheets to make up a whole big sheet for bigger messes. The roll is large and thick. They are soft and absorbent. I would recommend these.
    These are great paper towels. Works just as well as most brand names. I love the select a size. I would definitely recommend this product!
    Great quality napkins. We love that these are a “flex” napkin which gives it a lot more wiggle room when using it. Great low price for amazing quality.
    we love these paper towels! they are super absorbent, they tear well and clean up the mess efficiently. we would order them again from here
    This Ultra paper towel is quality product and great price! They are just as good as the national brands. They hold up well. Give them a try and save. We give 4 Stars!
    I was very pleased with the performance of this product, it’s zligh thicker than the national brand I normally use. It performed slightly better as well. I recommend this product
    These are very good quality and a great buy. I use them in our break room and in our warming kitchen and for our bar.
    These paper towels are much larger than we had expected and that is fantastic! They are super durable and absorbent for cleaning up spills, messes and debris free when using them on mirror!
    I go through paper towels like crazy. I use mine to let my strawberries dry after being rinsed. They hold up just as well as most name brand towels.
    This Plenty ultra premium 2-ply flex-a-size paper towel is surprisingly as good as the best branded paper towels out there. They are perfect for cleaning up messes or for drying things out out. Anything that you need a paper towel for.
    Good quality for the price. Not as thick as some other brands, however it still has a nice absorbency. I like the ability to change the size of the paper towels- less waste.
    the right towel for the quick jobs. These paper towels get the job done in and around your church kitchen. The price point is just right for us as well.
    This roll of Plenti 2-ply ultra premium paper towels is great. Works and functions like the more famous brands out there but costs a lot less. This is a flex-a-size version so you can select a size you want to use. It soaks up spills easily and is good to use for almost every chore in the household.
    With this product you get all of the benefits and sturdy features of the premium paper towels but with the ability to flex a size!
    The plenty 2 ply flex size paper towels are excellent. Comparable to other name brands. Thick and absorbent they don't fall apart when you wipe down a mess.
    With an 11 x 6 inch sheet size, this 2-ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towel roll decreases waste. 112 sheets are included, and the color is white, with an attractive embossed design.
    Pretty good paper towels, not super thick but will get basic jobs done. I like the Select a Size option so I’m not wasting paper towels on small spills.
    These are nice towels for the money, and are comparable to "the leading national brand", but at a lower price. The flex a size feature is handy and helps to reduce waste, saving even more money.
    This paper towels are similar in quality to those I purchase at a big box store but at a lower price. The problem is the rolls are much smaller so the price works out about the same. I don't feel these are really a bargain.
    High quality paper towels for any business, food establishment or home. Select your own towel size with perforated tear points. Very absorbent towels work great at cleaning up spills.
    These are flex a size paper towels so they can be half sized or tear two for full size. These are great at keeping waste to a minimum.
    We always purchase the 2 Ply Ultra Premium paper towels. This is the flex-a-size style which is nice because many times you can use a small piece of paper towel and the roll lasts longer. Getting paper towels shipped to our door helps us become much more efficient.
    I love these paper towels! They are the flex size roll, which is great. The half size sheets allow you to control how many you use, helping to minimize the waste factor.
    These are nice quality paper towels for any restaurant or home use. Each roll has 112 sheets that are very absorbent and work great for spills.
    These large rolls of premium paper towels are great product. These are a nice thick absorbent towel and the flex size feature allows you to use a half size sheet or a full sheet.
    I like flex size paper towels best because they allow you to use only what you need without being wasteful. They are very absorbant too.
    These are great! The "flex-a-size" allows you to grab half sheets, which saves a lot of waste. They're very absorbant, and hold up extremely well.
    Not only are these paper towels cheap, but they are also high quality. These can be used for business or personal use. Buy these by the case!
    These 2 Ply paper towels are great! Can definitely tell that they are more of a premium quality. They hold up much more when they are wet which makes cleaning much easier.
    The 2-Ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towels are great for wiping hands and cleaning up spills. The quality is excellent and the price is very reasonable. I highly recommend this product and would purchase again.
    These are high quality paper towels. They are strong and sturdy and don’t leave lint behind. I will keep repurchasing the Plenty brand from Webstaurant.
    2-Ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towels - 12/Case are THE BEST paper towels on this site, they blow leading competitors out of the water, I'm serious you should spend a few extra dollars because the quality is top notch.
    These 2 ply ultra premium flex a size paper towel are obviously great for picking the size of paper towel you are wanting but great for spills
    They really mean it when they say ultra. Thick and not prone to tearing, these are great quality paper towels that are comparable to top brands.
    These are excellent paper towels. The flex-a size sheets are a convenient size. 2 flex sheets are a little larger than your standard size paper towel. The paper towels are strong and the package is a good value.
    Very absorbant paper towels. One sheet is twice as good as the basic brand. Great product, Plenty, is the go to for all our cleaning needs
    The two-ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towel Roll has worked very well for different sized spills and is definitely cost efficient. The size, weight, sustainability and strength are unmatched, especially compared use to use against the other brands I have tried. They sheets are tough and clean very well- I would recommend.
    These "home use" paper towels come in handy for restaurant use when using chemicals such as bleach or windex. They are very absorbent and have extra premium strength
    These 2-Ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towels - 112/Roll are such a great purchase. They are very absorbent and good to clean any type and size mess. I use it all over the house...I love it.
    These are a great alternative to more expensive name brands. I don't think they are quite as strong and thick, but they serve their purpose & i will surely repurchase these in the future. I find myself typically using one extra "flex-a-size" piece compared to what i was using in store bough name brands. over all, they are great & i recommend for day to day use. i also like that they are all individually packaged!
    These paper towels absorb way more liquid that the paper towels you get at stores. I will order my paper towels from this website from now on
    The paper towels are super awesome. They are very sturdy and durable and they have a great soft feel to them. The clean and absorb messes quickly and because of that you don't have to use a lot. Really great
    i've tried most of the different brands of paper towels sold here on webstaurant and these are both soft and sturdy. probably the best of the bunch. i like that i can get them in bulk or just per roll if needed.
    The absolute best paper towels that we have ever purchased! They come in standard and flex rolls, single rolls and rolls by the case. One will truly not be disappointed purchasing these as they are heavy duty as it gets and do not shred upon using several times.
    These paper towels are perfect for having on the counter. I put them on my dispenser and i like that they tear off in half sizes. Minimizes waste.
    Our kitchen volunteers are very satisfied with these nice, thick paper towels. They are absorbent, and I think the flex-s-size feature helps us not waste them. They are twice as expensive as the cheap ones we were buying before, but they are a good value compared to buying the name brand at the supermarket. They come wrapped in a sturdy plastic bag type packaging (with individually-wrapped rolls inside that), not a box. If your people like the high quality name brand items, this is for you. We still buy the cheaper ones for some uses, so we keep everyone happy, both the thrifty ones and those with high standards.
    I love these paper towels they are very wonderfully soft.. and soak up thinks nicely.. you can even rinse and reuse if you have a really bad mess.. these will be my only paper towels from now on
    Excellent paper towels, price is excellent and also the quality. Fast shipping. I will purchase them again in the future. I definitely recommend this product.
    I think these are fantastic paper towels. Soft, thick, and absorbent. Fantastic for draining french fries or blotting excess moisture from food. They just don't seem to last. I used up one roll in only about a week.
    Excellent paper towels, they have nice texture and very absorbent. I use them in my restaurant. Great price for great product, I will definitely buy them again in the future.
    This product is amazing, we use it everyday! We love this product and regularly use this because it keeps the messes from getting bigger to easily soak up the mess we have made.
    This paper towel roll has so many towels! They work just great and you can also decide on size of each one! They hold liquid really well!
    perfect paper towels that absorb many liquids or spills, for the price, only 1.69 for one roll, it makes sense to buy them when you want to go to store.
    2-Ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towels - 112/Roll I love these rolls and will be buyi g more in my following order I can't Waite to older more esp since we finished what we already had lol
    Such great paper towels so perfect to have around the house. Love that you can get a small sheet or a larger one depending on your needs.
    This is a great product! These paper towels are ultra premium. The roll is a 112 sheet. I used one sheet and worked great with absorption!
    These are great for when you only want a half sheet. They are able to put one, two, three or more! Great for small messes and you meal napkin!
    Plenty paper towel, solid hard , thick, good price , but I guess I need more in quantity, I will use it to wipe the grill pan
    Sir Clean recommend this product 2-Ply Ultra Premium Flex-A-Size Paper Towels - 12/Case, we like because the towels absorb immediately . You can use to many purpose.
    I think half-size paper towels are so much more convenient than full-size. Plus they're less wasteful. These are good quality paper towels that are very absorbent. Good price too.
    Love this! You get so many paper towels per order at a very economical price. They hold up really well during clean up as well
    These are great paper towels I'm very happy with them they are definitely a ultra premium flexor roll size paper towel and the fact that he didn't want to try them out that's so great !!
    Good decent paper towels, not super soft but quite absorbent and nice feeling. I've used this brand before and it works well for spills or for small messes or for wiping off a counter. It won't last up to rough surfaces or large spills but for that, it's probably best to go with a rag anyway.
    I was honesty expecting these to fall apart like cheap store bought paper towels and was pleasantly surprised when they did not. These are better than any major brand you will find on the shelf.
    Love Love Plenty brand paper towels. I like that I can choose the size I need for the job I am doing. It is strong and very durable.
    These 2-ply paper towels have been a welcomed change from buying paper towels from Sam's Club in bulk. These towels come at a much better value as a whole, and withstand a good bit of liquid when cleaning up! I definitely recommend them for the value they provide!
    These paper Towel are great. I use them for home use. From wiping the counter to using at dinner. They are very absorbent and come at a good price.
    This is my go-to brand. It is a dependable product, sturdy, and gets cleaning done with one towel. I really like the flex-size since it uses less paper, meaning less waste. Plus, your roll lasts longer. Great value!
    This paper towel gets the job done! Great price for a good product. I love that it comes in select a size sheets. Great value.
    We bought the ultra premium flex paper towels by the case which is so economical and these are very absorbent paper towels we will definitely be buying many more of them there's so many uses
    These are in the middle to high end part of the paper towel realm. The hold up pretty well and can be reused for wiping down the counter or whatever is sanitary to reuse for. I usually keep a few in my pocket for any mess that comes up. What I like in particular is they are the half sheets making it perfect for drying hands and just right for wiping down plates and utensils.
    This is a great way to stay stocked up on paper towels. The towels are as nice as a brand name but at a fraction of the cost.
    These paper towels are great. They are as good or better than the leading national brand at half the price. A nice feature is that they are perforated in small sheets allowing you to select the right size for your needs.
    These paper towels came in bundles of two rolls wrapped together. While this would not be a problem in a home, this could be an issue for storage in closets during winters when rodents will readily take any paper they can. Great paper towels though. We ended up storing these high on cabinets to avoid future problems.
    This brand is great! I love that we can select the size we need for the job at hand. But first and foremost these are super absorbent and work great! This is the only brand that we use now and we will continue to use.
    The flex size is my preferred option. Bought one roll of these towels to try out and they compare to any major name brand paper towel you can buy in a store. Add to a bigger order to save on shipping!
    Soaks up anything in the area that it is around! A bang for your buck and are the best towels we have ever used and will go to no other brand.
    What can you really say about a roll of paper towels? This is a good product for the price. Absorbs well and is an all around good product for what it is.
    Good quality towels. I was looking for something that would work as well as Bounty does, and this a good replacement, for a better price.
    These are good, home quality towels that your mother would be satisfied with. I think the pick a size are more efficient and end up saving you $
    I sincerely appreciate the ability to alternate between sizes of towel lengths. You can rip off the right amount without having to take a full sheet. The quality is right for the price.
    We use these paper towels to wipe down table tops and bars. It works great in conjunction with windex or stainless steel polish. They are disposable.
    I'll buy this again and again. You don't realize how much you save till you start using smaller paper towels and not just accepting the large sheeted ones.
    One of the best values for single roll paper towels that we have found. They compare to any major brand paper towel and at a fraction of the price.
    Good paper towels. Nice texture and absorbent. Rolls are on the smaller side. Good price for good product, definitely better than most places. good product.
    These paper towels are a good price and are similar in quality to some name brands. The flex-A size can save paper when a full sheet isn't needed.
    I have bought a brand named paper towel with the same select a size option and its hard to tell the difference. As far as quality its comparable to the brand name.
    Great paper towels for a great low price. Why would you buy the brand name if these are just as good! They soak up almost just as much as bounty towels and are cheaper so I feel like this is more of a bargain.
    These are some of the best paper towels ive used, especially at this price. They are comparable to the well known brand, but at less than half the cost. great bargain

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