Durable Packaging 12" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper

Item #: 433G12

This Durable Packaging 12" x 10 3/4" economical deli wrap wax paper is perfect for those on a tight budget, and comes in interfolded sheets, so the next piece of paper pops right up. Measures 12" x 10 3/4".

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Durable Packaging 12" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper

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Paper sandwiches Great wrap wax deli box sheets food Perfect
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    This is a great multi-use wax paper. I use it for wrapping sandwiches, lining baskets, and much more. The packaging is also great for fast service ability.

    from Tina Avery/CHPC Posted on

    We use this for our fried platter and its worked really well! It cover the whole basket or togo box we use, will buy again!

    Posted on

    This paper is perfect for many uses. We use it for our baked items some of which can get pretty sticky but this paper takes care of that.

    Posted on

    Perfect for our bakery sampler box

    This wax paper is perfect for the soup and sandwich lunch combination. Using a half fold not only serves best for chicken salad or tuna to hold salad in place but also has a nostalgic feel and look.

    from Last Chance Food Shack Posted on

    Wrapping a half sandwich for one who only wants paper wrap.

    Good paper product. A couple bucks cheaper than anywhere else so it's worth it to throw it into the cart. We use them for baking sheets.

    from backwater Posted on

    good. we use them to line bottom of pizza boxes. they do the job. nothing spectacular about them. they don't do that great of a job stopping the grease but I mean they do a good enough job.

    from Mulberry Street Pizza Posted on

    This deli wrap wax paper is perfect for wrapping sandwiches or lining French fry or appetizer baskets. Each sheet is 12x10 3/4 in size which is just right for what we need.

    Posted on

    This is great wax paper. We use it for handling bakery items at our coffee and tea shop's grab and go case pastry case. I recommend.

    from 5 Points Coffee & Tea Posted on

    This wax paper is great, and was just what our shop needed. However, the paper is a bit thin, so if that's not what you want then you need to think again. But it was just what we needed.

    Posted on

    These deli wraps were exactly what I was looking for. They work great to line my deep fry baskets for fries, onion rings, chicken tenders and just about anything else we serve up from the fryer.!! Love webstrauntstore!!!!

    from Sandy's Country Cottage Restaurant Posted on

    Perfect fit for our deep fry baskets!

    Best wax paper brand I've ever bought. The extended bits in center on both sides of opening allow a ready piece to always be standing at the ready. Even if there's just a few sheets left on the box, I never have to dig in the box for the next piece of wax paper. Wish they did this for foil sheets as well.

    from Overstuffed Deli Posted on

    Love how the container notches extend so the next piece is popped up and ready, every time

    This is a great product. We use it constantly daily to wrap a lot of our to go food items with, which alleviates the higher cost of containers, boxes, etc. A must have, item with an amazing price.

    from Creamland Food & Ice Cream LLC Posted on

    Quality paper and packaging. The wrap had plenty of finish on it to keep things from sticking in the fridge or freezer, and that's exactly what we needed. So much easier than tearing from a roll. Great size for portion wrapping.

    from Jefferson Country Store Posted on

    I use these for making sandwiches on at home vs using a plate or paper plate. much more cost effective than disposable plates and clean up is a breeze! i also wrap sandwiches in them before stuffing in a baggie. keeps everything together and makes taking bigger sandwiches out of baggies much easier. also gives my daughter and husband something to put their sandwiches on when they pack lunches without having to pack a plate too! budget friendly & serves their purpose for my family! I grab these for many other things too!! will buy again and again.

    Posted on

    cheap alternative to paper plates for making sandwiches quickly at home. also use them to wrap sandwiches before stuffing in baggies. A+ in my book! many many uses!

    I like that you can buy each or by 12pk. I use these to package cube steaks 6 to pk. They keep the meat separate so it won't stick together!

    from K'Ville Deer Processing Posted on

    We used these to line our food trays just to give it that little extra nice touch. These worked perfect for the job and did not cost us a whole lot to achieve the look we wanted.

    Posted on

    Love these for sandwiches. We only use them for cold and wrap the sandwich, then slice it and place in in another wax sheet so that nothing soaks through.

    Posted on

    This wax paper is very good and durable. I use it for wraps . It is the perfect size and quality. I buy boxes for the restaurant .

    Posted on

    Wax paper

    I used these to line food trays for french fries, The sheets work well to keep grease from leaking thru also any liquid if you want to make chili fries etc.

    from private Posted on

    This deli wrap paper is just the right size for wrapping our sandwiches in. It holds up really good for sandwiches that are heavy and greasy.

    from The Sandwich Stop LLC Posted on

    Been using these for a couple of years and haven't been upset with the results. Anything that requires wax paper, this is a quick solution that's already precut for whatever you need. We use these for our box lunches and a couple other things in the kitchen so we recommend commercial kitchens to have them handy for whatever may arise.

    from THG Foods, Inc. Posted on

    this is a very good price and good quality product. I have ordered and re ordered this and will continue to order this for our sandwich baskets

    from great lakes grinders Posted on

    This deli paper works great to wrap sandwiches and to line deli trays. Plenty of sheets in the box for a great price. Webstaurant is always a great place to buy all your kitchen needs

    from CMV Posted on

    Only four stars because the sheets are stuck to one another and when you're doing quick food service it's annoying that sometimes you pull more than one sheet out, especially when the box gets close to empty.

    from Banfield's AC Posted on

    Use the Deli Wrap Wax Paper in my butcher shop. We wrap cold cuts, and cheeses in the deli. We line paper food trays (1 lb. and 3 lb) raw beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and fresh sausage in the butcher shop. I recommend ordering in bulk to save on paper and shipping.

    from Berlin Butcher Shop Posted on

    Same quality, case pack size, etc as our normal supplier but at a fraction of the cost! Immediate shipment with receipt within a few days. Thank you for offering!

    from Encore Development Posted on

    Durable Packaging 12" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper #433G12 these wax wraps are large so consider the size and needs before buying

    from PowerQuee Media Posted on

    Great to wrapping subs and sandwiches. Like others have said dressings and oils with make the paper soggy but if your sandwiches are the soggy you have a problem. Like how the next wrapper pops up. I hate when I have to dig for the next paper.

    Posted on

    Unfortunately water can leak through the paper very easily but it is cheap and very durable even when it does get a little wet. It also stands up fine to hot food.

    Posted on

    This paper is perfect for many uses. Aside from the obvious (deli meats), we use it as disposable preparation liners to help make cleanup faster and easier. Well worth it for the price.

    Posted on

    How can you go wrong with this deli paper, costs less than the food distributors and is a great quality. Use this paper to line sandwich baskets, cut meats and wrap smaller size sandwiches.

    from Genovese's Posted on

    this is good for wrap my desserts. I love it. i will buy more in the future. it is easy to take out and big enough for my desserts.

    from ITEA Posted on

    Use these to put on scale to keep it clean since we weigh out different types of smoked fish and jerkies. Perfect size! They fit on almost all the scale so there is less fish oils needing to continuously wiped off. Will order again for sure!

    from Fish Market Posted on

    These Durable Packing 12" x 10 3/4" Interfolded Deli Wrap Wax Paper will be used every day, day in and day out at my restaurant. Quick to dispense and no need to cut it it makes fast work of wrapping subs on the go. It is economical too with 500 sheets per box at this price

    from Russ H. Posted on

    We use this daily paper to lay between things such as hamburger patties and/or delimeats. It's easy to pull out of the box because the paper sticks up straight.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    These are okay wax papers. Although it is not the most durable ones, it does the job. If you pull it too hard or even grab onto it too hard, the paper will rip though.

    Posted on

    Another great paper product of the Webstaurant store has that will save us money ever day, not sure how they do it but will continue to buy these :-)

    from Harts Repair Service. LLC Posted on

    This is a great size paper to use to line plastic baskets! I use these in my baskets for wraps, french fries, chicken tenders and chicken wings.

    from CG's Pizza Posted on

    Great product. I love that the price is considerably lower than my food vendor charges. I love the versatility of this product. We use for hot sandwiches, heating items in microwave, to line a small pizza box, for sub separation on a party platter just to name a few. I would recommend.

    from Philly's Subs & Gyros Posted on

    Now more easy using this deli wrap was paper so u dont have to cut your regular rolling was paper to wrap your sandwiches easy to use

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    This is an excellent, convenient product we use and rely upon daily. It has many, many uses. Those were perfect size for the fast food basket I also ordered

    Posted on

    Easy to use, easy to dispense, just all around a good simple product. I particularly like that the box is appropriately sized so the sheets are packed in there so tight you're fighting them the first dozen sheets. They dispense just fine from first to last.

    from Zulu Co. Posted on

    Perfect for our sandwiches that may have a little grease on them to line the paper with. Very durable and they pop right out of the box nicely.

    Posted on

    These fit really well in the 9 1/4" x 5 3/4" plastic food baskets. They way they are packaged make them easy to grab and use.

    Posted on

    I liked these as they come in handy when wrapping sandwiches for work, picnics or whatever. This gives a neat presentation and the quality is great. Great find.

    Posted on

    We only have good things to say about this deli paper. It is a good bargain, and we always have it on hand to wrap, store, or pickup food items.

    from Baked and Sconed, LLC Posted on

    I use this liners for the plastic tray baskets or to wrap my son's lunch sandwich. They hold oil and filling nicely. They are a great size, and are much heavier than store brand wax paper. Great value.

    from MOMMY IS A GENIUS Posted on

    These are perfect for wrapping sandwiches and left-overs! I also keep an open box handy at all times near the microwave for preventing splatters and messes inside.

    Posted on

    I always wrap my sandwiches with wax sheets first and slice in half to keep all ingredients inside the sandwich...these are perfect for that and the price is right..

    Posted on

    Perfect for wrapping our chicken hoagie and philly cheese steaks! nice thick, sheets that holds up great with greasy foods. Would definitely recommend for grill or deli use.

    from The Rolesville Grill Inc. Posted on

    Love these wax sheets. Very comparable to other brands like handi wax. Yet gets the Job done. They do seem to scorch a little bit in my turbochef toaster so Im unsure of how heat resistant they are.

    Posted on

    Great Bulk price! Typical quality wax paper, but the price is about half of my food companies! Why let the food companys get rich off paper goods?

    from Union St Diner Posted on

    I use these wax paper sheets to line the bakery boxes. They are the perfect size and weight. They are dispensed easily. A great value!

    from Bites & Delights Posted on

    We use these deli papers every day in our meat market. They are sturdy and of good quality. Perfect size - large enough to wrap a sandwich. Will definitely order again!

    from Cimarron Meat Company Posted on

    Great paper for layering LTO sets, and various other items that need to be separated. Works great as a liner on the baskets that we serve a large portion of our food on.

    from Stoneyard Grill & Tavern Posted on

    I purchased these to wrap sandwiches and other items.But found I also use them to cover microwave items to keep the food from splattering everywhere and they have saved me many a mess.

    from Suncatcher Jewelry Designs Posted on

    This wax paper is great when you are making your own burgers! It is great when you are slicing deli meat! Super durable and worth the price!

    Posted on

    they are great because it's already cut for you. the price also adds up to making this a great purchase. I havent seen this product sold elsewhere for the lowest price

    Posted on

    deli or wax paper is a must have for almost every restaurant. so why not have one that is a great value as well. works great and way cheaper.

    from family restaurant Posted on

    This stuff is great. I use it all the time. Whether to wrap sandwhiches or to line to go containers. Deffinetly a really nice price.

    Posted on

    Best for wrapping wraps, sandwiches, and I also use it as a layer in between for my frozen items which keeps it from sticking. great product!

    Posted on

    great price for handy little deli wax wraps. keeps the boxes from soaking up the grease. perfect size for small bakery boxes (9" x 9").

    from Latte Dough Coffee Shop & Bakery Cafe Posted on

    Great quality , great price and easy to use , does not tear and always dispenses one sheet at a time and your never left digging in the box looking for the next sheet

    from Starters - Riverport Posted on

    These were perfect - you can use these wax papers to pick up food items, or use them with the plastic oval baskets. High quality!

    from Aunt Shelly's Custom Creations Posted on

    They work great in baskets saves money by not having to use boats for fry's ,and other appetizers. Found many other uses also . would buy again , good price.

    from Route 191 Diner Posted on

    these wax papers are great for lining trays used for fried foods! Good for laying in between fish or scallops to prep for dinner service in a restaurant too! Great for sandwiches!!!

    Posted on

    I used these waz paper liners for my 5 lb paper tray dinner basket. They worked Great!! Also good to use with the 3 lb tray!

    from Ozark Rivers Canteen Posted on

    These Deli wrap papers both the midget size and the large 10-3/4 x 5-3/4 are a great asset to our front counter and kitchen. Front counter uses include handling baked goods to package for customers and a base for our to go sandwiches when wrapped. Very handy and easy to use!

    from Mama G's Country Bakery & Cafe Posted on

    These sheets are so handy! We put one over anything we put in the microwave and it stays on your plate to avoid those awful splatters. They are awesome!

    Posted on

    You wouldn't think that it would be hard to come up with deli paper, but some brands have crappy boxes and the pop up doesn;t work. No problems here. Each sheet pops p and the box will last for the duration of the sheets.

    from Al Dente Posted on

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