Royal Paper RTS3000 3" Plastic Taster Spoon - 3000/Case

Item #: 485RTS3000

Increase sales, bring in new customers, and increase those impulse buys with the Royal Paper RTS3000 3" plastic taster spoon. This taster spoon's polystyrene design makes it a cinch to sample your jams, jellies, syrups, sauces, or other thin product. Alternatively, use this taster spoon to offer quick bites of your baked goods as well!

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Royal Paper RTS3000 3" Plastic Taster Spoon - 3000/Case

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spoons Ice Great cream taster perfect samples price small spoon
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I would recommend buying these over the recommended taster spoons. Spend the extra on these if you are using them for samples of ice cream or italian ice. These are firmer and are are just better spoons. Highly recommend these.


These taster spoons are a good value for the price. I have an ice cream shop so I use 1000s of these spoons giving samples. Many customers (especially kids) like to use these spoons to eat their ice cream served in cups since it allows them to savor their treat by eating it more slowly!

from Linda Chahine on

They are small, sturdy, colorful, and perfect sized for small tastes. I use them in my science classroom for kids to use in dispensing small amounts of substances and color code them for use with different groups of students or materials

from e-Sell Trading Services on

We purchased these tiny little spoons for our icing shots. They fit perfectly in our shot glasses we get from Webstaurant. Our customers just love them.

from Melissa's Bakery LLC on

This is a hard to find local product. Not at any Wholesale club or is a special order from food service companies. The price here is unbeatable. Great quality

from Sugarless deLite on

For the price these are good taster spoons. They work well 99.9% of the time for sampling out hard ice cream, but occasionally shatter into sharp pieces. I needed a sample spoon that could get through some very hard ice cream+chunks without breaking and these do the job the vast majority of the time. They are not flimsy and will work well for your hard ice cream. We go through tens of thousands of samples per year, so price and quality are both very important and these provide a good overall value.


Perfect for sampling anything from ice cream to other desserts to puddings and jams and jellies. You will find these very handy since they have so many uses.

from 3 Leaf Tea on

These are very well-suited to my needs. I make two sweet Malaysian coconut jams and sample them at stores. These spoons are the perfect size for sampling. Shipping was faster than expected - I always appreciate this aspect of ordering from this site.

from Auria's Malaysian Kitchen, LLC on

I love these spoons! I own a foodtruck and these spoons are great for handing our samples of my chocolate fudge! They are sturdy and big enough to hold a significant amount of fudge yet, small enough to flick into the trash can after you are finished. By FAR the best price Ive seen for a case. Some dealers charge up to 4 times the price for this same case so I will always buy them here.

from TexasFudge on

These spoons look professional and they are very functional, too. We use them as tasting spoons and they are great for small children to use as a regular spoon. It will easily reach the bottom of a 5 oz. cup or dish. They are sturdy enough to use for ice cream, too.


Awesome sampler spoons. I use them for sampling soft cheeses at my cheese counter. The price is excellent, the quality is very good (only 1 out of 1,000 or less are damaged in any way), and I save a lot by providing smaller samples that still look considerable because the spoon is smaller. I know a few companies that use them for sampling ice cream and gelato as well.

from artigiano, llc. on

We switched from sample cups to taster spoons. Easier to manage and great to pass out during busy times at our store. Great buy for the money.

from INDYO on

These spoons were much cheaper than our previous supplier. We use these spoons for tastes but also place them in our small fudge packages. We have to be careful as there are many deformed spoons in our box of 3000.

from Sweet Prairie Home - Signature Fudge on

My customers and I love these little spoons! We use them for samples in store and at local events. They are very sturdy and good quality, not thin or flimsy. Some customers request them with their desserts as they say the small bites let them savor the taste more.

from Ivy Bakery on

I use these spoons for sampling jams and jellies. They work best with thicker products, but still work well for thinner jellies. They are the perfect size when paired with the one ounce sample cups offered on this site too.

from Lone Star Confections on

Awesome sample spoons we buy them in bulk and this saves almost 1/2 what our distributor charges! Quality is what you pay for but ours have worked greAt for 3 years!

from Cold Stone Creamery on

Nice little spoons we use in our shop for those customers who would like to taste our ice cream before buying. There is enough to last you a long time!

from ConeZone on

These are perfect for tasting ice cream in the store. They are nice and sturdy and do not bend or break when the ice cream is hard.

from Bakery Melange on

These are a must have in a bakery setting and if you do samples at your events. They are affordable enough to use as tasting spoons in your kitchen while making your recipe. Also to use with mini dessert at events.

from Heavenly Dolce on

We use your plastic taster spoons to give samples of our different varieties of honey. The spoons provide a sanitary way to convey our product and don't interfere with or add a flavor of their own, unlike the wooden sample spoons we used before.

from McDaniel Photography and Honey Farm on

These are very cheap and perfect for giving away samples of our buttercream frosting and key lime pies! We also use them to sample our chunky soups in the Winter.

from Flour Child Bakery on

These taster spoons are great, We use them to test items in the back of the bakery as well as have our customers taste icings we make before they order. These are great!

from Baked and Sconed, LLC on

These spoons ar just what we needed for our frosting shots and with a quantity of 3000, we won't need to reorder for a long time!

from Cupcakes Like It Sweet on

These are perfect for sampling ice cream. The spoon is the perfect size to not give away too much, but enough for a taste. Only snapped a couple out of a few thousand.

from Murray's Ice Cream on

Great price. These little spoons offerthe customer a great way to sample our ice cream. You don't want to spend a lot of money on something that gets throw away, but is also something you must haveto do business.

from Jammin' Java on

This is a great product. they are so cheap that it makes tasting the food you're cooking in the kitchen cheaper than using the dining room silverware.


After trying several different taster spoon varieties we settled on this one. It is cheap, reliable, and most importantly clean and disposable. I must say the price is what sold me though!

from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen on

Okay, these are cute, cute, cute. AND, perfect for sampling our LUV Ice Cream :) They are sturdy and durable and offer the perfect size sample.

from LUV Ice Cream on

I love letting costumers taste new things in the bakery! This spoon is perfect for that. I can just dip the stuff right on to the spoon and throw it away when they are finished. I also use these when I'm trying new recipes to taste test them myself! GREAT product!


They are rather much more stronger in terms of durability and quality. I give a lot of samples out for customers and especially kids and they like to bit on it.


These are a little smaller than I thought. I use them as taster spoons, however with some foods they are just a little too small. Just depends on what you have. They are priced good.

from GDB Enterprises, LLC on

The 3" Light weight Plastic Taster Spoon 3000/CS. Is a great wat to get customers to try new products. I know sometimes I like a sampel of something I've never tried . Works great.

from Harrison Familey Restaurant on

I own a small ice cream shop and we are always getting new and unique flavors in the store. To get our customers to try some of these new flavors we let them have a small taster spoon of ice cream. They love this idea! and where else can you get 3000 taster spoons at this price? It's amazing!


These taster spoons work perfectly in our kitchen. They ship in a box with no organization (but who needs organization with these?). Make sure to buy a little trashcan while you're at it.

from Original Fried Pie Shop on

These are perfect if you're doing small samples, which is what they're meant for. They were exactly what I needed and they're not flimsy. I'd definitely recommend them.

from Sunshine Girl's Cafe' on

It is an item every kitchen must have. The light weight plastic taster spoon, the price is wonderful. It is very durable. I definitely buy more.

from Kajun Burger on

these darling little spoons are so cute, we used them for our open house for taste testers, and they were great.Thank you so much for having them

from cream n sugar on

These taster spoons are great. We use them to give a FREE sample of Italian Ice and almost everyone that gets a taste wants to buy. We also use them for the customer to eat their ice if they do not want to "squeeze" the cup which is the traditional way to eat it. Everyone thinks the "little spoons" are so cute. They are great quality also.

from River City Ventures on

These spoons are a very convenient size, but they definitely are a lighter weight than I expected. They're not flimsy by any means, but they just feel a lot thinner than the spoons you see at ice cream shops or the like. I would buy them again, but I will probably buy the heavier weight ones next to compare. I give these to customers with my cheesecake cupcakes.


This item is perfect for events and demos to handle the many tastings required. The light weight spoon is a perfect size to handle easily yet sturdy enough to get a good scoop of goodies. The price was right for the quantity as I shopped around several sites and I was so pleased to have received the product faster than expected. I recommend this product and WEBstaurant Store!


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