8" x 2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Item #: 419FS25082

Bake your cakes, desserts, or deep dish pizzas in this 8" x 2" round aluminum pan. Made of durable 20 gauge aluminum, this pan firmly supports your entrees or desserts during preparation and baking. Plus, the material evenly distributes heat throughout the pan, avoiding burnt or undercooked cakes or pizzas. Straight sides enable you to create cakes with perfectly smooth edges or deep dish pizzas with supportive crusts holding in all the gooey toppings. This pan's petite pan size is perfect for individual serving pizzas and small cakes for layering.

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8" x 2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan

4.9 stars from 158 reviews


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pans cake cakes pan great perfect price evenly quality baking
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    Perfect size and a perfect value for a perfect sized deep dish pan! This is perfect for couples to make the right size deep dish. Lightweight, cleans up well. Perfection!
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    I used these pans as cake pans. I was looking for high quality pans that gave me actual cakes that were in a circle (I know it's hard to believe). These pans are great. Do not put them in the dishwasher or attempt to stack them! I do add parchment paper to the bottom and coat the pans but the cakes have come out perfectly, I haven't faced the problem yet of having the cake stick to the bottom of the cake pan. Awesome product!
    Extremely happy with the quality of the round cake pan. I bought this because I needed a 2” pan. It bakes just as good as my Wilton brand pans.
    Love these pans! I use them for baking cakes, and think they are on par with other name brand cake pans. They have straight sides, bake evenly, and hand wash well. Overall, a great product for a great price!
    I think these are the perfect size for cakes. I plan to make cinnamon rolls out of it and frost it like a cake. I would be able to fit 5 around and 1 in the middle. Durable and heavy for aluminum.
    I have used this to make both cakes and pizzas and both have turned out very well. After greasing this pan, I had no issues with stuff sticking to the sides.
    Great product!! Perfect for baking the perfect cake! Price is unbeatable and quality is outstanding! I definitely recommend this product and I will personally be buying a few more!!
    Excellent pans and all cakes will bake evenly. Do not worry about these pans getting overly heated and bending or loosing its shape, I baked at 350 degrees and these pans were perfect
    I decided to go with this pan due to price but the pan turned out to be better then i expected. even though its not coated it bakes cakes perfectly the cake will pull away from sides when it cools.
    I use these at my bakery for cakes. they bakes very nicely, easy to clean, and nice quality. I also highly recommend the 3" tall pans! they are great for baking taller layer.
    This is a great pan! It is cheap, but durable and gets the job done. I've used it a number of times to make multilayer cakes, and they have always baked evenly. I usually line the bottom and sides with parchment paper and/or butter.
    These cake pans have been wonderful! They are thick and well made. These pans are a great value, they will probably last us forever! They are smaller, but they make the perfect cake!
    Love this pan. It is a very great price- and perfect size. We use three layers for all our cakes. And these come out perfect without much of needing to cut off of excess cake! Great buy!
    These pans do the job. I use a pan spray and put in my batter and it comes out good! Will buy other sizes too
    Great cake pan for our round layer cakes. We use these almost daily, and for the price they can't be beat. Great product would buy again.
    These 8 inch cake pans are amazing! They aren't flimsy like other ones that I've gotten at major department stores. They are my most used size and I'm very happy to have good ones now.
    Love this pan because it has straight rim. You get to keep most of the cake when leveling because you don't have to make a deeper level or extra trimming around the edges. Also maintains it's non-stick quality well. Everything just pops right out of these pans.
    I use these at work and after much use in a high volume environment, my cakes still come out perfectly every time! Nice even baking and don’t tarnish in color after multiple uses.
    Nice cake pan. I haven't used it for pizza...just cakes. Cooks very evenly and is easy to clean. I like good pans. Very convenient to order online. Thank you, Webstaurantstore!
    Terrific durable cake pans, dishwasher safe, and great heat distribution. Not non-stick, obviously so they are easy to clean (no worry of peeling off a coating) but make sure you use parchment paper or butter/oil and flour to keep your cakes from sticking.
    I do most of my cake baking in 9" or 10" pans. This results in short flat cakes. These are great in size and heavy duty. Cakes come out easily.
    I purchased three of these pans to have all that I need for most layer cake recipes. I'm happy with them -- they are solidly constructed, easy to clean, and bake evenly. The only thing I can't figure out is why they leave pencil-like marks all over my laminate countertops wherever they sit. Still, a great product for the price.
    The eight inch round two inch deep aluminum deep dish pans are no joke. Their quality and durability impress me. I have not used them for cakes but I found that they work very well shareable pot pies. I would definitely recommend.
    Super high quality aluminum and just the right size. So happy I ordered these cake pans from here instead of Amazon. They are sturdy, well made and cook evenly. The price is unbeatable and these will last a looooong time.
    Gave 4 stars because I have not used them yet but they came heavier than i expected. Nice smooth edges. This is my first and only set of 8" cake pans.
    Great cake pans! love using 8 inch cake pans when making layer cakes! Great quality and even better price! don't warp in the over, bake cakes evenly! Will be ordering at least 2 more, can never have to many cake pans!
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    This aluminum pan is pretty decent for the cost. It's good for one layer on a torte and the cake comes out easily, making this pan a good purchase.
    This pan has a great metal build and has help up well in the kitchen. This is perfect for not only pizzas, but cakes as well.
    Awesome cake pan and very very easy to clean. I must say that I will be order more of these cake pans. What a great price.
    I expected this pan to be flimsy and not that great quality given how cheap it was but it is actually really nice! It definitely can scratch easily but is rather sturdy.
    These pans are perfect for my cakes! They bake perfectly even and the cakes come out with only the slightest dome, if any. Perfect if you are making layer cakes, or anything you need 8 inches round.
    Cakes bake consistently. I used one with a cake strip and another without and I thought the one without baked even better. Cakes don't over bake on the bottom.
    These are some of the best cake pans I've ever used there Great for Cinnamon roll s , individual pizzas the list goes on and on. I spray with oil and never had sticking ,great price too.
    Unfortunately these look a little cheap. The material is very light, and the metal doesn't look like it'll last too long. I haven't used them yet, but I'm going to make sure to always use parchment paper.
    We are sorry you did not prefer these pans, our Customer Solutions team has reached out to you!
    These cake pans are perfect for cakes that will be covered in fondant. The provide a base with really nice sharp corners even after they are covered in buttercream. The pans them self aren't the same quality as some of the higher end pans on the market, but they do the job at a fraction of the price. I really don't think you can go wrong.
    This pan is awesome for making small batches of cinnamon rolls. The dough rises inside nicely and baked evenly without burning on any side. I love it.
    Pans are great, they bake our cakes nicely and make clean up very easy and a very good price compared to the retail stores. I will be replacing my old pans with these soon!!
    This is such a great cake pan, especially considering the price! It is incredibly sturdy, yet lightweight. The only thing that concerns me is that when I was buttering the pan the first time, I noticed some sort of gray color/substance being rubbed off. Not sure what this was, but the cake turned out fine.
    I love these pans! They provide an even baking and just slide right out when done. I bought them because I needed a smaller size other than 6". This size is even more popular than my 6". People just LOVE cake!
    Amazing quality for an amazing price. Have purchased named brand cake pans for way more, and these are just as good. Now I just need to buy the rest of the sizes!
    Again great cake pans. Bought for our Wedding Cake Division, and gave not been disappointed !! They ake great cake layers, great prices, quick delivery!
    Love these pans! Bakes a perfectly level cake every time. Easy to clean, and metal maintains even temperature. After baking cakes for many years I finally found the Perfect pan!
    This is a great cake pan, I will be buying more of these. It is thick and has high sides. Overall for the price this is a fantastic product that will hold up for a long time.
    Perfect all purpose pan here. You can use it for either cakes or a nice deep dish pizza. I always hand wash aluminum but the cleanup is still very easy!!
    This 8 inch pan is pan! The price was so good I didn't feel bad about ordering three of them. I line the bottom with parchment paper and haven't had any cakes stick yet. The metal is thick, sturdy, and does not warp. I highly recommend!
    I've used this pan for both cake baking and for making deep dish pizzas. The pan worked equally well for both purposes. The pan bakes evenly and is very durable.
    I love using this pan for my wedding cakes and birthday cakes. I cant believe how well it works for the price! It releases easily when time to flip over to
    These guys are the perfect 8" pan. They have a bit of roundness at the edges which makes cakes easier to get out. I like the rolled edge as they feel a little sturdier. They also stack a little easier then other pans.
    These pans are a must for baking cakes. This is a standard size the 8" x 2". We get the perfect cakes without them browning so much because of the light metal pan. Highly recommend for a bakery.
    These cake pans are great! Really great quality for an incredible price. The straight sides cook cakes well and evenly. Make sure you season the cake pan first for optimal results.
    These are good pans. They are lightweight but well made. They can be used for cakes, pizzas, and more. Pair a few of various sizes for pretty layer cakes.
    These cake pans are perfect for what we do (which is layer cakes). The height is great and the pans are very solid and maintain their shape perfectly.
    I bought this pan to mimic the ones I have with a removable base and they work just as great. Of course these don't have a removable base but they are still sturdy and bake up well. I love this pan!
    I was really pleased with the cake pans. Eight inches is a great standard cake size that is perfect for making a simple birthday cake. They are good quality for the price.
    These pans bake all my cakes evenly and give it a perfect crust. These are very sturdy and well make. Looking forward to order more as my business grows
    A great round cake pan for cakes, cheesecake and other desserts. Bakes evenly every time we use them. We have multiple of these in our shop
    We don't do much baking but twice in the last few months I needed a round eight inch ban. I ended up buying disposable pans for 2-4 bucks each. So happy with this purchase, I have one forever ( or at least a few months) at the same cost
    I like the cake pan. It is good solution for my cakes. The pan is good quality. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Fast delivery.
    A good sturdy pan that can handle repeated use. It can be used for many applications from dough to cakes. I would definitely order again.
    Hello, I went to my first baking class on August 12, 2016 and in that class we made a 8x2 round cake. This pan was super easy to use and I had no problems with it. After the cake was done baking and the sides were separated from the pan the instructor banged the edge of the pan against the cutting board to get the cake out and the pan did not even have a dent or a scratch. I highly recommend this product and I am exited to finally own one my self!
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    These came in one or two weeks ago and they look wonderful! I prefer this pan over the 6" pans I got a while back. These pans seem to be much sturdier than the 6" ones (I think they use different manufacturers). The aluminum feels very strong and tough. Can't wait to bake a cake in these!
    The best cake pan I've ever purchased (better than Wilton's Performance pans)! Cakes bake evenly, and it's a great price for such a quality pan.
    These baking pans are perfect and such an incredible deal for the price. I would buy these a million times over - they are the perfect addition to any baker's kitchen!
    I receieved my baking pans and these here are 8x2. I had absoultely no problema with my pans. They arrived safely with out no damage.
    The pans are nice and sturdy and seem to bake evenly. A good set for a good price. I will probably buy these pans in the 9 inch size soon.
    These 8" x 2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan are great quality. I would really suggest these to anyone for purchase!
    I use these pans to make cakes in. They are sturdy, heavier gage aluminum. The cake comes out with more squared off edges, evenly baked,compared with pans you buy in a regular store.
    This is a quality cake pan. I use this 8" pan multiple times a week and love the ease of working with it. My cakes bake perfectly and always come away from the sides easily. It washes up nicely and I have been very pleased with it.
    Best Pans EVER !!!! perfect size and they clean up really wall. They seem to be very durable. I have them in 6" 8" 10"
    If I could rate these pans any higher than 5 stars, I would! These aluminum pans are perfect for 8" round cakes. There's something about aluminum that yields perfect even baking of my cake layers. Cakes come out not too overbrowned or with crisp edges. Just perfect fluffy delectable cakes come to life in these pans. I highly recommend buying in groups of 3 for layer cakes.
    Not the highest quality deep dish pan. The metal is thin but only needed for a one time use and was a good price. What I expected for the price.
    The perfect cake pan for the perfect 8inch cake! This cake pan cooks evenly. Because of the light colored aluminum, it also brings out a nice golden finished color without over baking!
    For a home baker this 8" round cake pans are great, bakes cake evenly. The straight sides make the cakes come out perfectly every time! A great price
    Best pan. It isn't like the pans you buy at the store, those have a slant on the sides and is impossible to make a 2 layer cake. However, this cake pan makes it very even to stack cakes on top of one another. The pan is easy to wash out. Lightweight but verryyy durable!
    Great aluminum cake pan. This 8 x 2 pan is our go to on a daily basis. Perfect for our cakes and buns. Cleans easy and well made.
    This is a great standard cake pan to keep on hand. I use waxed paper along the sides and bottom to allow cakes to be released easily.
    I purchased these deep dish cake pan / pizza pan in various sizes i bought the 6''x 2'' 8'' x 2'' 10'' x 2'' 12' x 2'' the 8'' x 2'' pan is my favorite because it makes a cake that is just small enough for my family of six. the pan bakes evenly and clean up is a breeze. I primarily bake cakes in my pan but i have also used it for pizza if you like deep dish pizzas this is the pan for you.
    Although it says its a pizza pan, I use it for baking cakes. It's the right amount of depth to make a thick layer of cake. I use a little floured baking spray and the cake pops right out! No sticking.
    Great pan. We use these a lot for sponge cakes, it is a pretty popular size. It cleans up nicely and gives us a uniform baked good.
    This cake pan can make a cake that feeds 10-12 people. I have not personally used this pan to make a deep dish pizza but i will be experimenting with this pan to make a pizza in the future.
    These 8"x2" round aluminum cake pans are great!! they bakes cake evenly, release easy with pan spray and have nice straight sides so that our cakes come out perfectly every time!
    The standard size is perfect for cake decorating. 2" is tall enough for what I am using them for. They are sturdy and clean up easily which is a great plus.
    This pan will forever be my #1.I have bought different pan in the past, even springform pan so that the cake can come out easily, this pan from webstaurantstore is my best, the cake bake evenly, with less crust, it comes out easily, easy to clean
    I can't believe the quality of this pan. It's super strong I was expecting similar to the local stores but this was really good quality
    These are great! I used them the first time yesterday and my cakes baked evenly! I will definitely be purchasing more in different sizes. Highly recommend.
    a great buy. the 8" is 2" deep and will allow me to bake a great cake. Cooks evenly and washes up nicely. I will be getting more of these. happy customer here
    I purchased two of these for home use. They are very high quality and have stood up For the two weeks I have had it. It's very high quality and very well priced so thank you webstaurantstore. And I will definitely be recommending to all of my friends and family.
    These are a nice weight pan. I thought the price was way too good to be true; but figured I'd try them out. The cakes tpok a little longer to bake, but were extremely level, not much trimming.
    These pans bake so evenly. I use them for cakes, pizzas and mini cinnamon rolls. They also release easily. Good quality pan. It's another item from this site that I wish I had ordered more.
    The of these pans is amazing and the quality of them is even better. I absolutely love them. I definitely recommend these pans they are amazing.
    My set of cake pans is complete now I can offer 8" cakes along with my 6" and 10" pans that I bought from here.
    These are great quality, and perfect for the professional or home baker. I use them for all sorts of cakes, and use them every single week! No sticking, and bake perfectly!
    After seasoning, this pan makes great stuffed pizzas! Has great heat dispersion and pan itself is solid, easy to scrub and clean, lightweight and easy to store. I really appreciate the fact that this pan is built with completely vertical sides, some pans come with slanted sides so that they may stack into each other. This vertical walled configuration may take more room to store, but your end product results in crisp, professional looking vertical lines that cuts the waste when trimming sponge cakes.
    excellent choice for beginners and experts, and also its price to everyone and very good quality, I recommend it and I would buy again in the future
    Light weight pans that do the job as they are supposed to. They are easy to clean and dry and store stacked well within larger sized pan. They might get dented if not carefully handled but at these prices if they do get dented you can always order more.
    These pans are terrific. Basic, no frills, sturdy, high use cake pans. I will be buying more. They are great for layer cakes and even baking quiches in them!
    We make some homemade desserts for our restaurant and I love these pans. They sound cheap but they are sturdy and are easy to clean.
    Great item quality 8 INCH pan very sturdy this is the pan i got i have 10 -9 -8-6 aluminum pans all i bought here was very worth for the money and fast shipping ever than other seller BUY MORE SAVE MORE
    These pans are awesome! For some reason, my cakes seem to rise better in these pans than my other store bought pans. This was a great buy.
    These are good pans. Aluminum, and the larger ones (8" or more) have a decent weight and thickness to them. They are nice and deep for making layer cakes. I can't find anything to complain about with these.
    These cake pans are great! I own several of them in different sizes and plan to buy a few more. Cakes bake evenly and rise, but without a huge dome, so there isn't much waste when leveling my cake layers. They're heavy duty and clean up so easily. Highly recommended.
    Fantastic cake pan at a fantastic price! My cakes never stick (though I of course always use baking spray as well) and the straight sides are a must. I have these pans in a number of sizes and they have quickly become my favorites. I particularly like the fact that they are light colored so the edges of my cakes do not brown too much.
    Cakes bake evenly and are easy to remove from pans with just a quick spritz of cooking spray. Cleanup is a breeze-just toss into dishwasher. Easy to handle as they are lightweight yet sturdy.
    We use these to bake cakes, and they are great! They bake evenly and have nice straight sides so that our cakes come out perfectly every time!
    Best best pans ever easy to use bakes faster than my store bought pans, easy to clean. don't understand why it bakes my cake to perfection. I have to order more in different sizes. This was the best price ever.
    I wish I could put more stars! These pans are amazing! They're cheap and yet the quality is excellent! They are easy to clean and cook evenly! They're perfect!
    I purchased these pans to assist me with a large order of Easter bread I needed to complete. When I completed my sample loaf I was blown away with how easily the stainless steel pan released the bread without use of a greasing agent. I highly recommend these pans to any baker.
    I have these pans in 9' size and so I ordered in 8' and 6'. These pans work great. They remind me of the pans my grandmother had for years and passed down to my mother. I use mine for cakes and other baked goods.
    I started baking my cakes in the 8” x 2” Round Aluminum Cake Pans and they are coming out really nice. The pans are easy to grease and flour, easy to handle, have a good weight to them and they clean and wash easy as well. The edges of my cakes come out nice and straight and overall I think the pans are a very good buy. Great product and satisfied customer.
    I use these cake pans at home and they're so much better than the ones with tapered sides that you find at usual retail stores. This means they don't nest inside each other so storage takes up extra room, but that's a small price to pay. They clean easily too.
    I love these deep dish pizza pans. It's funny I haven't used them for pizza yet, only cakes. I do look forward to trying a nice Chicago style pizza in them some day.
    Great quality cake pans again. This provided a nice straight edge so it's perfect for cake decorators. Highly recommend these as they are well priced.
    These are great pans. they are nice and thick and my cakes come out perfectly round. i love these and am very happy for this purchase. They are nice and deep enough too.
    Excellent cake pans, I bake multiple cakes at a time and freeze them. So I need several sets of pans. There are 2 sets I am about to replace with more of these as I like the depth of these. The have a nice weight to them and my cakes always just pop out easily. Great purchase.
    These pans are WONDERFUL! They are perfect for making layer cakes. They produce nice, evenly baked layers that come out of the pan really easily and they clean really quickly as well! I highly recommend them.
    These cake pans are so good that after I received my first two pans I ordered again and purchased two more. They are higher quality then the famous brand in most craft stores.
    great cake pans, evenly bakes the cakes with no extreme overflow. I would highly highly reccomend these for the price. Great pans and a great buy!
    Bought these cake pans and i love them my cakes comeout nice all the time i really recommend everyone to buy these and the price is awesome
    You've done it again!!!! Absolutely beautiful is all I can say. We love our new 8 inch round cake pans. The quality is exceptional and we are absolutely delighted with them. I have used them several times already and simply couldn't be happier. I know I will be buying all of our 10 and 12 pans from your store as well. Easy shopping, incredibly quick delivery (I had it in just 3 days), high quality product and a price tag that even my church had to love. Thank you so much Webstaurantstore.com, for making my life not only easier, but better for the experience. You ROCK!!!
    These were a great deal and had great reviews so I purchased them to replace my older set. I love these so much. They are light weight but still very sturdy. I only wish they would nest together for easier storage, but many cake pans don't do this. Great product!
    This cake pan works really well for us. It cooks the cake nice and evenly throughout and it cleans up really well when you grease the pan lightly and use a pan liner with it.
    This pan is not as thick as I am used to baking with; but my cakes bake evenly when I use them and they're definitely a great price!
    These are nice pans of a good quality. Good thickness. Bakes evenly. When I use them, I first grease with shortening, then sprinkle with flour, then cut out parchment to line the pan with. Grease and flour the parchment as well. Works every time to release the cake.
    This is the pan I use more than any other. The price is great, and they wash up great. They bake nice and even and cakes come out oerfecly
    These cake pan and price we'll the quality are five star baked evenly did not burn came out flawless and easy to clean up please don't hesitate to buy well worth the price
    My most used cake pan size. These pans are very sturdy and hold their shape well. They bake wonderfully and make a nice even cake.
    You can't beat the price for these 8" cake pans. I used mine over the weekend and the cakes came out great. I definitely recommend buying this item if you need an inexpensive cake pan or a large quantity.
    I love these pans. They are not expensive and when sprayed easily release what ever has been cooked in them. They are a fabulous value.
    These are well made pans, great value for the cost. I bought 2 of them and wich I had purchased more, they were great for making my rainbow baby shower cake.
    I needed extra 8" pans for my busy weekends and didn't want to spend a fortune on cake pans. These are great and are nice and heavy and bake very nice!
    Absolutely love these pans! I own several different products from them and love each one. Their pans are nice and heavy, bake like a dream, and I am simply amazed at how well they clean up.
    Bakes nice and even and the sides do not stick like other generic cake pans. This pan we used to make one of our custom cakes.
    These are great! An excellent value for a great product. These are easy to clean and cook evenly. I looked many places and these were by far the best priced!
    Wonderful cake pan and a great standard size! I love keep this on hand for something just a little bit smaller than my 9 inch.
    I love these pans! There great they're very steardy not cheap or lite weight. I would suggest this cake pan too anyone looking to make a simple round cake for a small occasion
    These 8x2 cake pans are perfect for making birthday cakes! They are very durable and do well in the dishwasher. I use these for almost all of my cakes.
    These are perfect pans to makc cakes in. dont stick, comes out evenly. easy to clean. i dont have a proublem with it. low cost
    This pan rocks making deep dish pizzas we make some great deep dish pizzas in here for our customers events and they love these so very much. You will to.
    I really like my 8"x2" aluminum cake pans. i ordered 6 of these and my cakes come out great.You can't beat the price. i will order more.
    These are very affordable cake pans that make it easy to make layered cakes in no time!! I personally like making deep dish style pizzas with these pans!!
    The pans are a nice aluminum and was very happy with the quality. I ordered 6 but will be placing another for more in addition to other sizes.
    I love these pans! I have a the 6"x2", 10"x2" & 12"x2". These were much needed and such a good quality pan for a great price. Cakes come out even and very leveled!
    The 8"x2" Round Aluminum Cake Pan / Deep Dish Pizza Pan. Is Perfect for baking my 8" cake's,They come out evenly no sticking the same every time.Great price.Easy to clean.
    I love the quality of this pan! It bakes my cakes evenly every time. I would recommend this pan to anyone wanting professional results with their baking.
    This pan is Perfect for layered cakes! Quick release, never had a problem with it sticking, even without the use of any cooking spray. Clean up is a DREAM! Wish all my pans cleaned up so well.
    This standard size round cake pan is great! It has lasted us a long time and it washes up very well! We could not have asked for better quality in a cake pan!
    This is your standard size cake pan. really nice quality and long lasting. these clean really easy too, just spray before you bake and your cake will slide right out with ease.
    I bought this pan to supplement the 8" round pan I already owned so that I could make 2-layer cakes more easily. This pan is a great basic size to have at a great price.
    This product is very good. It has high quality aluminum in the product. I use this pan as my muti purpose pan for cakes and some pizzas at home.
    This deep dish pizza/cake pan is a must for a household kitchen.. I like to make pizza frequently but I also make cakes sometime, and with this pan I can do both. The 8-inch diameter is just the right size for a personal pizza or a personal/small cake. The price is extremely reasonable compared to the similar products to you can find in the retail store.
    High quality standard sized cake pan is durable and sure to last for many years. Easy release of cakes for hassle-free baking. Nests nicely with other sizes, but no tapering means you cannot next multiples of the same size.
    These pans are perfect for my cakes. They allow for nice even baking and are sturdy and solid. i'm glad I bought extra as I'm using them for many products.
    love them ,my cakes bake evenly,easy to remove,and very easy to clean.I add a very small amount oil to pan with a dust of flour bake ..... let cool and cake can easily come out of pan... very nice!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is a great price and good functionality. it is not the sturdiest, but is essential to a professional kitchen. every professional kitchen i've been to has these kinds of pans.
    These are excellent cake pans. They wash well in dishwasher. Cake layers come out perfectly every time. Great product at a great price. I definitely recommend them.
    Best pan ever! No need to cut the top off, bakes up evenly, no sticking, and cleans beautifully. Completely Amazing; I absolutely love it! It made my job so much easier, and I can't be more thankful for such a great product.

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