Durable Packaging SW-8 8" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper - 500/Box

Item #: 433G8BOX

Keep your restaurant or deli ready with this Durable Packaging SW-8 8" x 10 3/4" interfolded deli wrap wax paper. Interfolded wax paper products like these sheets are a great way to save time and improve efficiency in your business. Their pre-cut, interfolded design gives you a uniform sheet each time, and makes it easy to grab the next one for fast service. They are great for a variety of applications!

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Durable Packaging SW-8 8" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper - 500/Box

4.9 stars from 105 reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

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Great paper wax deli perfect Wrap food price size sandwiches

I liked the paper but a lot of Products does stick to the paper. But maybe that’s on you I was looking for a wax paper and ordered a parchment paper. But no I know I wouldn’t recommend this for Chocolates and making Sweets.

from JC's Sweets on

This wax paper is affordable price its cheap price highly recommend this website i buy again and again.. I used for baking also. Great +

from Bread winner sa lasa on

Whether we are using this wax paper for food prep, food storage, or serving in a basket of chips they have held up in doing a perfect job for our needs. They come out without pulling more than one at a time and the size is great for all needs.

from 109 & Co. on

These Deli Wrap Wax Paper sheets have become a staple in my kitchen. They are perfect for grabbing homemade cookies or treats. I also love to use them to line a serving tray when having a sandwich or snack in lieu of a plate.


my crew loves the way these fit perfect every basket never a problem , try this one youll love it as much as we do A+

from rosies tavern and grill on

This works great for students learning to pipe icing. You can clearly see the worksheet through the wax paper. Clean up is a breeze as you through it away.


This wax paper fits 1/4 size sheet pans perfectly. We used them instead of plates for pizza and wings - just right and made for easy clean-up!


We make fry cups for the guys lunches. These do the job in helping absorb the extra moisture. My only wish was there was a smaller size.

from Double D Construction on

Excellent deli paper. I use these for lining cookie boxes and they work so well. No butter/grease stains visible. The interfolded design helps these papers come out easily and without issue.

from Lauren's Southern Sweets on

Great product at a great price! This wax paper does the job. I have never had any issues with food leaking through. I would recommend.

from Rockwell Ice cream on

These deli wrap was paper pieces work great. We package a lot of things using these and it keeps things from getting soggy. Will be using more!


The quality of this paper is great, and for the price you get 50% more than my local distributor. The paper is fairly thin though, so if you're wrapping particularly wet meats I would definitely step up to a heavier weight paper.


love these wax sheets perfect size and shape great quality and price. super fast shipping and super great service will buy again and again soon

from ACG Management, LLC on

These were the perfect wax paper to use as a liner in our food tray baskets. We also used them underneath our personal pan pizzas

from Extreme Tan, llc on

Great brand of wax paper. Will stand up to any kind of food. I also use them for my containers to separate food from utensils. Great buy.


We had always used a little large size flat wax liner for our seafood baskets but we love this paper. It separates itself and saves the cooks alot of time trying to get just one piece of paper out of the tray.

from Ecola Seafood on

Must have for my bakery. We use them to pick up everything and to line small boxes and bags with. Non stick, have been buying for years and never had a bad box or torn sheets. Great product

from Sunrise Donuts on

We use these liners in our food baskets and in our to go containers to make a nicer presentation. We like them because they keep the baskets clean and easy to wash for reuse.

from Rock N Grill on

This deli wrap wax paper is perfect for sandwiches to use as a base. Seems to be durable as it promised. Convenient packaging, easy pulls out of the box

from Bookery Inc on

we use these in or bakery boxes so layer our cookies and miniatures so the boxes don't get dirty on the bottom. they are the perfect size


Great for usage in a to go box to separate a sandwich and a salad. Easily dispenses too. Great in the kitchen. Would highly recommend

from Beans in the Belfry on

Nice deli paper, works well for a variety of uses. I have wrapped sandwiches with it, lined plates before being topped with burgers, and even pressed it on top of home-made ice cream before freezing to seal out frost.


This is thicker than the bakery tissue. I'd recommend this if you have something greasier than cookies to package. The bakery tissue with the red box is the way to go for cookies.

from Macaron Parlour on

Love this wrap! I use this wrap for serving sausage biscuits and ham biscuits. It wraps very well and keeps the biscuits fresh for a long time!

from Tina Avery/CHPC on

Well this paper I ordered by mistake but had to find a use for it we used it to wrap our Philly cheesesteak , WRAPS, An club sandwiches or to cover sections of the plates very durable only takes 1 sheet so they last awhile


The wax paper is great it can for cookies and all baked goods like cupcakes it can also be used under trays as well as oven baked fries

from WedstaurantStoure on

Great price and good product. We use this to grab baked goods out of our glass display case, as well as for a wide variety of things in our kitchen.


These are perfect for 8" plates. I like to use these at parties and family events. They keep cost down and are cheap. They make things easier.


This waxed paper is perfect for numerous uses and comes in many sizes. We use it with our boxed assortments of bakery items in between the layers.


We use these wraps every day, and they work exactly how they are designed to work. A standard deli-wrap that is a great low-cost option for businesses.


These deli paper were perfect for wrapping our baguettes. They are thicker than expected and was the perfect size for the sandwiches. We are very happy with these deli papers.

from Kim Ngan Vietnamese Restaurant LLC on

Great wax paper we use them for our pre weighed sandwich meat, they hold very well so cheap you get a lot of them so they last a long time

from Tappers Ale House on

Perfect size for the bakery and candyshop. Price is better than the local suppliers and delivered right to the door. We buy this product often.


These are perfect as a temporary workspace for sandwiches on a makeline, and are also great for lining to-go boxes to create a nice, clean look.

from The French Press Coffee Co. on

I am getting all my wax paper and deli wraps from here now, they are the exact same product at half price of my food suppliers! A++++++++


These inexpensive deli wrap wax papers are great for a variety of uses. They come out of the box easily, and save you from having to put gloves on to grab cookies, bagels, or pastries. Highly recommend!

from E Lou Coffee on

This is a really nice brand of 8 x 10 dinner for wax paper works really great for portioning out meat so it's great to have portion control and your restaurant this helps a lot

from P2B on

We used to buy our wax paper at Sam's club but they stopped carrying it! We were so relieved to find it thru webstaurant! It's perfect!

from Circle S Saloon on

Great price and a great value. We use these as a liner for all our to go boxes. Buy extra because you are going to love them.

from Gramma Braun's Stores Inc. dba: Classic Rock Coffe on

The pricing of this product surpassed all club prices that I searched for on the internet and in stores. I love the different sizes that were available.

from Word of His Grace Church on

We use this wrap for all food that is served in store or to go bags its easy to work with and great price online.


These save us a fortune in dish washing! Seriously! They are a solid barrier between our serving plates and the food- they absorb grease, dont tear, and are even great pan liners for quick oven dishes.

from The KBH on

These are the perfect size for hamburger steaks! They would also be great for hamburgers! Great way to separate meat to keep it from sticking together!

from K'Ville Deer Processing on

Once again another great item that I can get online and save a ton of money on over my food suppliers. These are a great deal compares to what i was getting charged!

from Great savings once again on

I use this deli paper to put in the bottom of my to go boxes when serving fries, burgers, tacos, and BBQ. It is pretty good at withstanding any grease and doesn't tear easily.

from Sigler's Southern Coastal Eats on

these are super amazing to have. great for grease/fried items. it absorbs the grease well and still looks appealing. will order agin of this product.

from Yamato on

This deli paper is great for the price. We wrap pickle spears and our subs with it. Keeps the juices on the spears locked in. Would definitely recommend.

from M Eleven LLC on

We got this for use with our baskets, proved to be too small once product was added and if product was "saucy" it would leak. We switched to a larger size and issue was resolved. Overall all of this line of products has worked well depending on what it is used for.

from The Mic Stand Bar and Grill on

Items arrived in timely manner, great for sandwiches, snacks, and microwave use, has a great price better than those found in local warehouse stores, very pleased with purchase, highly recommend to others.


I also use the pre cut inter folded deli wax paper for portioning cheese and also deli meat. Very durable and very useful in my kitchen

from Sugary and Savory on

This deli wrap wax paper is perfect for wrapping sandwiches and other food items. Great for lining food baskets or food trays. Interfold design makes the next wrap easily available.


Purchased this size as a liner for cake minis we're selling. We actually cut these in half so they're used as 4"x10.75" as our boxes are tiny! They will go in the cardboard box and add to the "unwrapping a gift" effect we're looking for with the product. The accordion fold is a good design aspect as well.


Way better than I expected. They seem durable and will serve their intended purpose. I got exactly what I wanted and you cannot beat the price. I will stock up when necessary.


Great basic but durable deli paper. We use these for grabbing food out of the pastry case and under our cinnamon rolls for easy packaging.

from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop on

Durable Packaging 8" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper #433G8 these are the perfect size for my wraps and pizza lining worth the buy

from PowerQuee Media on

I ordered one box to try these out. The package arrived beat up, so I was sent a replacement where more care was taken. The product itself works well. We're using it in a serving tray for baked goods to help spruce up the presentation.

from Little Lots Farms on

Good wrap, easy to dispense, plenty per box. Good size to use to grab cookies or donuts and not touch any of the product if you happen to be missing your gloves.

from 8725 Upcycled Arts on

He biggest wax paper that we use in the shop! Great for either plate liner or ro cover bog orders of cookies , pastier and scones!


We use this in so many way - in our to-go containers, under items that may need to be microwaved... We use them as liners under our waffle iron to make easy clean up. We use them in our pastry case as liners as well. Great product that is well priced.

from Biddle Blend on

I used these paper wax to wrap my sandwiches it's really nice and doesn't torn up easily next time I'll buy the larger size one for larger sandwiches

from Delicious delights on

Great size for wrapping pickles or for handling small desserts and other foods. These interfolded deli wrap wax paper products are a great value and I go through lots of them.


These deli wrap wax paper worked great for wrapping tamales before cooking during the holidays. It was the perfect size and my job was made easy by not having to cut them :)


This was paper is very comparable to other brands that are much more expensive. They pop up right out of the box just like intended


We use a lot of this deli wrap. We put it under the food in our to go orders and wrap breakfast sandwiches in it. It's s great product.

from Jacobs Grocery and Cafe on

These deli wax papers are great for lining boxes or lightly wrapping things. They don't rip when you pull them out of the box and do the job.

from 3 Leaf Tea on

I use these everyday with my microwave, also good when I want to wrap some things before putting food in freezer bags. Easy to use.


Any bakery needs these! Grab any baked goods with these sheets! They are very handy and are kind of waxy so the pastries don't dry out.

from Sh-Booms Ice Cream on

I have used this wax paper for sandwiches, desserts. They are a great size for such items. I'm sure I will find many other uses for it in the future.


I freeze a lot of my baked goods and this deli paper is so handy not just for this purpose but many different storage situations. It dispenses easily, Is economical and makes life in the kitchen proficient and hygienic.


We use this wax paper for lining our popcorn chicken wire cones. The paper keeps grease under control for fried foods like french fries and calamari.


When packaging baked goods, deli paper is a must! And especially the brilliant way it comes out so easily... I must say that it's a super buy and a great price


This deli wrap wax paper is just right for use in the deli. it is not too thick and bulky, but does hold up well.

from Just like Home on

These offer a quick option for wrapping our baked goods. They offer a non-stick surface and the pop-up ability is a real time saver for us.

from Bakeshop LLC on

Great wrap to use on sandwiches, hamburger patties or to make your fresh tortillas and stack them in the fridge. I use a lot of them and they always come in handy. You get a lot of them And they last and last and last. Great product!!


I love this wax paper for my cookies it helps in delivering them to and from school functions. I will be ordering more very soon.


I bought these to use in my 10x7 bakery boxes, and they fit perfectly. I can line the bottom with a sheet but I can also separate layers of cookies as well. Adds a professional touch.


We offer our employees sliced deli meat on a weekly basis. This product is perfect for this program. It is a good quality and the price is right!

from Kowalski Companies, Inc. on

These papers are working well for us, we go through a lot of them, so the price is very good and the variety of sizes they come in is excellent.

from Yeah Baby's BBQ-n-Grill on

These Deli Wrap Wax Paper are great price to buy! I was not sure so only bought 1 box, after I open it ,"Yes" it is:) will buy more.


We are happy with this interfolded deli wrap wax paper. It's perfect for wrapping our bagels in. It is good quality and we would recommend it.

from B.C. Bagels on

These wax papers work great as liners in our donut trays. They dispense easily and help keep our food products looking fresh since they are grease resistant.

from Heavenly Mini Donut Company on

Perfect size for serving my jumbo cookies to the customers while keeping both our hands clean. Very customer friendly and priced just right for my business.

from Truly Scrumptious Bakery on

I use these as a liner for my bakery boxes! I also used them to pick up baked goods. They don't tear easily and are very durable!

from bobbyandbambi, llc on

These sheets work well for pulling out muffins or scones out of the display case. They also work for holding pretzels. I dont like wearing gloves in front of customers, thats just tacky.

from Dancing Cats on

i keep these on my counter for kids to use instead of my paper towels. Also keeps the bread from getting smushed, in the foil wrapper. My son is 3, and I wrap his sandwich in the wrap first, then foil, so it does not get crumbled up. and it does work perfectly. Also great for donuts or pies, or for ice cream cones.


This wax paper is great. I use it most often as a barrier when I stack chewy fudge brownies. That way, the brownies do not stick to each other. I've tried other brands, but have not had the same success as I have had with this brand of wax paper.


These "Junior" sized deli wraps are perfect for putting into the boxes at our bakey! Our counter people do not have to "guesstimate" the size they need when packaging our treats for our customers!

from Baked and Sconed, LLC on

The junior sized deli wax paper are a good size for the 2 lb & 3 lb containers. They keep the grease from leaking through the trays. Good price will buy again.

from Doughlicious Cakes on

we always buy our parchment wrap from webstaurant. cheaper than buying it from supplier. and i like having a case on hand - this logan wrap has been our brand for the past number of years with no problems.


These are perfect for my cinnamon rolls which are 7 inches in diameter. They after thick enough to hold them and put into a bag without contaminating them with your hands.

from Anna Mea's Bakery on

I really like these "Junior" Sized wax papers. I use them to line my mini blondie boxes. It soaks a little of the grease from the butter so that my boxes are not stained. Great purchase.

from Desiree's Desserts on

These come absolutely in handy in a busy snack bar! Very easy to pull, very durable and very inexpensive. The perfect size for a food tray!

from Rubix Cube LLC on

We love these deli wraps,we use them for our sliced deli cheese & meats- they're the perfect size for our deli bags! We're so glad you all sell them! :)

from Dutch Country Foods on

We use these Logan Wrap Deli wraps a lot and we absolutely love them! They are easy to pull and don't ever get stuck or ripped.


We love these wraps. These junior sized deli wraps are the perfect size to individualy wrap baked goods like cookies, bagels, and even muffins for freezing.

from annaB's gluten free LLC on

I only discovered this a while ago, and now I use it to wrap my scones in that I sell, its easy to pull out of the box and its very handy to have around the shop, always.

from Britans Yogurt Mill on

Logan wrap is available in many sizes which allows us to use it in several different take out containers. Lining sandwich boxes was never so easy.


These deli papers are good for wrapping sandwiches for to go lunches or even to offer a sanitary way for guests to grab a muffin or brownie!!


I love these pop-up deli sheets. I use them in conjunction with the 8"x11.5" vacuum-seal bags from Webstaurant. They are the perfect size for sliced meats and steaks to wrap the meat before placing in the bags to help absorb the liquid before sealing.


These are the perfect size for grabbing ice cream cones before filling or getting cookies from the bake case. Small and unobtrusive on top of the case.


Very handy, economical and useful. I love how the next piece of paper just pops right up. They are really great for lining greasy products.


We have started using these to plate desserts and other small food items. No matter what we put on them they stay very dry and grease resistant.

from Cafemantic on

Easy to use deli paper. Each sheets pops up properly and are durable. this paper can take a lot and comes in almost any size you could possibly need.


This item was reasonably priced. I will definately use this website again for additional purchases. Easy online shopping is a great way to do business.


These little waxed liners are great for lining fry or onion ring baskets. Quick and easy to use. You can purchase individual boxes or by the case. You will find this with many products offered by Webstaurantstore. They are the perfect match for smaller restaurants who cannot stock a lot of inventory.


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