5 oz. Stainless Steel Bell Creamer

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This 5 oz. stainless steel bell creamer offers consistent pouring capabilities and lends a classic appearance for use at any banquet, hotel, or cafe. Its rounded, tapered spout allows for easy, controlled pouring, while the ergonomic handle makes this creamer convenient for all of your guests to use. Its 5 oz. size holds enough creamer for multiple hot beverages, making it great for placing at self-serve coffee and tea stations. Additionally, this vessel can also be used to serve house salad dressings, signature gravies, syrup, or rich sauces.

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5 oz. Stainless Steel Bell Creamer

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creamer great coffee Stainless bell Steel perfect Easy clean price

Perfect to use as individual syrup dispenser during breakfast hours. Also utilize when customers request salad dressing on the side. Beautiful mirror finish that lasts after many washes. Does not dent or turn black. An excellent product at a remarkable price!


This pitcher is ideal for serving cream as an optional alongside coffee. It pours cream and espresso very well without danger of spills, it is easy to clean, and it is durable.

from Miss Lucille's Marketplace on

Good condition, shiny and sturdy with a great table presence. Holds enough milk for two cups of coffee. Great for cafes/ Diners! Place right in dishwasher to clean.

from Terrace Bagels on

Pretty basic creamer dish. Handle welds tend to come apart pretty easily but its expected for the price. We just keep a few extras on hand

from Aulac Big Stop on

These creamers are the perfect size for serving milk on the side of oatmeal or for those occasional customers who prefer milk to PC cups of half-and-half. I can also imagine they would work well for serving dressing on the sides of salads, maple syrup with breakfasts, or even au jus with sandwiches.


These are the perfect size for tables when we have banquets. There is nothing worse than wasting cream. We can give 1 or more and they are very classic.

from Butler Country Club on

We use these on a daily for a multitude of reasons! Whether it be for coffee creamer or an espresso shot, they are well utilized and easy to maintain.

from Proto's Pizza on

great looking product. this was exactly what I was looking for. great for espresso shots. I would definitely buy again. You will be glad you purchased this.

from Lakota Coffee Company on

Love our little 5oz stainless steel bell creamer! Color won't fade or turn blackish, easy to clean, won't dent at all, very good price for the quality received.


this product is made to last and look so elegant for creamer on guest tables. I use it as a creamer and measurement for my drinks.


Good size for cream as well as for sides of maple syrup, not so small that customers are constantly asking for refills, clean sturdy design

from Mello Velo Bicycle Shop on

Great little creamer; Kids use ours for teaparties, either for cream or water or juoce or snacks! If I would let them, the kids would use them with their little toy kitchen setup. I may get some for them as birthday gifts for their toy kitchen!


These are great little creamers/syrup dispenser. We use them for individual syrup jar on the plate. It's sturdy, easy to clean, and look decent. We will be buying again!

from Carine O. on

This creamer is a cute size, a perfect accessory for holding milk or cream for your coffee or tea. It's sturdily made and easy to clean.


A delightful size, this 5 ounce pitcher is made of stainless steel, and it cleans easily. The pouring spout is perfect for transferring both room temperature and cold liquids.


Love these little cups. They stand up to falls, scalding water, trips through the dishwasher. After 6 months use they still look great. I love they never get stained inside!

from Cozy Corner Cafe on

5 oz. stainless steel bell creamer. A great addition to the kitchen. You will like this as it adds to the style in your kitchen. A great way to keep your creamer on the table while serving.


This a is great bell creamer! It's kind of simple looking, but it's still cute. It's also really sturdy and durable thanks to the stainless steel.


If you are looking for an inexpensive creamer container this 5 ounce stainless steel bell shaped creamer is a great choice. These can be used at a buffet, coffee station, or even at a dinner party where coffee is served table side. We could not find a better option for the price.

from Dig & Serve on

This is a nice mid size creamer. The stainless steel design is sleek and easy to wipe clean. The creamer is durable and can be used for a variety of reasons.


We purchased a couple of these 5 ounce Stainless Steel Bell Creamers. We make expresso all day, and these are perfect for a single or double expresso.

from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. on

Great price, great product, fast shipping. These 5 oz creamers are perfect for customer use & great for presentation also. Durable, easy to clean & store.

from Bada Bean on

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend these five ounce stainless steel bell creamers. Their uses are endless with the durability to match. I appreciate the fact that I can pour any liquid gravy or creamer into them with no problems and cleaning after is as easy as can be. I have no complaints, they are great and I would definitely recommend!


Best price for these creamer cups anywhere. They are super slick working and easy to clean keep the milk cold. would recommend using these and purchasing them from Webstaraunt


Perfect size L creamer. Works great for the customers that don't want the little packages of creamers they want milk instead so this was exactly what we're looking for a wonderful price

from Lake Street Diner on

This 5 ounce cup is Perfect cup to use when brewing espresso for drinks. No need to waste cups when we have this on hand. Use it,was it and use it again and again.

from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe on

the medium sized, 5 oz stainless steel bell creamer, so incredibly cute yet doesn't interfere with its functionality and usefulness, I love these little guys!

from Mocha Choca Latte on

These are a very stylish smaller coffee creamer? pouring containers stainless steel and a nice handle to hold when pouring. Easy to pour with the shape of the spout ,nice price too.


The 5 oz. Stainless Steel Bell Creamer is excellent. The quality definitely exceeded my expectations. The price makes this creamer a great value. Perfect item to have when you have guest in your home to serve with their coffee.


I absolutely love this product! This 5 oz stainless steel bell creamer is perfect for those coffee dates! This bell creamer adds a nice charm to the table.


This 5 ounce stainless steel bell creamer is so cute. It will hold a personal serving of milk or liquid creamer for coffee or tea.


Perfect for putting on a coffee buffet line. This 5 oz holds creamer for clients to use when making there coffee at your catering events


No I really like this 5 ounce stainless steel bell shaped creamer holder works great for leaving it on the table so people don't need to keep the big bottle of creamer out

from N/A on

We love to serve any type of milk, sauce, liquid and so on. It is perfect for its size, material and color. When this clean looks very elegant and loves people. We love your design


We have used these multiple times, for multiple things, and I bought more to re-stock. Every once in a while the handle will come detached at the weld on the bottom.

from Mustang Alley's on

This 5 oz bell creamer is nice, decent made product. I use it for our half an half for our coffee, an holds a double shot of espresso to if you have one of those machines

from Place to be Bistro on

These are great for pulling 2-4 espresso shots, however the mouth is not wide enough to do them all into one creamer, you will need two, one for each spout. If you want to pull them all into one creamer, you will need a larger size. (Probably 8 ounce)

from Karma Boutique & Coffee Bar on

I bought this to use with my espresso machine. And it works really well - it's already outlasted one machine and may well outlast the second one as well. Easy to keep clean, nice pouring, great price. Overall a fine little pitcher.


Use these for our espresso maker. Holds a double shot just fine. Big enough to hold 4 shots of espresso. Easy to clean and looks nice.

from Dinner's Almost Ready on

Great bell creamer! We serve our half and half and coffee creamers in these to our tables. Wash well.. The price is right and the product is great.

from Sprinkles ice cream on

great for tables of 5 or 6 people that order american coffee, and a good tip, we use it as well to serve the 5 oz glasses of wine,

from crepe on

We use these bell creamers for dipping sauces for wings- just to class things up a little bit. They hold just the right amount of sauce, pour easily, hold-up well, and your guests can fit their wings down inside to dip. A win-win!

from mustang alley's on

Probably perfect for creamer but it is tiny. Funny how 5 oz can feel so different depending on design. I found a non food use for it (washing hands at the table) and suppose if i purchased more it could work for individual ssuces, dressings or gravy.

from Chaya on

I have ordered these in various sizes. They serve multiple uses for my restaurant. From serving syrup to milk for the tables. The have a nice handle for the customers to use.

from The Waves Restaurant on

The purpose of this was for kiddie tea parties, and I did not want my kids breaking my glass creamer. It holds enough creamer for a full round of hot beverages, and They are good for MOMMY'S tea parties as well. I strongly suggest picking up 10 or more of these for a small bisto or home party, and at this price - why not?


You can't beat the quality for the price. We use these pitchers for anything from salad dressings, coffee creamer, or additional dessert toppings. They are very durable, too.

from Moe & Anita's Pizzeria on

This is a simple, but well made creamer; a bit smaller that I expected, but I love having it on the table when I have my cup of tea.


This Stainless steel creamer is attractive and holds enough milk for a few cups of coffee. Well made and solid enough be dropped without being damaged


Perfect size and shape for a single person's serving of coffee. They are also pretty easy to keep clean. You can't beat the price of these!

from Rochelle Myers Catering on

This is great to put cream in when using all the cream that's put in it. It's easy to clean, , lightweight, and goes great with the stainless platters.


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