9" x 2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Item #: 419FS25092

Bake your cakes, desserts, or deep dish pizzas in this 9" x 2" round aluminum pan. Made of durable 20 gauge aluminum, this pan firmly supports your entrees or desserts during preparation and baking. Plus, the material evenly distributes heat throughout the pan, avoiding burnt or undercooked cakes or pizzas. Straight sides enable you to create cakes with perfectly smooth edges or deep dish pizzas with supportive crusts holding in all the gooey toppings. This pan's petite pan size is perfect for individual serving pizzas and small cakes for layering.

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9" x 2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan

4.9 stars from 69 reviews


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    We love using every size of these cake pans for our bakery. We get a lot of cake orders that always range in size so it's great to have such a selection. They bake evenly and the cakes pull from the sides well. This pan is perfect for a standard at home cake.

    Posted on

    This is the perfect pan for making layered cakes with. My cakes are nice and evenly baked without excess browning on the surfaces. I bought more in other sizes.

    from Coco & Mini's LLC Posted on

    Great basic pan for cakes. With a little grease on the sides nothing sticks, and the cakes drop right out. We have these pans in multiple sizes and have had no problems with any of them.

    Posted on

    Great for layer cakes, and fits perfectly on a 10" cake circle!

    I already purchased a heavy weight version and decided to get the standard weight version. While definitely thinner and lighter, the quality is great. The finish on these pans are actually better than the heavier gauge pans which had some deep manufacturing scratches that I sanded down prior to seasoning. These pans are cheap and tend to be a work horse in kitchens. Since this is an uncoated pan, you may want to season it so that protects the metal from acids but helps create a non-stick coating over time. It’s very hard to say anything negative about these pans because of the awesome price. Will definitely buy more.

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    I used this pan for the first time today, and I am very pleased with how well it worked. I will definitely order more in different sizes.

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    Love these pants I use them to bake the layers for my layer cakes in my custom bakery and they come out perfect every time

    from Katherine l cohen Posted on

    This feels just has heavy duty to me as the American Metalcraft version. I don't see the purpose of buying the heavy duty version since this ones seems to be holding up great.

    Posted on

    The price was so good I didn't feel bad about ordering three of these 9 inch pans. It's a great pan! I line the bottom with parchment paper and haven't had any cakes stick yet. The metal is thick, sturdy, and does not warp. I highly recommend!

    Posted on

    I love these aluminum pans! they work wonderful for layered cakes. It forms perfectly to the sides and releases without any problems everytime! Great Product!!

    from Java Corner Posted on

    I have these in all the sizes available. They are good pans. They are lightweight which makes for easy storage. They bake well. They make good cakes and more.

    Posted on

    These cake pans are exactly what I was looking for! I bought 4 of them, stickers come off easily, easy to wash, and my cakes browned nicely in them.

    from Just Baked Posted on

    I love this deep dish pizza pan. It distributes the heat evenly. It also works great to bake cakes. It comes in different sizes too

    Posted on

    A little on the light side and could be a bit thicker but nonetheless a good pan. I like that the sides are vertical instead of at an angle so your cakes actually stack properly instead of at some weird angle. I haven't tried to make any deep dish pizzas so I can't comment on that but the chocolate cake I made came out pretty good.

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    These pans are very durable and sturdy. I highly recommend them. I've been using them for 2 years and not even a dent on them.

    Posted on

    These cake pans are so nice. very durable and easy to clean. we have multiple in our bakery and use them very frequently for numerous things

    from Cakes by Design Posted on

    These are great quality professional pans. I use them for cake layers, flour less chocolate cake and cheesecakes. They heat evenly and wash up well. Would recommend.

    Posted on

    We use these pans for Baking layers of cake. They are not angled on the sides so your layers come out much more even than most. The Aluminum distributes the temperature extremely well so you get an even bake all the way around. We'll order more so we can cut our cook times in half by baking more at the same time. Great product from Webstaurantstore.com.

    Posted on

    Great 9 inch round cake pans. Strong and sturdy, very well crafted. Our cakes bake evenly and no problems. Easy to clean and a wonderful price.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    I can only speak for this products ability to hold cakes because I have yet to make a deep dish pizza in it. I love this pan for cake baking because with a thing layer of non-stick oil, I have no issues with sticking.

    Posted on

    If you have ever made a layer cake and had bad result, switch to these. They are heavy duty and cook the cake so evenly your results will be amazing. The size is just perfect too for repeated use.

    Posted on

    Good hefty feel to this pan. However, I washed it in soapy water before use but noticed dirty aluminium residue coming off the interior surface when I went to grease it with butter paper. I washed it again and didn't see as much residue on the second attempt. Hoping it will clear up after a couple of uses.

    Posted on

    These pans are excellent for layer cakes. I find the 2 inches of height perfect for each cake layer. My cakes bake nice and even and I have absolutely no issues with cakes getting stuck to the pan. I highly recommend these to other cake bakers.

    Posted on

    I bought these pans so I can have more pans. These pans are good- just make sure you use a spray release. The spray helped a lot. A lower grade pan than the Wilton ones but they are perfect and well priced.

    from The Tea Room Posted on

    Great pans. I use this pan all the time for cakes- as 9" is a standard size. I love how durable they are and yet still so light.

    Posted on

    What can I say, these pans are amazing. The price is cheap but the quality is so great. These should last a really long time.

    Posted on

    We have about 4-6 of these since use these on a regular basis for a standard size cake. They clean up well and stack nicely within the other sizes to save room.

    from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods Posted on

    I have used alot oif pan,this pan is the best so far,less crust on cake the cake comes out easy and clean,easy to clean.good quality

    Posted on

    This is a great product for the money. The only reason I did not rate it at five stars is that the edges are not straight but sort of rounded.

    Posted on

    These cake pans are great! Sturdy, heavy duty construction with a nice rim. My cakes come out evenly baked every time and the browning on the bottom and sides are very even. The price can not be beat.

    Posted on

    Great for baking a small batch of dinner rolls at home!

    These pans are great for baking. I can't have enough of theses. When I bake with these pans every time it bakes even and after the cake cools it is really easy to take out. I don't have to use a lot of baking spray. Thank you

    from baked Kakes Posted on

    Great quality pans that are a delight to use. They are quite sturdy and conduct heat well. These pans are a must for every home baker as well, the occasional cakes turn out beautifully out of these pans. They are also easy to store, a breeze to clean and can nest smaller size pans inside for convenient storage. Must buy given the excellent service !!

    Posted on

    No regret for this pan cant beat it with signature one why u spent more money for the same quality and much better than other try this pan and you'll be happy like me BUY MORE SAVE MORE FAST SHIPPING 5 star seller

    from ashlexdrei tradings Posted on

    We use them daily at my bakery we've actually had to order more to keep up with the demands around here. It's a very popular size cake that serves around 16 guest.

    from Sally's Piece-a-Cake Posted on

    Initially, I was worried about what kind of quality I would receive for such a cheap price, I was pleasantly surprised, and will be purchasing more of these pans in various sizes. They are built to last. I am extremely impressed, and satisfied with this purchase.

    from G2A Posted on

    This is a good standard, cake pan. They don't stack because they have straight side, which I don't mind at all. The aluminum is a good thickness, and works a lot better than many cheap paper thin nonstick steel pans.

    Posted on

    These pans are the standard, the ones you need and the only ones you need. I will caution that if you drop them from counter height onto the floor, they will ding. Other than that, though, they are perfect.

    Posted on

    These are a great value for the price. The 6" version is thin and light, but these larger ones are more substantial and work well. They are deep enough for making multiple layers for a layer cake, and easily release the cake. Not much more I could ask for.

    from The Chocolate Caper Posted on

    I have just recently started a small baking company and was in need of some professional pans. These pans are a great find for price, and quality. They are heavy, have nice straight sides, and the cakes pop out without any problems. Whether you are a professional or home baker I highly recommend these pans. The results you get from home bake ware simply does not compare to the results you can achieve with these pans. Shipping was very fast too. I will be buying more of these in the future.

    from Hummingbird Bakery LLC Posted on

    LOVE these pans! I use them for my layer cakes. Cakes bake up beautifully and the pans clean up so easily. They are a high quality product at very reasonable price. They have a sort of professional look and feel to them. I plan to order more in other sizes. Recommended!

    from Baked Bliss by Laura Posted on

    These are great pans, especially since they have straight edges! They are easy to clean and my cakes bake level every time. These are also very affordable.

    Posted on

    when I bought this Item I was not sure about the size but then I notice that was the right one for my oven. like always the product is the best quality ever and the shipping was very fast. 100% recommend.

    Posted on

    This round aluminum cake pan is perfect for 9 inch double layer cakes. These are so durable, they hold their shape very well even when getting thrown around in the sink.

    from NewLeaf Posted on

    We bought this pan for making deep dish pizzas. So far, so good. It is lighter than expected, but heats evenly and appears to be durable. A good buy.

    Posted on

    This is probably the most used pan for my baking. Most 2 to 3 layer cakes call for a 9" pan. These have been simply divine!

    Posted on

    I highly recommend these pans. They baked my cake evenly. I am really enjoying these lighter cake pans compared to the dark coated pans that I have. The crust do not get too dark with these. I wish I had bought the 3" depth cake pans!

    Posted on

    these are great pans. good construction and highly durable. i bought this over 2 years ago and use them on a daily basis and they have held up remarkably. they still look new.

    from Panaderia Guatemalteca Posted on

    Absolutely one of the best buys in cake pans! I love it! I have been working on a special wedding cake and needed a pan that would cook evenly and cleanly. It is wonderful!

    from Summit Christian Church Children's Bread Ministry Posted on

    These are great durable cake pans that cook very evenly. They also clean up very well with a good greasing. We would recommend these pans to anyone!

    from Barton's Flowers and Bake Shop, LLC Posted on

    I have used this pan many times with no problems. The cakes bake up evenly. I have even dropped it a couple times and it hasn't dented!

    Posted on

    BEST PURCHASE EVER! I own brand name cake pans and this was an excellent find. I use this for layer cakes and I was surprised to see how perfect it was. I used this with a baking spray and my cake was perfect and released without problems. If I\\'d known how great this was, I would not have purchased the brand name pans.

    Posted on

    As I've gotten more serious as a baker, it's become increasingly important to have high-quality pans that distribute heat evenly and have straight sides for my layer cakes. These are a great product at a great price.

    from 6 Bittersweets Posted on

    Very heavy duty commercial cake pan. The wight makes for even cooking without burning. Nice and thick so I can use when wanting to make a multi layer cake. Wouldn't want to go back to the regular pans.

    Posted on

    These worked out great...once I cleaned them cause they were really dirty. But the cake doesnt stick, with proper coating, and the cake bakes nicely.

    Posted on

    Made an awesome cobbler in this pan. It's the perfect side for what I needed. It seems like it was crafted very well. Will definitely recommend and would by again and from the same manufacturer.

    Posted on

    I ordered two of these pans for my double multi layer cakes. They have nice weight to them and did a great job on the browning of my cakes. The cakes also cake out really easy too.

    from A Bite on the Side Posted on

    I have went through a lot of different brands of cake pans, and not one of them does it's job better than this remarkable pan.

    Posted on

    This pan has straight walls to it and the cakes come out nice and straight, making my decorating a breeze. My cakes rise evenly and release from the pan...

    from Kabac Posted on

    I just used this cake pan the other day to make a birthday cake for one of my good friends. It was perfect for the job. The pan is the perfect size and makes a cake that would feed 12-16 people.

    Posted on

    Non stick design makes cakes come out nice and easy without tearing up. This is especially important when detail is very important to our end product.

    from KAMI Cakes Posted on

    This pan works amazingly. It's not like most 9"pans that look like they can fit on a 8" cake board or in a small box/. The price is good and so if the quality of the pan

    Posted on

    9" round cake with tea pop on top!!

    Great weight and size for all of my baking needs. I use it as the standard for cakes that clients order. They are holding up very well.

    Posted on

    So great! I love this cake pan. I was so pleased when I got it. I thought when I first ordered the pan it wouldn't be all that it was made out to be..boy was I ever wrong. Its everything its said to be and more!!!

    Posted on

    This aluminum cake pan is nice for baking cakes and other goodies. It does not have the nonstick layer, so you will have to grease it, but that makes it safer to use (no chemicals being released from nonstick coatings).

    Posted on

    I can't say enough about these pans! These pans are fantastic and very resonable! They are of a nice quality aluminum and very sturdy. My cakes come out super nice and even.

    from Desiree's Desserts Posted on

    I have always used expensive pans and decided to give these a try because of the price. I loved the way my cakes turned out in them so much that I bought 6 more.

    from Doughlicious Cakes Posted on

    These are the best cake pans ever! I've purchased expensive, brand name cake pans from several different sources but they were thrown away due to poor performance. I am a home baker but I still expect to produce professional looking products. I purchased these cake pans and now my cakes are baking evenly and perfect every time. I will definitely purchase more of these as my demands increase...Thank you!

    Posted on

    another item that I was suspicious of the crazy good pricing. But we thought we'd give them a try, knowing that Webstaurant would accept a return if we weren't happy. And we love them. Get lots of use in our busy bakery and they bake great cakes and clean up easy!

    from The Black Forest Posted on



    Great cakepan with thick aluminum construction. Heavy duty so product browns evenly, heats fast, and the lightweight aluminum cools quickly. Cant go wrong for the price.

    Posted on

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