3 1/2" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader

Item #: 407SPR7

This sandwich spreader features a quality built, 3 1/2" stainless steel blade, brass rivets and smooth, easy to grip, wood handles. Ideal for applying toppings, sandwich spreads and condiments, the spreader's serrated edge also allows the user to cut product without switching tools. This product also works great as a butter spreader for breakfast items.

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3 1/2" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader

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spreader great sandwich handle steel stainless butter nice spreading Easy
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    This stainless steel sandwich spreader is my favorite. I like the wooden handle. The wide blade helps me to get more jelly or whatever I am spreading onto whatever I’m spread it on.
    This 7 inch stainless steel sandwich spreader is very durable. I have used it to spread cream cheese on our bagels and its really held up.
    This 7" sandwich spreader put the old butter knife to shame. It is a great utensil to have for regular style and deli-style sandwiches. Everything smooths over the bread easily and evenly. It is easy to hold and maneuver. I would recommend this product to anyone making sandwiches on a regular basis.
    This high quality spreader with a nice wooden handle is appropriate for use on sandwiches, wraps, and biscuits. The perforated edge allows for scraping toasted items as well.
    Very sturdy spreaders. Wooden handle adds a nice look to the product. I use them for various flavors of cream cheese and they make spreading much easier than using a flat spoon.
    perfect for spreading butter on bread. nice wood handle and cleans up easy. looks great and dishwasher safe. guest love this. would highly recommend to buy
    They do everything they need to and then some. Spreads pizza sauce, hummus, cream cheese and whatnot well. Also has a serrated portion, so I guess in a pinch it could even be used for cutting applications, though we have yet to find a use for that ourselves.
    High quality spreader at a very affordable price. It gets the job done and is perfect for spreading just able anything. The secure points can loosen over time but for the price, its not a big deal.
    We love these spreaders with the wood handles, we sever them with several appetizers, they age as fast as the ones from depot but are half the price, so after 6-8 months of daily use it's not bad just replacing.
    This is an above average sandwich spreaders. It is sturdy, easy to hold, and easy to clean. It has held up for us for many years.
    This spreader is practical and it looks good, too. The serrated edge is great when you need to cut the bread you’ve just spread your butter on. These are really handy and great to have on hand in the kitchen.
    we love this sturdy spreader. works perfectly for spreading mayonnaise onto bread. they are tough enough to go through the dishwasher. great product will order again.
    Size is about the length of a dinner fork. Sturdy wooden handle with a stainless steel spatula end. One side is smooth and the other is grooved for slicing through soft cheeses or spreads.
    The seven inch stainless steel sandwich spreader is great and a great buy. The spreader was perfect for our bagel shop and great for buttering bagels.
    I was not expecting it to be as sturdy as it is. The handle is comfortable. I would recommend this and I plan on ordering more.
    This sandwich spreader is wonderful for making sandwiches. The edge is sharp so I can make my sandwich and Cut it too!!! 2 for 1! Theyre reasonable priced and really come in handy! Great buy!
    We use a lot of spreads so i use quite a few of these spreaders. They are excellent quality, clean easy, the wooden handle never gets worn looking.
    These spreaders are great and work as described! They have a nice old school look while still able to pass health inspections. Our staff loves using them !
    This 7 inch stainless steel spreader has a nice wood handle. If fits nicely in your hand making it easy to use. One edge is smooth the other is serrated like a regular butter knife. It's spreads well with out mushing up softer breads.
    I use this sandwich spreader to put hummus on pita bread. It's effortless to use – the wide surface area of the blade makes it far more efficient than a conventional knife.
    This little sandwich spreader is a handy kitchen accessory. I use it for spreading jelly/jams onto toast or for other sandwich spreads such as chicken salad, pimento cheese, etc.
    love this stainless steel sandwich spreader easy to clean and very study and ordered seven of them and all work great will order more soon
    This Sandwich Spreader is easy to clean and use and the spreader component is well designed to evenly spread sauces with ease. The handle allows you to maintain control while being comfortable as well.
    The 7 inch stainless steel sandwhich spreader can handle everything from buttering a bagel to icing a cake. It’s durable and tough yet gentle enough not to damage the cake!
    we make a lot of sandwiches in my house. This is great for slapping mayo on multiple slices quickly. It's nothing overly fancy, but it serves its purpose!
    wow was pleasantly surprised the quality of this is great we use these to spread our icings on cakes and cookies and chocolate and the price is great
    First I bought plastic sandwich spreader and although it was good for icing small muffins and cupcakes, I did not feel too comfortable to use it for buttering hot bread. This just solved the problem!
    This is a great option for those looking for an inexpensive sandwich spreader. The large blade makes it easy to spread toppings on sandwiches and rolls. The blade is made of stainless steel and is very easy to clean. The wooden handle is also very nice looking. We suggest hand washing these to keep them in prime condition. The only reason for the 4 star rating is that the blade has a little more flex then we are used to. Still a great product and very happy with our purchase.
    The 7" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader is great for spreading any condiment on bread. The handle is firmly attached and it is strong and durable.
    This sandwich spreader is great for spreading mayonnaise on sandwiches. Nice even spread and it doesn't catch on the bread at all. Make sure you don't put it in the dishwasher as that may ruin the handle. Definitely a good quality product
    the steel spreader does wonders when working with cream cheese or any spreads. For the price and the quality its unbeatable. Highly recommended weather in restaurant or home.
    This sandwich spreader is perfect for spreading condiments on sandwiches or butter on toast. The quality is pretty good, especially for the low price. It is much easier than using a butter knife for spreading.
    This is probably my favorite sandwich spreader I've order from webstaurant simply due to the design. Big fan of the wooden handle, and it works well.
    Nice, sturdy spreader, as advertised, would definitely recommend it. Works great for mayonnaise, butter or any spreads. Very strong, nice wooden handle, very well made.
    7" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader perfect to spread butter, peanut butter, cottage/cream cheese or jam on freshly-baked bread , also it may be used to butter toasts that are about to be served.
    We ordered these because the regular plastic white ones were out. Good product not sure how it will hold up going through the dish unit yet.
    I love it. I love everything about it, I like the all wood handle and it spreads things smoothly, and you can't beat the price!
    This spreader is so versatile, I'll cut a loaf and go right to spreading mayo on a sandwich. The size is right too to avoid the waste that occurs with a spatula.
    This wood handle stainless steel spreader is great for spreading condiments on to sandwiches and spreading butter on to toast. Well built, should last for years
    I use the seven inch stainless steel sandwich spreader on a regular basis, especially with dense condiments like cold butter. We recently started expanding our sandwich recipes and this tool has been invaluable with any hoggie. And I always appreciate the positive sincere feedback from . Works well, great solid construction, not too heavy and easy to order.
    This is a great spreader that have lasted over a year for us so far. The handles never fall of like others that we have had, and we will continue to buy this product.
    Great sandwich spreader! The metal is not loose in the wood handle as most objects in similar construction are. Easily spreads butter and jam more easily than a butter knife.
    The 7" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader exceeded my expectations. The quality is great and the price is very reasonable. I would definitely purchase again and highly recommend.
    7" stainless steel wood handle. It seems like it may last awhile. It's attached to the handle pretty good and doesn't seem to be loose.
    I really like this 7" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader....It great for spreading on buns, breads, bagels, croissants etc..nice wood handle and I like the serrated edge to cut things in a pinch. I highly recommend these spreaders.
    I really like the 7 inch stainless steel sandwich bread or it works great you can use it to spread your peanut butter and then you can slice your sandwich with the nicer rated at church what a fantastic product at a great price
    This is a decent 7 inch long stainless steel so much better I like the groove teeth on the edge really nice I'm happy with it
    A very useful kitchen tool! I very rarely use it to spread things on bread, but it works great as a small spatula for a variety of kitchen tasks. I found myself buying more because they were so versatile!
    This is a pretty nice spreader. I would have liked for the blade to go a bit further into the handle than it does but at the same time you use this for spreading sauces not chopping meat so I think it will hold up just fine. The blade has a nice polish and appears to be decent overall quality.
    This is an awesome sandwich spreader. It's simple to use. It has teeth on one side to help scoop up ingredient then the flat shape helps spread evenly.
    Great spreader here. Highly recommended. How many times have you spread Mayo onto a sandwich and it ends up all over your hands? Not anymore with this large surface area!
    Save money by properly spreading mayo or mustard on a sandwich. Nice wooden handle and stainless steel spreader. Easy to clean and maintain. Nice product.
    A value spreader for sure! Even with the wood handle we have put it through a dishwasher and it holds up. Blade is long enough to lather most sizes of bread.
    These are nice little items to have in a sandwich shop great for spreading Mayo and butter . Good price ,good quality easily cleaned . Will definitely be ordering more
    Like, you know, it's just a spreader, so it's difficult to define, albeit not for me. Yes, it's just a spreader. But the handle is wood, not your typical plastic crap. And I love it, actually them as I ordered four
    These are pretty much the standard stainless steel sandwich spreader. We use them on crudites platers for guests to serve themselves small servings of semi-soft cheeses, or for sauces that can be added to sandwiches. They age gracefully as well- we have a few that are almost ten years old and they are still in good shape. The wood color changes, but it's not a big deal.
    I love these, we use them to cut open baked potatoes and they work well and are very easy to clean, they really last a long time.
    In my opinion, it is must to have a few of these around the kitchen. They are great for putting spreads on buns or breads of course, but also great to have them close by for mixing small amounts of things and using the serrated edge to cut things in a pinch. I have bought a number of them over time. Quality control could be better which is why I took 1 star off. It is hit and miss - some of the handles are firmly affixed and some of them arrive a little wobbly but still usable. For the price, I'd say that's an OK risk to take. I also recommend these over the plastic handled ones which have a history of coming apart and the blade slipping out of the plastic handle. At least even if these ones are wobbly, you know they are not going to come out entirely because they are riveted it.
    7" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader #124SPR725 this small sandwich spreader comes in handy in you smaller go bags very useful with its serated blade making it useful for cutting your sandwiches too
    These are good for spreading cream cheese & butter. Obviously for the price you pay your not getting the best quality but for a couple of dollars, there definitely worth it.. My employees are constantly loosing these spreaders so I ordered a little more and keep them in my office
    Great addition to my kitchen utensils. This sandwich spreader is great on pb & j's and any other style sandwich. I reccomend getting a few!
    These are a "never-fail" item of which you can never have too many. I primarily by this particular 7" spreader for most of my locations, but I do have a few staff that do not like the wooden handles, so they are not exclusive in my operations... but it's pretty close.
    These 7" stainless steel sandwich spreaders are a great product. The work well, wash well and are a great price. I would purchase these again
    Great price -- sturdy construction -- great for mayo and mustard but strong enough handle for thicker spreads like soft cheeses or cream cheese spreads.
    This little gadget makes you feel fancy and little posh..... might I add; when using this tool. It makes spreading pastes and butter sooooo easy. It's a must have in any home or foodservice business.
    Wonderful stainless sandwich spreader. Strong and sturdy. It will last a long time. We use it on a daily basics on our subs for spreads like mayo.
    These sandwich spreaders are really handy to have around...The serrated edge makes it both a spreader and a knife! Because I make lunches for my husband and kids each day, I use these constantly...At this price, I can afford to keep several on hand in case one is in the dishwasher. I would definitely purchase again.
    Nice spreader. Seems to be decent quality for the price. We ordered several and have nor had any issues thus far. Would recommend for cold prep station
    Pretty good sandwich spreader. I've been using mine mostly when I make large amounts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It's cheap, but it seems like it will hold up.
    This 7" stainless steel Sandwich spreader is great, the handle is very sturdy and the wood is nice and smooth. The spreading end has both a smooth and serrated side which is great for multipurpose use.
    You won't find a nicer looking butter spreader than the 7" Stainless Steel Sandwich Spreader. These are much easier to use when making multiple sandwiches than a butter knife, and the price is great.
    We use these everyday for our condiments. It's nice to have a serrated edge on the one side also, it comes in handy if you want to slice your sandwich.
    Great spreader! Big enough for larger jobs that need a spreader. It has a great feel, easy to clean and priced so that you can use more than one, and not worry of they are broken or lost
    This is great! It's well built and easy to clean. Also, it fits into my hand perfectly with no trouble. We use this for many sauces and spreads.
    Wow... Talk about the perfect sandwhich spreader! The most optimal sized tool for applying your favorite spreads and for cutting any type of sandwhich. Not only does it work well, but looks classy. The price cannot be beat anywhere else.
    The only tool you'll need to make a sandwich. It spreads, cuts, and wide enough to help flip if making a hot sandwich. We use it for our sweet and savory sandwiches in shop.
    My old spreader handle is falling apart. This looks like a pretty sturdy, well made spreader. Way better price than other sites. Hope it holds up in the washer.
    Super amazing product. This a must for any sandwich shop, deli, bagel house. Great strong constructed wooden handle and lengthy blade makes it ideal. A must
    Very useful tool to have in your kitchen. Not big not small just the perfect size. Nice and sturdy helps spreads the mayo and the other side helps me cut sandwiches in half.
    Such a great versatile spreader/knife! The blade is sturdy while being lightweight and all at a great price! I'm glad I purchased more than one.
    We just added sandwiches and wraps to our menu and these sandwich spreaders have reduced our production time by half! handles are firm and the "spreader" part of the knife is very wide and hold a sizable amount of mayo for quick action spreading. A must have for any sandwich shop.
    Solid sandwich spreader. Durable, good quality and lightweight. Has a bit larger, rounded end (which i really like) to handle the condiment I am using. Overall, very pleased with it.
    This is an excellent addition to any kitchen. Very well made with no wobble whatsoever between the blade and the handle. However, the wood is not sealed in any way. Proper care is required as even one night soaking in the sink will darken and discolor both the handle and the metal blade. Even in that case though, the discoloration is purely aesthetic and the spreader will still offer years of service.
    We use these for butter and cream cheese. They work great and are easy to clean. These are a must have in our cafe. Look nice too!
    We used these in a deli I used to work at. I love these, they are so handy. Was happy to see them on here, They are a must for making sandwiches. spreading condiments, tuna and egg salad. They are good for baking too, spreading chocolate on bars etc.
    This sandwich spreader is perfect for my food wagon. It was inexpensive, durable and functional. I use it everyday while preparing sandwiches and it has held up well. It appears to be dishwasher safe and the health department is ok with it. I recommend this product.
    wow what a price - saves the trouble of running around for all these small items - one stop shopping here - excellent service !
    These sandwich spreaders are great. I have six of them and plan to purchase 6 more. They spread my sauces on the sandwich with one swipe and save lots of time.
    This is a fine little spreader. Solid wooden handle, solid steel construction, easily gets the job done and seems like it will put up with a lot of abuse.
    Bought this tool because it was so affordable but ended up really liking it. I didn't notice when I purchased it that the blade has teeth on it. They are surprisingly sharp! I love that I'm able to cut through foods as well as using it as a spreader. The blade is stiff and works nicely for spreading anything from light sauces like mayo and ketchup to thicker sauces like honey and peanut butter. Very happy with my purchase.
    The 7 inch stainless steel sandwich spreader is a staple at just about every eating establishment. Very affordable item so it is worth having extras.
    The stainless steel sandwich spreader is a fantastic bargain and a very useful tool. Great for spreading soft cheese spreads, cream cheese, and peanut butter.
    Awesome product at an unbeatable price, these are great to have for any kinds of spreads, we use them for mayo, butters and anything else that would need to be spread!!!
    We are happy with our purchase of this 7 inch stainless steel sandwich spreader. The handle is comfortable. It is easy to clean. We would recommend it.
    We make a lot of tea sandwiches and this spreader works well for us. Get a bunch to keep on hand - the price is right, and they will definitely get used.
    I love having this seven inch stainless steel sandwich spreader! It moves mayo and other condiments around so easily! You definitely need a few at your sandwich station.
    Terrific and inexpensive sandwich spreader, astonishing price. Works very well for slathering mustard on deli rye for a pastrami sandwich, and the small serrated segment works fairly well for cutting the sandwich in half. Indispensible for a sandwich service line.
    This is the exact tool that my local bagel shop uses to top bagels with cream cheese. I like being able to cut my bagel, top with cream cheese and cut in half with one knife. Less utensils- less mess!
    I was kinda doubtful that this knife would work better than a plain old butter knife. But to my surprise it really does. If you're making a ton of sandwiches, this really makes the job go by faster. Great buy for the money
    The 7" stainless steel sandwich spreader is a nice sturdy product. The wooden handle is well attached. The blade is wide, and the serrated edge is very handy. I'm pleased with it.
    You can't beat the price! I make a mean panini that requires a large amount of dip spread evenly over the bread. This spreader gets the job done!
    I love these sandwich spreaders. They are well made, great length, nice feel in hand. They look like they will last a long time. We've used them for Tuna to spreading mayo. Great price too!
    Excellent value. Has good, sturdy grip and nice size. Makes making sandwiches so much faster. We like it that the handle is wood instead of plastic.
    These are a real nice product to use on our sandwich line. The handles are sturdy and they are easy to clean. We use these everyday and they really seem to hold up well.
    This spreaders at the perfect size and are sturdy enough to hold up against the pressure of spreading cream cheeses. They are long enough to spread around a huge bagel, but short enough to allow to be in workstation with the lid closed. We don't use anything but these!
    I'm not a huge fan of wood-handled kitchen tools, but I don't think I was able to find this with the white plastic handle. These wooden ones are at least the perfect size for our 1/9 pans full of condiments. Ready to schmear!
    Nifty spreader. The large blade is a great feature. The serrated edge is handy for cutting. Wooden handle looks elegant. Looks well-made and is inexpensive.
    This is great for cream cheese on a bagel. It is perfect for butter on rolls and mayo and dressings on a sandwich bun. Great price.
    This spreader is of good quality and sturdy. I like the serrated edge when cutting is needed, or you can flip it and use the other side as well.
    When I cater, I am often asked to put together a cheap kids buffet. This spreader has been invaluable in the prep of PB&J Sandwiches for those kid buffets. Its a great inexpensive adder to any chefs kit.
    Perfect spreader for mayo. We use it on line every night for all our clubs and it works perfectly. Large spreader provides room for more mayonnaise.
    This is a great spreader for butter/mayo. This is a frequently lost item in our restaurants. This price keeps replacement cost down. Personally I wish it was not scalloped, but does not hurt anything.
    The 7" Sandwich Spreader is great . With it's stainless steel blade and wooden handle. It is perfect for spreading butter, jams, mayo,and ect. The price is great.
    A 7' sandwish spreader. It works on about anything you can think of. Cream cheese, ketchup, mayo, peanut butter. you name it. the price is definitely affordable.
    This spreader is awesome for spreading cream cheese, peanut butter, you can even use to decorate a cake. And the price for this tool is amazing.
    This spreader works great with spreading cream cheese or butter on bagels. Also having the blade on one side makes this spreader about to cut and slice as well. An added bonus.
    Initially purchased for bread and butter, but found using for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches very effective. The ability to use to cut sandwich in half is an added benefit.
    This is great for spreading condiments or spreading icing on cakes and cookies. The handle is comfortable and it is easy to use. I'll buy more.
    This sandwich spreader makes for a quick and easy way to spread ham salad or tuna. Has a comfortable wooden handle for smooth use in the deli of your restaurant.
    This is a nice, durable, affordable little spreader. We use ours for peanut butter, jelly and honey and they don't bend. We've been putting them through the dishwasher for a couple months now and they still look nice.
    Who can't use a spreader. It's perfect for butter, cream cheese, and anything you want to spread. It's a perfect size for a slice of bread and you can even cut what your making when you're done spreading!
    This strong and sturdy 7" Sandwich Spreader is great for making those fully loaded subs. Let's you spread mustard, mayo or your favorite sandwich spread.
    I have found this to be a very useful little item, I use it constantly to make my always hungry toddler pb&j sandwiched. The serrated side can pull very soft bread apart, but it is a great deal nonetheless!
    I had one of these sandwich spreaders many years ago and it broke. Was unable to buy one locally. Looked everywhere. Then I found you and I bought two. Can't live without this spreader. Thank you so much.
    Great value, blade is high quality. Only negative is that wood handle is raw wood and with a lot of washing tends to look worn; however due to low price I would definitely buy it.
    The sandwich spreader is indispensable tool if you need to spread something like a ketchup, mustard or butter on a sandwich evenly and easily. I use this sandwich spreader at least 2 times a week on my sandwiches. I like it so much that I have 2 of them. One edge is standard while the other one has jagged comb-like finish.
    the product is very well made, it does not serve the purpose i need for, but I still recommend to whoever need them should buy them
    This item is essential for any food establishment. We use ours for spreading mayo, butter, etc. or scooping our peanut butter, jelly, or salad dressings. Very universal tool in the kitchen.
    These little spreaders are great! They are firm for spreading even stiff items such as peanut butter, yet so handy with one side being serrated for slicing small items. We use a lot of these at each workstation at our restaurant.

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