5 1/4" x 4 1/4" Stainless Steel Dough Scraper

Item #: 407SLTHDS005

With an all stainless steel construction, this dough scraper is built to last, easily gliding on flat surfaces to divide or scrape dough. You'll love how its flexible, satin finish blade is effortlessly maneuvered around your workspace by its easy-to-grip, round handle!

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5 1/4" x 4 1/4" Stainless Steel Dough Scraper

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dough scraper Great steel stainless handle cutting cakes clean easy
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    This is a much more functional and multi-purpose tool than may first meet the eye. As a home user, I have found it particularly useful for slicing pizza and for chopping brownies in the pan. It makes nice controllable straight lines in both cases. Mine arrived in the package with some minor scuffing. However, the surface finish is a high enough polish that you can see your reflection in it. The one piece construction is easy to clean, even if you get goop in the hollow handle the space is large enough to fit your finger into to clean it out. The blade edge is not designed to be particularly sharp. The edges of the sheet metal construction are deburred enough to be comfortable to the hand.
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    we use this product on a daily basis. Very sturdy and versatile. Holds up in dishwasher. Scraper isnt very sharp, but it cuts through pastry dough without any problems. Great value!
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Going strong after months of use. No rust, still scrapes, and it's just the right size. We will be purchasing a few more of these next time!
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    I, as well as many other restaurant employees believe that a dough scraper is one of the most important tools in a kitchen. Used to chop dough, or even used to clean up counters. This product is essential.
    Getting a good dough scraper really changed my bread-baking. It is much easier for me to manipulate wetter dough when using this scraper. It also really helps with clean-up. I love the way that the rolled edge fits in my hand.
    Professional looking scraper with a nice stainless steel finish. It is constructed in a sleek one piece design which is great for washing in the dishwasher.
    I'm using the scraper mostly for cutting butter for my dough, and it does a good job. I wish the edge of the scraper would be done little different. The edge is kind of thick, and it doesn't do the scraping job so perfectly as I would expect. Overall, for the price, it's a good product.
    Must have for any pasta maker. Fits well in my knife kit and is easy to clean. The rounded handle fits well and feels good in the hand. I would recommend for anyone looking for a good scrapper.
    I actually use this tool primarily for smoothing and evening the icing on my cakes. It's especially effective when paired with a rotating cake stand. It's really made a huge difference in my presentation.
    Great Product. Works great with our pizza dough. Good quality and great price. Easy to clean. Works just as it should. Will order more when needed.
    I really enjoy using this dough scraper. I’ve most recently used it with a pie dough where I used it to cut my dough in half and scrape it off of the board. It feels nice in your hand and cleanly cuts your pastry.
    Perfect! Awesome price. Stocking up on these for literally everything... we use them to clean tables and even scrape the floors when we clean, too.
    Works like a charm to smooth my buttercream. I have carpal tunnel and the blunt handle allows me to get a good grip on it to smooth my tiers to a flawless finish for my drip cakes.
    Great little tool for your baking/cutting needs. I use it directly on my quartz countertop and it doesn’t leave any marks. I plan on ordering different sizes.
    For an item at this price, the quality and functionality are really nothing we can complain about. We used it to pick up stuffs from the cutting board, to separate the bread dough as well as scraping the cutting board while cleaning.
    I saw a similar item at a high end kitchen supply store for $10 and thought I would order this to see how they compare. They are actually better than the ones sold at much higher prices. We use them for scraping our cutting boards (to save our knives from dulling too fast).
    For under $2, I did not expect a dough scraper of this quality. It is very heavy duty stainless steel & does not have give, so it scrapes really nicely! It also has a nice solid handle for gripping while you are using it!
    I got sick of the old school wood handle dough scrapers so i bought oneto see how i like it. I love it! I will not be going back to the old ones anytime soon!
    This is a great, basic metal scraper. I really like that it is all one piece rather than having a separate handle molded on to the metal. I think it will last a long time that way.
    The rounded handle on this one piece stainless steel dough scraper makes it easy to hold. Measuring 5.25x4.25, this scraper has a nice satin finish, and it looks very modern in design.
    I needed a scraper that was flat along the side to stand up straight and smooth the icing on the side of a cake. This is perfect!
    Great quality steel, wonderful product the price cant be beat! Useful for working with dough, but also great to move chopped veggies from cutting board.
    This stainless steel dough scraper is great for it's intended purpose of cutting and scraping dough, as well as a wide variety of other kitchen tasks including cake decorating. I love that the entire thing is made of stainless steel for easy cleanup.
    This stainless steel dough scraper is typically used to scrape dough from the cutting board or rolling table. However, we actually use this dough scraper to clean our flattop. It has a polycarbonate handle any stainless steal blade. We are positive this would be great for our pastry chef but we really like it for cleaning the flattop.
    This is perfect for getting every last crumb off my cutting board. That way nothing clogs the sink or dishwasher. I will use it all the time.
    Love the unibody design! I try to look for single body designs i everything I can for my kitchen, and the quality of this scraper is amazing! It's super sturdy, but still thin enough to get up under piles of chopped vegetables to scoop into a pan. Excellent for transferring things from your work surface, working with doughs, or cleaning your work area. Absolutely love this thing.
    great for doughs, great for cleaning up your work space, great for things like gnocchi and portioning, this stainless steel dough scraper / cutter is simple but well constructed. i'm really happy with it
    Great, cost effective, dough/bench scraper used for cutting bread dough down into their serving sizes. I use 2 at once to cut and move dough around on my counter when baking rolls and bread.
    I use this to smooth the icing on the sides of my cakes and it works great for that! Its the perfect size gor it!
    Great dough scraper for the price. Since it's stainless steel, it'll last for ages even under heavy use. It works very well and it's fairly priced.
    This stainless steel dough scraper is made from a single sheet of steel with a curve for holding. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher and is very sturdy
    Great scraper. I use it to lift and move cakes around. Also great for smoothing frosting on the sides of cakes. A must have in the kitchen.
    I don't like the handle on this. It is oddly shaped. Everything else though is great about it. Good quality and strongly built. I would get again.
    Even though it's a dough scraper, I use to smooth my buttercream on my cakes. It works great. I also use it to use my fondant decorative pieces.
    The stainless stell dough scaper is essential to me. I love the plastic scapers too but for cutting really think doughs or scrapping then bench you need something sturdy and this is it. Very well made.
    This is sturdy and easy to clean. I have used it for pizza dough and pie dough. I have also used it to scoop up my mise en place and put it in the pan.
    Love it! Great weight to it, not flimsy at all. Cuts through dough and other stuff with ease. Easy handle also has an opening so you can hang it on the edge of containers etc.
    Second time using this dough scaper and definitely recommend. They are tough and the construction is top notch. I will order again. Hopefully larger size will be available.
    This stainless steel dough scraper is as classy looking as it is functional. Very nice mirrored stainless steel finish all you to work in style!
    We are very happy with this product. It has a nice stiff/sturdy blade that is durable and easy to clean, We love that it is a single piece of metal and doesn't accumulate debris around the handle.
    This stainless steel dough scraper fits my smaller hands nicely. The rounded handle makes it very comfortable and I like that its all one piece.
    this stainless steel dough scraper is a great item! it has so many uses my favorite is for scraping off excess chocolate from the chocolate molds
    This dough scraper will save you time and money. Not only is it much more efficient to get the last big of dough out, you can also work very detailed with it!
    I use these at home to slice scones and to smooth buttercream on cakes. I use them at work for scraping caramel and chocolate. Great multi use tool
    This scraper has a very good quality. Very sturdy and not flimsy at all. I use it to ice my cakes with. It sits up straight and leveled so icing my cakes now is easier than using my old scraper.
    This scraper works well for smo0thing the sides of cakes. I prefer the way the others feel in my hand, but this one does the job. I like that it is flat on the ends so it can go right up against the cake on the turn-table and produces smooth, level sides.
    Solid 1 piece construction means this thing is going to last a lifetime. The polish on the steel is close to a mirror finish and the edges are finished smoothly, this is a great bench scraper.
    This dough scraper is exceptionally durable and highly sharp. Perfect for dough cutting into perfect portions. Utilize to portion out ground meats accurately before cooking with ease.
    I gave this 4 because it is a little smaller than most dough scrapers but I like it very much. And the price was great
    What a great photo scraper I am very pleased with this purchase but very well-made stainless steel scraper I'm really liking the big fat handle on it
    This is a great little bench scraper. I use it when making sugar cookies - it works great for taking the dough from the rolling surface to the cookie sheet.
    We would be lost without this!! We use them to scrap our prep line, as well as scraping that last little bit of marinara sauce out of the bag. Easy to hang, easy to wash. Very multi-functional and a must for all kitchens!
    This is an exceptionally nice does scraper it's stainless steal all of it the whole thing there's no wood no plastic nothing to get ruined and it's really really nice and it was a good price
    Great Dough scraper! It is really durable, it looks great and work even better. If you want high performance dough scraper which works great this one is a clear choice
    This stainless steel dough scraper is a must have for any pizzeria or baker. this is great for pizza dough or if you make pastry dough and need to move it around
    Excellent multi use dough cutter and scrapper,scooper stainless steel and very sturdy I use this to cut my pizza dough and cinnamon rolls it's a inexpensive item from WEBstaurantStore.
    I always have dough scrappers in my kitchen at home, and in my restaurant. I not only use them for scrapping and cutting my bread dough, but to scoop up prepped veggies for my soup pots when making home made soup. They work well for more than dough!
    This has worked great and I have used it daily when baking. I enjoy using this and it is very easy to use. I would recommend this!
    You cannot have enough scrapers around your kitchen and this stainless steel one is the best quality you will find for the cost. Highly recommended item.
    I find these dough scrapers to work great as bench scrapers and I use them constantly while prepping meals. I will say I have found the bottom edge to be a bit rough and it does not cut dough as well as an oxo scraper, however this is a fraction of the price. I do love that you can lock two of these scrapers together which saves a little space in your draw if that is a concern for you.
    Stainless Steel Dough Scraper is a grear addition to any kitchen. I use mine for pizza and bread dough. I also you it for scooping chopped veggies and meat. I bought this all metal scraper over the wooden handle one because I wanted to be able to wash it a dishwasher.
    I won't buy my stainless steel dough scrapers from anywhere else! They are comfortable to hold and I own several to make chopping butter for pie dough a breeze. Everyone pitches in!
    This is fantastic. Great price and good quality. I use this to cut and scrape dough while making pastries. It has been handy to use for cleaning my bench top too. Washes well in the dishwasher.
    what an amazing deal, this is one solid piece and well worth the money. local stores have lesser quality ones for a lot more money!
    I bought quite a few of these when they were on sale and to this day work great as the day I received them. Strong blade and works as it should.
    5 1/4" x 4 1/4" Stainless Steel Dough Scraper #407SLTHDS005 very sturdy scraper, the steel handle leave little to be desired but its stron and handy
    Hello, I went to my first baking class on August 12, 2016 and we were making a chocolate zucchini mini loaf. in we first had to chop up the zucchini and put it in the bowl this product made it so easy to scrape the zucchini off the table and in to the bowl. It works great to scrape any chopped messy item in to a bowl. It also is a great cake smother for the sides. I highly recommend this product and I am very excited to now own one!
    I'm not a huge fan of the all stainless steel dough scraper. Having ordered the other dough scrapers that Webstaurant Store offers, this one is my second favorite. However, I prefer a wood or plastic grip. With that said, this is a sturdy scraper and it looks great.
    Love, love love these! They clean easily and store neatly. They are a must for rustic bread makers. Great to scrape counters after baking too.
    This is such a staple item for the kitchen, it is perfect size and an incredible value for the price. It is creates a perfectly smooth buttercream!
    I already have a bench knife - purchased elsewhere - in a model very similar to item 694S196. I have an injury that prevents me from closing my dominant hand, so I thought the larger handle on this would be very beneficial. It definitely is! I can maneuver this model with much less effort and fewer drops. But the smaller size means I make more "trips" from cutting board to pan. Highly recconended for those with grip difficulties, but the size will probably be a drawback for everyone else.
    nice product, very sturdy and effective for cutting through bread dough to separate loaves and cutting pans of brownies or bar cookies. I got 6 of them and a couple were not as level/straight edged as they should be and were not great for scraping the pastry board.
    I've used a few bench scrapers before that were made out of metal that was simply too thin and flimsy. The all-metal design and thick steel of this bench scraper make this a remarkably useful and sturdy tool in my home kitchen. I use it for dividing dough and scraping dried dough off the counter top.
    This is a bakery staple. Can be used to cut fondant, get nice sharp buttercream edges on a cake, and to scrape your table clean!
    A MUST HAVE KITCHEN TOOL!!! Makes scraping veggies off of cutting board that much easier, so you aren't dropping everything on the ground and making a bigger mess! recommending this product!
    great great dough scraper and cutter also , helped me alot, , i also use it for differnt thigs such as take onion from the cutting board to the cook pan lol
    Simple, easy to clean dough scraper. Nice thickness in the metal that can handle some pressure. Did use the scraper to halve an onion to see if it could-- was successful.
    This was very nice and sturdy. A bit larger than expected but that's fine. You can't go wrong for the price. The large handle does make it easier to hold but does make it bigger than the plastic handle.
    I was so excited to find these!! I have ordered others, and they were good, as well. However, this one is sturdy enough to lift cake tiers and PERFECT for smoothing icing on cakes! I ordered 2 last time, and plan to order more with my next order.
    Love this stainless steel scraper. Great feel to it, nice and solid. I like that it is all one piece so that makes it super easy to clean.
    Love this bench scraper, good quality and amazing value. I love that it doesn't have a handle so fought doesn't get stuck in it, and it can also be used for cabinet making.
    I was a little disappointed with this dough scraper. It's not as well made as I thought it would be. It works but will probably not last very long.
    Thank you for the review! We’re sorry this didn’t suit you! Please remember our Customer Solutions team is happy to help should you have any issues.
    This tool has been perfect for so many tasks. It is great for lifting cut cookie dough, measuring ingredients and scraping up chopped nuts, chocolate, herbs. The handle makes it easy to hold and maneuver.
    This is a great scraper. It is really easy to clean and it works great to scrape up the bread dough off of the counters
    I love this scraper and use it to move my cake to a box. It is very good. It is a great size. I will buy a bigger one. Great product.
    I purchases this dough scraper but I don't use it for dough but for scraping my cakes to for sharp edges. It works great on all types of frostings.
    I love these stainless steel dough scraper. They are a great price so that is why i am ordering so many of them. Plus they are very strong
    This is an excellent multi-purpose tool in my opinion- bench scraper, dough cutter, etc. The only thing is that it can be hard to clean inside the loop/handle.
    I've tried many scrapers to smooth the sides of my cakes, and this is my favorite by far. It's weighted, the handle doesn't extend beyond the edge of the scraper, and it feels comfortable in my hand. Great height for my 4" tall cakes. Love it!
    We make a lot of pizza at our house, for ourselves, parties, friends, etc. We always need these scrapers. They are versatile tools that save a lot of work. NICE.
    I love this little thing. It is taller than wide and very sturdy. It was a great price as well. The edge isn't sharp, but cuts through doughs and scrapes remnants of my working area nicely.
    What can I say - you can never have too many scrapers! Being stainless it cleans up really easily and food doesn't get stuck on the handle which is nice.
    A nice, sturdy bench scraper. Does the job well - the bottom of the blade is nice and flat, it cuts through dough easily, and it feels durable.
    Good luck finding a dough scraper out there that's this good for this cheap! It's super easy to clean. I've used it many times and it's still in fantastic condition. It's perfect!
    grat to have this very sturdy well made stainless this 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" Stainless Steel Dough Scraper awesome can last for many yrs
    I purchased one of these for home use primarily for the ease of getting items off of the cutting board faster. And also for cutting dough. I kind of wish it came in a larger size preferably in length. but other than that I definitely love the item as its high quality. And once again thank you very much WEBstaurant store for the exceptional quality and pricing of all your items. And I will definitely recommend this website to all of my friends and family who look for quality and exceptional pricing.
    I couldnt be more happy with my bench scraper. I use it for wet doughs and for scooping up chopped vegetables from a cutting board. The polished stainless steel is quick to clean and will not rust. Great product.
    I like this stainless steel dough scraper. I purchased this mainly for pizza dough. It is a great value, and I would recommend this product to a friend.
    I like using the 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" Stainless Steel Dough Scraper to cut precooked chicken. Great for putting with salads or anything of your choice. Great purchase and fast delivery.
    I use this dough scraper for portioning out my dough balls. Has a good light weight feel to it and the rolled handle feels good in my hand.
    This 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" Stainless Steel Dough Scraper is a great product when working with yeast doughs, or really any dough. It slices quick and precise portions of dough easily.
    Very Good dough or bench scrapper but I dont much care for the "hollow" handle. I perfer the ones that are solid. Makes you feel like you have a better grip.
    I bought several of these for myself some other culinary students at my school. I love the shape, finish, size, and especially the price of these more than any other I have used. Everyone I gave them to also loved them!
    I love this tool. I use it to smooth out the tops and sides of my cakes and it works wonders, especially if you dip it in a little hot water first.
    This dough cutter is exactly what I was looking for. I have been searching for one and couldn't find a reasonable price until I found this website.
    This is one of the most versatile tools in my kitchen arsenal. Helps scoop chopped items, scrapes flat surfaces clean, moves food from table to serving plates. Cleans nicely and looks great!
    This scraper works really well. It is a decent size and tall enough to cut through quite a bit of dough. I've used it to separate out portions of pizza dough and it works well when you press down to cut and then drag it to the side to separate the gooey mess. I also used it at a charity BBQ to separate the hundreds of frozen hamburger patties we were tossing on the grills. It is strong enough that you won't have to worry of it breaking. And without any wood on the handle you can put it in the dishwasher to clean it up. And it doesn't cost all that much! Great item.
    Comfortable grip, very solid construction - looks like it will last a lifetime. As with any stainless steel utensil, it's very easy to clean. Even if you have some dried up dough left on the scraper it washes off quite easily. Amazing value for the price.
    Very sturdy dough scraper. I've used it to lift cakes as it's sturdy and a perfect size. I also use it to cut through cold dough. I love this scraper.
    Absolutely indispensable. Aside from the usual dough-scraping and cutting abilities, these things are superb at cleaning up - I bake a lot, and the single best way to clean up flour from a work surface is with a scraper such as this. It takes seconds. And they come out of the dishwasher looking brand new.
    Good little dough scraper. I like to use it for prepping vegetables, as well as working with dough. Only disadvantage is the big centered handle makes it impossible to use in crushing garlic or any kind of crushing task. Minor detail, but would be easy to fix.
    This dough scraper is great! I use it for crumb coating and doing the finish coat of buttercream on my cakes. Its Super straight, and sits level/flat for a great end result. my favorite by far!
    We use this scraper in our shop to frost our buttercream cakes. It easily smooths out the cake sides with a simple spin of the turntable and creates nice, crisp edges along the top and any corners. When you are done, all it needs is a little soap and water to clean up, and it is ready to go again. We don't know what we would do without it!
    I like using this dough scraper to cut dough into portions. It fits great in my hand and cuts nicely. I've also used it as a scraper for my countertop. Highly recommend this scraper.
    The stainless dough scraper is very comfortable to hold and very easy to clean. Since it is made of stainless steel, there is no worry of issues that aluminum scrapers typically have. Worth the extra costs because this toll will last a lifetime.
    This tool is highly handy for baking breads and treats. It was sharp enough to cut through frozen cookies, delicate enough to use on croissants, and it is very durable.
    This is a great dough scraper. It is very heavy-duty and sturdy unlike some of the other ones out there. It went through the dishwasher just fine and I'm sure I'll never have to replace it unlike some other ones I've had that eventually bent out of shape
    This dough scraper is awesome for cutting and portioning out pizza dough. The handle is all one piece so it can be ran through the dish washer without worrying about handles melting or harboring bacteria.
    A beautiful tool that delivers in performance - you can't ask for more from a dough scraper than the flexibility and fineness of the edge, and this product has both. Highly recommended!
    I had planned on using this for scraping and smoothing the sides of cakes while decorating but sadly this one is too small for most jobs. The next size up will totally make a difference. It also works great for dividing dough.
    This dough scraper is great for scraping excess dough off of table tops but its also great for cutting dough. I use it to portion my bread dough out before shaping it.
    I have a few of these and they are the perfect tool to smoothly ice a cake. I also use it for pie and dough making but I really do love it for cake decorating!
    This Stainless Steel Dough Scraper is very high quality, Perfect for cutting thick doughs, and can be used to scrape your working surface, without having to worry about it damaging your work surface.
    Dough scraper, dough cutter, faux ruler - this simple tool makes easy work of kneading doughs. Also useful as a bench scraper for herbs and vegetables.
    Firstly, I really love the look and feel good this product. And it's a whole lot cheaper through webstaurant.com than any where else. Secondly, while I love the look and the additional cutter/icing smoother in my kitchen, it arrived with a very small dent in the corner. It's not bad. I'm just not sure if it's because of the cutting of the steel of shipping. It was just mildly disappointing. I still love it! Definitely a great buy!
    This is such a handy tool! I use it for multiple purposes, but what I love using it for is smoothing buttercream frosting on my cakes!
    This scraper is super sturdy. It has a great mirror-reflective surface and is thick. It can stand on its side which is a definite bonus in my book. I use it to pick up large amounts of diced vegetables off my cutting board because I can put more stuff on it than on my knife and scraping my knife's edge along the board probably isn't good for it.
    Does not have a beveled edge, but a perfectly functional tool for picking up piles of chopped vegetables. I prefer the easy care of the stainless steel construction handle.
    Very nice quality, easy to clean. Wish it was a bit longer. Has a rather blunt blade, could be sharpened though. Overall a good buy.
    I love this dough scraper. The blade is very sturdy but not sharp. The handle fits perfectly in my hand and is very comfortable. The entire scraper is dishwasher safe unlike my recently-retired wooden handled scraper. Great value!
    Good dough scraper and cutter. I prefer this stainless steel 1-piece design over the one with a wood handle as it has a nice clean look to it and works well too.
    Best best scraper ever! We've been using the same scraper for a few years, it was OK but the corners were starting to bend... I doubt the corners on this one will ever bend.
    this is a great tool...keep it handy as you'll use it all the time. a worthwhile purchase, easy to clean and well-made Lo recomiendo mucho !!!!!
    I love this steel dough scraper. We use them to divide pizza dough! It always gives a clean cut. Easy to use and to clean!
    I use these scrapers almost daily on work surfaces, to smooth the edges of soap logs, and the remove the soaps from their plastic liners. These have an open "O" handle that is easy to get bits caught in. I have a closed "D" version that is a little more user friendly and a bit larger. These are handy for their price and size, though.
    We don't do a whole lot of baking in our cafe, but we still have plenty of use for these dough scrapers. They're great for scooping up chopped vegetables, especially wet ones like tomatoes.
    If your a baker, you need a pair of these! No kitchen is complete without them!! Best value!!! You must get them! Simply amazing!!!!! Order them!!
    Sturdy handle. Easy to clean (all smooth edges so flour washes right off) . Great product especially for the price. I definitely prefer this over the plastic ones.
    This is a great scraper for wooden work tables!!! It is all one piece and is easier to clean than the ones with a wooden handle!!

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