Regency Shelving Split Sleeves, Pair - 4/Pack

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Designed to hold shelves in place around wire shelf posts, these Regency 1 1/2'' plastic split sleeves are a small but essential item for those looking to equip their foodservice operation with secure and sturdy shelving. The two halves easily snap together around the shelving to give it support throughout the day. The word "TOP" is etched onto each sleeve to make setup quick and hassle-free. Once assembled, these black split sleeves will give your shelving unit the extra level of security it needs to hold all of your ingredients and supplies.

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Regency Shelving Split Sleeves, Pair - 4/Pack

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    We orders these Regency Shelving Split Sleeves to keep as spares in case we lost one. They were very reasonably priced and we got four pairs. It turned out we misplaced one and if it were not for these extras we would have not been able to complete the shelf. If your are putting in an order its well worth adding these sleeves rather than wait till you really need them.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    I ran into a few pairs that didn't fit together. I had to swap one of the pieces for a piece from another pair, but they eventually all fit together. They're so inexpensive that I definitely recommend buying an extra set to have on hand. They fit all "standard" sized wire shelving units. I've personally used them at work on other brands shelves and at home on the store brand of shelves. Worked the same on both units.
    These split sleeves are the best because they have TWO lines to catch, rather than the usual one in many wire shelving clips I've seen before
    These shelf sleeves are convenient because they allow you to organize the shelves however you would like- different distances apart. They are somewhat difficult to use depending on the size of the shelf. Sometimes they slip off of the ridges.
    Thank you for your feedback! If you have any concerns with your product at any time please reach out to our Customer Solutions team!
    very nice quality. glad that i could buy one at a time and not a whole set. shipping could be a bit cheaper though. happy overall.
    Another outstanding product from WEBstaurantStore priced affordably and prompt shipping. Worked perfectly for getting all my shelving put together. Holds lots of weight and never slips.
    These shelf clips went along with my Regency shelf and fit perfect. They snapped together just right and made my shelf stay in place once put together
    These have held up great on our metro shelves. They haven’t cracked like others I have used in the past. Always have extra around because being so small, they are easy to loose.
    Love these clips, they fit much better than other brands and don't "slip" out of place when you place the shelves. Glad I tried this brand.
    These a very durable shelving sleeves that are used in conjunction with Regency posts/shelves. A must have when adding shelves for your storage needs. We use ours in our walk-in refrigerator and freezer, and they have lasted us over 2 years without breaking.
    Purchased to replace some broken sleeves on a few shelving units. Product worked just fine and no issues with these vs the original ones. Would purchase again.
    The regency shelving system is great! It is reasonably priced & incredibly sturdy. I use these in my walk-ins & freezer. I would buy them again without fail
    We had these shipped to us after we received a shelf with broken sleeves. I have to say, I was really happy that Webstaurantstore shipped the sleeves for free (because the broken sleeves that came with our original purchase), since these seem ,,, really expensive for what they actually are.
    These split sleeves are a genius method to make Regency shelving units sturdy, long lasting and dependable. They are not only super easy to assemble, they are also great for self checking. Simply slide them into place until they catch on one of the ridges and the shelf will stay in place as long as you need them to.
    These 1 inch diameter split sleeves have been great, holding up our shelves with great support and never having to worry of shifting. They snap together easily on the equivalent size post and can be slid up and down locking in at each inch on post, once shelf put on and pushed in to each other firmly, they do NOT budge no matter how much weight put on shelf.
    These little guys are easy to loose and break so make sure you buy enough and keep a bag on hand. They clip together and fit pole shelving.
    These clips accompany the regency shelves and posts. As a full set, you can uses these sleeves to place your shelving unit at various heights. They are easy to clip on and remove.
    They work perfectly as is, they hold on the the wire shelf posts very securely so that the shelf doesn't fall down during assembly. I have no complaints with these and do the job as expected.
    Thankfully I was able to order these sleeves quickly and easily. They snap together easily and have an arrow indicating which way they should be placed on the post.
    The sleeves work well, are sturdy, and are compatible with the Regency shelves that I tried them on. Best of all, however, is that they are reasonably priced, which is a pleasant surprise on any spare parts like these.
    If you have an older wire rack shelving unit and want to adjust the heights of the shelves, you will find the original split sleeves break easily. These are a perfect replacement.
    These shelving sleeves are an excellent way to make sure that your shelves stay up. They can hold a surprising amount of weight on them!
    The Regency Shelving Split Sleeves are a crucial part of adding shelves or accessories to a shelving unit. The pack of 4 makes it easy to replace a damaged set.
    These are universal and used them when I lost a set. Would recommend this brand Regency Shelving Split Sleeves because they are commercial and sturdy.
    I purchased these to replace some broken ones that I had. It is hard to find them for sale without having to buy a ton of them. I can alway count on webstaurant. Just what I needed.
    These sleeves are definitely heavy quality. I used these with my solid shelf with regular wire rack poles and I have hundreds of pounds on my solid shelf and it holds great.
    These things are perfect for reconfiguring your shelves. My old ones were the originals and were mostly broken. Easy to snap on design make these sleeves super simple to use.
    These are very cheap and always great to have on hand when setting up custom shelving units. Buy an extra pack or two just in case, you'll thank me later. I would definitely recommend this product.
    We had these break during shipping and they are needed to get the shelves to sit on the metal poles. Webstaurantstore replaced them immediately. Our shelves were up within two days of reporting the issue.
    These are a must when putting shelves together. Very easy to use and operate with. Easy to clean and put together also. We recommend this item.
    I was very happy to find these four pack of split shelving sleeves I ordered a new shelf a while back and one of my employees broke the plastic lid so I found these and that was fantastic I got my new shelves hung up with extra clips they're great to have on hand to
    Cheap and reusable are the first things that come to mind with these sleeves. Along with the shelving I purchased, I decided to get a few packs of these in case the ones that come with the shelves get lost(if Happens) or if they get damaged through long use as they are plastic after all. After a few months of usage, they are holding up quite well. Additionally, they fit on other brands of shelving and I replaced some of my older squished sleeves.
    They hold shelves in place!! Super strong clips that make it easy to mount and moves shelves. They are a nice black color that shines when they are cleaned!!
    We purchased these along with the shelving units. There really is no need to buy the expensive "brand name" shelving and sleeves. These are great.
    Webstaurant did a great job on customer service sending this to me as a replacement for a broken model that was shipped. It's an excellent tool!
    Easy to assemble as each half snaps into the other. The top is labeled as such to avoid confusion. Shelves fit easily onto the sleeves once they are snapped into place. Very convenient!
    Having some of these around as back up come in handy and ensure money isn't spent on additional shelves just for the sake of getting split sleeves. We've had a couple break in the past and having these helped create solutions for shelf problems.
    I ordered a few sets of these for wire shelving because some had broken. They arrived in good condition and fit nicely on my adjustable shelving unit.
    These work perfectly with the Regency shelf posts that I ordered. I had some Eagle shelves and sleeves but the Regency sleeves grip 100% better. Very rugged. Price is right for Regency stuff too!
    Work ok with any other brand. Some of them might not fit each other. You might have to try to match it. Great value compare to others.
    They snap together easily and effectively and hold the shelves which seem like they're capable of holding over 500 lbs in place. Don't test me on that. What I'm saying is, they're sturdy!
    Regency Shelving Split Sleeves, Pair - 4/Pack are for making your shelves but they slip easy we had to tape them in place to keep that from happening buyer beware
    These products are very good at the time of hold shelves in place around wire shelf posts, it is an essential product for foodservice operation with secure
    It was only after I had my delivery of both poles and shelving for the walk in arrived that i realized i needed to buy the fastener for it separately.
    Webstraunt shorted me on the amount of clips I got in a shelf kit but I just got on chat and told them the problem and they shipped these out fast and free. Thanks!
    these are great pieces, but i did not realize they also ship with the purchase of the shelving posts! I also thought they were sold individually, so i ended up with 16 sets!!! not even worth the return due tot he high cost for return shipping and restocking fee. still a good item just a User to Dumb purchase!
    If you need to hold your shelves up, buy these sleeves! They are great for adjustable metal racks. I use them for a rack that holds a lot of weight in dishes, and they have held up nicely.
    Purchased the shelving sleeves along with the green epoxy posts from Webstaurantstore. The ship super fast and along with good pricing makes it easy to buy from again and again.
    Besides customer service dropping the ball, these shelving split sleeves on two occasions have been incomplete in both shelving systems ordered. Customer service was able to send out the next day the split sleeves for the first order, but because I voiced some discrepancies in my 2nd order, they have decided to sit on shipment or not at all. Without these sleeves, my shelf sits in my living room instead of on my shelf in shed. The test of any good company is customer service and unfortunately I have no phone number to voice my concerns. The split sleeve itself has slipped from position on the post and needed duck tape to secure. I was waiting for outcome of this order, before submitting a new order, but this customer will no longer be doing business with webstrauant store since it can't solve a simple fix. I would love to talk with someone, but my emails are being ignored. Valerie Olsen
    Thank you for the review, Valerie. We're sorry you haven't been satisfied with your service. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you by phone shortly.
    We got extra split sleeves just in case we needed them. The shelving units came with them, but still needed a few extras just in case!
    Helps our shelves stay sturdy and reduces shaking/wiggling. Our shelves (which we purchased here as well!) are already very durable and can take lots of weight, but this just adds to it all!
    These are great to order when you are installing a new Regency shelving unit because like us, you might drop some of the sleeves and not be able to locate them after, or you might break some of them during the process. Very reasonable price to have that peace of mind, because when you order the shelving units you only get the exact amount of sleeves that you will need.
    I couldn't put my shelves together without these split sleeves. Sometimes they are stubborn and like to fall off when you are putting the shelf together.
    I ordered 12 packages not know exactly how my shelves were going to be set up. I was able to get the shelves up and usable but noticed during assembly that there were some that clearly didn't go with one another as some shelves didn't allow for weight and sank down after items were put on top of the shelf. After a closer examination we discovered that some pieces were scuffed and appeared used, some didn't have the same markings. However, Webstaurants customer service corrected the inconsistencies and I am pleased with the outcome.
    These sleeves fit perfectly on the shelf poles when trying to install the Metro shelves on our shelf cart. They are easy to install and snap into location.
    We were cleaning some racks in the kitchen and when taking them apart many of the split sleeves broke. I came to the site and did a quick search and foound these replacements. Perfect, just what I needed.
    We had some odds and ends Metro shelving and purchased some Regency poles to go with. These clips worked on both brands, including the black, chrome, and green wire shelves.
    We are constantly breaking or losing these pieces so the fact that these are so cheap is great. No matter what brand you get they will break accidentally for various reasons, and these are much cheaper than any other brand I've seen and work just as well
    Thank you for selling parts! So many places don't and you have to do to the manufacturer aNd spend crazy amounts on shipping, these are great, we keep a dozen or so in hand if they break or disappear off the racks
    These split sleeves snap on to the regency shelving units. They support the shelves, and keep them snug. There are two halves that fit into eachother.
    These shelf clips went along with my Regency shelf and fit perfect. They snapped together just right and made my shelf stay in place once put together
    Ordered them as a back up in case the ones that came with the shelving broke. Nothing super special, the product is exactly the same as the ones provided for the shelves.
    I thought i had some in stock but could not find them after getting some used shelving and was able to get them quickly so I was not held up in getting my shelving set up and in use.
    These sleeves certainly do the job they were meant to. However i did not realize the shelves i bought would come with sleeves so they were unnecessary. I will keep them around as spares.
    These were actually a replacement because I didn't receive four pairs for one of the two shelves i purchased. So thank you WEBstaurant store for the speedy replacement. And I will definitely recommend your website to all of my friends and family.
    We used these in the making of our pizza box rack that has saved us countless time when we are grabbing the correct size box.
    Great to have this regency shelving split sleeves for. Back up for exanple u loose your 1 of this atleast and have extra to use it then great quality well made
    These split sleeves work well with all brands of metal shelving units; metro, regency and other--whether they are stainless or green-coated. The low price point makes them affordable to add more shelves to existing units.
    Perfect that it comes in pack of four. They are hit or miss. Sometimes fit very well whereas other times more of the plastic shows, but they do snap on easily. Good product and good price.
    Purchased 50 packs of these to use with the new shelving ordered. Go on very easy and just click into place. The top is clearly marked, these couldn't be any easier to install. Holds the weight of the shelves with no issues.
    These little clips make all the difference between being able to assemble a shelving unit or having to hire someone to do it for me. Just one click and it's on the pole. Somebody had a great idea here! Great price and fast service. Thank you.
    These are cheap but a bit difficult to get to lock together right while aligning the wire shelving to sit on it without sliding. Best done with two people.
    Funny story involving some of these missing from a box of shelf units. We contacted customer service by sending a message on the website. To our suprise and delight, someone responded almost right away and they got the bag of missing sleeves shipped off within 24 hours (it was the weekend BTW). When they arrived to the house (on Saturday), there was three boxes with a package of sleeves in each box!!!! These folks have renewed our faith in customer service and we are lookin forward to conducting more business with them in the future.
    We recently purchased the Regency epoxy shelving and posts to use in our walk-in cooler. The sleeves are a must to have with this shelving, everything was quite simple to assemble, but I would recommend having a few people help assemble vs. trying to do it yourself. Shelving is very sturdy.
    ORDER EXTRAS! We bought a bunch of regency shelves, and even though the shelves come with these, we bought extras because some of the split sleeves don't work. Buy a couple of packs of these and use them as spares. They hold the weight really well!
    My shelving was useless without these sleeves that were lost during a move. They were shipped quickly and my new shelving is in place. Best price I could find anywhere. Thanks.
    nice and cheap! I add a few to my orders for backup. when adjusting the wire type shelves, the clips don't always survive shelf changes.
    These are necessary any time you might want to change positions of shelves. The sleeves become hard and brittle over time and have a high tendency to break when trying to take them apart. They hold the position very well and keep shelves secure even with heavy loads.
    these are a well made sleeve for this shelf. I will use only regency shelf from now. I had save lots of money by not ordering metro
    perfect fit for almost all the shelves with standard split, with time you have to change them since they get all type of stuff on them.
    These clips are priced just right. They work great for building shelves and hold so much weight it surprises me sometimes! Ordered 4 sets of these for a shelf, but the shelf ended up coming with them. Nice to have extras on hand because some of our older shelves we bought used had broken clips.
    to say i could tell you or sway anyone's thoughts about buying this product would be strange, its a shelf clamp and it does the job. they never break we just keep loosing them when we take the shelf's apart to clean.
    These sleeves are durable and have been working very well for our shelves. They lock to each other tight, so installation of shelves can be an easy process.
    This shelving system is great! Have purchased 4 units for our walk in & freezer. It's easy to assemble and hundreds of dollars less than Metro shelving.
    This product is very durable. It is well worth the price. This was just want I needed for my shelves. I am very happy with this product.
    I have never used these before, but they were relatively easy to assemble. Some were easier than others to close, so in the shelf, when installed, some show more than others.
    I purchased these Split Sleeves to replace some worn ones off a shelf that I purchased from an auction. They fit perfectly! It was well worth purchasing; it made the shelf like new.
    These work on all of our different shelving units. Very strong and sturdy. Also,they are very easy to install, snap together easily. No pinching if the fingers!!
    COntainer Store charges more. Need I say more? I mean they work as well as the brand name/
    I don't know what I can say about these other than they were exactly what we needed, they arrived promptly and again, were cheaper than our normal supplier.
    Needed to replace some of the sleeves on our metro racks & these were the best price around & they fit like a glove. Thanks Webstaurant for your great prices.
    I had purchased several of the epoxey sheives for my cooler. Nice to know you can get spare parts, to replace lost or damaged ones when needed.
    We bought these with no real expectations and were surprised. The regency brand is just as good as the major brand. You can't beat the price.
    We love these sleeves for our shelving units. We purchased some used shelves of another brand, but these sleeves fit them as well. We keep plenty on hand in case we want to refigure our shelving and break some.
    We are very happy with these split sleeves which fit our Metro Super Erecta shelving. The are as well made as the originals which should last a long time.
    These regency split sleeves are an identical match to the original ones provided with the shelves and make an ideal replacement when they are lost.
    We have used and re-used our clips, but over time the stock ones have become brittle! These are a PERFECT replacement! Very sturdy and exactly what we needed!
    Heavy duty product made with high quality materials. You won't be sorry you bought this item. It is perfect for keeping your shelves in place.
    This rack is perfect needed something to fit in a small area and this did it with no problem! look else where for the same thing and would have paid 4x as much. these racks are good for just about everything. Good craftsmanship!
    These are better than the ones that came with my shelves, I like them and will be ordering more of them when needed. good product.
    For such an insignificant looking plastic part, these clips really hold up in a finished shelving unit. Sometimes they do slide down when pounding a shelf into place, which makes it difficult to level the shelf while rearranging the clips again, but once it's in place they're not going anywhere and can hold a lot of weight.
    Hard to find part and hard to live without. These sleeves are the new black! Smooth, shiny and plastic - everything I could hope for in shelving sleeves.

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