Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 10" and 12" Fry Pans

Item #: 407SEG25

Offer additional comfort and safety when cooking with 12" fry pans, while keeping your staff protected up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with this medium-sized pan handle grip. This durable, heat-resistant silicone pan handle sleeve easily slides on and off of your pan's handle for fast, efficient cleaning.

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Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 10" and 12" Fry Pans

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    Used this on our old pan and it fit the handle easy. Was so easy to install and replacement cost is very low which in a restaurant you need to watch costs and also protect the workers when handling hot pans.

    from ziggywurst Posted on

    Not much to say other than it works exactly as expected. It was a little difficult to get on the 12" pan. I use in with my Vollrath pans which I love.

    Posted on

    These are nice to have and will save you from many burns or close calls. It is much safer than using a bar towel for grabbing hot pan handles.

    from Cupell's Catering Posted on

    I have been using it for few months and it works like a charm. It did fit my pans perfectly. I would recommend checking the handle size first tho.

    Posted on

    Love the handles for a 10” fry pan. Fits a 10” crepe pan like a glove. I purchased a 12.5” Vollrath fry pan and it doesn’t even come close to fitting it. Oh well.

    Posted on

    10” crepe pan.

    I used this for an eleven inch pan and it worked, but don't take my word for it as I don't know how they would look on the ten or twelve inch pans as that is what they are made for; Real, high quality silicone.

    Posted on

    Nice solid handle. It fits on tight and gives a good, beefy bit of material to hold onto. No heat can be felt through it. I've been using it on the Vollrath N7010 Arkadia 10" Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pan. It covers just a little of the handle (maybe 1/3), but enough for handling the pan. Maybe it would be nice if it was an inch or so longer for my big hands, but I'd buy more of these.

    Posted on

    These handles are great. They are inexpensive, grippy, and insulated. Best of all, they fit on my Cuisinart pot and pan set perfectly ( this size fits the shorter handled ones, and the n ext size up fits the longer handled ones.) I've ordered several more so that my entire set will have these handles.

    from Http:// Posted on

    Installed on a 10 inch frying pan.

    Perfect for any fry pan handle. It saves you from grabbing a hot handle by accident. Easily removed so you can use it on different pans if you need to.

    from Taste of Texas BBQ Posted on

    It is important to keep your kitchen team members protected when working in the kitchen. This silicone handle grip is heat resistant and will fit 10" and 12". Protect your hands from burns and use handle grips.

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    Keeps your hand from burning even when cooking at high temperatures.

    This silicone pan handle grip fits great on my 10" Choice brand fry pan, it is secure on the handle when in use but not impossible to remove. It does a great job of insulating your hand from the heat of the handle.

    Posted on

    silicone grip on a Choice 10" fry pan

    I purchased the stainless steel pans from websteraunt store and didn’t know the handles would get so hot but I found these silicone sleeves and thank god! Lifesaver!

    Posted on

    Perfect grip

    The Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 10" and 12" Fry Pans #407SEG25 was a little tough to get on (and off) but then I gripped it on the burner and realized, yeah that's probably for the best since I hate burns just as much as the next gal.

    from Mocha Choca Latte Posted on

    Awesome item that fits snug, but not too snug and helps protect your hands!

    I love these removable on handles. They are a nice thick silicone and go on very easily. I have one on a 10 inch fry pan and it is just perfect!

    Posted on

    We use a 10" aluminum pan as our standard pan in the kitchen and have a whole bunch of these sleeves on hand. Tight fit but also remove easily for washing.

    from Roko's Restaurant (Samoa) Posted on

    It does repell heat but doesn't stay on as securely as we'd hoped and is a bit tricky to push on so doing it on a hot pan is impossible but it is a good idea!

    Posted on

    The perfect compliment to the Choice non-stick aluminum frying pans. The handle prevents you from burning your hand when cooking with the frying pan. Easy to put on the pan and no issues with it trying to slip off.

    from Cakes + Cookies Posted on

    A definite must if you're ordering one of the frying pans, whose handles are bare metal with unrounded edges and therefore very uncomfortable to hold, not to mention would get hot during the course of cooking. This handle is a perfect fit, and has a hole at the end that aligns perfectly with the pan handle's so that if you want to hang it by the handle you still can. The pan's handle is flared slightly at the end which fits perfectly in this handle too so that it's less likely to slide off. One star off because the "finger" indentations are not quite how your fingers actually hold the pan during use so they're more gimicky than comfortable, but it doesn't impede the function in any way.

    Posted on

    Perfect fit for the 10" pan

    very happy, bought these to go with the frying pan i purchase. It goes on and has a good grip to it . Good price and fast shipping.

    Posted on

    This is a very inexpensive silicone pan grip if it's my 10 inch pan a little bit better than the 12 inch pans it definitely does add a little more comfortable grip to your handle on your pan

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Which lights on and off easy

    The product itself is thick and nice, but it does not work for cast iron skillets, which I had originally bought it for. So pleas keep that in mind. It's a good quality product, and I will just be using it for my pots and pans that are all metal instead.

    from Die schwarze Katzenküche Posted on

    This pan handle grip fits both of our larger twelve inch and ten inch pans. Clean them when needed and put them back on so you know you'll be protected .

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    Slides right on and off

    I purchase the Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 10" and 12" Fry Pans (Item #: 407SEG25) to use on my 10-inch Choice nonstick aluminum skillet. This is a must-have to use on the aluminum skillets! They're easy to slip on and do not heat up. Excellent product for the money.

    Posted on

    i always get these handle grips every time i get a new pan. after using them theyve become an indispensable item. they help hold the pan so its easier to grab and they make it comfortable in the hand. they also disperse heat coming from the pan so theyre really useful.

    Posted on

    makes holding pans really comfortable

    The silicone pan handle grip is very helpful. Whenever I tried to pick up a hot pan I would always burn my hand, however that is now a thing of the past and I am very satisfied because of this.

    Posted on

    Works great with our sauce pan. The handle is much cooler to touch. It haven't fall off yet and it doesn't seems like it would. Great product especially for the price.

    Posted on

    Sir Clean recommended this product Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 10" and 12" Fry Pans, this silicone pan handle protect your hands from hot surfaces, good material.

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    Sir Clean at work.

    My experience with the Black Removable Silicone Large Pan Handle Grips for ten inch and twelve inch fry pans has been great, as the black color was just as depicted on the website. I was surprised at how comfortably they fit in both sized pans. The design makes it easy to hold without having to readjust and I can use them with sauce pans too. I would like to see additional colors and styles.

    Posted on

    Great silicone pan handle...fits most pans

    Makes it easy to hold pans that are hot and hard to carry. The grip makes it non slip so pan will not get away from you.

    from Caribbean Connection Imp/Exp Posted on

    For some reason I was hesitant on purchasing these as our employees are used to using oven mitts while handling pans, however, with the inexpensive price, I thought why not! And, oh boy do they make a difference! If you are on the fence, BUY THEM!

    Posted on

    If you have some of the 10" fry pans that webstaurant sells, the ones with the flat, thin metal handles, you definitely need one of these to prevent burning your hands!

    Posted on

    Webstaurant's Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve's are a professional quality product at an affordable price. Being in he profession for more than 30 years, I can highly recommend this product.

    Posted on

    Fits the cheaper 10" pans sold here pretty well but is not exceptional. It does however do a fantastic job at insulating heat. I never have any problems with the heat radiating from pan handles and burning myself. The red Winco versions of these are better and I would have bought one of those expect I wanted all of my non-stick pans to have black handles for easy identification.

    Posted on

    This black silicone handle grip works great for my pants I put it on my vocal rest pan and it works just fine it was easy to put on

    from N/A Posted on

    This sleeve works great with the 10" Aluminum fry pan. It has grips on the underneath for your four fingers to hold the pan firmly and on the top a thumb space. Will recommend to others.

    Posted on

    Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 10" and 12" Fry Pans is a durable and thick. It fix perfectly with the 10 inch pan. Worth the buy.

    from T & C Catering Services Posted on

    These are nice to keep around to insure your handles do not get too hot and burn your hand. I like the fact that they fit multiple size pans.

    from Ellen Renees LLC Posted on

    I enjoy using this removable silicone pan hand grip. I just keep it on the same handle, and use the hole at the end to hand the skillet for storage.

    Posted on

    Decent pan handle grip. It's made of durable high density plastic and fits well. It has performed as expected. We would buy this again when in need.

    Posted on

    I bought 4 of these for my 10", 12" fry pans and my 3qt and 5qt saute pans, I love them, they fit snugly and have a great texture

    from Furniture Forager Posted on

    These handles do the job of protecting hands from intense metal burns. I prefer the red ones for visibility, however, as that helps keep handles from being bumped.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Thank you for the exceptional quality. Once it is on forget trying to remove it. I love it though. I will be back for more. And as always I will recommend to every one who seeks quality at all time low prices.

    from Todd's Kitchen Posted on

    The handles fit the non-stick aluminum fry pans quite well. They do not slip around and stay put. The only down side is they do get a bit hot.

    Posted on

    Another fine product - this pan handle grip is very durable. I've left it on in the oven several times and the handle still looks brand new. No complaints here - easy to put on and take off without too much of a struggle.

    Posted on

    happy ang great to have this Removable Silicone Pan Handle Grip / Sleeve for 10" and 12" Fry Pans as compatible with my fry pan very well made

    from ashlexdrei tradings /sweets by chef jhay Posted on

    I bought this item to go with my 10" aluminum fry pan and it fits nicely, a bit snug but that avoids slipping while cooking.

    Posted on

    This handle does a good job on my carbon steel and aluminum saute pans. And it's OK on cast iron (the rounded contour of my cast iron skillets slips and rolls a bit in the handle). Note that the difference in sizes is primarily the length of the handle, not the width. Pick the length that works for you, and outfit your cookware.

    from The Beach House Posted on

    What a hand-saver! If your pans do not already have a silicone grip, this item is a must for finishing items in the oven. We bought several sizes, and use them constantly.

    Posted on

    A wonder investment for me. Does the job perfectly. You won't be disappointed with this pan handle grip. I would highly recommended this product. Very good.

    from S & H Gourmet LLC Posted on

    No heat gets through this thing, even during extended cooking sessions. Some brands of pan include these with the pan, but it's nice that they're available separately, too. Just be sure you order the right size.

    Posted on

    These slide on handles will help keep your hands safe from burns, but be aware, they are a bit short. You might consider getting the 14" for even a 10 pan. In any event, it's they make it so much easier to grab an unfinished aluminum or steel frying pan handle.

    Posted on

    If you ever have got busy and grabed a hot handle you wish you had these. These vollrath arkadia silicone handles work great and stay secure on our pots and pans.

    from Ranch House Kitchen Posted on

    These are great for most uncovered pan handles. They are useful in case anyone forgets to use a rag when handling hot pans. These prevent burns.

    from Johnson & Wales Univesity Posted on

    These silicone pan handle grips are great for preventing painful burns! Good for home use! They fit easily onto most uncovered handles of any pan!

    Posted on

    Bought the fans prior to ordering these handles, boy am I glad I found them. Thi item can in quickly. There were exactly what I needed. Another great job by the

    from Joe's Italian Kitchen Posted on

    I ordered the commercial frying pans & didn't want my students to use a hand towel all the time to grab their pans with. So when I came across these I knew I had to get them. They work great !

    from Alex's Personal Chef Service Posted on

    I had just purchased 4 of the 10" Non-Stick Aluminum Fry Pans when they were on sale and decided to buy one of these for each skillet so I wouldn't have to move one grip from skillet to skillet. These are very good quality and cover most of the handle so that I can't accidentally grab the handle in an uncovered hot spot. These are well worth the money spent to have one for each skillet handle.

    Posted on

    I use these as well on my 10" non stick fry pans that i purchased here as well. The fit is perfect, and unlike other pan grips that i've used in the past, these do not slip off too easily that they come off during cooking. Great material, and durability, and price as well.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    I use this rubber handle with the 10-inch non-stick frying pan and it fits like a glove. It prevents the heat from scorching your hand because the rubber insulates the heat from the metal fry pan handle and not into your hands. Theres a hole in the rubber handle grip that lets you hand the pan onto the hook.

    Posted on

    These Vollrath handle are very comfortable, without these my hand got burn a lot. As a cook I cannot effort my hands get burn and won't be able to work. I love it and highly recommend

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

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