Royal Paper R806 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100/Pack

Item #: 4856SKEW

Super strong, super durable, and super eco-friendly, this Royal Paper R806 6" bamboo skewer is the ideal addition to any establishment grilling satay, mixed shish kabobs, or fresh vegetables like corn-on-the-cob! Use it to skewer fresh fruit for fruit kabobs at parties, or for skewering decadent desserts or breads at fondue stations. The possibilities are endless when this skewer comes to your collection.

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Royal Paper R806 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100/Pack

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    These 6" skewers are great for small things like appetizers. You can easily fit 3 medium sized shrimp on one to make mini shrimp kebabs.
    These skewers are my go to summer fruit serving and display item. They are the right length but the one issue for me is that it was thinner than I expected. Otherwise it was a great purchase
    These are great for appetizer size skewers. The only negative was that my package came torn open, so my skewers were all floating around in the bottom of the shopping shipping box.
    This skewer is too short for dinner kebabs, but works nicely for appetizer sized portions. The skewers are light enough to balance on small app plate or napkin.
    This is just your basic skewer, but you can use them for so many applications. They work great for satays, just soak the skewers in water to prevent the skewer from catching fire quickly.
    What’s not to like about these? These have It’s of uses around the store, from canapé holders to cake testes, these simple and strong skewers are good value.
    These bamboo skewers are a great deal for the price, they are useful for skewering any sort of food, in my experience they will hold up no problem
    These are perfect for dipping apples, especially those delicious caramel or candied apples! they are strong and they stick through the apple boxes WebstaurantStore sell as well perfectly!
    This six inch bamboo skewer is good for a shish kabob appetizer, just make sure you soak it in water for thirty minutes before grilling with it to avoid catching it on fire.
    This six inch skewer is a perfect size for those smaller kabobs. Simply soak the skewer in apple juice or water and then you are set to grill!
    Amazing product! I use them at all my functions and they are always a big hit! I highly recommend this product for business or personal.
    These skewers are the best I have found for making appetizers on a stick. They come in several sizes. The wood is not splintery and if you need to soak them, they hold up well. They are a great price too.
    These 6" bamboo skewers are great for parties. They hold an appetizer amount of food and are sturdy for the size. They work well for kabobs and can be cooked on the grill.
    This 6-inch size of Royal bamboo skewer is the perfect size for accenting a platter. It can hold both fresh and cooked foods, and it comes 100 to a package.
    use these for a certain cookie we dunk in chocolate and this size is HARD to find thanks for the price and value we will be back again !
    The 6" eco-friendly round bamboo skewers are delicate and yet very durable. You get 100 for a great price, so you for sure will not run out for any event.
    These bamboo skewers are tough enough for the oven and grill and strong enough to pierce through chicken steak and pork to make a nice display at your next bbq.
    The Royal skewers are a really good deal. They work much better than toothpicks for checking cupcakes to be sure that they are fully cooked. I would definitely purchase again if needed and highly recommend.
    These are a good, sturdy pick, and they are the perfect length to use for small skewers for fruit kabobs or caprese kabobs and other appetizers.
    These bamboo skewers are just long enough to be able to sit right on top of a martini glass. It has a nice look with the olives over the top of the glass and the sharp point easily pierces the olives
    6 inch skewers are excellent for small appetizers. These skewers come 100 to a pack and are eco-friendly. For a very low price you can purchase 100 skewers. We always carry skewers in our catering trailer because the uses for skewers are endless.
    these are great little skewers for all sorts of tasks. i use them as cake / pastry testers and they're great because you can test even deeper pans. they also work great for skewers / brochettes as long as you soak them in water first. the fact that they're bamboo is because they're both renewable and recyclable.
    I ordered these skewers for two reasons. One was for candy apples, which they weren't strong enough (my fault) and two was to make cake banners!!
    These are great skewers for holding appetizers together and anything bacon wrapped of course. I soak them in water and then throw them on the grill
    These sticks are perfect for our cake pops and cookie pops. The are just the right length for most of our products and can easily be cut down if needed.
    Great skewers for kebabs. I like using these for roasting vegetables and meat, and they work perfectly. The wood is smooth, and I like that they're eco friendly.
    These bamboo skewers are great and do not break easily. We use them for our kebabs and have found them to be a great deal after comparing the price to other competitors
    Great for roasting marshmallows on the grill. I recommend soaking these in water before grilling for at least 30 minutes so they don't catch on fire
    Remember to soak these before grilling with them. These are perfect for very small portions of meat or for grilling fruit for dessert. They definitely aren't big enough for entrees.
    Royal Paper R806 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100/Pack is very sturdy, despite being eco friendly which some items are cheap because of that. These are a good item.
    I ordered for the 1st time from this vendor and was presently surprised with the delivery time and quality of all of the products, including these bamboo skewers.
    The Royal Paper R806 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewers work great for sausage on a stick or fruits. The quality is good as well as the price. I am very happy with my purchase.
    I like using bamboo skewer for lot of different things in the kitchen. They are so versatile. From making kabobs to making appetizer, sweet or savory.
    These bamboo skewers are great for so many things. Perfect for single bite appetizers during a cocktail hour or dinner party as well as small fruit skewers for the kids!
    These Royal paper 6 inch bamboo skewers are some of the highest quality, and always produce excellent results when grilling at a party. These are the best skewers.
    These were perfect for fruit kabobs- held up to the weight of the fruit perfectly! 6inch size holds more food than you think! Will definitely order these again.
    Eco- friendly skewer is a huge attraction for some people and being able to order in bulk at great prices is huge. Highly recommend these!!!
    These royal paper 6" bamboo skewers are perfect for testing cakes and cupcakes, and for creating a structure for fondant figures. Will continue to order
    We like Royal Paper brand! And these are made from bamboo grass! That's why they are 5 stars! And the are conveniently 6 inches. Recommend !
    These 6" echo friendly Bamboo skewers are awesome! You can use these skewers at BBQ or birthday parties or even just a nice dinner night!
    These are cute, disposable, space efficient and trendy. I love them. Though lightweight, they don't break easily, and could be used with meat, vegetables and fruit as well. I am very satisfied.
    These 6" skewers were great for kebabs this summer when hosting friends over!They hold up well to the grill heat and go into my mulch bed when I'm done. I love using these for children kebabs!
    During certain times of year we provide chocolate covered item an use skewers to hold them. These six inch ones are perfect for our chocolate marshmallow
    Love these..they are the perfect size for dessert kabobs..I wish they were in a bigger package...I will he buying these very very often can not wait to see what else I can use them for
    These bamboo skewers are great for a multitude of projects from making flower bouquet edibles, to holding large sandwiches together. You can also use them for arts and crafts projects.
    The perfect size skewer for out smoked chicken thigh skewers. Low price, easy store packaging makes these a no brainier for our smaller kitchen. Definitely will order more.
    These are some very good bamboo skewers .. Very good price on the site .. They're good for all kinds of things for kebabs doing garnishes for drinks..
    these are eco friendly that's why I bought them so excited 100 pack was a great price and they seem to work as I need them too
    Excellent bamboo skewers at an extremely economical price! These are perfect for serving delicate fruit skewers, cheese cubes, or cake-pops. The 6" length allows you to stack a couple pieces of food, for a delicate display, where you don't need to hold too much on the skewer.
    The 6 inch bamboo skewers are great to use for an appetizer portion or dessert portions. They are great for so many uses, plus a great price.
    Just used these for a holiday with tomatoes, prosciutto, and mozzarella. What a great little skewer for appetizers. The hold up great and are just large enough to accommodate such a treat!
    These 6" bamboo skewers are a great value for how many you get in the package. They're great for outdoor events and are very sturdy.
    these Royal Paper R806 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100 / Bag are to use appetizer on the stick like mini meatball kabobs and chicken.
    With my Chocolate Fountain Business, we use 6" bamboo skewers on a daily basis. I've used many brands and paid a lot of money but the Royal Paper 6" skewers are the best I've used and the best in price.
    I use these skewers to make Turkish style kabobs. They are of good quality and durable with ideal length. I use them in my oven, not on a fire or grill, and they just do the job.
    My husband and I have already ran through the entire pack of 100 6" skewers. We pre-soaked them in water and then through a few shrimp on them with veggies before placing on the grill. They turned out more excellent than we could of imagined and they hold up well to heat!
    These are great bamboo skewers. I really like that they're eco-friendly. Perfect size for a variety of things. And you don't have to worry about splinters!
    I purchased the 6" eco-friendly round bamboo skewer in the 100/bag assortment. These skewers are sturdy and will come in handy when you need a medium size skewer.
    The 6" skewer size is perfect for corn on the cob, antipasti appetizers, and fruit! Very durable. I soaked them in water over night for easy grill use. Fast Shipping!
    We use a ton of theses for various purposes - fruit skewers, sandwiches, donut holes and more. Some of the cheaper brands tend to splinter which is a real hazard to your customers, I have not had that issue with these.
    These skewers are a good size for a party. They arent too big or too little. It comes 100 to a bag, so they will last a long time.
    We love to use these to hold our club sandwiches together or to "flag" special steak or burger orders. Our guests enjoy using them in our chislic appetizer also.
    These 6" bamboo skewers are great for holding down sliders and for assembling smaller shish kabobs. They have a variety of uses and are a great price.
    I brought these little beauties to make shrimp kabobs this summer. They were a big hit!! They hold just the right amount of meat and vegetables.
    Good size skewers for fruit. Helps to keep fruit fun and interesting for my young children. The skewers are strong and sturdy and really easy to use.
    Great price, I purchased these skewers in various sizes. I used these for kabobs and cake pops. They are great if you want to make more of an appetizer size skewer vs a large one for a meal.
    What can you say about these? They're a great product, sanitary and ready to use. They also have the added benefit of being biodegradable, which is very important to me. I love these and the six inch size is perfect for luncheon sized kebabs!
    perfect size for cake pops and I use them to dip strawberries in chocolate. I also use them to make the arrangements with the fruit and chocolate. sturdy and I like using them,.
    We were very pleased to find the 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer - 100 / Bags available at such a good price. Ideal for cheese cubes and serving snacks.
    Awesome skewers! Great price, and they hold up well. We use these for a ton of Bloody Mary garnishes, and they work well; you can put them in a shaker glass, or they're long enough to perch it lengthwise along the top.
    These skewer work well for checking cakes, breads, and cupcakes to make sure that they done in the middle. Even good for mini fruit skewers.
    These skewers are great. We use them to make corn dogs and find them to be the perfect length for the size of dog we use. They can also be used for a wide variety of stick foods.
    Good price on these. much better than through my food rep. Smooth enough for garnishes on bloody mary's. Only really worth it if you bundle with shipping other things.
    The 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewer work great for canning in 1 pint jars. The 6 inch is just tall enough to use in the pint jars to get the air bubbles out before canning.
    These are good bamboo skewers. There is a little distortion when it comes to the color, and shape, but that is pretty normal when it comes to products like this. I recommend.
    We Purchased 6" Eco-Friendly Round Bamboo Skewre - 100 / Bag. We used them for a variety of Kabobs. Great for the price. We will be ordering more.
    I really like these bamboo skewers. And they are a great price! They are a good size for meat skewers or other entrees. Love them!
    Thinner than the longer skewers, these are ideal for smaller pieces of meat and veggies and fit nicely on a plate when they come off the grill rather than hanging over the ends. The main thing I use them for, however, is to hold eggshells (that I drill, empty, and decorate) when applying finish. These skewers fit perfectly into a 1/8 inch hole (the size of a Dremel bit).
    These skewers are a great deal and held up perfectly for chicken, beef and vegetable kabobs on the grill. Will definitely be ordering again and would recommend to anyone.
    This is a nice size skewer for making veggie kabobs on the grill. I found the skewer to be very durable when pushing on the vegetables
    These are some great skewers to use for dessert fresh fruit skewers. We were able to fit 2 strawberries, pineapple piece, 2 grapes and they were sturdy.
    These were very sturdy and I was very happy with the quality of these skewer sticks for the amazingly low price. I used them to grill meat and vegetables. I would highly recommend these!
    Used these for several food items. Perfect for kabobs or use as any type of food skewers. Strong and of good quality. Would definitely purchase again.
    these skewers were perfect for our fruit kabobs and chicken skewers because we didnt want the long skewers at our event and our guest loved em!!
    I could not find these skewers locally after hunting hign and low. Did not think to look on my go to suppliers website. And bam there they were! We've used these for our dessert kabobs and I've made many chicken kabobs at home for the kids.
    Perfect addition to any kitchen - home or commercial. I use these small appetizers for kids, but they come in super handy as cake testers. I bake a lot of syrup infused cakes, so these are the perfect size to poke holes in the baked product before they are drizzled in the syrup of my choice. This saves me from wasting long skewers on them.
    Perfect for kabobs on the grill. Won't burn up as quickly as wooden skewers. Great length for up to six bite size pieces of food. Sturdy enough to use for meat and potatoes.
    Bought these to serve with appetizer foods for my wedding reception. Great price for the quantity you get and they're sturdy. Recieved fast and in good condition, none were broke.
    6" Bamboo Skewers are a must for baking cakes or preparing appetizers. I keep a bowl of these on my stove at all time. They are very useful in testing the doneness of cakes or cupcakes. I also use them when prepping appetizers. Great with mozz balls and cherry tomatoes/ fresh basil!
    The 6" Bamboo Skewers come in a bag of 100. They are sturdy and when I got them I got busy thinking of a variety of other craft and cleaning applications for which they might also be used!
    We use this size skewers for many of our appetizers that are skewered and baked. Do not work as well on grills - too fragile. We also use them fro fruit and antipasto kabobs and they are the perfect size.
    I like the 6" skewers for 2 or 3 bite appetizers. The bamboo doesn't splinter & they are fairly strong even with heavy items. You can see in the pic how many pieces of grape tomatoes & mozzarella balls a 6" can hold vs the 4"
    good price and very good product to use for catering events and weddings with. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new inventive way to display food.
    Worked great, good size, great price. Turn around time was outstanding from order to delivery. If your looking for a smaller skewer look no farther.
    These skewers are good to have when 12 inches is just too long. The price was really good so I stocked up on them. Now I know where to find them without running around from store to store
    This is a thin skewer and burns pretty quickly on the grill, even with pre-soaking, but it's a good skewer for the price and just the right size for a 2 to 3 bite appetizer.
    These are prefect for chocolate fountains. Perfect size for the food choices to get pierced and ran under the fountain. Good quality, good price. Thanks.
    Great price and so many different uses! We bought them to use with chocolate fountains at our wedding and they worked great! Now we use the leftover ones to make kabobs! Our son loves to make fruit kabobs, he calls them "fruit swords"!
    these are great. perfect size I used to have to cut the bigger ones for fruit kabobs but these are a nice size and a great price
    The 6" bamboo skewers were perfect for our event. I marinated the chicken in port, tarragon, basil, salt and pepper. Then we threaded the chicken onto the skewers with marinated artichoke hearts, mushrooms, roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. They were a hit and were requested for next year's Arts Festival.
    I bought 30 packs of 100. Not only will I have skewers to last forever, the price is great. Not one skewer I can find with an imperfection.
    It is a great price. It is a perfect size for appetizers. Three medium or large shrimps or two large shrimps and a pineapple fits perfectly as an appetizer.
    We love using the skewers - they are the perfect size for fruit kabobs at receptions and children's tables. Allow just enough fruit for an appetizer.
    This item was perfect for the appetizer kabobs that they were used for. The surface held the components in place very well. Great price too.
    Strong and sturdy. Great for fondues, kabobs and I am sure you can find many other uses for them. Great price and what a value!

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