4 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Red Gradations

Item #: 407S004PC

Keep your fruits, vegetables, sauces, spices, ingredients, and more fresh with this 4 qt. clear square food storage container. Made of crystal-clear, break-resistant polycarbonate, this container is perfect for commercial kitchens. This container's square design is ideal for compact stacking and storage. Red gradations along the container's exterior assist in measuring food and accurately accessing inventory. Use a lid (sold separately) to preserve your product's freshness and guard it against outside contaminants.

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4 Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Red Gradations

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great container containers storage easy food store lids clear quality
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    We use this size for a storage container. We have placed everything from muffins to fruits in it and it keeps them all fresh. No odors left behind after being enclosed and very easy cleanup!
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    These storage containers are an OK, cost effective substitute for Cambro containers. After a year or so, almost all of the red gradations have washed off, making measurement much more difficult. One note on these containers and the lids -- the Cambro brand lids will KIND OF fit these containers, but not as tightly as you might like. The accompanying lid is the only one that actually fits - they are not interchangeable.
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    I received the containers without any issues and on time. The item is as described. I don't recommend the green square lids that is listed with this product as they are a bit tight to put on the container and to take off - I actually cut my fingers fighting with it.
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    We use the 4 qt clear container for liquid and concentrates storage. The clear containers make it easy to identify the contents without needing to see the labels on top.
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    The 4 Qt. Clear Squar Food Storage Container. It is great with it's see through sides. It's dishwasher safe. The price is great. They stack nicely in your fridge.
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    I like the product but not as much as I like the Cambro version. It is a decent substitute and will do the job, but i tried it and a I still prefer the Cambro.
    This type of clear food storage container with the measurements on the sides of them are essential to our food service. We use them to create delicious pickles and hold prep!
    We've been using this product daily since the opening of our restaurant. I was initially very impressed by the quality of the plastic. It's very sturdy and it's wide base provides for stability.
    These work great but are NOT interchangeable with any cambro lids. It's a different brand but we do recommend. Just make sure you buy replacement lids back here.
    I just love these food storage containers. The gradations are convenient and the container size makes them extremely versatile for many uses in the kitchen.
    these are good basic containers for storage, the lids do not stay on as well as the brand name ones and they will crack in the freezer
    These 4 quart containers are great for food prep. They stack nice and neat. They clean well and don’t absorb and odors. The measurements on the side are very helpful as well.
    This is a great, standard 4 qt plastic storage container. We use these in all areas of our kitchen and always seem to be needing more, as they're so handy!
    I have no complaints towards this product as they're exactly what I was looking for. Very clean and sturdy product. Would defiantly recommend if you're in the market.
    The containers are very durable and last a long time. They have round and square containers. These are perfect for us to store items. Shipping was fast and very protected.
    Great quality. I have had these in the past. I paid way to much then. I am so happy to have found them on here.
    I just purchased this container and it is very easy to wash and the material is made of a thick plastic . Easily washable and the measurements are legible
    This 4qt food container has been a great addition to our juice bar to store freshly chopped lemons, ginger, and turmeric. I love that we are able to chop and store beforehand.
    These are our most used size of container. They don't break easily and hold up after lots of washings. Even when bright colored frostings are stored inside, the plastic doesn't absorb the color which we love.
    These containers are amazing at storing all kinds of prepped items. The lids seals on extremely well, so you don't have to worry about that.
    We use so many of these clear square poly carbonate food storage containers for everything at our restaurant. They seal well and keep things fresher longer,.
    This is a good airtight storage container when you purchase the lid for it, and it solved our issues with keeping reusable moisture absorbent balls dry and away from getting dust while in storage.
    We use our food storage container to store freshly roasted coffee before bagging it. They are very durable and have an additional lid you can purchase if you need a closed container.
    This thing is perfect for keeping my fresh made pizza sauce at the ready. Deep enough to prevent splashing, and easy to see through so you know your product is on point.
    We store out 5 pounds of rainbow sprinkles in this 4 quart square polycarbonate food storage container. This has a clear design to know exactly what's being stored. That is a good thing.
    These 4 quart containers are perfect for the kitchen and so versatile. We use them for fruits, dry goods and liquids. Easy to clean and handle - definitely recommend!
    These containers are great for storing in dry pasta,rice, etc. they are big containers and made out of good material. I use these all the time and you can easily tell what's inside becuse these are clear
    I like this bucket because it's very durable, and see through. It's easy to label but also easy to see through to identify product as well.
    These arrived on time and were cost effective replacement. I wasn't concerned about the measurements on the side as I just needed a sealable container
    super great product and I would always choose these over cambro just because they are cheaper in price but quality is also up in the level. highly recommended.
    These are great for the kitchen because they are clear - no more guessing games with the white or off white colors. So much nicer!
    Great container for both dry and wet storage. The volume lines are highly visible and easy to read. The handles make moving and pick up easy.
    I cannot say enought about theses! I use them for EVERYTHING in our shop! We put all of our backup toppings in them and use them in the fridge for things if necessary. They are GREAT quality!
    A great sturdy polycarbonate container. I use these at home to store all my types of flour. Keeps it much more fresh and eliminates mess!
    This product is amazing, we use it everyday! We love this product and regularly use this because it is great for storage and foods to keep fresh.
    Great storage container We use them for storing and measuring hops. They are clear and easily marked. They clean up well with just hot water
    These are great containers and work for storing small batches of potato salad. The lids snap on securely and they work in our walkin and also in the freezer
    Love love love these containers! The handles help with carrying, they stack very nicely, hold hot or cold items. Wash very easy and the lids dont break.
    Clearly labeled on the sides to know how much quantity of wet or dry ingredients you have in stock. They stack easily if you have the appropriate lid and store well too. Great material, I'm expecting to use these for years.
    So I decided to try this clear square poly carbonate food storage container with red lettering it's very nice I am very happy with it very surprised on how nice it is
    These are a great additions to any commercial kitchen. If you don't have these you need to get them! This brand is far cheaper than the competition and is just as good period!!
    I love these containers! They make measuring and storing foods easy. They have great snap on lids and can handle a wide range of temps. Also easy to clean
    Very durable and strong . It is air tight so it prevents things from going stale and allows them to stay fresh longer will be purchasing more
    This product meets my business needs. It is of good quality and at a great price. It cleans up easily and seems like it will last a long time. The lid fits very tightly.
    The actual container is very good quality, sturdy, nice to have handles, and very easy to read. The issue I've run into is the 2/4qt lids have serious fitment issues. I've had no issues with the 6/8 quart and the lids, which I give 5/5, but the smaller ones just aren't right.
    The Qt. Clear Square Polycarbonate Food Storage Container with Red Gradations is a great help in the kitchen. This product is easy to stack and store and saves plenty of room in our fridge vs traditional round containers.
    Very, VERY nice containers-They are nsf compliant and are nice and clear-the measure marks on the outside have not worn off-i recommend them to all
    Easily stores both fine and large ingredients and the clear sides make it easy to see what's inside. These are easy to move, clean and stick labels on. Great to grab when you're not sure how much you will need to put in the container, but know it won't be a huge amount.
    You need this bin, but you already know that. There is no way we could keep track of everything we have and how much of it is in stock without these containers.
    Great polycarbonate shatter proof food storage container, It servers many needs. Great for either dry, cold, or hot products. Easy to read dark red level indicator on the side.
    this container is great for storing dry goods, I like to use it to store rice. Construction feels nice and solid and the walls are pretty thick
    These containers have so many uses. I use them to store all sorts of supplies like cocoa powder, sprinkles, buttercream. They are sturdy and easily stack as well.
    We have multiple of the 4 Qt storage container. Since I had an extra, I used it to store the cookie cutters. Keeping things organized!
    I absolutely love having these in the kitchen. The polycarbonate is incredibly durable and the red volume markings can be helpful in a pinch. These are perfect for dry goods.
    We've been using these bins for about 5 months now and are excellent quality. We have some Cambro bins as well and there is absolutely no difference. Excellent quality for the price. This is truly an unbeatable price compared to the branded item.
    Great product! The plastic is high quality. We use it on a daily basis and are really happy with the quality of the container. Defiantly would recommend it
    The 4 quart clear storage container is a perfect size for small or medium quantity. They are made of quality plastic. I particularly like the handles.
    When I have an extra unused container I use it often to store my measuring cups, spoons, and other small baking items. It also does a great job of storing food.
    These containers are great for storage. We stack them in the refrigerator and they are very stable without feeling like they will tip over. The measurement marks on the side are a big help too.
    This is a great sized container, perfect for sugar, nuts, grains and beans. Keeps your walk in or dry storage well organized. Good quality plastic and very visible gradations. The handles also work very well, specially if you need to move it around carrying liquid.
    Again really like these. Nice study and see through. Perfect size for the soups we make. Planning on ordering more. Maybe in bigger size for wings.
    This 4 Qt. square container is just the right size for my powder sugar. I get into this container a lot and it is very handy to have.
    0 out of 2 found this review helpful
    These containers came without lids. According to the help desk guy, this is apparently standard in the restaurant industry. That would be cool if you guys only sold to restaurants. Unfortunately, you also sell to consumers, which means you should also be tailoring your website to us. Most consumers – and excuse me if I'm being egregious here – won't assume containers don't come with lids. I've never seen that in my entire life. In addition, there's a photo of the container with a lid in the product photos, which is blatantly misleading. The reason I'm so upset is because I had to pay double shipping for the lids – apparently I was supposed to know that these things don't come with lids despite all evidence to the contrary. So I won't be shopping here again.
    We appreciate your review, Danielle! If you are looking for more information on the product you are purchasing, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    I love the 4 quart size containers and being able to see what is in these clear plastic ones is ideal. They are heavy duty plastic and very sturdy.
    4 qts are great for larger volumes of spices or sauces, and the square shape is really great for getting the most out of your refrigerator space. Love the clear plastic.
    These containers are not only great for liquids, but also for storing dry goods. I keep my confectioners sugar in one. It is much easier to scoop out than dealing with a bag
    I like these containers alot. They are stackable with the 2 qt. containers so they will help with storing items efficiently. Well mad at an affordable price.
    We just received this product after fast shipping. We use this to hold rice and other dry storage products. We also store food in it and place in the refrigerator to hold large portions for the day.
    I use these containers to store my lesser used items that i dont keep in large quality. They freeze fine and seal nice and tight. I plan to purchase more in the future.
    Nice good quality containers that could store different kinds of food. The rubber lid that you could purchase from the site fits the container perfectly. It closes very tightly and keeps the food airtight.
    Keeps vegetables ans fruits fresh and allows us to correctly measure per ingredient for all of our recipes. Used to multiple food items and easy to store.
    Square containers are the best for maximum storage and things staying where we put them in our truck fridge. Knowing quantities at a glance is very helpful - the clear polycarbonate and the big numbers on the gradations are handy when rushing through the day.
    These containers are very sturdy and they hold a lot of food. I like the handles on the sides much easier to lift. The marks on the front is very clear & haven't faded so far. Over all get containers!
    Sturdy heavy duty container. I've dropped this many times and no cracks, the lid fits tight which makes it great for liquids as well as solids. Highly recommend.
    We love these continuers and have them in several sizes. The clear ones are nice because you can easily grab what you need from the cooler. The handles are also nice (we have purchased containers similar to these that did not have handles).
    These large square containers are great to hold pretty much anything. When buying lids do yourself a favor and get the higher quality Carlise ones as the cheaper ones will break when using them on these containers.
    Fabulous storage solution for icing, bread dough, dry mixes, etc.. The options are endless and they are extremely durable and air tight when used with the matching green square lid. Highly recommended.
    These are high quality. Do not get the lids that are suggested to go with these. Upgrade to the Carlisle lids, you won't regret it!
    Bought these to store by unused beverage napkins in. Perfect fit! Easy to store your partial packages of bev naps without having them get dirty or fly all over the place! Great find!
    These are really good quality storage containers. I was a little hesitant to buy this instead of the cambros just to save a few bucks, but I don't regret it. Very high quality, stackable, convenient. I got 6 for storing flour, sugar, and other staples. I'll probably buy more.
    When space is a premium these containers are like gold. The stack well, they store well, they fit on our shelves with a minimum of wasted space in between. Plus we can see whats inside.
    a great food container. the measurements on the side are a big plus when using it for liquids. they last forever and and I'll buy more as needed.
    I love these containers. I wish the less expensive kind had interchangable lids with these Carlisle ones. expensive to switch out totally. These wear well.
    I really like these containers. They stack very easy, have color coded lids, and are easy to wash. I now want some for my home.
    I store everything in these, perfect for sauces and soups. It holds hot, cold, or frozen product. They make it easy to find your product.
    This 4 Qt. Clear Square Food Storage Container is perfect for daily use. I can cut up fruit and use it in an ice bath for serving and then put on a lid for overnight storage!
    We love these containers! We use them for everything, but they are especially great for cookie doughs. Heavy enough to last a long time and easy to clean
    These are simply the best method of storing foods, they take very hot foods right from the pot and handle the cold too. The lids fit tight and the markings are easy to read at a glance.
    This is a very well made product. I use it all the time to brine small chickens or to store sauces/liquids. The markings on the outside are also great when you need to measure a certain amount.
    These plastic food storage containers are a must for any restaurant or anyone in the food business. They seal very nice and stack well also. They are nice in all the sizes offered and webstaurantstore.com has the best prices!
    This 4 Qt. Clear Square Food Storage Container is perfect for storing 5 cups of flour or sugar. I have recently started baking bread and love these for storing the different types of flour. Additionally, prior to shopping, a quick glance is all that is needed to see if I am low on a particular product. Don't forget to add a lid.
    The 4 quart polycarbonate square food storage container works great and at a great price. Works in the refrigerator or on a storage shelf for wet or dry products.
    These products are great. The generic brand is just as good as the name brand options and they are sturdy and can handle employee abuse! I do prefer the clear over the white/translucent style because it's easier for measuring for par levels and knowing exactly what product is in the containers.
    This 4 qt (1 gallon) storage container is great for storing prep items. They are the perfect size for storing small amounts. The lids are secure and fit tight.

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