Durable Packaging 6" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper

Item #: 433G6

This Durable Packaging 6" x 10 3/4" economical deli wrap wax paper is perfect for those on a tight budget, and comes in interfolded sheets, so the next piece of paper pops right up. Measures 6" x 10 3/4".

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Durable Packaging 6" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper

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great paper wax wrap Deli size sheets bakery boxes box
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    This deli wrap wax paper does a great job not allowing any grease to get through. We use it to wrap our fudge with and it protects the box from any grease. If you ever bought deli wrap and had them stick together then you want this one it never happened with this product.

    from Knockout donuts LLC Posted on

    Deli wax paper we use for our coffee house preparing bakery and lining boxes with. Meets requirements of health department and sheets pull out of box easily

    from Doylestown Coffee house Posted on

    We use this deli wrap wax paper for so much! It is great quality and the interfolded sheets make each sheet very easy to grab!

    from Amish Market Square Posted on

    For the price and the needs of our bakery and candy company these are a great value and the use of them is SUPER easy and always on time with shipping we layer these in our

    from The Brittle Box Candy Company Posted on

    we put these papers on the bottom of our 2 dozen cookie cake board and they have always been a great value priced right we use so many

    These sheets can be used for almost anything! Use for display trays, pick up baked goods to hand to customers, or you can also package sandwiches.

    Posted on

    This is a very nice 6 x 10" interfold deli wax paper I like to use this for when I cut in portion out meats and fish it's really great for that

    from P2B Posted on

    Really nice price for this wax paper

    These Deli Sheets work amazing. We utilize these for baked goods, and microwaved items. Makes clean up a breeze. Doesn't stick to food product whatsoever, will continue to order these sheets.

    from Boomers! Modesto Posted on

    Great deli sheets!

    These wax sheets are perfect size for separating food on a carry out plate. Also great size for wrapping slices of cake without any cutting.

    from All occasions by Dunyal Posted on

    It's meant to be used as a single-use, hand-you-a-cookie type wax paper, which is why I suppose it feels cheaper compared to the wax paper you get in a roll. It's only waxed on one side and the waxed layer is so thin I actually had to look on the box to confirm that it is wax paper and not just "deli paper', whatever that is. I tried to use it in between balls of cookie dough, but they stuck as much as if it were regular paper. The thin layer of wax on one side was no match for moisture of any kind. If you're using it for its intended purpose it should be fine though, and the box is well designed to offer you the next sheet every time you pull one sheet out.

    Posted on

    Using the wax paper to keep cookie dough separate...not quite heavy duty enough for that though.

    These durable packaging wax paper deli papers are fantastic comes in a nice large box very inexpensive way to keep your counter clean while making sandwiches or whatever you need them for

    from REGARDLESS Posted on


    Great papers for bakery use. Works well with our smaller items and to grab items. The small size also works well to use on scales to weigh cookie dough.

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    These are waxed papers that we use for lining pizza boxes! They are good quality and nicely priced. We like the way the papers are interfolded. They slip off nicely.

    from Queens pizzaria Posted on

    Nice and sturdy Deli waxed paper!

    I absolutely love this product. I love the dependability and ease of being able to order and have it within a few days. These were just the right size.

    from Nacho Momma's Donuts & Bakery Posted on

    Deli paper.

    These are an inexpensive way for us to serve baked goods at our farmers market stand. No need to use gloves and people will often just take an item in this and not need a bag.

    from Simmons Sugarworks Posted on

    This is our go to size for baked goods. It makes it easy to grab an item out of the case without touching it and then put it in a bag or hand directly to the customers.

    Posted on

    I purchased this wax paper to wrap tamales with. It keeps the moisture when steaming. This paper worked great and they were the perfect size.

    Posted on

    The Durable Packaging 6" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper works great in my baskets for chips and popcorn. The quality is very good as well as the price. Highly recommend!

    Posted on

    We buy these papers by the case and use them daily. They are the perfect size for cinnamon rolls (ours are huge!) and other pastries.

    from Whisk Bakery and Coffee Shop Posted on

    Holds up well under our apple turnovers.

    Good product but was smaller than what we needed. Easily dispenses from provided container. We got this for small to go boxes but didn't work well for this use.

    from The Mic Stand Bar and Grill Posted on

    Bought these for my nieces bridal shower that we served donuts and bagels at. Were perfect for guests to just grab what they wanted. I also use them on my scale when I weigh items to keep scale clean.

    from NE Food Services Posted on

    These are half fold deli wrap sheets. These are great for grabbing items from a display/pastry case for customers to eat on site, or for wrapping small sandwiches."

    from desalvo's Posted on

    Use these deli wax papers every day in the bakery! Great for packing too!! Great price, fit perfect in our clear plastic containers, we also purchase from. Webrest.!

    from Simply Southern Bakery Posted on

    These deli papers are one of the best things to keep around. We use these to pre-portion our sliced meats and cheeses, and great to hand out samples to customers when they want a taste of something.

    from Sana Food Mart Posted on

    This product is great for many things. We use them for partying hamburger so it doesn't stick and also for appetizer trays. No one likes grease on the bottom of the tray.

    from The Diner Posted on

    This wax paper has many uses and its a very good product for the cost. If you are looking for something simple, cheap, and easy this is the product

    from Java Corner Posted on

    Purchased this size as a liner for cake minis we're selling. They will go in the cardboard box and add to the "unwrapping a gift" effect we're looking for with the product.

    Posted on

    High quality and quantity for a minimal price. This wrap wax is a must have for the food service industry. Wrap comes in a convenient box with precut sheets. Just use what you need.

    from Sharon Weems Posted on

    Use on a daily basis. This lid ensures our cold line keeps our fruits and vegetables cold. Have been keeping temp ever since purchase. Will continue to but more.

    from Dublin's Pass Posted on

    I used these with the white chicken boxes to wrap sandwiches to go in the boxes also we used them to lift our finger foods. I will be using these along with the boxes for our children program.

    Posted on

    Durable Packaging 6" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper #433G6 these was paper wraps are a bit small for my need so be mindful of size before ordering yours

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    I ordered quite a few of these. with a bagel shop we go through quit a bit. they are the perfect size for what we need.

    from Kendall's Bagel & More... Posted on

    I purchased this to quick wrap soap prior to adding decorative paper. Soap oils can seep though and these help prevent that. They are also great for grabbing soap off the rack for customers, keeping it clean. Great buy and love the pop up dispenser.

    from The Vermont Soap Barn Posted on

    This standard weight deli wrap wax paper is great as a liner for our 1/8th size display pans that we use in our bakery display case. Keeps most of the food particles off the pan for easy cleanup at the end of the day.

    Posted on

    These do a great job and are really quite inexpensive. I certainly recommend this product for bakery cases and similar applications. Worth the price for sure.

    from Nudge Coffee Roasters Posted on

    I am SO glad I ended up buying this product. I used these wax paper wraps to pick up the cupcakes off of my stand to hand to customers. They were easy to grab the cupcakes with and customers were glad to have something to hold onto their cupcakes with! They were easily stored behind my cake stands were customers could not see them, and at times doubled as a napkin!

    Posted on

    No complaints. I use these for when I'm working at street festivals and need to pick up my cookies with. This is a great purchase!

    from Just Velvet Posted on

    These are half fold deli wrap sheets. These are great for grabbing items from a display/pastry case for customers to eat on site, or for wrapping small sandwiches.

    Posted on

    Cant be much happier having a perfect size precut wax paper for our home made scone wiches! Sturdy and really covers the whole sandwich! Fast delivery!

    from CRE8TIVE CUPCAKE Posted on

    Perfect for sconewiches!

    I purchsaed the durable packaging 6" interfolded deli wrap wax paper. The tissue box style makes it very easy to grab a piece of wrap on the fly.

    from MIMI Posted on

    Happy to find this size of wax paper, our distributor didn't carry. Its great for portioning and for picking up item when you don't want to put on gloves. They sell by the box or by the case!

    Posted on

    This deli wrap is thick and we use it to line our cake boxes. We also use it to grab bakery items out of our display.

    from KMM Posted on

    These wax papers are useful in pans, wrapping frozen goods, and/or serving frozen/warm goods. The handy box dispenses and stores well in tight places without the waste of full sheets.

    Posted on

    We use this deli wrap in our to go boxes. It is a great product at a way lower price than we have been paying at other vendors

    Posted on

    I use these to grab cookies and confections from the bakery case. Large enough to cover the jumbo cookie without touching the product and also a great price

    Posted on

    Perfect and price is great

    Great deli wrap paper. Multi- functional! Great quality, perfect for picking up cookies and pastries, as well as lining the bottom of packages to place bake goods on! Will definitely purchase again.

    from Cupcake'd Posted on

    I use these deli wraps to wrap handmade bars of soap. They're the perfect size to wrap a 3.5 oz / 2.5 x 3.5 x 1 inch bar of soap.

    Posted on

    The Deli Wrap Wax Paper is easy to use, work with and handle. Good to use for separating and stacking food items (ex. meat patties)

    from Miami bites Posted on

    These are so great to have. I'm really happy with them and will definitely be ordering more. I love how many you get in a box

    from Pippin's gluten free pastries Posted on

    I love these! They are so useful! I use them for everything from picking up pastries to displaying our baked goods/chocolate fruits. They work good on both cold and hot products.

    Posted on

    I use these Wax Paper Sheets to line our bakery boxes when we sell our dog treats at pet expos. It gives the inside of our bakery boxes a nice touch. Great price, size, and quality!

    Posted on

    Wax paper Sheets adds a nice touch!

    We use these in a few different sizes and they are all top notch especially for the great low price. We go through a ton of these.

    Posted on

    This deli wrap brand never dissapoints. Great quality for your dollar. They work great not only wrapping sandwiches but freezing meats, doing crafts and even tortillas. Love them.

    Posted on

    Love this wax paper for my cookies !! It Helps with transferring them and delivery. Will be ordering more of these very soon and also the larger sheets.

    Posted on

    I use these daily for all my pastries or cookies or cupcakes. once again this online store is cheaper than any other I know of!

    Posted on

    Awesome item, I use these for my home kitchen scale. No mess, just lay the sheet on the scale, put my meat or whatever I'm weighing on it, then just toss the sheet when done.

    Posted on

    I ordered these in error... but rather than return them... I gave them to a fellow food vendor who sells bagels and donuts and know he uses these wax papers. Gave him the box yesterday and check out if he liked them and he said they are a good value and asked me to order him a case. I told him to log on Webstaurant and order them himself. LOL

    from Beanie's Dog House - Best Hot Dogs In NYC Posted on

    This is a good size for small goodies like doughnuts, cookies, pretzels, etc. Even better, I cut these into smaller squares and use them to wrap homemade caramels. Gives a great look.

    Posted on

    We use this paper every day. It's used mainly as a self-serve paper for cookies. We've been very happy and are back to order more today.

    from Brown Bag Pastries Posted on

    this is a super value product that keep the line moving fast. next sheet is always ready to go. and at this price you really cant go wrong.

    from Randys family restaurant Posted on

    At our bakery and café we use these deli papers all day long! Great for separating portions of sliced meats and cheeses, handling breads and pastries in front of customers (in the café and at the farmers' market), separating different pastries in a box. Great quality and great price!

    from Atlantic Baking Company Posted on

    These are small enough for cookies yet big enough to handle pretzels or bagels. Even better they handle toasted pastries without burning your hands and more importantly the customers.

    from Elements Posted on

    These wax paper sheets are the perfect size for bakery store front use. They are great for filling a bakery box with donuts, cookies, pastries, and more without touching the items with bare hands.

    from The Rolling Pin Posted on

    Perfect sized sheets for those perfect sized treats. I even used these to line the bottom of my treat boxes. Definitely a good deal for the amount you get.

    Posted on

    This wax paper serves well to hold cookies and pastries without allowing grease to get through the box. I can use two and its more than enough for most orders. Very pleased with the quality and price.

    Posted on

    I love my midgets! I use these in my bakery and couldn't be happier. Te price is great as well! Easy to use. Perfect siZe.

    from Sugar Rush Posted on

    I appreciate the quality, price and size of these waxed papers. There are many uses for them. Two of which we use them for in our bakery is to line the bottom of a doughnut box, to keep oils from penetrating the bottom. Also, the customer can use them to withdraw a cookie from the display case and put it in a bag. It can also be used for giving out samples. Would recommend.

    from Lemondrop Bakery Posted on

    we operate a coffee/bagel shop.to wrap our single bagels this what we use a great product at a very reasonable price thaks for all the great products

    from the bean bar Posted on

    We use these tissues as box liners for our products. They're a nice size & seriously, our customers love the crinkle of tissue paper as they indulge in their goodies. People are funny!

    from The Candy Drawer Confectionary Posted on

    I use this wrap as deviders between baked items when I pack them to sell in store. I also line my baking sheets with this wrap to bake meringues. And meringues don`t stick to this wrap like they stick to wax paper. I am glad I found this product.

    from Delightful Sweets Posted on

    This "midget" sized Logan wrap is perfect for using on our digital scale to keep it clean in between back to back measuring of wet and dry goods. It is also great for bakery box cushioning.

    from Flower & Flour Posted on

    I was very happy with the deli wraps I had been using. I looked for these on a whim, and was happy with the price! After they arrived I was even happier! I will buy again!

    from the baklava lady Posted on

    This wax paper sheets are perfect as a small liner on plates, making it easier to wash later since they are grease resistant they work as a barrier.

    from Catering for kids LLC Posted on

    We use these in our bakery. Works perfectly. I was unable to get a similar size from my food vendor. Very inexpensive and helps to promote great sanitation.

    Posted on

    I used to buy 'Dixie - Tissue Pac, Dry Wax Paper, Light Weight, 6" x 10 3/4"' from Sam's club. These are heavier than Dixie's just what I also needed. Both are useful. I would buy more.

    Posted on

    Easy to use and great to pick upand give guest smaller items. I would definitely suggest for the price and ease. They are a must have for any food environment

    from Northtown Shoppe Posted on

    Perfect to grab cookies without contaminating the. With your hands. I like how they pop out one at a time. This saves me frustration when we are busy at festivals and other functions selling baked goods.

    from Anna Mea's Bakery Posted on

    I am very, very happy with the Logan Wrap "Midget" Sized Deli Wrap Wax Papers. I use these wax papers to line my little cookie boxes. The papers soak ups some of the butter from the cookies so not to leave stains on the boxes. Great Price!

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    Wax Paper Lined Cookie Boxes.

    These are the perfect size and very handy pull out what you need from the box one by one. No more fumbling with large wax paper sheets.

    from nom nom nom fudge Posted on

    These tissues are durable, not flimsy and do not rip as easy as some other ones I purchased (not here. Tissues really do dispense one at a time so there is no waste

    from Jazzy Rupert's Cafe Posted on

    Great quality, not thin or cheap. Highly recommend for any deli, bakery or any other business who wants great quality without paying a high price. Webstaurant store has the best prices anywhere!

    from Cake Gypsy Posted on

    These are nice small sized wax paper great for a variety of tasks! Everything from small sandwiches to even separating freshly sliced cheeses or deli meats! Stores neatly!!

    Posted on

    We use these deli papers to separate our fresh meats and cheeses. They store easily and dispense quickly. They are the perfect size for our small operation.

    from Eagle Pass Winery Posted on

    Used these at our last sale, made everything a whole lot easier! Could use multiples for larger products or just one for our famous cookies! Recommend for even a local bake sale.

    Posted on

    I like this product. I cut them in half and wrap my cinnamon rolls and sticky buns in them. They were easy to cut in half and the box makes it handy to pull them out.

    from Marjie's Sweet Treats Posted on

    I recently used these wax paper liners in the 3 lb paper food trays for an outdoor food vending event. They were ideal for fries and onion rings!

    from Ozark Rivers Canteen Posted on

    Great product i used these for my cookies. i can line the boxes with them or simply wrap a few individual cookies inside for quick sells.

    Posted on

    We love these wax paper rectangles! We use the Midget sized for grab and go pastries, which saves money on bags and is more environmentally friendly, and we use larger ones to line our pastry case each day, which makes for a clean appearance and easier clean up.

    from PAGES Coffee Bar & Used Bookstore Posted on

    again excellent product. I use a lot of this at my restaurant to wrap up sandwiches. Other similar brands were much higher priced. Shipping is little too much on some products.

    from The Boardroom Restaurant Posted on

    These are pretty good deli papers. When pulled one comes out at a time which eliminates wasting sheets, unlike another more expensive brand we once used.

    Posted on

    These waxed basket papers are perfect for lining french fry baskets. The pop-up design makes it quick and easy to use and makes a nicer presentation when serving fried foods.

    Posted on

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