Royal Paper R803 4" Eco-Friendly Knot Bamboo Food Pick

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Bring a bold look to your plated presentation with this Royal Paper R803 4" knot bamboo food pick! Using this pick makes it easy to keep track of your customers' food as you can organize dishes by using various pick designs. The knot pick is also useful when serving appetizers, kabobs, and satay dishes, as its 4" size makes it easy for your guests to pick up individual portions at your banquet hall or catered event. It's also great for garnishing beverages or martinis and presents your most popular drinks with a stylish touch.

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Royal Paper R803 4" Eco-Friendly Knot Bamboo Food Pick

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picks food bamboo great pick knot love nice perfect little
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    I like to use these to make Caprese skewers (tomato-mozzarella-basil), they are a nice size and strong enough to poke through tomatoes without splitting and are nicer looking and longer than plain toothpicks.

    Posted on

    Size perspective - about a finger long

    These bamboo food pick spears are perfect for drink garnishes and I don't feel bad about throwing them away. They aren't made of plastic. My customers love them!

    from Opa! Restaurant Group Posted on

    These are the perfect length for using in cocktail glasses. It is long enough to hold 2 olives for a extra dirty martini and the top of the knot will hang over the rim of the glass. You could use them for food and sandwiches too.

    from San Jose Macarons Posted on

    The perfect touch to dress up a fancy cocktail

    We have been using these as bar picks for quite some time now and love them. They hold 4 olives for those extra dirty martinis and they look great. They're reasonably priced and we like that they are wood instead of plastic so they will biodegrade.

    from Blind Bobs LLC Posted on

    Royal paper 4" eco friendly knot bamboo food picks! A nice way to keep food plate decor infused with you food plate keeping it together, looking great, and have a toothpick after you eat!

    Posted on

    These bamboo knot skewers are a great price and keep your food from slipping off the kebab! The knot also adds a fun design for your events or parties

    from Vault catering and events Posted on

    these are so unique. i used them at a party for cheeses and fruits/veggies. They were plenty sturdy and held up great! Guests loved how different they are compared to regular toothpicks!

    Posted on

    Looks good enough to be a decoration! As an event planner I like to make things look great while still making them functional. These were effortless!

    We purchased the royal paper 4" knot bamboo food pick to use in our sandwich restaurant. We use them to plate our larger sandwiches. They look great.

    Posted on

    I like how these look, and they are a great value. Just know that they can't hold too much weight and sometimes they split so you have to be careful.

    from Grateful Table, LLC Posted on

    This is a really fun Forrence long girlfriend Lee bamboo food pic I like the knot on the end it helps you be able to grab it really good price for them to

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    I really like the look of these they work great

    Love these little food picks. We actually use them for our cocktail caravan service for fruit for mixed drinks and not food. Nice heavy weight.

    from Sweet Lulu's Bakery on Wheels Posted on

    Just right to identify a sandwich that is different from others. These are a great flag for our wait staff so we can close that burger with no onions. Will order again.

    Posted on

    Great price for a bamboo eco friendly sturdy pick , great for appetizers and with the twist at the top it adds a little more pizzazz.

    Posted on

    The Royal Paper 4" Knot bamboo food pick is the perfect size for an appetizer. They are a nice touch to make your food look just a little fancier.

    Posted on

    Makes great looking appetizers.

    This Royal Paper four inch eco-friendly knot bamboo pick 100 pack is perfect for small-food appetizers. It fits in any sized hand well and is easy to design on any plate. I appreciate they are eco-friendly and will order more for sure with our next order. Well-constructed and I recommend to anyone.

    Posted on

    These work so much better than the standard toothpicks the previous owner of my deli was using. They stick out about 2" from our filled grilled cheeses but only about 1" from the stuffed sub sandwiches which is exactly what I wanted. They punch through the wrapped deli paper very well. Only downside to these is you have to be careful not to spill them from your holding container as they are difficult to place back into that container with the rounded sections on top. Love them anyway and solved the issue buy keeping them in a small ceramic bowl to keep from spilling by accident.

    from Overstuffed Deli Posted on

    shown against our 8" x 2" tall french sub rolls and the heavier ceramic container to keep from accidental knock-overs.

    These picks are very fancy looking for a modern/elegant feel to any appetizer or drink. We use them for catering events for passed hors d'oeuvres and for olives in martinis at the restaurant which adds a higher level of elegance to the items.

    from Number 5 Restaurant Posted on

    great for parties and get together's. looks great in food and drinks and is made from actual bamboo. also good for little snack foods and apps

    from #### Posted on

    The knot at the top of these bamboo skewers is truly one of a kind. If you’re looking to add a little bit of flair to your appetizers or even the main course then I’d highly suggest taking a look at these. The wood on the stem is a little flimsy so you’ll want to take a good deal of precaution when piercing different food items but other than that these bamboo picks are spot on!

    from Posted on

    Our customers love the simplicity and elegance of this pick. It's a great way to show that you care about the environment, and matches well with many different food types and decorative styles.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    Love that these are eco-friendly, but mostly love for the multi purpose usesfullness of them. Use them on any variety of hor's d'ouervers on a buffet! Makes food stand out!

    from Debbie Matthews Posted on

    great little pick for drink garnish or small bites for catering and such. they're eco friendly which is nice also. they have a lot of uses and are a great deal.

    Posted on

    Great little eco friendly knot bamboo food picks. They look very nice, instead of using plastic so they make certain foods look much more presentable.

    Posted on

    I like that these bamboo picks are so versatile and also "green"! I hate the idea of plastic food picks if I can use recyclable ones. These look pretty and mimic in a more elegant way those plastic sword food or cocktail picks for sale. The picks are long enough to span the diameter of a small glass. The only draw-back is the wood loses a bit of its color over time.

    from Svetlana Turova Posted on

    This bamboo pick is great because it looks both sharp in terms of style and organic because of th material. I use it to spear olives, tomatoes, cherries, and other cocktail garnishes.

    We purchased these to use for a wedding we catered for the cocktail hour. We displayed tempura style jumbo shrimps on these and they were durable and held up to the cooking in the pan. The only thing I did was covered the handles with foli paper to keep them clean and it worked. A few of them unraveled but it was no big deal because I was able to curl them back. I purchased the butter size just in case these were too small, but these were perfect.

    from The J Spot Posted on

    I much prefer the appearance of these as opposed to frill picks or straight picks; the only drawback is that they do tangle easily and there is some splintering. BUT...for the cost, if you lose a few, it's not that big a deal. Would use again for sure.

    from October Catering Posted on

    We use these bamboo knot picks because they are inexpensive and look much nicer than the standard club frill. The price here is much better than most.

    from Mustang Alley's Posted on

    The 4" Royal Paper Eco-Friendly Knot Bamboo Food Pick is my go to when serving skewers. I started out using the longer 10" skewers and would find myself cutting them with scissors to get the right length. So, when I found the 4" they were perfect! They stand up to heavier meats with no problem, I even use them on my indoor grill and they are fine without soaking them prior to. They are a must have for our business!

    from 1st Course Catering Co. Posted on

    I love these skewers. They ARE a bit pricier than their plastic sword counterpart but not by much and the bamboo pick adds an elegant touch to any Martin.

    from Sushi Hana Posted on

    We make several party trays a week and use these sturdy picks all the time. They are the perfect length to put through the sub to hold everything together. Great product.

    from The Lunch Box Posted on

    Such a good garnish pick. The little knot adds a nice touch and keeps your fruit stacked nicely. The height is perfect for most tumblers (5 oz) and they are lightweight but sturdy.

    from ProPreneur Marketing LLC Posted on

    These are a major upgrade from regular toothpicks! I like having the large 4" skewers - can add more on! I used them for my bloody mary's (olives). Just be careful - I have found a couple of splinters... but I have also found splinters with regular toothpicks.

    Posted on

    Both our guests and our bartenders love these bamboo picks for olives, cherries, or whatever the garnish may be! The design is stylish and fun!

    from Ode To Food & Drinks Posted on

    Perfect for a pintrest ready caprasie bite! i use them on mini sliders, satay skewers, and anything else that will hold up! I keep these and the larger ones always in-stock for catering events.

    Posted on

    These were a smidge longer than would have been ideal for my appetizers but that was my fault. The Bamboo picks were easy to use and did not snap when pushing through the food. Overall good purchase.

    Posted on

    We love how elegant these food picks look. We weren't sure if these would cut it so we also got the 7" for our event and they both worked out great! Very satisfied with our purchase.

    from Supplies by Nitelite Posted on

    I recently used these for green bean bundles at a large banquet. Although the pick wasn't necessary, they gave the bundles a nice visual appeal.

    Posted on

    Perfect size for my wedding hor d'oevres! I love the sleek little knot, and my guests will have no trouble tossing in the compost bucket after cocktails.

    Posted on

    I purchased the 4" eco-friendly knot bamboo food pick. The simple knot design is very classy and elegant. Use several on the plate for a simple design.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    we use these for all of sandwiches and cocktails that require garnish at the bar, really modern looking with the bamboo let alone the great value at such a low price

    from mussel bar & grille arlington Posted on

    These bamboo know food picks are loved and adored by all for catering. The know adds a certain bit of flash and evaluates our game. I can charge more when I use these

    Posted on

    These are really nice picks that get a nice response from customers. We use them for fancier drinks like martinis in place of cheaper plastic picks.

    Posted on

    a bit fancier

    It took several days to decide which food pick to choose, and I am glad I choose this one. These picks are very sturdy and a perfect fork replacement.

    from SOD Posted on

    As far as look and design go, these are great. They are small and cute and add a nice design for appetizers. We used them for fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with a balsamic drizzle for added presentation points. Price point is good, too. my biggest qualm with these is that they do splinter.

    Posted on

    I love how these picks looks. It's a zillion steps above a typical tooth pick. However, the knots do sometimes break causing little splinters of bamboo to fall in the most in opportune places. Just use the most sturdy picks.

    Posted on

    This is a fantastic product. It really dresses up a drink, or works well with a club sandwich. We will definitely be ordering more of these!

    from Anarali 3 Posted on

    A very great sandwhich holder and looks really nice when presented to customers. We use these on a variety of plates and the customer really appreciate the look.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    I used these and put shrimp, tomato, cheese and cucumber on them. And what a big hit they were!!! Then I used the rest of them to make marshmallows, stuck the pick in the marshmallows, dipped them in chocolate and round and round they went in graham cracker crumbles. easy easy easy to do with these picks, and they look really nice

    Posted on

    These picks look great on sandwiches and wraps and compliment the style restaurant that we have. They are a bit more classy than the standard toothpicks.

    from Kitchen 519 Posted on

    Perfect size for a cheese platter skewers, to top sandwiches, or to add some garnishes. It can have many functions. You are gonna love it.

    from Coco pastry love Posted on

    I use these bamboo food picks for many appetizer applications. I love them! They look fancier than a normal toothpick or those terrible ones with the frills. I will continue to buy these.

    from Cuisine by Christy Posted on

    I love the length of these skewers. They are perfect for cocktail garnishes or for appetizers. We will get a lot of use out of these.

    Posted on

    Perfect for skewering olives for our cocktail garnishes. We also use these for serving our sliders which are stacked vertically and need something to anchor all the pieces. Looks great. The design is simple and clean looking

    Posted on

    Martini olives

    Love the 4" Eco Friendly Bamboo Knot Food Picks. We use them to garnish bar drinks and to hold big sandwiches together. They are green and easy to use.

    from Nickel's Pit BBQ Posted on

    Bamboo Knot food picks

    The Eco friendly bamboo toothpicks add a little flare to the party. Great for appetizers or any kind of sample. They are also very reasonable for the quality!

    Posted on

    I used these for hors d'ouvres at a wedding, and they were great for a variety of dishes. They are classy but earthy in style.

    Posted on

    Smooth sticks, no splinters. I have bought some from other sites, and have had issues with splinters, however, these are amazing!!! they are smooth and easy to use. I love how the knots on top add to the look!!!

    from Landau's treasures Posted on

    This 4" bamboo Knot food Picks makes everything I use them for look elegant, exactly what I was looking for and at an excellent price!

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    These are okay. Very lightweight. Perfect for light weight items such as marshmellows, bite size cheese, or simply for food tastings. Works well with light appetizers as well.

    from Le Spicy Mango Posted on

    These are just simple food picks but the knot adds some flair compared to a toothpick. We use them to keep quartered sandwiches held together.

    Posted on

    We have transitioned over to bamboo utensils and these picks fit right in. They look more natural and elegant than a party style pick - a little more expensive but gives a much classier look to our displays.

    from That Kitchen Witch Posted on

    Good quality bamboo picks. I used these to serve appetizers and the size was just right. They hold up well and do not splinter like some others do.

    Posted on

    I saw these bamboo toothpicks at a bistro restaurant and instantly feel head over hills in love with them. I like simple yet nice designed touches when I create event's and these toothpicks does that.

    from tmbevents Posted on

    I wanted something to use for catered events when I was serving appetizers. This type of thing can really eat in to your profit, but when I found them here at such a low price I had to buy several. High quality bamboo skewer holds up well to moist items.

    Posted on

    These are a crowd pleaser. They are stylish and "green". Perfect as appetizer or fruit skewers. Trendy look for upscale, outdoor parties. They can even be washed and reused.

    from The Savory Spoon Catering Co. Posted on



    Great for holding down the tall sandwiches that need a helping hand. Also for our olive tree dish that we use these for very lovely.

    from Local Foods Bakery & Cafe Posted on

    I used to only use these for special events and the such. With Webstaurant prices I can use them to pick Burgers, Olives and some basic appitizers! Price is great! Always wondered why eveybody was charging so much for little peices of bamboo. What else have we been getting fleeced on over the years?

    from Chef Kevin Posted on

    Used these picks for beef sliders. the meal looked elegant and received a lot of compliments will surely be ordering a few more for upcoming events

    Posted on

    I use these to garnish cocktail drinks, and I also use them as skewers to hold mini sausages and even cheese at times. They're quite pretty to look at, and rather sturdy too.

    Posted on

    This fruit picks give a great accent to any cocktail. Using this for olives to serve with a bloody mary in a high ball makes it look like it came from a 4 star restaurant!

    Posted on

    Great little skewer! Holds up very well. I have used them for cocktail weenies, cheese cubes and fruit skewers and relish skewers. They look great and are sturdy! I've ordered about 500 now

    from Chef Diva Co Posted on

    I used to buy these picks in 10,000 quantity cases from a west coast supplier our of San Francisco's Chinatown. Cheaper, just as good as usual.

    from Dino Posted on

    Add a great look to a Drink!

    These are great for any restaurant that has a bar or offers sandwiches. They are nice for adding a garnish in a mixed drink or holding together a turkey club or a juicy cheeseburger.

    Posted on

    I was at a high end restaurant and saw that they used these bamboo picks for their appetisers. I was pleased to know that they and I have the same good taste in picks. I used mine to hold bacon around little smokies sausages. Three fit on the pick very nicely.. a great portion for a serving.!

    Posted on

    We use these for our appetizers that we do not cook. These create a more high end appearance while also being "green" friendly which more and more of our clients are looking for.

    from Culinary Capers Posted on

    This has practical uses. Used them to garnish drinks, hold sandwiches together and also for hors d'oevres. Also love the fact that there is 100 in a pack. Can never go wrong with this.

    Posted on

    Tropical pina colada

    We have used these for multiple uses. We have used them for food. We have used them as place cards at weddings. They are very versatile!!

    from Queen City Catering Posted on

    The bamboo food knots are very easy to use. They add a twist to any catering presentation and are highly functional and practical. We use them for a number of plates including cherry tomatoes with mozzarella balls, fruit kabobs or for our cornbread bites.

    from Coco Bans LLC Posted on

    These bamboo knot food picks look great when displayed with appetizers. They can sometimes splinter a bit right out of the package, so you have to be careful of that before inserting them into foods or serving. If the quality was a bit more heavy-duty, the star rating would be higher for sure. But remember they are disposables (eco-friendly at that) and are typically tossed aside after one bite. Definitely still a recommended product.

    Posted on

    Perfect for all our finger food dishes or holding a big club sandwich together. We also use them for our drink garnishes. Good price for so many uses

    Posted on

    We recently held an employee appreciation night which we ordered these picks for. They were great. They added a lot to the atmosphere and were a very neat conversation piece!

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    classic finger food and sandwich bamboo picks, we use this bamboo for finger food, tapas, and sandwich. nice presentation and look very elegant. best choice and ever for picks.

    Posted on

    How classy and elegant your finger food looks with these picks. It just adds a bit of flair to any event. Easy to use and easy to handle.

    Posted on

    Great for sandwiches and wraps and really holds them together. Gives a nice touch to the theme of some restaurants and also can be used in bar drinks as well!

    Posted on

    These are a good size for thick (club) sandwiches. I like to use them for chicken teriyaki. Also are great for cocktails, I've not had a problem with them floating.

    from Elite Catering Posted on

    These food picks works for many different purposes. I have used them as garnish for alcoholic drinks, believe it or not and for sandwiches. It's inexpensive too

    Posted on

    These are perfect accents for garnish in any drink in a tiki or asian style restaurant. We used them and everybody really enjoyed them in their drinks.

    Posted on

    Love these picks! Great for sandwiches, and appetizers. They will add a bit of rustic charm to any of platters and displays, and the knots make a great handle.

    from Zest Posted on

    These simple yet attractive bamboo food picks are great for garnishing all sorts of bar drinks!! As always with a good discount when you buy in bulk!!!

    Posted on

    Beautiful product. This is a huge improvement over the standard plastic pick. Holds three olives well for the perfect martini with plenty of room to spare. I think you could make nice small fruit kebabs for appetizers there is so much room. Olives do not slip off the end!

    from Po's Pastries Posted on

    great product and price. Will definitely order them again. Fast shipping, too! Perfect size for hors d' oeuvres. Love them, added the perfect bling to the appetizers

    from Ledbetters LLC Posted on

    I use these toothpicks all the time. It adds an eligence to hourdorves that plain toothpicks just can't give you. We all know we eat with our eyes first so, these picks helped to make our hourderves fly off the table.

    from Tres` Bon Posted on



    These bamboo knot food picks are very "green" for the planet! They are so cute but sturdy too. They add a little more sophistication to you cocktail parties.

    from carousel quarters camel and zebra farm Posted on

    These picks can make any finger food or appetizer a little more attractive and trendy! They're also inexpensive and Eco-friendly! They are deffinately a must have

    Posted on

    OMG these are so cute! They really glam up your food prestations. At my tasting parties I use them as skewers for my mini fruit & brownie kabobs they are the perfect size for mini samples or to hold sandwiches in place. And they also use them on the food network how cool is that!

    Posted on

    These are great picks for all things. My favorite use was picking chocolate covered strawberries and hanging them from a tree at an outdoor catering event.

    Posted on

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