8" x 3" Round Aluminum Cake Pan

Item #: 419FS25083

Use this 8" x 3" round aluminum pan to bake cakes for your bakery, cafe, or restaurant. Made of durable 20 gauge aluminum, this pan firmly supports your cakes during preparation and baking. Plus, the material evenly distributes heat throughout the pan, avoiding burnt or undercooked cakes. Straight sides create perfectly smooth edges, making the cakes great for layering. Also, use this pan for Chicago-style pizzas. The round shape and 3" depth create supportive crusts and hold in all the gooey toppings.

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8" x 3" Round Aluminum Cake Pan

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    Great pans, great price, recommend them over the higher priced brands any day! They're easy to clean and stack well for storage. Even baking every time
    These 8 inch aluminium cake pans are strong and does a great job. However I can't bake without parchment paper because every time I wash them they leave aluminium behind.
    Thank you for your review, Narzilta! We are sorry this 8 inch x 3 inch Round Aluminum Cake Pan has not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon!
    Great cake pan for our allergy-friendly cakes. Cakes always come out perfectly and never stick in the pans. We have two so far but will definitely buy more when the time comes!
    I love these pans! They are heavy duty and bake my cakes evenly. I love that they will not rust and are easy to clean. I wish I had them in more sizes!
    These pans bake evenly and the quality is perfect for all types of cake. I have ordered theseoantsin other sizes as well bec I love them.
    This 8 inch baking pan is great. It’s a sturdy material. They come up high enough that I can fill my batter and not have to worry about it running over.
    Absolutely love these 3" high cake pans. The pans bakes the cakes evenly. I am so glad I bought three. I would definitely recommend these to bakers.
    Great pans. Perfectly straight sides that release a good even baked cake. We use them with the round parchment paper circles. We have NEVER had a problem with a broken cake or sticking! Buying all the sizes.
    This cake pan is an excellent choice for my bakery. The depth allows for fewer bakes and the quality provides an exceptional bake and desirable cake.
    I am in love with my 3" deep cake pans! Will definitely be replacing all of my pans soon! These are perfect! Easy to clean too.
    Good and sturdy cake pan. Never had a problem with them, but you do have to make sure to butter and flour before baking which is not always the case.
    these are my everyday pans. the material is very good, looks like they will last for many years. They don't stick as much as others
    We bake a lot of cakes and these pans are perfect for baking many layers at a time. They hold their shape and are pretty sturdy.
    i love how high these pans are. they are also made of heavy aluminum which is great for baking cakes. the cakes bake even and its easy to clean
    These cake pans are great for small desserts. We use them for cheesecakes and small flourless chocolate tarts. They always come out perfectly. And they’re so cheap!
    Excellent tall cake pan. Heavy enough to feel solid when using yet light enough to not become cumbersome. Used this cake pan to make three coconut cakes which rose and browned beautifully in the oven and released with ease. Two things I noticed with this pan though. Firstly, straight from the box, it has a grey powdered metallic coating on the inside of the pan, but don't fear it washes out easily. The second thing I noticed is that the pan has concentric groves in the base from the way that it is made. These grooves tend to trap grease and flour from greasing your pans that you have to look for when washing them. It isn't a big issue for me, its just that that is the first time experiencing this with a cake pan. But this is definitely not a deal breaker and I would TOTALLY purchase again especially at this extremely low price.
    I got this because I liked the 9" cake pan which I bought last time. I needed smaller size this time and it just works great like my other one.
    These cake pans are a good quality which results in a nice evenly baked cake. I purchased the 7" as well as the 8" and am very happy with both.
    omg I totally feel in love with this pan I had no one problem with it...have used literally over 100 times and not once did it stick.
    These cake pans are absolutely phenomenal. They are tall enough to bake a two layer cake in a single pan (just slice the cake in half). Also, the tall sides work great as shields to prevent the top of the cake from over browning when baking a single layer. They also cook perfectly and evenly.
    I LOVE these! they are so inexpensive and work better then any other pans i have used in the past !! will definitely recommend !!
    The Round Aluminum Cake Pan allows for evenly baking. The 3'' height is perfect because you just have to bake one time and using a cake leveler you will get the perfect cake size. Great quality pan and awesome price.
    Can't say enough good things about the aluminum cake pans. I have them in 6", 8" and 10" and use them all the time. Heavy duty and easy to clean, will absolutley buy more when I need them.
    I use 8" cake pans a lot. I had two at home but that wasn't enough. I bough 6 of this aluminum once. They are absolutely the best! The cakes come out perfect, not burnt, not lopsided or anything like that. Definitely recomend.
    Will never purchase a cake pan from another site. These are just as high quality as the pricey name-brand cake pans, but such a price savings to purchase these!
    These aluminum cake pans are awesome! Made of good and think quality of aluminum. I highly recommended these pans. I will order more. 5 stars!
    Like the 6 inches round, this is always my go-to cake for birthdays and any other occasion at home. Sturdy and very well made compared to those cake pans you buy at the craft store.
    Thick and sturdy cake pan - great quality and bakes evenly, making the cake golden brown evenly. Cooks with no irregular heat spots. It is easy to clean and maintain.
    this cake pan give you the right diameter and hieght for all your tiered or single tiered cakes, the material its made with allows for even baking!
    these are good pans. I have them all in all sizes available. They do bake well. They are lightweight. They are good for cakes, pizzas, and etc.
    Evenly cooked cakes with some height. These pans are great and are also easy to clean. They are also super sturdy and don't seem to dent, thank goodness ;)
    Great quality pan and its true to its size. These bake my cake perfectly no burning or uneven cooking. Easy to clean and is very sturdy.
    This is a good, basic cake pan at a very good price. I use it often. I am very happy with the quality and the price.
    Excellent pan. I purchased multiple sizes to make layered cakes and they are extremely heavy duty as well as very nicely made. Don't let the cheap price fool you, these are amazing! Get a set.
    Purchased several of these last year and I love them!! They are well made and very durable. I have not yet had any issues with mine.. Love that Webstaurant offers them at a 3" height.
    I ordered 2 of these pans to use for taller cakes. They are very sturdy, good quality pans they hold up well to daily use.
    Excellent pans! I bought a whole set of these pans and use them exclusively when baking my round cakes. I have a lot of 2" tall pans that just don't cut it anymore after using these 3" ones. These pans produce nice, straight sides, and with proper preparation, I've had no problems with cake getting stuck inside. I highly recommend these pans.
    I have purchased many of these 8" x 3" Round Aluminum Cake Pan and they are really great for baking cakes. cake bakes great and nice and evenly and pops right out of the pan when oiled correctly. great buy!
    Very sturdy cake pan. Didn't have to use parchment paper and the cake came out the pan easily without sticking. Very happy with this cake pan. Will purchase more in different sizes.
    Precious the seat by 3:10 mainly for making cheesecake because the basic pans are only 2 inches high and that extra inch is good for having depth in cheesecake
    Cake pan works great for cakes, torts and cheesecakes. I'd recommend it to those who are cake making lovers and bakers alike for professional and recreational purposes.
    This is a basic aluminum pan but they feel heavy and more durable than expected. Use a good pan release spray and a parchment liner to get super results.
    I am absolutely obsessed with these cake pans! I love the straight and extra tall sides because it makes the leveling and layering process much easier. Beautiful, tall, sharp, and straight layers every time!
    At first I was scare to order it because of the price it was to good to be true so little for a banking pan, but let me tell you it work great the cuallity of the pan is good and the way the cake come off so easy I love it. I will purchase some more.
    I am SO thankful I decided to give these deeper pans a try! They are a great heavy duty quality and save me SO MUCH TIME!! I recommend them to all bakers!
    Ordered these pans in multiple sizes and they have been great. I spray them lightly with baking spray before pouring batter inside and they release like a dream. Definitely recommend these.
    I finally got a chance to put this pan to some use. I loved the depth. My cake is nice and tall. The extra 1" from the standard 2" pans make a great difference. The best part is easy release from the pan even if the pan is still warm!!!
    Great quality cake at a amazing price. I bake sponge cake and even cheesecakes in them with no issues. Heavy duty construction and durable for high volume.
    Love this pan for cheesecakes! The 3" high sides allow for a taller cheesecake without overflow. Make sure to hand wash pan as it is not exactly dishwasher friendly.
    BEST CAKE PANS EVER! They are sturdy perfectly shaped, perfect weight, cakes bake flat and evenly and for an amazing price!! I will be ordering several more of these in all sizes in the future!
    This 8" x 3" Round Cake Pan is great quality. It is pretty rare to find a 3" tall cake pan in your local big box store, so it's great that WEBstaurantStore carries them!
    These have not held up as nicely as I was hoping but we do use them quite a bit so in all fairness I guess they do alright. The bottoms begin to bow after repeated use.
    Great cake pans. I also ordered the 6" pans and they look great together. Made from good material and sturdy. The cakes come out clean.
    These pans are great and we use these all the time in the bakery - they are very great for having the cakes pop out without much greasing
    I only have one of these and I want at least 3 more. I love them for my larger cakes. I use a lot of vintage recipes that have a lot more batter, this pan is perfect. Plus, it bakes a cake that if I wanted to split and make a 4 layer it would give me a large enough cake to do it without a giant me. (I'm not that Cake Dude on TV) so the easier I can make things on myself the better. So I am gonna go right back up there and add this item to my wish list so I don't forget. I never have a problem with my cakes sticking with these pans. Like I said earlier, I love vintage recipes so it is not uncommon for me to use prunes and other ingredients that are sticky. These are pro's. I set them on a rack for exactly 5 min. then I release my cake. Never a problem. I bake in bulk then freeze. (partially because I only have the messes occasionally) the other reason is I always have a cake available... Remember the song "If I knew you were coming, I'd of baked a cake." Read Less Read More
    This is the prefect size for me when making layered cakes. It gives it more height, depth and it's narrow enough to still fit within a round cake display. Also good for deep dish pizzas.
    GREAT PRICE, GREATER QUALITY but best of all greatest buy!!! Excellent pan I would recommend it, like I do recommend the Webstaurant store the prices are formidable! !!
    It is a pretty simple thing, the aluminum cake pan. But only needed a small amount, and with these prices, the decision was an easy one.
    My first order I was missing two cake pans and I contacted the company to let them know. I really appreciated their quick service to send the correct item. Since they corrected the first order so quickly and without any problem I placed a second order. I am not a big business but it felt like they treated me as if I was. Thank you.
    These 3 inch pans are wonderful for wedding cakes! I am using them for my own wedding cake in June 2014. I priced them with other suppliers and Webstaurant beat the price of everyone. The quality is superb!
    These cake pans are a great buy. They cook our cake nice and evenly. We line our pans and grease them just a little and the cake comes right out.
    Only 1 day after my order, I received my package already, it has very good service. And This size is very ideal, not very big, but not very small.It is good for me to decorate.I like it very much.
    This is a great pan with a thick base. It bakes a level cake, and doesn't burn the bottom. Being 3 inches deep, it bakes a tall cake that can be torted and filled easily.
    These pans are divine, baking is a piece of cake if i should say so. cakes come cleanly out of the pans and the overal material allows for even baking of the cakes
    I was a little worried of ordering this weight of pan... but boy was I surprised at the quality of this pan. We used it for the first time the next day and were amazed at how well they work. We're ordering more sizes from this line.
    I love these pans for both single and double layered cakes. I also wrap the sides in wet terry strips before baking to ensure a flat top to my cakes without trimming. Try it! Oh and these pans are great quality at a rock bottom price!
    Love the pan! They work great and cakes come out easily. I've out mine though a lot and they are still holding up! This is a great buy!
    Super great value. The aluminum construction is great and it feels solid and stable. My cakes bake evenly and come out perfect. The price is unbeatable. Works great!
    This is a terrific pan for the price. Produces a nice evenly baked cake. I teach cake classes and use them repeatedly. I have been extremely happy with the results and plan to buy many more of these pans.
    This is my standard go-to set of pans for cake baking. The sides are nice and tall which helps with even baking and the material is easy to clean. A must have in your kitchen.
    Great baking pans with depth-hard to find elsewhere. One tip--wash by hand as dishwasher stains the finish. Love using these pans, especially for the recent family birthdays. Great customer service. -Patricia from Front Royal, VA

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