Royal Paper R812W 4" Frilled Club Food Pick with Assorted Colors

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Use these Royal Paper R812W 4" assorted frilled club food picks to add a classic, decorative touch to your sandwiches, appetizers, and samples. With their sturdy, durable construction and tip point, you can spear sliders, stuffed mushrooms, or mini meatballs for easy-to-grab individual portions. Plus, each pick's 4" length will allow your guests to easily hold their individual serving.

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Royal Paper R812W 4" Frilled Club Food Pick with Assorted Colors

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    This is a pack of assorted colored toothpicks used for holding together sandwiches and wraps. Colorful plastic frill on the top makes these fun for any restaurant or café.

    Posted on

    Colorful frilled toothpicks

    The different color paper at the top of these sandwich picks give your sandwich a great look and help it by keeping it together, however, make sure the length of the picks (4 inches) in this case is long enough to hold your sandwiches.

    from Rick's Roadside Cafe Posted on


    Posted on

    Adds a nice splash of colour to our sandwiches and wraps. long enough to go through our burgers too! really good price and very strong

    from Java Coffee Bar Posted on

    Nice splash of color and holds our sandwiches together

    Toothpicks like these always make me think of the restaurants my grandma took me to, where the fanciest thing you could get was a club sandwich held together by a frilly toothpick. These are fine, but not the youngest or hippest look.

    Posted on

    These picks are pretty good. They don’t shed any of the plastic from their frills... So plastic contamination isn’t a huge concern. They hold thicks sandwiches together well. I’d buy again.

    Posted on

    Frilled picks ready for service.

    These toothpicks are an excellent way to be able to make sure that you are able to be keep food together. It's also elegant, so you don't lose on presentation.

    from Town Square Market Posted on

    Great for picking burgers and sandwiches to cheese and meat for crudites. Colorful and the perfect length. THese have held up well for everything we have used them for. Have not seen these splinter as we have with others we have bought in the past.

    Posted on

    We bought these to use for our wraps, and they work great. Keeps the wrap rolled tight and makes for a fun presentation when serving, too!

    from Rock N Grill Posted on

    Would highly recommend this club frill picks for any food! The coloured frill makes it much easier for people to see the pick in food.

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    exactly as described. i used them to pick meatballs on catered events. They look and work great. Priced below our distributor and easy to use.

    Posted on

    pick in a sandwich

    These toothpicks are great. They look nice when speared into a sandwich for the finishing touch, plus, they hold the contents together between the bread.

    Posted on

    On a sandwich

    These food picks are exactly as described. They work well to keep our sandwiches together and the colored ends stay attached better than others we have purchased in the past.

    from Barefoot Bar & Grill Posted on

    These skewers are perfect length for fi gee foods and sliders. They soo multi functional. They are very cost effective for my business as I use these very often

    Posted on

    perfect for blt's or any other kind of sandwiches. Wish they made them longer so I could use then on club sandwiches but good for light use.

    from backwater Posted on

    great for garnish.

    my employees were driving me crazy for these and i went to big box store looking for them and they hand none...should of know I only had to look here.

    from Lake Street Diner Posted on


    Royal paper 4" frilled club food pick with assorted colors. This is great for small foods to try. Also used as toothpicks or to keep the tops on sandwiches. A great addition to any shop or kitchen.

    Posted on

    4" frills

    Perfect for a BLT sandwich or a chicken wrap. Holds it together and make for great presentation. Different colors so u can use for med-rare, medium and etc on burgers and steaks.

    from bjames llc Posted on

    These toothpicks are great for showcasing our samples. We also use them for sandwiches and stromboli. The different colors work well when we are sampling multiple items.

    from Gammardella's Market & Deli Posted on

    These toothpicks come with colored frills on the top making them a fun option for any restaurant. Use as a toothpick or to hold wraps and sandwiches together.

    Posted on

    fun colored toothpicks

    These are great to have at the bar and work well for a variety of garnishes. Having them available in two sizes is very helpful

    from Spillian LLC Posted on

    These 4" frilled club food picks are a lot of fun for a cook out. Even dresses up just a burger and helps hold those super burgers together when piled high.

    Posted on

    Makes your food fun!

    We use these toothpicks in all of our sandwiches, and they add a very nice touch to them. They're definitely a necessity for our restaurant

    from New Deli Posted on

    Nice frilled wooden picks. The length is perfect to stick in buns or bread or chicken wings. The assorted colors are useful when trying to distinguish different items from one another with this quick fix.

    Posted on

    We love using these food picks! They hold our bigger sandwiches together and make eating them fun! They come in many colors and are sturdy enough to ensure your sandwiches stay together!

    from Katherine l cohen Posted on

    What looks better than a great sandwich? A great sandwich with these colorful picks. Sturdy and non splintering. Will buy again. Easy and fun way to present a sandwich.

    Posted on

    These are great to stick in to a Club or a Chicken Salad sandwich to keep it together and it also makes the sandwich more noticeable to the customers. If you serve sandwiches you should have these

    from Java Corner Posted on

    These picks are perfect for lots of things. I used them here to keep my sandwiches together so that the stuff inside would not fall out! Looks pretty, functional and also guests can use to clean their teeth after !

    from Cupcake Chicks Posted on

    very good price comparing to other markets and local shops , quality, solid, and tall for gyros , we are also using for our cheese and fruit plates

    from Aslan Khan LLC Posted on

    Perfect for holding sandwiches together. The colored tops can help identify different kinds of sandwiches like maybe organized by meat or something. Great club food picks.

    from 3 Leaf Tea Posted on

    Exactly what I needed ! Great quantity for the price. Look great with our lunch entrees. Fast fulfillment and quick ship is always a webstraunt value!

    from Linden Street Coffeehouse Posted on

    These little guys are exactly what I was looking for and needed. My only concern is the box they are in. Very thin box that could damage the items inside. Luckily, they were ok. Other than that I like them and you cannot beat the price.

    from MM&M CATERING Posted on

    Very useful, different sizes, but for wrapping up sandwiches the 7in works best, I use to keep sandwich together, can also use with cheese squares.

    from brants burgers Posted on

    Good food picks and a good length. Great to add a little visual appeal to your sandwiches and burgers. Comes in a variety of colors. WE often use them to label certain burgers as they go out the window. Good to have a few boxes on hand.

    Posted on

    Love the colors on these tooth picks. I like to use these for finger food, without guests actually using their fingers. They hold up very well when wet. Great product

    Posted on

    Love these! Would give more than 5 stars if possible! First frilled picks I've ever used that the tops didn't come off!!! (And yes, I actually tried to pull them off!) Good sharp point, and the 4 inch length was perfect for creating fruit 'spears' for my daughter's wedding. Highly recommend these.

    Posted on

    This is a great price for these! With so many being used a day the cost is nice to have so low. Work great with sandwiches burgers and pickles. Adds nice color to the plate.

    from CMV Posted on

    Exceptional price for the picks that we use daily to "tag" sugar free pastries. Our normal food supplier charges about 8 times the cost!! Woa, thanks for the savings!!

    from Encore Development Posted on

    i use them on sushi too, they are assorted for 4 colors. price at here are very, you need those a lot any way, buy more save on shipping.

    Posted on

    These feel high quality. No splinters or colored parts falling off when I opened the package. The colors included are vibrant and make a nice statement in sandwiches.

    from Loadtrek Posted on

    Right size toothpick to be used for our sandwiches. We do not take much advantage of the color coded but it is pretty. We also use these to garnish our drinks.

    from BottleOpener Posted on

    These picks are perfect for holding together the bigger sandwiches, especially with all the add-ons... Like lettuce, tomatoes, and onion. Bonus is that they are also attractive. The price is right too

    from Sandy's Country Cottage Restaurant Posted on

    I use these picks for my double and triple decker sandwiches and they are the perfect length and the price is below what I was paying from my food distributor.

    from Mantua Corners Bar & Grille Posted on

    I purchased the 4" frilled club food pick in the assorted colors. These longer food picks are useful when you have a larger club sandwich or panini.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    I love these little food picks. Blt's are notorious for falling apart and these little picks help to hold them together. They are useful and attractive.

    from Ruffled Feathers Posted on

    We use these for our club sandwiches, perfect size & height. Durable, bright, great price per piece, fast shipping, nice case size, will definetly order again.

    from Bada Bean Posted on

    The basic frill pick, we use these for sampling, they are classic picks but do not eve,ate your food for catering and recommend you spend more for s knot pick if you are using these for anything but free food

    Posted on

    These added just the right colorful touch to our set up. They took the ordinary to the extra ordinary! Plenty long enough and many left over for our next event!

    from Bountiful Hearing Center Posted on

    Great assortment of 4" frilled club picks. They all came in good condition. none were missing the frills. Good price for a large box of picks.

    Posted on

    4" Frilled Club Food Pick with Assorted Colors are a nice splash of color to your platter ... I really like using these .... mini sandwich. Fruit picks for drinks... great product

    Posted on

    nice toothpicks and a little fancier than just the plain or regular toothpicks. especially if you are offering samples of a certain food or dessert.

    from Mahalos Posted on

    We use these picks to hold our sandwiches together when making party trays. They are just the right length and are strong, no breakage. Work well for the party trays and the different colors differentiate the sandwiches (turkey, ham, etc.). Our small deli uses these all the time.

    from The Lunch Box Posted on

    great to muse for subs club sandwich and garnishing them this 4" Frilled Club Food Pick with Assorted Colors great to come in astd color that u can use u want

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    These food picks were the perfect accent for kebobs. The colours allowed me the option to differentiate my meat nad vegetable picks. They were colourful and really nice.

    from Innovations Unlimited Posted on

    This pick is very sturdy, and we use these on a daily basis for sandwiches and wraps. Love the assorted color frills as they are very decorative.

    Posted on

    Picks are excellent for holding together wraps.

    Fast and cheap will definitely reorder when we get low. Help hold sandwiches and wraps together nice... Great for drink picks as well when in a pinch...

    from darin l long llc Posted on

    I so enjoy using the 4" Frilled Club Food Picks I purchased from Webstaurant Store. I love the longer length; which is near to impossible to find in the store. Additionally, even the shorter size that most stores carry cost more than this for about 3/4 less product. They look and work great for appetizers; including my favorite Hawaiian Sunset made with fresh pineapple and cherries!

    Posted on

    Not a whole lot to say. They're a sandwich pick. They serve their purpose well. Seem to be sturdy enough to not break off. Great value!

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    Cute little ruffles, will be able to color code these to different types of orders as well as match various team colors when we do sport events or festivals or holidays. Strong enough to hold a pickle wedge and do the trick in sandwiches. Great value for the quantity per box!

    from T's Sandwiches Posted on

    Whether you're using them for sandwiches or burgers, these are great frill picks. I like that they're plenty long of a tall burger. We have a color-coded system for burger doneness using these.

    from Zulu Co Posted on

    great toothpick. We use these for appetizers so our guest can just grab one and go. Love the frills as we can color code our appetizers.

    Posted on

    When we make sandwiches, we like to use these to hold everything together. Not only do they keep our thick burgers in once piece, the frills on the top make for a nice decoration!

    from Jim's Bar N Grill Posted on

    A quintessential item for delis and sandwich shops, these certainly are a needed item at a great price. Different colors allows you to color code foods as well. Perfect for items that are sealed, like calzones.

    Posted on

    A very nice touch to any sandwich when being served, makes the sandwich look ten more times appealing and for the thicker sandwich it keeps them together.

    from GREEN ZONE BAR & GRILL Posted on

    I tried to find these things everywhere and Webstaurant store has them, of course! They are the perfect size for my big club sub sandwiches! Keeps all the lettuce, tomato and onion ON the bun and IN the sandwich until table service. I am using them everywhere now.

    from Sunset Grill Posted on

    These little food picks are indispensable to us! We use two of them on every bagel sandwich we make. They do their job perfectly. We would recommend.

    from B.C. Bagels Posted on

    I will use these at residence camp when we do snacks that relate to the Bible Story of the day. They are nice and long and will do the job.

    from Camp Loy White Kid's Kingdom Posted on

    We used these for some catering functions while I was a student. The multi-colored frills allowed us to organize which condiments were on sandwiches with ease, and keep the work consistent. The picks themselves are very sturdy and are essentially a standard wooden toothpick.

    Posted on

    These frill picks are a great way to handle and serve anything, from lemons to appetizers or garnishes. These are inexpensive and ensure safe food handling in a rush.

    from Isaacs - Ephrata Posted on

    I have purchased this for home use to hold stuffed sandwiches together (I am making many sandwiches for my kids and my husband`s lunch very often , the size is just perfect I have nothing to say there. Also because of their size they are very useful to make fruit bouquets.

    from Delightful Sweets Posted on

    We use these on our deli sandwiches not only for the appearance but also to hold the sandwich together from kitchen to table, and gives the customer a good toothpick for after the meal.

    from Papa's Ice Cream, Inc. Posted on

    I use these on a daily basis for use holding my sandwiches together. They come at a great price and have always worked like a charm.

    from Mike's Coffee and Pie Kitchen Posted on

    very nice assorted color tooth pick thay are pretty and a hole sandwhiche well. thay hve alote in one pcke, we like the quality thanks.

    from nitas place Posted on

    Want to kick your hoagie or club sandwich up a notch? Use these picks, which also serve the intended purpose of holding the layers together before and after cutting. They're cheerful to look at and well made.

    Posted on

    These picks are great for both food and drink. They are pretty to look at and seem pretty durable in my opinion. The price is great as well.

    Posted on

    I purchased these to use on my Sub platters. They work perfect and give the platters alittle extra something with the colored picks. good value

    from RnD Deli and Market Posted on

    Great deal... The price was right and the product was good quality. The picks were sturdy and the frills were colorful and attached well. I will order again

    Posted on

    These tooth picks are of good quality, nice looking. We always worry about getting those lesser quality ones. Will definitely be buying more of these again.

    Posted on

    These are perfect for food service use. great for burgers and club sandwhiches. you have to use these frilled picks and not just regular toothpicks to make sure there isnt any confusion for the guest.

    Posted on

    Some might think all toothpicks are the same. False. A cheap toothpick will splinter, very bad if your using them in peoples food! These are sturdy as far as toothpicks go.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    ive been using these multi colored food picks for a long time. they have never lrt me down. they dont splinter and never have been broken in the box. great value.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    Very pleased with quality and price of these food picks. They help make the appetizer table more festive and appealing. No doubt these will be ordered again.

    from church Posted on

    Picks are the right length and come in colors so as you can use to tell well done from med or how ever you chose to use them.

    from Route 191 Diner Posted on

    The frilly ends come off if you aren't careful. The package contains a lot of them! We appreciated that. However, we don't feel the quality is good. The toothpicks themselves held up nicely. They didn't break!

    from shopaholic2shopaholic Posted on

    My supplier was out for months, and its hard to make clubs without picks. got them to me in 3 days, the same ones my regular supplier gets me. Very happy with the quality and selections..

    from Chepachet Deli Posted on

    Great picks to have, especially if you serve sandwiches or something that should look decorated a little bit. The frills stay on and won't fall in food, plus the item is very inexpensive, so it makes a great addition.

    from Shaharazade's Restaurant & Tea Room Posted on

    These frill picks work great for sandwiches and the assorted colors allow us to use them to distinguish between differently cooked items. For the most part the frills do stay attached to the pick, although 1 out of 20 tend to come off.

    Posted on

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