1/2 lb. Brown Kraft Customizable Tin Tie Cookie / Coffee / Donut Bag with Window - 1000/Case

Item #: 43312LBCBWKR

Send one of your signature blends of coffee home with your customers in this 1/2 lb. brown tin tie cookie / coffee / donut bag! A crystal clear window enhances product visibility to boost impulse sales and allow customers to see when their coffee supply is running low. The window also allows you to effectively market cookies, scones, candy, donuts, and other confectionery creations!

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1/2 lb. Brown Kraft Customizable Tin Tie Cookie / Coffee / Donut Bag with Window - 1000/Case

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bags great bag Always down fast kraft love packaging Stamp
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I love these bags. They are so versatile for packaging candy or cookies. The greaseproof liner is a bonus. They make my product look professional!

from Nanna's Sweets on
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I bought these so I can use them for cookie bags and i could fit about 4 standard sized chocolate chip cookies that I scooped with a Medium OXO cookie scoop. Fair warning, while they were lined with plastic there was a bit of oil that seeped through on one of them, not a total deal breaker but be aware.

from Shybakes on
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I love this packaging… these half pound tin tie bags were absolutely perfect for my smaller cookies. I especially like the way my cookies that are rolled powdered sugar displayed within the clear window, the cookies looked great and the messy powdered sugar fell to the bottom, keeping the packaging looking fresh.

from Vicki Lynn Spirit Art on
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I have been buying these bags for a while now and I just love them! They are a must have for my business. Great price and quality.

from Olde Primitive Treasures on
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These bags are great, I used them for treat bags for our wedding to hand out to guests. I love that they have the window and the tin tie to fold shut.

from Ale House Bar & Grill LLC on
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As with every product i have purchased through Webstaurant great product, quick shipping and reasonable prices. I'm a small business owner so every penny counts. These bags hold just enough tea to make it easy to sell and the window allows customers to see the blends as well.

from The Guardian Dragon, LLC on
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These are really nice and at a great price. The coffee beans are highly visible through the window, and look great. They seal well and keep the product fresh. We will continue to buy this product.

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I looked high and low for these bags, with the little "window" to see through what is inside the bag. I am doing a trail mix bar for my wedding and these are perfect for this! They are durable and will keep guests trial mix fresh because of the Tin Tie feature. I can't wait to use these and I am glad that webstaurantstore.com had these available. They are exactly as pictured and exactly what I was looking for! Also I love how this website displays ALOT of product pictures and really shows the "True size" of the bag , because it can be so hard to judge the true size of a product without a visual comparison. Great product!

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This is the perfect size for mini bagels and donuts, cookies and coffee. Can be decorated and make great gift bags. Poly lining is a bonus!

from The Baker's Bin on
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i ordered the small pack of these bags to test them out and they turned out to be perfect. the size is just right for my needs and they seem very sturdy. the window is great for showing off the product inside.


Love these bags! Perfect size, feel, and structure. Only issue i have is it feels like once you roll it up and close it, that’s the last time you can do that.

from The Tamale Company on

Those work great for dry goods such as nuts, chocolates and other smaller items. The packaging is very sturdy and looks professional. Would buy again


Great! We use ours for granola, and it's nice to have the plastic window so people can see what's inside. Tab at the top is great to reseal the container once you've taken out what you need.


These bags are great for portion and coffee or potato chips. I would buy these again and recommend it to anyone that has a restaurant or café.

from The Tea Kettle Restaurant LLC on

These bags work perfectly for packing our candy in. They hold up well when being transported or shipped to customers. The window makes it easy to see what merchandise is packaged in them.


These bags are great for all kinds of product - we use them for our blue corn meal, so the window is perfect to let customers see the pretty blue color.

from Hope Mountain Farm on

Great size Kraft bag for gifting cookies, brownies, candies, and even coffee. I even use them for gift bags with filler. Very heavy paper construction and great quality for the price.

from Performance Tire & Car Care, L.L.C. on

We use these for small orders, 1/2 lb of small cookies and they come about to the top. They're tall and skinny and make for easy storage. The foldable closure is quick to use and looks professional, as we package-to-order. We put our logo sticker above the window. Perfect if you're selling small quantities of things, like quarter- or half-pounds, but definitely check the width of your products before ordering these to make sure they fit!

from Bisnonna Bakeshop on

Very sturdy and of great quality bags! I cannot be happier with this find! I use them for my homemade chocolates, so the window is a great peak for what is inside. There is nothing flimsy of loose about the bag.

from Sana Harmony on

These tin tie bags are a game changer for me! I decided to switch from plastic packaging to paper in my store. From now on, I am only using these bags to pack all of the dry goods from teas to beans and nuts. And my customers love it! The bags hold up to 1 lb and are super strong. Moreover, they look so pretty, and I'm sure, it will help to sell the product. Definitely will buy more!

from Amish Healthy Foods Inc. on

These are great! Love the window for showing off the product, very cost-effective. I used them for granola, but you could definitely use them for other baked goods as well.

from Tastefully Served on

This is THE PERFECT BAG! I was looking for a small tin tie bag with window and this one was it! It's the perfect size and can fit a little bit of goods inside or a lot. It's very versatile. I've used it for regular sized and mini cookies, granola, pretzels, nuts, and even donuts. The bag is lined with plastic and the wire fastener works well to keep the bag closed. It makes everything and anything you put it in look attractive. I give it an A+++.


I love these bags they are great for so many things and make your product look clean and neat... love this will buy again highly recommend


These are very sturdy bags with substantial ties. I have used them for coffees, as well as, baked goods. They can even hold chocolate covered pretzels. They have a nice interior.

from Big Apple Cheesecakes on

These bags are awesome! They work great with a custom stamp right on the front to make them your own. We use them to sell granola and for sides of bread for our soup!

from KITCH on

I use these bags for many of my products. It always keeps my baked goods fresh and they have a great look which helps me make sales.

from Kelsey Renae Pastries on

Use these all the time for packaged items at farmers markets and for events. They are great for dry goods, crackers and other things. I like the way they look.

from Farmhouse Table on

These bags are perfect for holding six of our chocolate chip cookies! Customers really love these bags and they make the cookies an easy last minute purchase. We definitely sell more cookies because of these bags. They're great because they leave room for our company sticker. They are also really well made and very sturdy.

from Smallcakes on

I use these bags to package bath salts and powders. The see thru window makes a nice presentation. The scents can be smelled thru the bag. They are also good to package tarts and soaps.


these bags are very sturdy and great quality. the price is great for how well the bags hold up. we are so thankful that we were able to find these.

from Higher Grounds @ Geist Christian on

great for packing mini cookies, to coffee beans or even lentils! they are super cute to give them full as gifts or party favors perfect size!


These work great for our homemade dark chocolate that we chop into bite sized pieces ad bag at 6-8oz. We can Stamp the logo above the window and still fold the tin tie down 3-4 times.

from Megan on

Always fast processing, shipping and delivery. Always arrives with no damage. Looks great for our new packaging and labeling. Some what disappointed that they are not as grease proof as we would like them to be but we now improvise by using a plastic bag to put our treats in following this kraft bag and it works out fine.

from Daddy's Girls Bakery on

I purchased these bags for my at home bakery business. They work wonderfully for cookies, bars, baked goods and various other items. I also love how simple they are and that they are lined.


I actually used these as cookie bags. I also pack my coconut macaroons in them and I love them! The little window lets my goodies be featured through the packing and the tin tie makes it easy to open and close, so you dont need to use clips after the bag has been opened.

from Astrids Home Bakery on

Love these bags. I use these bags or the eco friendly box with a window on top. These bags can be loaded with many things. Especially with the wax lining. Load with coffee,donuts,muffins, popcorn, cookies, etc. I usually use them for cookies. They are very sturdy, displays the product well in the bag and the closures clamp nice and tight. These bags makes you look very professional. As well displaying your goodies. You can also write or place a logo sticker on these bags. But Webstaurant Store now offers customize printing onto your new bags. So many possibilities. At these prices. You can not go wrong and experiment as you go through them.

from Antoinette Gourmet Bakery on

We use these bags for loose leaf tea. We put it in a plastic bag inside but the windows are nice to be able to see the tea.

from The Homestead on
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Great coffee bags. I used these as wedding favors willed with little donut holes. They were a huge hit. The coated inside was perfect, we had no grease marks.

from Homespun Hostess on

These bags are the perfect size to hold three or four medium to large cookies standing on their sides. I love how they look on display all together!


We use these 1/2 lb brown kraft tin tie bags for a number of things in our candy store. They are very attractive and the window is very useful for displaying the products well.

from Classic Burger Group Inc. on

Love these bags. I use them for different products I carry at the Farmers' Market. Everything from cookies, mini bars, to homemade marshmallows. It has a plastic liner inside to help with any grease. I've only had one incident where it didn't protect the bag and there were grease stains on the bag. Other than that, it's worked great! It folds easily on top to help seal and keep items fresh. It's not an air tight seal, but it will keep things fresh for a day or so, depending on what it is.

from Ivy Bakery on

These bags has increased our brand awareness by giving my company a new look! Great for on the go snacks ! I like how they don't show oil easily.

from Stella Bistro on

They are thick and sturdy! The tabs are not at all flimsy and could be resealed for several uses without breaking down. The window adds such a professional touch that without, would look so plain. Thank you for stocking this wonderful option! However, these were smaller than I anticipated...I thought they would be the size of a typical store-bought package of coffee. I've included a photo so that you can see it next to a regular sized brown paper lunch bag.

from j4jcline on

Very nice bags and good quality, the lil window is nice for anything they needs to be viewed and definitely the best price on the net!!


These bags are great for packaging pet treats. Window allows customer to see the treats and the bags can easily be customized with a label.


You've got to love these bags. We use them for our granola and it looks very professional. Very cute design with the little window that shows you what's inside. The bags are small, so they work well for cookies as well.


These bags are well priced for the quality. I can fit about a dozen full-size cookies in each. The inside is also lined which is better than a standard brown paper bag.


These were much smaller than we expected. They will work but we have a case of these tiny bags that we are not sure what to do. It would be better if we could see this bag next to an item that would fit into it.

from The Blended Bakery on

I love these bags. I use the white ones for loose tea and the brown for coffee. They are sturdy and customers like that they can see whats inside. The price is good too.


These are so cute! Awesome display window and well made. They hold up well and have been used for marketing where we prep a few hundred and place them all in boxes to hand out at events. The bags held up with time and handling. We added a custom sticker and they look SLICK.

from The Human Bean on

I was buying these from another company until I found them here for a much better price. The quality and price cannot be beat and I love the all natural look it gives my dog treats.

from Pawstries Pet Bakery on

Best price I could find for these bags. Use them for small desserts and they look nice. Great for selling small amounts of coffee to people. Would purchase again.

from Dinner's Almost Ready on

These tiny bags are prefect to package small items. They are smaller than I expected, but perfect to package coffee beans. The bag is very durable, and the metal piece that keeps the bag closed is very sturdy and strong. The metal piece on top keeps the bag almost airtight. I will be purchasing more of these in the future.


I use these little bags to hold my mini cookies. They are a great way to display my little offerings and I can add my labels and stickers with ease.

from Sugar Buff on

Great bags for packaging treats and candy for the holidays. These bags are very stylish and really grab the attention of customers. Easy to decorate with stickers or stamps and some twine.

from TRW on

We use these bags to display our cookies. The bags easily hold 6 - 8 ounces of product and the window allows customers to see the cookies. The bags are mostly grease-proof but the bottom seam will leak through if you put a heavy oil product inside. These are good bags and have placed repeat orders as we think they look great.

from Curious Tongue Creations on

Great for any dry snack like chips, trail mix, or packaging coffee beans. The inside lining prevents the bag from becoming a greasy mess and rolls down for a nice air tight seal.

from Caribbean Grill on

These 1/2 pound bags are perfect for coffee, tea, herbs or spice packaging. They hold 4 ounces of loose leaf tea comfortably, but they can hold more. The inside has a food safe barrier that prevents oils from seeping through the bag. It's quite sturdy too.


surprsingly good. high qualitu paper. natural color. with a window like it shows in the picture. big enough to put a lot of tea inside.

from Trinitea & Co. on

These are very small, however very sturdy & has a nice plastic inner coating that keeps bag from getting greasy. Not for what I wanted but will find a use for them.

from Sweet Treats by Sonia on

I wasn't too sure about the window bags until I received them and saw the difference with our bulk tea sales. I highly recommend these if your bulk item is unique looking like our tea!

from Odd's Cafe on

These bags make the perfect package for my homemade granola. I have purchased similar bags elsewhere and while these ones are cheaper, they are much better quality. The bags are very sturdy and I love that they are plastic lined so none of the oils leak through.

from B-Sting's Snacks & Things on

I use those bags for my spiced pecans and trail mix. Products stays fresh for weeks and customers love the presentation. I will reorder for sure!

from Daniela's Delectables LLC on

Just what I wanted! I use them for snacks or goodie bags! Not to bug that you have to over fill. Great addition to my take out supply.


These wonderful craft paper bags are perfect for our fudge, granola and home made goodies we sell in the shop. The added clear window on the bags makes the product stand out on the shelves.


I love these bags. They are the perfect size for my gourmet puppy chows in my bakery, plus they look great with my labels. I will definitely use these often.

from Goodness Bake Shoppe on

Great bags for small items or to give samples to customers. I will be ordering larger bags to fit more goodies in . These are very sturdy and love how the customer can see what they are getting without opening the bag.


shipping was fast and the items arrived undamaged, that bags are sturdy and the twisty time is solidly in place, all in all pretty happy with this purchase.


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