14" High Temperature Silicone Spatula

Item #: 407SCRPHH14

This 14" white silicone spatula is ideal for all of your high-temperature baking needs. Use it to scrap off the remaining batter from mixing bowls, or when stiring and folding in ingredients. The high temp silicone is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and pesky slipping is a thing of the past with this 14" spatula's durable, sure-grip handle.

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14" High Temperature Silicone Spatula

4.7 stars from 122 reviews


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    This is a great spatula. I use it to scrape batters from mixing bowl. These spatulas are also heat resisting and we use them to make omelettes

    from Magic Jump Rentals LLC Posted on

    I am happy with the spatula. It works well, is reasonably priced, and feels good int he hand. The head is a good quality silicone that flexes against the bowl to scrape well.

    from Http://shavetools.com Posted on

    Scraping down a bowl with it.

    I love these spatulas. The fact that they are high heat resistant is great. I use these on a daily basis and they never fail. No melting or deforming. Great for making risotto and scraping the bottom of the pan making cheese sauce

    from Pot of Gold Catering and Events Posted on

    The heads on these have a tendency to fall off :/ Especially if you hang it upside down. My other spatulas don't have this issue. But for now we just don't hang them. It works otherwise. But I just know the staff will hang it one day and lose the silicone head.

    from Sura Korean BBQ & Tofu House Long Beach Posted on

    We appreciate your review! We are sorry that these silicone spatulas are not meeting your expectations. If you are looking for a different recommended product, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Works well, and withstands the heat! A must have for preparing batches of anything hot. We use it when making our queso, and it does the trick.

    from Cactus House Midtown Posted on

    Great spatula and these puppies hold up in the heat also, which is huge for the kitchen obviously. Would recommend to anyone needing this product.

    from Charleston Sports Pub Posted on

    Great spatula to work with in the kitchen. It is sturdy and firm enough to stir melted chocolate and candy, and it is the perfect length to reach in deeper containers

    from The Cozy Cannoli Company Posted on

    Great spatula

    The long handle keeps hands clean and works great on deep bottles. They are also great for mixing. The Quality is excellent and the price was great.

    from Blaze N Grill Posted on

    This is a really nice large silicone spatula! It is heat resistant you you can use even with contact with a hot surface! Great price too!

    Posted on

    high silicone spatula

    Sir Clean recommends this product 14" High Temperature Silicone Spatula, its a useful tool in the kitchen, its perfect for the bakery, restaurant etc. Good price and material.

    from Sir Clean Corp Posted on

    Sir Clean at work

    The scraper is a little too stiff for what are use it for , which is pretty much cleaning out the last bits of food from a bowl or pot. would not purchase it again but it is made well if you're looking for a stiff sturdy scraper

    Posted on

    This silicone spatula really saves my food cost by scanning every last bit of batter or dough from my mixing bowls. I recommend these for any food business.

    from The Savage Patch Posted on

    These spatulas are very light weight. They get the job done but I am not impressed. They say heat resistant but are flimsy around heat.

    from Soul Traveler LLC Posted on

    I love this scraper! It is the perfect length and extremely durable. The handle is very strong and the scraper is pliable yet thick and strong.

    Posted on

    14" High Temperature Silicone Spatula

    This 14" high temperature spatula is great for frosting large cakes or for removing batter or mixes from a large mixing bowl. This is a very versatile spatula and the quality is excellent!

    Posted on

    This 14-inch high temperature spatula is great. This has a thicker blade than the 12-inch one. We prefer to use this when we need a longer spatula when cooking or baking. This can be used as a turner when making pancakes and other things and it will not get damaged.

    Posted on

    Very good spatula for turning scrambled eggs

    I use this spatula when I make big batches of dough and need to scrape the sides of the mixing bowl down. It's nice and sturdy and holds up well against thick dough.

    Posted on

    We needed more high temperature spatulas as we like to use them when making our caramel and vegan caramel sauces. These have been working out very well!

    Posted on

    Probably one of the best spatulas I ever owned. They are so strong and hold up to the wear so well. They are really easy to clean. Hold up to the heat very well. And overall just awesome spatulas.

    Posted on

    Love this spatula

    Surprisingly durable product for a cheap price. The handle and spatula are both made with thick and sturdy plastic that prevents the product from being damaged or destroyed.

    Posted on

    Useful tool at an amazing price! We seem to go through these a lot at our small bakery and just needed some more at our disposal. Its great that they can stand high heat, we can even use them with hot materials from the oven or a panini press.

    Posted on

    I bought multiple sizes of this brand spatula. So far so good. Flexible silicone as you would expect. Sturdy handle. Handle could be a little more comfortable. Good value.

    from five girls pretzels Posted on

    A great spatula to use while cooking on high heat. I have tried numerous spatulas that have melted our changed shape after being used on the cooktop. This spatula can withstand the heat and does a great drop scraping the sides of the pot.

    Posted on

    I love this spat for spreading toffee and peanut brittle. The long handle keeps you away from the heat, and of course the material allows you to spread without melting the spat

    Posted on

    Although I use this on mostly room temperature and cold ingredients I am glade they are high temperature so when the time comes that it is hot I will have no wire with this spatula!

    Posted on

    great sturdy spatula for mixing large quantities of things with ease. it's a little large and stiff for smaller tasks but for bulk items its the perfect tool

    Posted on

    The Silicone Spatula is probably the most used item in our classroom. They resist discoloration by tomato products and get the job done quickly. Highly recommended.

    from Whitehall School District Posted on

    I have been enjoying using my 14 inch high temperature silicone spatula these are very great reasonably priced can't go wrong with them that's fosho

    from Place to be Bistro Posted on

    Strong extra long handle that stands up to the heat. Reaches to the bottom of a 1 gallon dressing container without getting your hands dirty. A flexible end helps get the last of sauces and liquids out of pans and bowls, helping to minimize waste

    from HomeGrown Eats Posted on

    We lost several of these when a box of goods were stolen after a catering event; tried to replace with an inferior product and they've been a failure. Love the stiffness of silicone blade.

    from Celina Pie and Cookie Posted on

    We have multiples of this spatula and it is very durable and works great in all parts of the kitchen. I would recommend for sure.

    Posted on

    Love this spatula it works great don't scratch my Teflon pan great price point thanks again for as another great product, Works good for big batches of cookies too.

    from work Posted on

    Does 14 inch rubber spatula is perfect for making large batches of sauce in a stock pot, or making large batches of cookies and cake. I use it all the time at home so thank you webstaurant store for the low price and affordability of this item. And I will definitely continue to use your site in the future.

    from Todd's Kitchen of Comfort Food Posted on

    these are perfect for reaching into the bottom of the pots and scraping out all your profits I highly recommend you buy multiples they are the best price available .

    from H&H CITY PIZZA Posted on

    The shape on this one and the ability to handle high heat make this wonderful for working with fruit and nut butters in our bakery. Still one of my most used spatulas.

    from ROOMA4Baking Posted on

    Love this spatula it works great don't scratch my Teflon pan great price point thanks again for as nother great product I like it alot

    from home Posted on

    This is a great spatula. Overall length is 14 inches and is a good medium-large size spat. Great for pots and large mixers, but would choose something smaller for anything kichenaid size and below. The head could be a bit more flexible for my taste, but I'm happy with it nonetheless. I would recommend this.

    Posted on

    The 14 inch high temperature silicone spatula is a good medium length spatula. The strong handle holds up to the stress of mixing dough and doesn't flex much. the long handle is nice when working at the stove to keep the heat at bay.

    from Khaan Deli LLC Posted on

    The spatulas are great and feel good in your hand. They are excellent and mixing all you hot ingredients. The price is great in relation to the quality your getting

    from Panaderia Guatemalteca La Mejor Posted on

    This is a good spatula for large bowls of batter or deep pots of soup. The tip is really thick, which can hold up to stiff doughs, but I like it less for scraping than I do the smaller 10 inch variety.

    from The Farmacy Posted on

    Awesome spatula for price. Long handle allows you to get all of your product out. Ideal for getting heavier products like mayonnaise out of gallon jugs. We also cut jugs in half in order to fully use our spatula to get all product.

    from Ana's Cafe LLC Posted on

    We love these high temp silicone spatulas - can never have too many. Long handle is great for bigger bowls of food product needing to be stirred.

    Posted on

    Great spatula for the price. Half the cost of comparable ones and I do not see any reason someone would pay more for the same product.

    from B-4 Investments LLC dba Wallys Posted on

    Not a perfect spatula, but very good. My first experiment with this spatula was mixing orzo and veggie salad with the dressing. It's strong enough to mix everything together, and flexible enough to get down into the crease of the bowl and scoop up the dressing. My one complaint is that it sat next to a sub dried tomato for a few minutes and absorbed some of the color. It almost completely came off when I washed it, but there is still a faint red tint. If I use it for tomato sauce, I'm afraid it will turn orange.

    Posted on

    The 14" High Temp Silicone Spatula is well made and very affordable. It does great with both hot and cold temperatures, scrapes bowls well and is very sturdy and makes stirring easy.

    from Belinda K Posted on

    Very solid silicon spatula! The handel and head are both really well made and thick so it feels good in your hand and wont bend in use! Great product would not be without@

    Posted on

    It is all about the price point on this one. Is it awesome and life changing? Nope...but what spat is? It is one of those things that you need a decent quality one (or more) around and this fits that perfectly at a,good price point.

    from Nate Hines Posted on

    Good for stirring hot products and as a general use spatula. Not as good for scraping as the white ones due to its thicker rounded edge, but in a pinch, it'll work decently.

    Posted on

    This silicone spatula is a great buy. It's good quality and you can use it to stir and scrape everything from steaming hot products to stiff, cold ingredients.

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Perfect for big jobs! No melting even in very hot liquids. We like the long handle and is durable for many uses hot or cold.

    from Culinary Creations Posted on

    These are pretty good for the value but we definitely do have a problem with the handles melting when we leave them near stove. Silicone is good though.

    from backwater Posted on

    Great scraper. Cannot overstate the benefits of a good silicone spatula. Minimizes waste, great for cooking in non stick pans. keeps its shape and stiffness even at high temperatures.

    Posted on

    Great buy! Easy to use, very reliable and easy to clean. Does what a spatula should do, and does not stain. The Rubber has stayed on even after long use

    Posted on

    This spatula has worked well for our business. The long handle allows us to reach and scrap in our 16 qt stock pots and large mixers. They seem to be sturdy and stand up to the job. We have ordered more because of their quality and value.

    from Bendy's Cookies & Cream Posted on

    We use these in cooking on the line and for prep. They stand up to a lot of heat and they are cheap enough that is we ruin one or it wears out, we just get another. Great at not picking up smells

    from It Takes Two LLC T/A Dino's Grotto Posted on

    This spatula is BIG for home chefs. It works great, but is a little too big, and a little too stiff for most home applications. Like its little brother (10") it does a fantastic job getting every last bit of whatever is in the bowl out of the bowl!

    Posted on

    Greatly spatula. Just wish they were a little less flexible. It is hard to scrape down bowls if the ingredients are on the stiffer side. They clean well, and hold up to heat very well.

    from Palmer's Sweetery & Cafe Posted on

    These are pretty basic silicone spatulas. Nothing super awesome here. They do the job. They do rip thats why we gave it a lower rating but they work

    from Secret spot Posted on

    We love these 14" Spatulas. They are a great size for anything and resist high temps, no burning. We have several of them in our kitchen.

    from Havana Nights Café & Bakery Inc. Posted on

    A standard in any kitchen, it holds up against stirring hot soups as well as scrapping down the sides of bowls. It doesn't hold up well to direct flame... which was found out quite by accident.

    from Treva's Pastries and Fine Foods Posted on

    I love these spatulas! They stand up to the heat perfectly. I only wish I had ordered more. In addition to withstanding high temperatures, they resist stains. I use lots of colors in my kitchen and none of these spatulas have been affected! Will be re-ordering. Perfect size for mixing bowls!

    from Kat's Occasional Cakes Posted on

    Great sturdy product, kinda tough to handle due to the length, but for sure scrapes down all the goodies from your baking essentials, icings, doughs can't handle the strength of this mighty behemoth.

    from the black fig Posted on

    14" High Temperature Silicone Spatula when i have used it is very strong and easy to use. I like using it when i make my homemade caramel, marshmallows, and melting chocolate.

    Posted on

    This rubber spatula is great for all purposes. It is especially useful for stirring something thick that may stick to a pot, over high heat.

    from Jack & Alice LLC. Posted on

    You can never have too many spatulas. They are always disappearing. We have these in 3 sizes and they are absolutely essential in everything from cooking to scraping the last bit of sauce from containers.

    Posted on

    This spatula works great and sturdy. It does not melt in high heat and it does not stain. We clean it in the dishwasher and it comes out perfect.

    Posted on

    This is great for scraping out large bowls of batter and sauce. Easy to clean and gets every last drop from the bowl. Buy several in several sizes!

    Posted on

    very good durability in my fast paced kitchen, i suggest this as well as other similar items from webstaurant, shipping is always a breeze and best pricest on the net

    from lennys on the beach Posted on

    this spatula works perfect in any kitchen or bakery, making my job easy removing and taking all the cream or mix from the mixing bowl...

    from sabor peruano Posted on

    A flexible rubber spatula is a must for a modern kitchen, and this nylon spatula can be used with high temperatures. I mostly use it for my curry and peanut sauce

    from Thaiparadise llc Posted on

    This spatula is off the hook, will need to order a couple more. I am so happy I found this site, thank you for offering all these great products at great prices!

    Posted on

    This scraper would probably be perfect in a restaurant that has large deep containers of food items or ingredients. I bit overkill for home use. But the price was right and I wanted to try it out. Heavy duty. I use it mostly when scraping large sauce pans.

    Posted on

    The durability and life of this product is OUTSTANDING! Great weight in the hand and the handle is just the right size and length. GREAT!

    Posted on

    No too happy with this product. We really need to purchase a one piece product. The blade detaches much too easily from the handle and keeps falling into the batter. Otherwise, this is durable and doesn't chip easily.

    from Jesus People USA Kitchen Office Posted on

    Great, affordable spatula - hold up to high heat without any problems. Easy to clean with some hot water and soap. Can recommend this product

    from Daniela's Delectables LLC Posted on

    I bought a smaller version of this spatula a few months ago and this one is a scaled-up version of the same. The spatula head is proportionately larger, which is great for our large mixing bowls. The handle is easy to grip and long enough to use in a floor-standing mixer. I'll reiterate that I think it's worth getting a number of these high-temp ones instead of getting high and regular temp - especially considering the low price of these.

    Posted on

    Good spatula, nice and flexible, nice long handle, nice wide blade. Would love to have a metal version of this, careful because they will melt at the handle under heat. Dur, but still, it happens fast.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    Great product at a quarter of the cost that I currently pay. It arrived quickly and is the same quality that i currently buy from my supplier. I will order more

    from Sunnehanna Country Club Posted on

    i was a little skeptical about buying these because the were half price of others but i was surprised when i got them they are very sturdy and should last awhile

    Posted on

    These are great! Such work horses as well! We use them in the bakery department for batters, etc. But we also use them for making all of our drink syrups in house as well. They do hold up in high temps!

    from old city java Posted on

    I am a big fan of this entire line of spatulas. They're soft enough to bend, but firm enough to be able to pry butter, sugar and more from the sides of bowls of all sizes.

    from The Cupcake Doctor Posted on

    I haven't had a chance to use these much yet, but the quality is a little lower than I expected. The spatula blade is translucent, not solid white. The blade is also a little more blunt than I'm used to. Seems like it will get the job done though.

    from Blushing Berry Posted on

    For the price, these are simply amazing! High temp resistant and dishwasher safe. No leeching of plastic into my products and is incredibly scratch and cut resistant... unless you are deliberately trying to cut it of course. The handle is sturdy and stiff, perfect for folding gently or quick paddle mixing. Toss in the dishwasher with the silverware or across the top rack.

    from 8 Bit Bakeshop Posted on

    These spatulas take a beating and continue to perform. Most high temperature spatulas become brittle over time and crack. These spatulas are still going strong.

    Posted on

    Great, sturdy product. Much better quality than the ones we are replacing. We hope these will last for a lot longer and resist the daily wear and tear.

    from Bake Me Happy, LLC Posted on

    Very sturdy but not as flexible as I was hoping. Its too bulky for me to use with my mixer but it works fine with our everyday cooking!

    from Abigails Confections Posted on

    I used this for a pecan prailine sauce and it sure does hold up to high temperature. It also cleans very easily with sticky things like caramel.

    Posted on

    Outstanding! These are extremely inexpensive, and extremely durable. The handles are very rigid and make it easy to make omelets, scrape batters and sauces from pans, etc. It is hard to believe these cost as little as they do in use.

    Posted on

    This is a great Spatula! It is flexible, light weight and washes up well, So far no staining! Hole at top allows for hanging on Pegboard with other kitchen tools, Well worth the price, will be buying more!

    Posted on

    An affordable and durable spatula. Have been using it for a few months and it is still in great condition, despite a slight discoloration due to cooking with tomato sauce.

    Posted on

    This spatula is well constructed and sturdy. I think that the spatula head is bigger than I needed for home use and the handle is a bit longer than feels comfortable to me. I will probably order a slightly smaller version next time. This doesn't stop it from doing its job well though.

    Posted on

    vollrath always makes a nice product. holds up well over time, have had some in use for over 7 years. the spatula is not to hard or to soft making scraping very easy

    Posted on

    A great value. I use this spatula all the time and haven't melted one yet. They are very durable. my only complaint is that the blade discolors after awhile.

    Posted on

    Very good and economical spatula. Can withstand high temps and will live all day in a 145F bain without warping or breaking. With really viscous solutions (donut glazes, for example) they have a tendency of snapping the end off. But, overall, a very good and economical spatula that has a long life under light to moderate use. If you're looking for heavy duty, you may need to upgrade.

    from Monuts Posted on

    I use my 14" High Temperature Silicone Spatula all the time in the bakery! I make a ton of Swiss Meringue butter cream and this is a great length for stirring egg whites on the stove top. I'm probably going to replace my others with more of these!

    from A Cake In Time Posted on

    I got the 14" spatula because of how much I loved the 12" and figured i could use a larger one as well. Despite it only being 2" bigger it feels like a bit more than that but is still usable and maintains the great scraping head and high temp resistance.

    Posted on

    I ordered both this spatula and the 16" one and couldn't be happier. Nice long handle and a great heat resistant scraper. I use this when making my caramel and never have a problem with melting like other spatulas. Great value!

    from Let Them Eat Cake LLC Posted on

    The 14" high temperature silicone spatula is large and sturdy. The price is excellent for the degree of quality provided. I am very pleased with this purchase.

    Posted on

    I like this spatula a lot! I like that it has a long handle when i'm trying to scrape out the mixer bowl. Also its firmness comes in handy when folding for macarons.

    from Dancing Cats Posted on

    These are one of the most handy tools in the kitchen, and has helped us in numerous accounts. They are sturdy and comfortable and easy to clean!

    Posted on

    These are awesome sturdy spatulas that also are quite stain resistant. Beware that although they are heat-resistant, they still can melt if they are used improperly!

    from GreenTree Co-op Posted on

    Get it! Don't waste your money on the expensive ones in the usual stores. I was surprised by the good quality of the product and how soft the silicone was.

    Posted on

    The fourteen inch handle works wonders in our deep bowls and never melts when we use it on the stove. Must for anyone with large bowls.

    Posted on

    We use when frying onions or peppers on the stove. They work great and have never melted or warped. We also sometimes use them to stir pasta while boiling.

    from Sbarro Pizzeria Posted on

    This 14 inch high temperature silicone spatula is great for large bowls. The scraper is very strong and works well with dense batters. Cleans easily in dishwasher.

    Posted on

    We wish it didn't havet the groove going down the handle. We use to scrape down jars of and a lot of the product gets stuck in the groove.

    from Midway OH Boy Posted on

    Silicone spatulas don't melt like conventional rubber spatulas do. Non-melted edges make it far easier to scrape out sauces and dressings from their mixing bowls. Silicone is also more flexible than rubber.

    from Uncle Tony's Pizza Posted on

    These are very sturdy and heavy. haven't had any break yet, where other brands I have. They are cheap too, which is handy to have.

    from Simply Cakes Posted on

    I love this rubber (silicone) spatula! It is large enough and has a long enough handle to work with a big pot of hot caramel. And it holds up to the 305 degree heat!

    Posted on

    These are really nice quality high heat rubber spatulas.I like the 14 inch for stirring ingredients cooking in large 14 inch saute pans. It works great.

    Posted on

    My students like this silicone spatula, because it wipes off easily & it's very light waight. I love it because my students are constantly leaving their utensils in the hot pans or close to the hot pans, & this spatula if left next to or on a hot surface will not melt.

    from Alex's Personal Chef Service Posted on

    This scraper, or spoontula as i call it, is one of the best that i've ever used. It holds up very well to every day use, and is priced perfectly. I recommend it to everyone that i know.

    from The new haven cafe Posted on

    These scrapers are awesome! They have really long handles so they can fit in deep containers. I would recommend them and even buy more. Great buy!

    from Twisted Tortilla Posted on

    It is a really good size, love how it is so flexible, my son uses it all the time when he is mixing, even not the hot stuff.

    Posted on

    One of the very few "high temperature" spatula's that can really withstand heavy use day in and day out. If you need a spatula, I would suggest one of these.

    from Cafemantic Posted on

    Great quality spatula. They will even withstand high heat. I use it a lot and it is standing the test of time and use well.

    from The Busy Little Baker Posted on

    This was a good buy. It has a nice, strong handle that I haven't had to worry about snapping off. The grip is comfortable and it gets the job done.

    Posted on

    I was surprised with the quality of the spatula for the price. The handle is a good length for "scraping" pots/pans and really getting in there.

    Posted on

    A flexible rubber spatula is a must for a modern kitchen, and this nylon spatula can be used with high temperatures. I mostly use it to scrape the dough from the walls of my stand mixer, but I also use it when I stir fry something. It can also be used to make cakes and to shape the cream. This is an excellent spatula for the price, an excellent value!

    Posted on

    I have a few spatula and I tend to mess them up cause I accidentally scrape something too hot. This High temperature silicone is the ideal. It can hold up to 500 F, it amazes me. recommend

    from Kajun Burger Posted on

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