Red Square Lid for 6 and 8 Qt. Food Storage Containers

Item #: 407S0608C

Use this red lid to keep your fruits, vegetables, sauces, spices, ingredients, and more fresh! This plastic lid attaches to 6 and 8 qt. square graduated food storage containers (sold separately). Its non-slip, textured surface provides secure stacking and scratch-resistance. A thumb tab is conveniently located in the one corner for easy lid removal. This lid also indicates a location to place labels and "Use By" stickers to accurately record inventory, ensure food quality, and minimize waste. Additionally, this red lid enables you to color-code your food storage containers. This organization will assist in quickly identifying container contents and minimize openings.

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Red Square Lid for 6 and 8 Qt. Food Storage Containers

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    These lids are cheap and crack easily. We constantly have to replace them but they are the only ones that fit the containers we have properly. Thankfully they are inexpensive.

    from The Gingham Cafe Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    These are very low quality lids. They tend to break right away as these are larger in size than the 2/4 qt lids. Although they are inexpensive, it is not worth wasting your money. Go for the Cambro lids.

    from Kach LLC Posted on

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful

    Save your Money , there is clearly a defect with this lid. I read these reviews and wonder how they are not having the same problem . Cracks within a weeks time

    from Trinis Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Rich. We’re sorry you did not like this lid. Try this Cambro SFC6451 Winter Rose Square Polyethylene Lid with its compatible Cambro containers for a heavier duty option.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Good flexibility but the seal is a little loose on the 6 quart container I bought to go with it. Item number #407S006PC. I also purchased an 8 quart container and it seems to fit much better. (Item #407S008PC) Tab at corner allow for easy lid removal.

    from Sugar Craft Cakery Posted on

    The lid are very economical, fits well and easy to clean and open. The texture makes easy removal of masking tape or scotch magic tape.

    Posted on

    Lid on the 6 QT Storage. The lid fits well and easy to clean and open, so be careful of grabbing the container by the lid. The texture makes easy removal of masking tape or scotch magic tape.

    This lid was easy to find once I chose my container on the site thankfully. I was worried when the lid came a bit crooked. But it didn't matter in the end and has long since straightened out.

    from Naples Confectionery Posted on

    We have been using these lids for awhile now, and so far I am fairly happy with them. They have not cracked yet. The little corner tabs do break off fairly easy. Decent value for the price.

    from Jane doughs Posted on

    I am not going to lie.... these are NOT a favorite of mine.. I bought like 6 at once and I CANNOT get them on the top of the bins without breaking them.. We have gone through several now.. It's a bummer

    from Toppings LLC Posted on

    This lid is strong and durable and I love the color. it helps me organize things I have stored. They fit air tight and have yet to deteriorate.

    from Catered By Jme Posted on

    Dig & Serve always buys lids for all our containers. These Red Square Lid for 6 and 8 Qt. Food Storage Containers are a must if you want to keep things covered and allow for safe transport and even stacking. It is easy to use masking tape to write the contents of the container. We highly suggest always buying lids when you purchase containers on webstaurant. Dig & Serve is A Speakeasy Underground Supper Club in Albuquerque, NM. We produce experiential dining events featuring local food from our farm and other farmers we know and trust. Check us out at and follow on instagram and facebook @digandserve #digandserve #webstaurantestore #popupdinner #supperclub #localfood #nofarmsnofood #experientialdining #nmtrue #albuquerquefood #farmtotable

    from Dig & Serve Posted on

    These lids hold up great. Fit perfectly and very tight. Great for stacking up a lot of them. Very impressed will buy these again for my business

    from The Frost Boss Cake Designs Posted on

    Bought for my 6 quart containers with handles, replaced all my expensive Cambro without handles, these lids were half the price, we always need extra and that helps, lids are not compatible with other 6 quart and i didn't want to add to the confusion by keeping both, i'll be using these moving forward, thanks to webstaurantstore for making it so easy to find cheaper, comparable products, even with shipping you guys beat ebay and Restaurant Depot which is by far the most expensive, if i don't need 911 i order here from now on.

    from La Gondola Chicago Posted on

    When I purchased my containers, I also purchased these lids for them. These fit great on both the 6 and 8 quart containers. I would highly recommend getting these lids. Great purchase and very inexpensive as well!!

    Posted on

    Square lid that fits perfectly on a six or eight quart square container. This red container is perfect if you color code your products for best quality control.

    from Sweet Pea's Cupcakery Cafe Posted on

    The lids are great for larger containers. I was worried with how big the lids were to the amount of weight they might hold. They did great and no sagging from the weight of the container on top.

    from Tasty Creations Catering Posted on

    This product is great. High quality materials. This will last for a long time. They fit the food storage containers very nicely. They do what they are supposed to do.

    from Boki Gelato LLC Posted on

    This lid is a nice quality. It is flexible and therefore not brittle. That way if it gets dropped it doesnt get cracked or broken easily. It is just a simple go to item for us.

    from Mesa Grande Taqueria Posted on

    You cant have the container with out the lid. These fit great on both the 6 and 8 quart containers and stay tight for life. Very inexpensive as well!!

    from Cutty's Okoboji Resort Club Posted on

    I had a lot of older cambros and their lids were all disfigured and worn. These fit well onto the others and helped us no longer have to saran wrap everything in the evenings.

    from SeaWitch Posted on

    These smaller lids fit very well on the food containers, and because they're smaller, they does bend as much as the larger 12 or 22 quart lids.

    from Taste of Saigon Posted on

    Perfect fitment for all under TG containers. They are for the most part universal for all other 6/8qt containers, but the fitment can either be really tight or too loose. Just a heads up.

    Posted on

    The Red Square Lid for 6 and 8 Qt. Food Storage Containers. Not only do they fit 2 types of containers but they are easy to recognize vs, lids for other size containers that are different colors

    Posted on

    These lids match the no name brand polycarbonate containers on this site as well. It's nice that they're interchangeable between the 6 and 8 quart sizes.

    Posted on

    I bought these lids to replace ill fitting, cheaper lids that my co-worker purchased for our cambrio tubs. At this price, it is worth buying the brand name.

    Posted on

    If you have the 6 or 8 quart food storage containers then these are a no-brainer. You must have these to keep your foods/flour/sugar fresh and safe! They snap on perfectly!

    from Ashleigh Luna Posted on

    This storage container lid is extremely rugged, easy to clean and stacks very well. The lid fits perfectly and snaps tightly onto the matching container. I'd buy this again.

    from Big Green Craig Inc Posted on

    These lids work well with the 6 and 8 qt white storage containers. The recessed lid help when stacking them. The color coding helps to quickly identify which container there for.

    Posted on

    This cover fits snug on the container that it was ordered for. The cover is thick and will last a very long time if it is taken care of in the right way.

    from pashays Posted on

    Not sure why, but these seem cheaper then their smaller counterparts. They are a little flimsy and they don't seem to hold there strength as long.

    from Fusion Tapas Posted on

    The lids are a softer plastic which causes them to crack/break easier than the hard plastic ones. It still does the trick and keeps tight onto the container keeping the food fresh and bug free but they do crack easier than the harder plastic ones.

    from boeuf & bun corp. Posted on

    The lid is very sturdy and securely fasten to the food storage container, One recommendation is to hand wash is hot soapy water as a dishwasher application tends to warp the lid because of the material.

    Posted on

    We have several of these and will probably get more if we get more containers for these to fit on. They create a great seal and the corner makes it easy to take off of containers.

    from Milam Street Coffeehouse & Bakery LLC Posted on

    These lids work fine until you put them in the freezer. Then they tend to shatter. Since I use them in the freezer extensively, they haven't worked out too well, but if I keep them from getting too cold they're great.

    from Little Lion Ice Cream Posted on

    After 2.5 years, these lids are starting to show their age. I started noticing little flecks of red in flour and then realized it was coming from the edges of the lid where it makes contact with the container.

    Posted on

    We use these lids for our 8qt food storage bins to hold dry ingredients. The lids snap on very tightly and easily. Seems to be totally airtight. Highly recommended.

    from Ivory Road LLC Posted on

    These lids fit nicely on the 8 quart cambros. They are not seal proof for sealing liquids, but great for storing solid foods. Highly recommended.

    from Watershed Cafe Posted on

    These are good quality lids that hold up against wear and tear. They fit tight and don't leak when the occasional accident happens. Fits multiple size containers

    from Brickyard Posted on

    This square lid for the corresponding 6-8 qt. food storage container is good quality at a great price. It fits perfectly on the containers and is easy to clean. Overall great buy!

    from Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc. Posted on

    Great lid for our polycarbonate containers. It forms a nice tight and leak proof seal and makes it easy to stack in our frig. Must have for any restaurant.

    from Russ' Sub Shack Posted on

    Love these lids for the polycarbonate food storage containers. They are sturdy, clean well, and seal nicely. If you purchase the containers these are a must as well.

    Posted on

    I have found that the lids are good for the money. I haven't had them long enough to say on how well they will last .

    Posted on

    I actually ordered these by accident thinking that these red lids would fit the 22 qt. Because the blue lids still do not properly fit the the 22qt containers

    from Gnome Cafe Posted on

    I bought these lids and matching containers. They fit very nicely, with a good seal. The lids are sturdy and the red is a bright cheerful color.

    Posted on

    This lid fits are 8qt container perfectly. Very tight and leak proof seal. They seem to be more durable than an older brand we have.

    Posted on

    Great study lids. fit nice tight on food containers. Bought the smaller containers with green lids also, really like the color differences make it so easy to find right lid.

    from river rock Posted on

    The lid is very sturdy and securely fasten to the food storage container, One recommendation is to hand wash is hot soapy water as a dishwasher application tends to warp the lid.

    from Reserva Coffee Roasters Posted on

    These lids are great. Not only are they strong and durable, but they fit snug onto the containers, which is very nice. The lids also keep their shape well, even after running them through a super-heated dishwasher.

    from Starlite Lanes Posted on

    This sturdy, heavy weight Bright red square lid is a joy to use. I like how the lid fits snug and protects the food in the Clear Storage Containers. I like to protect my sugar from any moisture and this lid does the trick.

    Posted on

    These lids are really solid and fit snugly onto our food storage containers. The one downside is that the edges shave off a lot so unless you really scrub them the first time you will end up with small bits of plastic in your food.

    from Deep Creek Coffee Co Posted on

    We have many sizes of this product. We enjoy having it to organize our restaurant. It's a perfect size for a lot of things. Four stars because it's hard to put the lid on!

    from Dynasty Chinese Cuisine Posted on

    These food storage containers and lids are simply awesome. They are very strong, and the snap on lids ensure food is covered and stays fresh. We use them to store both dry and cold food daily in our small restaurant. I highly recommend.

    Posted on

    This is used with the 8qt food storage container and fits well. Stays airtight and has a nice tight fit closure. Holds up in the dishwasher.

    Posted on

    I purchased these for what I though were standard 8 QT square food storage containers. They ended up not fitting any of our 8 QT containers. We use them on our 6 QT but I don't understand why they are fit both. Weird

    from Tiny Elephant Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Alison! These lids are not universal and will not fit all brands of containers. Please refer to the Compatible Models to ensure that you are using the correct containers.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Fits snug on container but really have make sure it closes. Not super easy to put on and take off because it fits so snuggly.

    Posted on

    these lids dont fit on any container. if you need to buy lids for your "cambro" brand containers make sure you buy "cambro" brand lids.

    from urban solace restaurant Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Matt. We are sorry these lids will not work with your Cambro containers. These are not universal lids and are made for specific containers. Please use the Compatible Models section to find a container that will properly fit your lid.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Does not fit my 6 qt. containers at all. All four corners will not seal. I have even tried to push down on center to try to get them to fit.

    from AJ'S Smoke Shack Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Anthony. We are sorry these did not work for your containers. Please remember that they are not made to fit universally and should only be used with the containers listed at the bottom of the product description under Compatible Models.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These lids are overall a good product. They fit nice and snug and you have to use two hands to get them off. Good prices and good product.

    from Mike's Mindful Plate Posted on

    This large lid fits my storage containers perfectly. They seal up nice and tight and are flexible enough for easy removal. They are also stiff enough for stacking with no worrying or cracking the lids. I am very pleased.

    Posted on

    These lids are very poorly made, all of them have ripped. I agree with a few others who posted a review, previous ones I have ordered were much more durable. I am very disappointed.

    from Georges Pizza Posted on

    Thank you for the review, Francine. We are sorry that you feel the quality on these lids have been lesser as of late. A Customer Solutions Representative will be touch with you shortly.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Sturdy, tight fit (keeps things fresh longer, and the lid won't pop off if it gets turned sideways or jostled or something), and durable. I would recommend this product.

    Posted on

    A good top. It has held up well in the classroom with its daily use. It also cleans up easily. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again if needed.

    Posted on

    Knowing a lid is on securely is key - right? And these are easy to put on, take off, and see at quick glance that they're on right.

    from A Food Truck in the Northwest Posted on

    I bought these to go with the 8qt containers. I love that they are red! They are so much easier to find since it seems like all my other containers and lids are white or clear!

    from Giordano's Pizza House Posted on

    These lids are really brittle. Over half have cracked in just a month or so of using them. Not sure if they started using cheaper plastics but they seem much cheaper than my previous order.

    from South Gate Brewing Company Posted on

    Thank you for your review, Sean. We are sorry these lids have not worked well for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you soon.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Lids fit my 6 qt containers like a dream. Love the color coding for different sizes, finding the right lid is a snap. Stack and wash easily

    from The Colonial Hotel Posted on

    These lids hold up great! However just be aware that they don't fit all the 8qt clear square containers out there. We tried putting them on the 8qrt containers that we have and they split at the corners. Other than that when used with the proper containers they are great!

    from Davidson's Dockside Posted on

    This was the first time I had ever purchased these lids, I usually buy the translucent ones. Within the first week of having these, every one of them has cracked. Definitely, not for bakery usage. Maybe home use if something is only opened on occasion.

    from Sunrise Donuts Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are very sorry to hear these did not hold up for you. A Customer Solutions Representative will contact you shortly to resolve this issue.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    Lids provide a very tight seal, even when storing liquids in the containers. Lids are easy to put on and remove from the containers, even with the tight seal it creates.

    Posted on

    Locks things in nice and tight. As much as I love these I just wish they were universal with other 8 quart containers. A great product nonetheless.

    Posted on

    Great lid that is durable and made to fit tight. I use this often and it keeps the product very fresh. I have had lids before that did not make a good seal on the container. That is not the case with this one. Will buy again in the future.

    from Pretty Odd Wieners Posted on

    I love this lid and here's why: The good: it's tight-fitting, has a recessed inside area that makes it great for stacking, and has a place to write the contents and date (use a sharpie - you can get it off easy with alcohol). The bad: it's SUPER tight-fitting - more than I prefer because I think it's borderline difficult to get on and off

    Posted on

    It does it's job! Great price! Fits snuggly on the 8qt container. No need to buy a more expensive lid. This is the one to go with!

    from Posted on

    These lids fit perfectly and have a good seal. They can be washed in the dishwasher over and over again and still maintain their shape and function. I'm grateful these can be purchased alone since they do seem to disappear often!

    from The Savory Spoon Catering Co. Posted on

    These storage container lids are exactly what we needed! A fantastic price, great quality, and durability. Thanks so much webstaurant for always having exactly what we need and a great price!

    from AWG Private Chefs Posted on

    Fits perfectly on the 8 quart white storage containers. It seems to seal pretty well. Sometimes the lid is a little difficult to pop off but no complaints.

    from 3 Leaf Tea, LLC Posted on

    These could be free for all I care. Horrible product. Cannot believe these ratings. I have ordered them twice! Fool me twice! Tabs break in less than a week. And lid itself will maybe last two weeks of heavy use. If its not made for heavy use, the least you can do is specify it. No other complaints at all from your site so far.

    from El Coqui Industries LLC Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We are sorry to hear that the lids you received were defective. A Customer Solutions Representative will be contacting you soon to add the broken items as a credit to your account.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    I bought an 8 qt. container to store salt in for my kettle corn business. This lid fits perfectly and keeps insects out and the salt fresh.

    Posted on

    We purchased several of the food storage containers that go with these lids in both sizes. Only complaint is that the lids are not compatible with other food storage container brands so you have to stick with one brand.

    from ShuBrew Posted on

    The lid for the six qt. food storage container I bought earlier and then forgot to get the lid. These are great lids, and the price is excellent. Super durable, and easy to use.

    Posted on

    These lids fit the food storage containers well - however, they break easily. I already have two of mine starting to break in the corners where it is handled the most.

    from Calcutta Curry LLC Posted on

    these lids snap on tightly to the containers. they seem strong and sturdy, am glad i saved the money and ordered this brand. nice cheerful color.

    Posted on

    These are great, sturdy, and thick lids for the food storage containers. I use these with the 6 quart containers for flour and sugar. They are tight-fitting and provide a good seal.

    Posted on

    I bought a box of six lids and they are totally non functional. They seal tightly but every time I remove them from the container, small shards of red plastic break off the edges of the lids and end up in the food.

    from Bryan Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear your lids are chipping into your food. A Customer Solutions Representative will remain in contact until the issue is resolved.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    This lid fits the 8 quart white square food storage container perfectly and it is easy to get off or put on, but it won't pop off by itself. Excellent product.

    Posted on

    a good lid overall. I would give it five stars, but the lids can tend to crack over time especially around the tab. I would still buy them again.

    from Just Eat This Catering Posted on

    These lids are awesome, just as good as the name brand, fit very snuggly, and are very durable. The price is great and can be used will any of the correct size containers, will definitely buy more!!!

    Posted on

    These lids work really well on both containers. The different colors help differentiate between the types of items we are storing in them. Working in a yogurt shop, it is important to tell the base powders from the flavor powders, which these help tremendously with.

    from Miller Enterprise LLC Posted on

    These food storage container lids are easy to put on and also easy to pop off. They help to keep food fresh and work well.

    from The Waves Restaurant Posted on

    Good lid, tight fit but not too tight. Does not fit with any other container though so make sure you don't mix with cambro purchases.

    Posted on

    This lid fits securely and is useful for keeping out odors from the refrigerator and keeping liquids contained so that they don\\\\'t slosh out. I generally leave the lid on loose over a batch of bread dough.

    Posted on

    This square lid food container is very good and high quality ,,This was a very good investment. I would recommend this product to every one

    Posted on

    great product from chinese made small ware. they will not fit with cambro container. i save lots of money by using this chinese brand. in the end of the day, it just a plastic container. it will not make a difference.

    Posted on

    These lids fit the 6 & 8 qt containers. Very economical and fit tight and secure on the intended containers. Easy to clean and store. For the price and quality, I will order these again!

    Posted on

    These fit better than the 12, 18, 22 qt blue lids. Great price. We use them at room temperature and 39°F so no issues with cracking yet.

    Posted on

    I was happy with these lids. I was a little hesitant to get the off-name version, but for the price it's worth a try. You need to really push them down until they snap into place, but I think they may even have a better seal, once in place, than the name brand ones do.

    Posted on

    These lids are much better than the cambro brand and cost less. They are a very good grade of plastic, they do not warp when warm, and they clean very easy.

    from Gilpin Market Posted on

    A perfect fit for our 8 qt. white food storage containers also purchased here at the Webstaurant Store. Very durable and easy to clean. Am sure they'll last a long time.

    from Global Spice Bistro Posted on

    Unfortunately, I can not recommend these lids. We have gone through three sets of lids in the past 9 months due to their poor quality. They crack very easily when not at room temperature. It is almost guaranteed that the lid will crack when you open one up straight out of the walk-in cooler. Yes, the lids and the containers they fit are a few dollars cheaper than competitor's products. But within six months that difference will be made up by the multiple rounds of lids you will have had to purchase.

    from Monuts Posted on

    Thank you for your review! These lids are an excellent value, but are not meant for colder temperatures. Try the Cambro SFC6SCPP190 Camwear seal cover and compatible Cambro storage container. These Cambro lids can withstand temperatures from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    These lids are just okay. Love the size and shape and color, but the pull tab on ours chopped the very first week in the shop.

    from Goodness Bake Shoppe Posted on

    Thank you for your review! We're sorry that you received a lid that did not meet our standards for quality. If you ever receive a product that does not meet your expectations, please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the issue. A Customer Solutions representative will be in contact with you to arrange a replacement for the defective item!

    WebstaurantStore Customer Solutions

    We go through tons of these red square lids. They fit securely, have not had any problems with not fitting or cracking, and price right.

    Posted on

    The lid is pretty sturdy, yet easy to just snap on. When using this lid, it is easy to stack the plastic containers on top of each other.

    Posted on

    These containers seem to be just as well made or even better than Cambro and again a fraction of the price. They seem to be a little more rigid and the tops have a tighter seal

    from Dino Posted on

    We use the square cambro lids on the 8 quart cambro. We use them for liquids. They don't seal all that well, there is a sloshing problem if the container is full. That said, square storage is ideal for space saving.

    from batch bakehouse Posted on

    These lids are a very good buy and fit the containers well. They are every bit as sturdy and well made as the more expensive competitors.

    from Ckd Restaurants, llc. kitchen Posted on

    This lid fits my 6 quart brown sugar container perfectly. It seals tightly and at the same time it is easy to remove. Quality is great and price is lower than many websites I have looked up.

    from Home cook Posted on

    These lids are made of strong plastic that is flexible enough to provide a good seal without a huge struggle. They are so reasonably priced that you don't mind having to purchase them separately.

    from Mimi Posted on

    I wasn't sure how securely the lids would attached but so far I haven't had any issues. I use my containers for mostly dry ingredients and feel good about them staying fresh because the lid is secure.

    Posted on

    The lid for the 6 and 8 qt containers are great. The price is right and they serve their purpose. They fit strong and allow stacking.

    Posted on

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